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Merrick Dog Food For Puppies

Less Safe For Bigger Dogs

Merrick Backcountry Dog Food

Choking is probably the biggest risk posed to dogs by dehydrated chicken necks. Big and medium-sized dogs will find it easier to bite of chunks which are a choking hazard. A bigger neck is a better option.

Chicken necks certainly have some great benefits, but there are also several downsides. Unfortunately there is a lot of conflicting evidence available about the safety of chicken necks, so its sometimes difficult to know how safe they really are.

Classic Healthy Grains Puppy Recipe

Packed with healthy grains and chickens for puppies, Merricks Classic Healthy Grains recipe features real deboned chicken as its first ingredient. Not only does this recipe have wholesome ingredients, but it also derives most of its protein from all animal-based sources. This recipe is suitable for all dogs and contains the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids puppies need to grow.

It also promotes healthy skin and shiny fur with its high levels of omega-fatty acids. This recipe is a perfect food to help puppies grow healthy muscle while avoiding fillers or allergens like peas, potatoes, or lentils.

  • Egg product is a potential allergen
  • Some dogs will only eat the freeze bits and not all the kibble

Merrick Dog Food Review 2021

For an independently-owned company, Merrick is dedicated to producing high-quality, delicious, and nutritious kibble and canned food for dogs and cats alike. The company relies on high-protein, calorie-dense formulas to keep your pooch in perfect health, full of energy and mischief. To help you make sense of an impressive array of formulas, Ive put weeks into research and experimentation to come up with an in-depth Merrick dog food review.


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Merrick Beef And Sweet Potato Dry Puppy Food


Merrick Beef and Sweet Potato Dry Puppy Food provides a nutritionally balanced diet with real whole foods, the perfect dish for any growing puppy! This natural, grain-free formula is made up of delicious deboned beef, combined with healthy fruits and veggies like sweet potato, apples and blueberries, all sourced from trusted local farmers! Pet parents can be proud serving a meal that has maximum nutritional benefits and and is loaded with only nutrient-rich ingredients. This recipe is rich in protein, fiber, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, taurine, and DHA to support healthy brain development.

Merrick Beef and Sweet Potato Dry Puppy Food support your pup with healthy digestion, healthy skin and a shiny coat, strong hips and joints, boosts energy and the immune system, and strengthening bones. Crafted in the USA without any foreign ingredients and follows strict FDA guidelines. Comes in a 4 lb, and 22 lb bag.

What Dogs Might Do Better With A Different Brand

Merrick Grain

Not every dog food brand is right for every dog. These are some dogs that Merrick might not suit.

  • Senior dogs: Theres no specific senior dog food from Merrick. Not all seniors need a senior formula, but if theyre getting stiff or theyre putting on too much weight, they may benefit from a food designed specially for older canines.
  • Pregnant or lactating dogs: Pregnant and lactating dogs have different dietary requirements, so it may be worthwhile consulting your vet to see what food would best suit their needs.
  • Large breed puppies: Large breed puppies grow more slowly than their smaller counterparts. Therefore a food specifically designed for plus-size pups might be beneficial.

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Recipe And Label Analysis

Merrick Classic Real Beef and Brown Rice Recipe was selected to represent the other products in the line for detailed recipe and nutrient analysis.

Label and nutrient data below are calculated using dry matter basis.

Merrick Classic Beef + Brown Rice Recipe

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Ingredients: Deboned beef, pork meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, pork fat, salmon meal, natural flavor, lamb meal, quinoa, flaxseed, salt, sunflower oil, organic dehydrated alfalfa meal, potassium chloride, choline chloride, carrots, apples, minerals , taurine, chia seed, Yucca schidigera extract, mixed tocopherols for freshness, vitamins , citric acid for freshness, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product

Fiber = 3.9%

Red denotes controversial item

What Dogs Is Merrick For Or Suited To

Merrick has a wide range of foods available, to suit a variety of dogs. Some formulas are going to be suited to particular dogs, however.

  • arrow-circle-right Healthy adult dogs: The majority of Merrick foods will be suitable for a healthy adult dog, excluding those made for puppies or for weight loss.
  • arrow-circle-right Dogs with allergies: The Grain-Free and Limited Ingredient Diet formulas may be especially suited to dogs with allergies or with sensitive stomachs.
  • arrow-circle-right Athletic or working dogs: The high protein content of the foods in the Backcountry range would be good for athletic or working dogs.
  • arrow-circle-right Puppies: Look out for the Classic Puppy Recipe, the Backcountry Puppy Recipe and the Grain Free Puppy Recipe.
  • arrow-circle-right Overweight dogs: The Merrick Grain-Free Healthy Weight Recipe is designed for dogs who need to shift a few pounds of those who have a tendency toward weight gain.
  • arrow-circle-right Small breeds: The Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe was made with the smaller breed in mind.
  • arrow-circle-right Picky eaters: The Limited Ingredient Diet range may appeal to picky eaters as fewer ingredients means fewer to object to.

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Which Type Of Dogs Is Merrick Puppy Food Best Suited For

Merrick puppy food is a great choice for any proud pup. The puppy recipes are specially crafted by veterinarians and nutritionists to support a healthy lifestyle. Merrick Puppy Food contains healthy protein for muscle growth, DHA for brain development and nervous system support, and a hearty mix of vitamins and minerals.

Merrick puppy food is made for all pups seeking success in adulthood. Merrick also offers a wide variety of puppy food, such as healthy grains, grain-free recipes, limited-ingredient meals, and raw-infused products.

Merrick Uses Real Whole Foods As Much As Possible

Merrick Canned Dog Food | Chewy

We definitely appreciate the companys dedication to natural food. Every recipe begins with real meat the meat is high-quality and USDA-certified. This is important for owners that want to be sure theyre feeding their pups the healthiest food possible.

Likewise, the fruits and veggies are fresh and whole, which retains as much of their nutrition as possible. Theyre not organic, but theyre as high-quality as possible.

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Merrick Dog Food Formulas Reviewed

Given the popularity of Merrick Dog Food, we are sure you, too, have considered this dog foodfor your pet. But before you decide, go through our in-depth review of Merrick Dog Food formulas to see their pros and cons for your dogs health.

Summary: A classic grain-friendly recipe with brown rice and meat. This formula is also enriched with quinoa, a healthy grain rich in fiber that aids digestion. The meat is the first ingredient with the highest proportion in the recipes, making this a protein-rich choice. The added glucosamine and chondroitin help improve your dogs bone and joint health.

Type: Dry dog food

Flavor Options: Beef Chicken Lamb Salmon


  • Grain-friendly formula with healthy grains
  • Protein-rich formula with multiple protein options
  • High fiber from quinoa improves digestion
  • Good for weight management and bone health
  • Contains probiotic strains that improve gut health


  • Often out of stock on online retailers

Ingredient Analysis

  • Great Ingredients: Deboned beef, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, organic dehydrated alfalfa meal, carrots, apples, quinoa, flaxseed, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, vitamins, and minerals
  • Not-so-Great Ingredients: Pork meal, salmon meal, pork fat

Type: Dry dog food

Best for: Small breed adult dogs



Ingredient Analysis



Alternatives To Chicken Necks

Like the sound of chicken necks, but not quite sold on them? Why not try out one of these alternatives?

  • Turkey necks: Turkey necks are basically the same as chicken necks, with all the same benefits, except they are much bigger. As a result, they encourage your dog to chew on them for longer, and if your dog is big enough to swallow a chicken neck whole, hell have to think twice about doing so with a turkey neck.
  • Chicken feet: Chicken feet have similar benefits to chicken necks, however the bones are much smaller and crumble more easily, rather than scratch the throat or get stuck. They are excellent for dogs with joint issues, due to the high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Bully sticks: If youre looking for something to improve your dogs dental health by chewing, its worth trying a bully stick. They are natural treats which will distract your dog with plenty of chewing time. The downside is that they are high in calories and therefore should only be an occasional treat.
  • Sprats: Sprats are tiny dried fish from the ocean, which are high in omega oils. Like glucosamine and chondroitin, omega oils also aid in the maintenance of healthy joints, as well as decrease inflammation in sore joints.
  • Antlers: Antlers provide an excellent alternative if your dog is overweight and needs a low calorie, low fat option. Since antlers are gnawed on and not ingested, they help provide abrasion to the surfaces of the teeth without ruining your dogs diet.

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A Guide To Chicken Necks For Dogs

Have you recently discovered chicken necks for dogs? Maybe you feed them raw food and want to add chicken necks as a treat or even part of their diet? Or maybe youre looking for a natural treat with health benefits to complement a commercial diet?

Chicken necks are surrounded by controversy, and it can be difficult to find an unbiased, balanced argument for or against them. Evidence for their safety can also be conflicting. So, in this article we will investigate all the pros and cons of chicken necks so that you can make a fully informed decision for whether or not they are right for your dog.

What Nutrients Does A Pitbull Puppy Need


Protein is an essential nutrient for pitbulls. When buying dog food, make sure that the food is made up of at least 22% protein. The amount of protein needed does go down when they reach adulthood, but it is still important to their diet.

You should avoid a high-grain diet for your puppy, because it can cause obesity in some dogs. Even though pitbulls are not as tall as other breeds, they would do best with large breed puppy food that is packed with the nutrients they need.

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Merrick Is High In Carbs And Fat

While we love the fact that most Merrick foods have quite a bit of protein in them, theyre also high in carbs and fat, as those make up about 75% of each calorie.

This isnt necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, but it does mean that your dog will need to stay active to avoid packing on the pounds, as excess carbs and fat get stored as fatty tissue if your dog doesnt burn them off promptly.

This makes Merrick a good food for dogs that get a ton of exercise, but couch potatoes and apartment dwellers might want something a little leaner.

  • Uses lots of plant protein

Merrick Dog Food Guaranteed Analysis

Quoted from the manufacturers website:

  • Crude protein 38.00 %
  • Omega-6 fatty acid* 4.80 %
  • Omega-3 fatty acid* 0.40 %
  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride* 1200 mg/kg
  • Chondroitin Sulfate* 1200 mg/kg

* If an item has an *, this nutrient is not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profiles.

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Where Is Merrick Dog Food Made

Merrick Dog Food is exclusively developed and manufactured in Hereford, Texas, USA. Its headquarters are 110 Merrick Lane, Hereford, TX 79045, United States, and its three manufacturing facilities are in Texas.

All of the dry and wet pet food recipes are produced here. These three facilities are Safe Quality Food Level 3 certified and HACCP certified. Thus, there is no doubt about the safety compliance of their production facilities.

What Others Are Saying

Best Puppy Food | 5 Best Food For Puppies 2021 ?

Ultimately, its not just our opinion that matters. Heres what customers and other experts in the field have been saying.

Dog Food Advisor:

Dog Food Advisor generally considers Merrick to be a good quality brand with healthy ingredients that will suit the majority of dogs. Theyve rated the Classic range 4.5 stars out of 5, the Grain Free range 5 stars, the Backcountry range 5 stars and the Limited Ingredient Diet range 4 stars.

Dog Food Guru:

Dog Food Guru highly recommends Merricks simplistic, yet innovative selection of all-natural dog food recipes. They like that the foods contain quality ingredients and are free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. The total rating given to Merrick is 8.8/10. However, its worth noting, the main place they lost points was on price, not quality.


We think its always worth checking out Amazon for its real customer reviews from previous buyers and current users. Using the grain free recipe as an example, you can .

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Merrick Backcountry Alpine Rabbit Stew

Rating: 5/5First 5 ingredients: Deboned Rabbit, Turkey Broth, Chicken Broth, Deboned Turkey, Turkey Liver

Merrick Backcountry Alpine Rabbit Stew is a grain-free diet thats packed with big pieces of meat and fresh-cut veggies in a hearty gravy. Its designed to build healthy muscles and high energy levels in adult dogs of all breed sizes.

This has undergone a slight recipe change. It now features an extra broth aside from turkey broth , and the potatoes and carrots from the previous recipe were removed. It also contains more turkey liver now than peas and a higher crude protein content .

Real deboned rabbit is the first ingredient. Rabbit is rarely used in dog food and as such, is considered a novel protein. If your pet is sensitive to meats other than chicken and turkey , this formula might be a good alternative.

Rabbit is low in sodium, calories , and cholesterol , but it has a generous proportion of protein. In fact, rabbit protein is higher than the protein content of chicken, pork, duck, turkey, or fish. Its also abundant in vitamin B12, phosphorus, and selenium.

To take the moisture content to its present high of 82%, two types of broth were included. Chicken and turkey broth help keep dogs hydrated and filled with the nutrients that come from the two animal broth sources. To think that broths are just flavored water would be a mistake. These contain lots of nutrition, and they also make the wet food more enticing to dogs.

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet

The Merrick Limited Ingredient dog food lineup focuses on canines with food sensitivities and provides well-balanced nutrition with recipes of ten ingredients or less. The products come Grain-free or with Healthy Grains, so youâre sure to find the perfect formula for your pooch on the list of kibble and canned food options:

  • Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free â Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free â Real Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free â Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe
  • Limited Ingredient Diet Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Limited Ingredient Diet Real Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe
  • Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet Real Beef Recipe
  • Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet Real Duck Recipe
  • Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet Real Lamb Recipe
  • Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet Real Turkey Recipe
  • Limited Ingredient Diet Healthy Grains â Real Chicken Recipe
  • Limited Ingredient Diet Healthy Grains â Real Turkey Recipe

While most Merrick Limited Ingredient dog food reviews are positive, you should consult the vet before choosing new food for your pup to avoid digestive issues and allergic reactions.

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An Overview Of Merrick Dog Food

Merrick is a trusted brand of dog food that has been in business since 1988. It has built a good name as a high-quality pet food company. It started as a family-owned business, founded by Garth Merrick. In 2015, the company was purchased by Nestle-Purina. Even with the new ownership, the brand continues to produce products similar as when it started.

With slight changes to improve the quality of the products, you will still notice the Merrick mark right away. One reason behind the popularity of Merrick is that most of its products are more affordable in comparison to other high-end brands. The fact that Merrick uses human-grade ingredients when making their foods also guarantees its products are safe for dogs consumption.

In addition, the brand makes it a point to provide its consumers a wide variety of product options. You can find a lot of grain-free choices from the brand. However, note that Merrick has not completely gone grain-free, as it still offers products with grain in them. They also believe its not actually inherently wrong to feed dogs with foods containing grains. Some even survive well when consuming grain-based foods. Just make sure your dog can thrive on foods with grains before you purchase such product from Merrick.

Merrick makes it a point to ensure the quality of the ingredients used in their dog foods is top-notch. Thats made possible by:

Using locally sourced ingredients

Manufacturing the dog foods in-house

Not using harmful ingredients

Is Merrick Food Good For Dogs

Merrick Grain

Yes, Merrick Dog Food is good.

Merrick Dog Food is a healthy pet food developed by expert nutritionists using fresh ingredients from nearby farmers. Merrick focuses on using whole foods like apples, carrots, and potatoes that are rich in nutrients.

Moreover, all dog foods are formulated with high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, which enhance bone health and strengthen muscles.

Plus, Merrick Dog Food also maintains compliance with all safety regulations of USDA, AAFCO, SQF, and HACCP. Thus, overall, Merrick Dog Food is safe and healthy dog food.

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