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What Dog Food Is Good For Dog With Ibs

Ibs In Dogs: Lets Take A Look At The Causes And Symptoms

Homemade Dog Food for IBD, IBS and Colitis (High Fiber)

Experts believe that IBS has the following causal factors:

  • Stress
  • Low dietary fiber
  • Abnormal colonic myoelectrical activity and motility

Symptoms of IBS include intermittent yet consistent diarrhea, constipation, mucus, frequent attempts to pass stool. Less common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, bloating, and abdominal pain.

How Is Ibd In Dogs Different From Ibs

The clinical signs of IBD can be similar to irritable bowel syndrome in people, but the underlying cause is quite different. IBS in people is thought to occur as a result of abnormal movement of the muscle lining in the intestines. In IBD, the actual lining of the intestine is altered by inflammatory cells. The inflammation is an overreaction by the immune system either to something your dog ate or from a malfunction of the immune system, called an autoimmune disease. This results in discomfort and interferes with the GI tract’s ability to properly absorb nutrients.

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Keep your dog healthy and fit with this easy peasy homemade recipe its cheaper than store-bought and chockfull of fresh veggies!

I never thought I would be one of those dog owners who made homemade human food for their pups. Not in a million years.

But when Butters recently fell sick with an upset stomach, our vet advised us to feed him a bland diet chicken and rice without any kind of seasoning. So thats what we did we poached a chicken, shredded it in a food processor, and mixed in some white rice and fed him this bland diet for 3 days.

Thats when I started to do some research on homemade dog food, and I have been so amazed as to how many different kinds of vegetables dogs can have. And with the help of Balance IT, you can create so many different recipes for your pup!

Now;the best part about making homemade dog food just like making anything at home is that you know;exactly what is going into the dog bowl, and not any of that questionable gelatinous gunk from the canned food.

But its important to note that dogs have different nutrient requirements than humans for their proportional body size, such as:

  • High-quality protein
  • Fat
  • Calcium;
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Now this recipe here has a balance of 50% protein, 25% veggies and 25% grains, but the ratios can easily be adjusted to suit your pups breed and/or needs.

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    Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Food Dry

    This particular dog food for IBD has limited ingredients, but each of them has a significant role to play. The main ingredients are grass-fed lamb and apple, making it highly nutritious and delicious at the same time. Keep reading for more information:

  • The blend has 60% animal ingredients of superior quality and 40% fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.;
  • It does not have potatoes, grains, or gluten.
  • The food is biologically appropriate for dogs of all ages.
  • It also has whole-prey ingredients in the same ratios of natural prey. This ensures that your dog gets food thats completely natural for him/her, which is also very easily digestible.
  • The brand has its own kitchen where the food is produced. They are very strict about their quality standards and have never outsourced the food production to anyone.
  • Signs And Symptoms Of Ibs And Ibd In Dogs

    Recipe: Homemade Dog Food for IBD, IBS and Colitis

    If your dog has intermittent bouts of diarrhoea/constipation or episodes of frequently passing small amounts of poo containing mucus, they may have IBS. Other signs of a flare-up can include bloating, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, vomiting and a general dwindling of their usual energy.

    A vet will usually diagnose IBS once all other gut-based conditions are ruled out. On the other hand, if similar symptoms are seen daily, your dog may have IBD. This is an inflammatory condition of the gut that can upset its ability to use nutrients properly.

    Noting your dogs usual behaviours and paying attention to their poo quality will go a long way in helping to diagnose the problem and start the road to treatment. You know your dog best – if you think theres something wrong, get them checked out by your vet.

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    How To Manage Ibd In Dogs


    There are few things that get a dog parent out of bed faster than the unmistakable sound of your pup about to lose his dinner. Just like humans, dogs can vomit and have diarrhea from time to time. But if your dog’s tummy issues don’t resolve in a day or two, you might need to talk to your veterinarian about inflammatory bowel disease in dogs and related conditions like colitis in dogs.

    Feeding Instructions For Bland Diet

    The total daily amount of food is about equal to the daily amount of kibble they normally eat.

    Divide the daily amount into 3 – 4 small meals throughout the day. Small, frequent meals are easier to digest than one or two enormous meals.

    Your dog can start this diet any time your dog feels a little gastrointestinal upset, no transition needed.

    If your dogs signs resolve within 2-3 days, transition your dog back to their regular kibble. This transition can be a lot easier than you think. Just feed 50% bland food, 50% regular kibble, and then let it rest for an extra day or two.

    You should contact your veterinarian if signs of diarrhea persist for more than a few days or if persistent vomiting occurs.

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    Food For Dogs With Ibs

    Food for Dogs with IBS learn the food possibilities available for your dog.

    Keeping an Eye on your Dog

    If your dog has IBS, the first thing you would want to do, is bring him/her to the veterinarian for diagnosis. This can help to confirm IBS and/or help to determine a program of diet for your dog.

    You also need to keep a diary of the diet that you feed your dog. Take note of which products or ingredients appear to produce a negative reaction in your dog. If you find out some ingredients causes your dog to react, immediately avoid those ingredients from your dogs diet.

    Modify your Dogs Diet

    Your veterinarian may also prescribe a bland diet for your dog. This is a good idea to allow your dogs intestinal and digestive organs to take a rest to heal. See if you can hold back the food products that may be the cause of your dogs IBS symptoms, for one month, then reintroduce those allergy products back into his/her diet gradually.

    While doing this, monitor the dog and track down the positive or negative reactions from the dog. It is possible that your dog can now eat the food products that he/she could not before. If however, your dogs IBS symptoms flare up again, eliminate those food ingredients from his/her diet again for one month, before reintroducing it again.

    Bland Foods You Can Give Your Dogs When They Have Diarrhea

    Homemade Dog Food for Dog with IBS/IBD

    These bland foods can help soothe your dog’s upset stomach.

    Diarrhea and upset stomach are very common in dogs. If you have a dog, you know he enjoys eating things he shouldn’t.

    Its normal for their digestive system to get sensitive and throw up or experience diarrhea.

    Nearly every dog gets nausea and diarrhea. The frequency, extent, and intensity of this issue depends on your dog’s diet, age, and temperament.

    An upset stomach or diarrhea usually results from something the dog ate. Chronic digestive issues could show a bigger problem.

    If your dog has frequent vomiting or diarrhea, contact your vet immediately to rule out a chronic illness.

    If the problem is just temporary, have your dog try these 13 bland foods that can help soothe an upset stomach, boost hydration, and make your dog feel better.

  • White Rice
  • Banana
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    Diagnosing & Treating Ibd/ibs

    Since IBD is a potentially serious disease, your dog must see the vet for an official diagnosis . From there, treatment options often include:

    • Suppressing the immune system
    • Coating and protecting the lining of the intestine
    • Killing bacteria
    • Limiting specific diet ingredients that may be irritating

    For dogs with IBS, dietary management and stress relief are the most common treatments. According to,

    It is highly recommended that dogs that have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome be fed a diet that is highly digestible and has a high volume of fiber in order to help restore and maintain the normal bodily function of the digestive tract.

    What Is Canine Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Canine irritable bowel syndrome refers to a condition that results in the lining of the bowels becoming inflamed, which makes them sore and sensitive and sometimes painful. Sometimes, the level of the inflammation makes it difficult for food to be digested normally, and may be caused due to underlying medical reasons but can also be brought on or triggered due to stress. While IBS can be painful for your dog and addressing the underlying issue causing it is important, IBS in dogs is not connected to any other gastro-intestinal diseases or conditions that can be more serious.

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    Diagnosis Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Dogs

    Your dog will need to visit the veterinarian to enable your dogs clinical caregiver to determine that they are suffering from IBS and not another disease or condition such as worms or infections. Even though tests may confirm IBS the tests cannot reveal what the cause was. Advanced tests, such as radiography, biopsy and endoscopy, may be needed in most cases.;

    Your veterinarian will need you to supply a history of your dogs bowel movements for information such as how often does your dog defecate, and what your dogs stools are like. If you can take a sample along for analysing it would help. He will also want a record of your dogs eating habits. He will want to know the foods your dog eats, and how often. ;Other areas that your veterinarian will look for are any changes to your pets diet, or new product that you are feeding him and special new treats that have been introduced.

    Best Overall: Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food

    All Things Food.... Dog Edition.

    Life Stage: Adult | Breed Size: All | Weight: 15.5 pounds | Food Type: Dry

    • Contains real chicken and prebiotic fiber

    • Fatty acids and vitamin E promote a shiny coat

    • Crafted with beet pulp which may not appeal to all dogs

    Dr. Singleton recommends Hill’s Science Diet. We can see why this tasty kibble recipe made the grade. The Sensitive Stomach & Skin Formula is ideal for pups with tummy troubles. Real chicken meat is the first ingredient blended with prebiotic fiber for digestion support and a balanced microbiome.

    Dogs get the extra benefit of omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E for healthy skin and a shiny coat. All ingredients are highly digestible to encourage nutrient absorption and ease your pup’s upset stomach.

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    Nulo Freestyle Limited+ Turkey Grain

    This is a sponsored placement, in which an advertiser pays a fee to be featured in this article. Learn more

    About: Nulo Freestyle Limited+ Turkey is a GMO-free, grain-free diet catered specifically for dogs with digestion issues. Featuring a single-animal protein source and no eggs, corn, wheat, or soy, its a great choice for owners who want to avoid common canine allergens.


    • Turkey as single animal protein source fewer animal protein sources mean fewer chances that something will upset your pups tummy .
    • 30% crude protein, plus essential nutrients for a diet suitable for both pups and adults.
    • Contains GanebenBC30 that aid in gut health.
    • Low carb, with chickpeas and sweet potatoes but no potatoes or tapioca.
    • No chicken, eggs, peas, pea protein, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives.
    • Made in the USA.


    We love seeing two single-animal protein sources as the first ingredients, making it a great choice for owners trying to avoid allergens.


    There isnt a ton of feedback or reviews on this dog food, so its difficult to get an objective view on what owners think.

    Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes, Canola Oil …,

    The Best Food For Dogs With Ibd

    • Minimal additives

    Since we dont know which ingredients dogs with IBD are reacting to, its best to choose a food that is very simple. Additives that may cause an immune reaction should be avoided.

    • Highly digestible, low residue diets;

    Some foods are more digestible than others. For most dogs, fiber and fat are more difficult to digest, especially when their GI tract is inflamed. Based on my personal clinical experience, high moisture food is easier for many dogs to digest than dry kibble, too.

    IBD may be an immune system reaction to food. Scientific research tells us proteins from beef, dairy, chicken, and wheat are the most common foods to cause reactions in dogs .

    When a dog eats a protein hes never had before, his immune system is not primed to react to it. Choosing foods without the common food allergens is part of a logical approach to finding a food that doesnt aggravate inflammatory bowel disease in dogs.Novel protein diets may include duck, rabbit, guineafowl, or even more unusual meat sources like kangaroo, depending on what the dog has been exposed to in his lifetime.

    Want to help your dog with IBD? KOHA can help.;


    Allenspach, K., Wieland, B., Gröne, A., & Gaschen, F. . Chronic enteropathies in dogs: evaluation of risk factors for negative outcome. Journal of veterinary internal medicine, 21, 700-708.

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    Recovery Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Dogs

    Home treatment entails giving all medications to your dog that the veterinary caregiver prescribes. These medicines are necessary to calm the inflammation in the gut and to stop the diarrhea so that your dog will feel better and start to heal. Your dog may have been prescribed a bland healthy diet and it is advisable to heed to this for the time stated.;

    Otherwise known as elimination diets, the veterinary team will reduce your dogs diet to two or three basic things such as one meat item and perhaps potato. Keeping to a basic diet as directed help your dogs system to recover, and then you can slowly introduce other foods one at a time and observe over a couple of days to see if your dog reacts to the reintroduction. If your pet is ;outside or at the beach, make sure he doesnt eat anything he shouldnt. Some dogs are notorious for eating anything, so watch your companion carefully.

    Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh clean water for drinking at all times. When you are out and about, take a small plastic container and a bottle of water with you. If you have a puppy, make sure the things he chews on are good for him and dont break off and get swallowed. With IBS it takes time and careful monitoring of your dogs diet to enable healing.

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    Irritable Bowel Syndrome Average Cost

    From 418 quotes ranging from $500 – $3,000

    Average Cost

    How To Treat Ibs And Ibd In Dogs

    What to Feed a Dog with Colitis ( cure their diarrhea) – Dog Health Vet Advice

    The first place to start is the diet. A dog with symptoms of IBS or IBD can benefit from a natural, easily digestible diet containing limited ingredients. Avoiding highly processed pet foods, those with artificial additives such as colours and flavours, treats and table scraps can all help. Getting the right amount and type of dietary fibre is important, so check the label for natural fibre sources.

    At Pure Pet Food, our diets are 100% natural and our ingredients lists are short and sweet. Our foods are bursting with unspoilt goodness and are perfect for sensitive tummies . Give one of our diets a try for at least a week to give things a chance to settle down.

    Remember, IBS and IBD can be life-long conditions. Once the symptoms are under control, keep a close eye out for any recurrences.

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    Best Budget: Purina One Smartblend Sensitive Systems Formula Natural Adult Dog Food

    Life Stage: Not listed | Breed Size: All | Weight: 31.1 pounds | Food Type: Dry

    • Made with highly digestible ingredients

    • Contains real salmon

    • Promotes a strong immune system

    • Contains grains which may not suit all dogs’ diets

    If you’re on a budget, Purina One SmartBlend Sensitive Systems is a great choice. This natural dog food is made with salmon, rice, barley, oat, and animal fatall are highly digestible. Dogs also get a blend of vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat and skin. Although this formula is for a sensitive stomach, keep in mind it’s not grain-free which is another sensitivity some dogs may have.

    Wellness Core Natural Dry Dog Food

    For another grain-free option, consider Wellness Core dog food. With all-natural ingredients, this dry dog food offers your dog easy-to-digest complete and balanced nutrition. It contains ingredients for your dogs whole health, such as antioxidants, omega fatty acids, glucosamine, and hydrochloride, as well as probiotics for better digestion.

    If your dog needs a protein-rich meal, Wellness Core supplies ample turkey and chicken, real vegetables, and essential vitamins and minerals. Since its all-natural, theres also no wheat, corn, soy, meat by-products, or artificial flavors or preservatives.

    We found that most dogs with IBD like the meat-rich flavor and seem to do well with properly digesting this dog food. However, if your dog has severe IBD symptoms, this product has limited effectiveness, and you may want to choose a dog food higher on this list. This product is moderately high priced.

    Relying on freshwater fish, including wild-caught rainbow trout, blue catfish, and yellow perch, to provide dogs with much-needed protein and nutrients, Acana dry dog food has complete nutrition. This product bases its composition on what it calls a biologically appropriate diet, which allows easier digestion for dogs with IBD.

    This product does not contain prebiotics and probiotics for dogs with IBD. Theres also no information offered about the quality of beef used in this dog food.

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