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Blue Buffalo Puppy Food Large Breed

What To Look For In Dog Foods For Dogs With Pancreatitis

Blue Buffalo vs. Purina Pro Plan® Focus | Large Breed Dog Food Comparison

So we know what to avoid when feeding a dog with pancreatitis , but what do dog owners give a dog to help support a healthy digestive system?

Aim for a diet that is high in fiber, high in lean protein, and low in fat.

Foods with fewer ingredients, less processed ingredients, and simple formulas are best.

Look for foods that contain probiotics and digestive enzymes, as well as fish oil, vitamin E , vitamin C, beta carotenes, and methionine.

With a raw diet, still check with your trusted vet if it will do more good than harm. Also, avoid feeding any human food unless it is part of a vet-approved homemade diet.

Mild foods like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and rice can help a dogs body digest more easily. Other high-fiber foods like carrots, oats, and peas can also help by supporting gut health.

Avoid high-fat foods and treats like red meat, organ meats, fried foods, sugars, or dairy.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Dry Dog Food

If you have a large breed, consider Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Large Breed Chicken and Brown Rice. This food is specially formulated for larger dogs to support their bones and joints. Since larger dogs are prone to certain ailments, the selected ingredients ensure sufficient nutrition.

Glucosamine and chondroitin aids in appropriate nourishment that big dogs need to thrive. Chicken is the first ingredient, providing high quality protein with added L-Carnitine for muscles.

Each serving of food contains 353 calories, making a total of 3,516 calories per bag. It contains 22.0% crude protein, 12.0% crude fat, and 6.0% crude fiber.

Brown rice, oatmeal, and barley are the fiber-packed grains in this recipe. They provide smooth digestive properties, regulating your dogs tract. Its completely free of wheat, corn, and soy.

This food is excellent nutrition for large dogs unless your dog has special restrictions. It isnt gluten or grain-free.

  • Not compatible with all dietary restrictions

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How Much Should A Dog With Pancreatitis Eat

Once your dog is diagnosed, your vet will likely advise you to withhold all food for a day or so. Then, slowly return to normal amounts of food.

Some dogs will need to be on a special diet for the rest of their lives in severe cases, while some may be able to return to their normal diet.

If your dog has chronic pancreatitis, youll want to feed them smaller meals more frequently, though they can still eat the same amount of food that they always have.

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What Is Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Large Breed Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo Chicken & Brown Rice Large Breed Puppy Food is specially made for large breed puppies to promote muscle growth, immune strength, and bone and cognitive development. Formulated with ingredients chosen just for large breed puppies, this recipe provides the nutrition necessary to help your large breed puppy to grow into a strong, healthy adult. What’s even better is that Blue Buffalo Chicken & Rice Large Breed Puppy Food also includes LifeSource® Bits, exclusive to Blue Buffalo Foods, which provide your dog with a precise blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants chosen by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviewed: Pros Cons And Ingredient Analysis

Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Large Breed Puppy Chicken Recipe Dry Dog ...

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Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Worth It

Yes, Blue Buffalo Dog Food is worth it.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is an excellent choice for many pet parents. The brand offers a superior nutrition profile. The precise blend of carbs, proteins, and fats attests to the quality of this dog food. And the companys commitment to overall canine health is second to none.

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Overall Is Blue Buffalo A Good Choice

Blue Buffalo cat food is popular and well-loved, but its far from perfect nutritionally or in terms of quality. Where they really excel is in price and variety.

Most Blue Buffalo cat foods contain considerable amounts of plant matter. Worse than the brands reliance on plant-heavy recipes, Blue Buffalo has been recalled multiple times during the last decade. These incidents suggest deficits in quality control and transparency from Blues suppliers and manufacturing partners.

Blue Buffalo, therefore, isnt one of our favorite cat food brands to recommend to pet owners. If youre going to feed your cat Blue Buffalo, we recommend choosing a canned food formula that is rich in animal protein and moisture with limited added carbohydrate content.

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Blue Buffalo Divine Delights Gravy Dog Food Trays

If you want to spoil your small breed, Blue Buffalo Divine Delights Gravy Variety Pack will do the trick. This is a two-flavor pack, so you can alternative the recipes to mix things up a little.

Each tray comes with a seal tin top that you peel back and pour out. The recipe is half filet mignon and half New York strip, sure to tantalize the tastebuds of even the pickiest pals.

Each flavor pack comes with 6 cups of pre-measured 3.5-ounce portions, making 12 total. There are 86 calories in each serving, which isnt much. Each filet mignon tray has 8.0% crude protein, 3.0% crude fat, and 1.5% crude fiber. Each New York strip tray has 8.0% crude protein, 6.0% crude fat, and 1.5% crude fiber.

These dishes are aromatic and palatable. Each recipe is full of adequate nutrition for your small breed dog. It is completely free of animal byproducts, unnatural flavors, and fillers.

While delicious, this food is for small breeds only. If you have a dog who eats more than 3.5-ounce portions per meal, another Blue Buffalo food may work better to keep your pup healthy and well-fed.

  • For small dogs only

Pros For Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Food


The quality of ingredients in this puppy food is hard, if not impossible, to match in commercially produced dog foods. Even raw dog food diets may fall short. Plus Blue Buffalo has grain-free options available for dog owners who prefer an even more natural diet for their puppies.

Blue Buffalo is widely available in pet supply stores and online, making it easy to find and easy to compare side-by-side with other brands. Many dogs seem to like the taste.

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Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Food Daily Required Quantity

How often and much an owner should feed his/her puppy varies somewhat by age, weight, and activity level. In terms of frequency, up to 6 months old, it is recommended that they are fed three meals per day. From 6 to 12 Months, that can decrease to 2 meals per day. After 12 months, many owners continue to feed their adult dogs twice per day.

Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Food bags have a table on the side that shows how much owners should feed their puppy by age and weight. It is recommended that they refer to this chart for specific amounts, measured in 8-ounce cups, to feed per day. Each cup contains 404 Kcals or calories per serving.

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Who Makes Blue Buffalo And Where Is It Made

Blue Buffalo is owned by U.S. food company, General Mills. All of the brands dog food products are produced in the United States.

Blue Buffalo owns and operates 2 manufacturing facilities. One is located in Joplin, Missouri and the other in Richmond, Indiana. The company also outsources a number of its other products to co-packers that are also located in America.

What Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Natural Large Breed Chicken and Brown Rice ...

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is a pet food brand dedicated to making healthy and natural recipes for cats and dogs of every age and phase of life. It makes delicious, healthy, wet, and dry dog food for both small and large breeds.

The company makes formulas for personalized dietary needs from skin sensitivities, immune system support, hip and joint health, weight management, digestive care, and many more.

Jackie and Bill Bishop, the founders of Blue Buffalo, began to develop interests in pet health when their Airedale, Blue, developed medical problems. This triggered the brothers to create Blue Buffalo Dog Food made from the finest natural ingredients to boost immunity.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food contains no corn, wheat, colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, or by-product meals. None of the food variants contains dairy or egg, either. The company produces two grain-free dog food lines, an antioxidant-rich Life Protection formula and a Limited Ingredient line, all made with natural ingredients.

All Blue Buffalo foods contain LifeSource Bits. The bits are derived from whole source ingredients like fruit and veggies. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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Foods With Artificial Colors

Artificial colors are added to many commercial dog foods to make them more appealing to pet owners. However, these colors have no nutritional value and can be harmful to your dogs health.

Feeding your large breed dog the right food is essential for their health and wellbeing. Avoid any food that is high in fat, has artificial preservatives or colors, and stick to a diet of healthy, nutritious foods.

Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Food Ingredients

The top ingredients in Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Food include:

  • Deboned chicken and chicken meal as the main sources of protein.
  • Brown Rice, barley, and oatmeal are high-quality grains that are easy for dogs to digest.
  • Peas, flaxseed, potatoes and sweet potatoes, carrots, kelp, spinach, pumpkin, and barley grass are recognizable foods that added to the nutritional content.
  • Blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, apples, pomegranate contribute to both nutrition and taste.
  • The food has additional ingredients like Menhaden Fish Meal, chicken fat, dried egg, and fish oil to boost protein and omega-3 content.

The recipe also includes supplements that are important to dogs, like vitamin E, iron, and zinc, just to name a few. Most importantly, the top ingredients are natural, recognizable foods, including real chicken as the primary source of protein.

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What Are Tips For Managing Pancreatitis With Diet

Make sure to keep your dog on a low-fat diet and always keep plenty of water available. While there isnt any hard science, yet, it appears that supplementing your dogs diet with fish oil might help.

Vitamin E with selenium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and methionine may also help prevent pancreatitis. A supplement that contains pancreatin may also help.

On the other hand, all those good probiotics that we try to feed our pets may actually make acute pancreatitis worse.

If your dog has had pancreatitis, be sure to talk to your vet to figure out whats best for your dog.

What Is Blue Buffalo Adult Dry Dog Food

BLUE vs Cesar | Blue Buffalo Divine Delights Dog Food

Now you can feed your adult or senior dog the same wholesome goodness you feed your family with this healthy dry dog food made with all natural ingredients. Packed with antioxidants, essential vitamins, and vital nutrients, every bag of Blue Buffalo dry dog food also contains delicious LifeSource Bits, which provide a precise blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to benefit your dog’s health during each stage of life. This specially-formulated recipe contains high-quality proteins and whole grains for healthy skin and coat, strong bones and teeth, and proper muscle development. Blue Buffalo Dog Food comes in 3 different recipes, Chicken & Brown Rice, Fish & Sweet Potato, or Lamb & Brown Rice. All three formulations are packed full with high-quality proteins for muscle development, glucosamine for healthy joints, complex carbohydrates for energy, and omega fatty acids for healthy skin & coat.

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How To Avoid Pancreatitis In Pets

Consider supplementing with fish oil and the other vitamins mentioned above. Be sure to watch the fat content in your dogs diet and dont give your pup any table scraps!

Consider feeding your dog three or four times a day rather than once or twice. This helps reduce the load on the pancreas.

Finally, if your dog is in one of those high-risk categories, be sure to have their amylase and lipase levels checked through a blood test at least once a year, if not more.

Is Blue Buffalo A Healthy Option For Senior Dogs

Blue Buffalo markets 5 wet and 7 dry dog foods, each designed to be suitable for older animals. Each product contains above-average protein and below-average fat and calories levels. Recipes meet AAFCO nutrient guidelines for adult maintenance which makes each a healthy option for senior dogs. View The Dog Food Advisors best senior dog foods here.

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Acute Vs Chronic Pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is when an attack comes on suddenly. Its particularly concerning because it can become life-threatening rapidly if not addressed.

Chronic pancreatitis means that the condition has developed slowly over time.

You may not notice any symptoms until the situation becomes serious. This is more common in a dog who has had repeated bouts of pancreatitis.

Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy Food Formulas & Available Flavors

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food ...

Blue Buffalo has three varieties of large breed puppy formulas. These are Life Protection Formula® Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe For Large Breed Puppies , BLUE Freedom® Grain-Free Chicken Recipe For Large Breed Puppies, and BLUE Wilderness® Chicken Recipe For Large Breed Puppies.

Life Protection Formula® is a great option for a basic, yet natural and nutrient-packed puppy food. The focus of this food is on longevity and overall health for the dogs entire lifespan. BLUE Freedom® is very similar, but totally grain free, which some dog owners prefer. For giant breeds, this may be a slightly better option due to less protein, for less stressful growth spurts, and fewer potential allergens.

BLUE Wilderness® is also grain-free, but this formula has a higher protein content. This feed is designed to recreate the diet of wolves much in the same way as the Paleo diet works for humans. Adult versions of all of these are available, so owners can easily transition their puppy to an equivalent adult dog food when they are ready generally at one year of age or slightly later for giant breeds.

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What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Blue Buffalo Offer

All of Blue Buffalos follow a natural blueprint, but that doesnt mean there isnt plenty of variety. Blue Buffalo has six different cat food and kitten food lines.

For dry cat food, there are the original BLUE, BLUE Freedom , BLUE Basics limited-ingredient foods, meat-rich BLUE Wilderness, and BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet, which is only available through veterinarians. Blue Buffalos newest dry food line for cats is Blue True Solutions which is designed to address specific health needs.

Blue Buffalos wet cat foods are available in the same six product lines, including traditional cat foods, veterinary diets, and the new Blue True Solutions line of health-specific products.

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