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What Dog Food Is Good For Sensitive Stomachs

About Ollie Subscription Dog Food

Top 5 Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach in 2020.

For a fresh dog food option, Ollies food has limited ingredients, is minimally processed and contains no soy, corn, or wheat. Recipes are vet-crafted, and their onboarding quiz specifically takes allergies into account when recommending a formula. We recommend the chicken recipe for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They also have turkey, lamb, and beef options, all of which are fiber-rich.

Our reviewers dog Enzo typically has a sensitive stomach when switching to new foods, but had no problem switching from kibble to Ollie. Ollies welcome booklet includes a recommended schedule for transitioning between foods to avoid any digestive issues.

For more about Ollies subscription pet food, read our in-depth review in our article, The Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery of 2021: Tested by Real Dogs.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Sensitive Stomach & Skin

This dog food is a source of prebiotic fiber to support a balanced gut microbiome in your grown dog.

How Do I Safely Transition To New Food If My Dog Has A Sensitive Stomach

Safely transition to new food is just as important for your dogs stomach as choosing the right food. The essential thing to remember at all times is to do it gradually and stay patient. Your dogs stomach, especially if its sensitive, needs time to adjust to the new food, even if its a change for better. Most domestic dogs and cats eat the same food for months, or even years, so their stomachs are not accustomed to change. Changing their diet too quickly may lead to more problems with vomiting, diarrhea, and excess gas.

The best way is to mix it up. Start with adding a little bit of new food to the old, and then, if your dog takes it alright, gradually change the proportions by adding more and more new food to less and less old food. If your Fido is a real fussy eater or their stomach is truly sensitive, you can start with as little as 5%-10% of new food for a meal.

Its essential to keep track of how much calories you feed your dog, so make sure you know all there is to know about both new and old food. If one food has more calories per meal than the other, you will need to adjust the daily portions. Plus, always use a measuring cup to make sure that you provide them with the same nutritious meal every day. It really is essential for meals to be exactly the same.

If at any stage, you notice that your dog experiences any gastrointestinal upsets, stay with the current ratio of old food to the new the same for a couple of days.

Variation On Dog’s Diarrhea Recipe

There are several variations for a dog’s diarrhea recipe. Pumpkin is great for helping a dog with diarrhea.

Pumpkin is a great natural remedy for diarrhea in dogs. Pumpkin is a natural laxative and helps dogs with frequent diarrhea.

It soothes the digestive tract and promotes bile flow, which helps break down fats and proteins.

Pumpkin fiber helps with regular bowel movements by absorbing water in the colon.

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Merrick Power Bites Real Texas Beef Recipe

With a name like Power Bites, you would expect that Merricks offering would have some kick behind it. Well, it does.

The treats pack plenty of protein in a bite that doesnt contain any soy, wheat, or corn-based fillers. Add to this protein the antioxidant properties of apples, sweet potatoes, and blueberries and you can see how healthy and light the Power Bites will be on your dogs stomach.

All in all, a hearty recommendation from our side.

Canidae All Life Stages Dog Dry Food

Iams Proactive Health Sensitive Skin &  Stomach Grain Free ...

If you’re looking for a high-quality dog food that can support your pup throughout his or her life, consider this formula from Canidae. It’s a nutritionally dense dog food that’s filled with great ingredients.

Lamb meal is used for protein, making it a great option for pups with a sensitive system. Various grains are used in the recipe. These include cracked barley, brown rice, and flaxseed. To ensure that your canine companion is getting all the minerals and vitamins they need, various supplements are added.

One thing you don’t have to worry about is unnecessary chemical additives. Natural mixed tocopherols are used for preservatives.

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Who Should Not Use A Bland Diet

This diet isn’t for pets with chronic diarrhea or vomiting. Those pets may have problems that need to be dealt with through discussions with your veterinarian.

This diet is not ideal for dogs with true food allergies, or inflammatory bowel disease. However, if you know what your dog is allergic to and choose an appropriate protein source, you may work around this.

Food For Poor Gut Health

Now that you can recognize the signs and understand how to improve your pets digestion, you need to find a dog food for sensitive stomachs that will complement their specific dietary needs.

Quality and digestibility play a huge role in digestive health, so let’s look at some of the factors that you should consider when assessing your dog’s diet and the possibility of change.

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What Are The Common Ingredients That Can Cause An Upset Stomach In Your Dog

Every dog is different from the other in many aspects. Some dogs are capable of digesting everything that gets in their stomach without any issue.

This can also include toilet paper rolls. Many other dogs can feel discomfort from even the slightest Chinese in their meal. There are some aspects of dog nutrition that you must be well aware of so that they can help you in finding the best food for the dogs who have an upset stomach.

Some common causes of the sensitive stomach which are related to food are as follows:

  • Fat

The meals which contain rich fats are not easily digestible by the dogs. Fats are difficult to digest than carbohydrates or protein. You must check the ingredients of the food of your dog before feeding him. You must make sure that there is no excess fat in the food of your dog. This can be done easily by checking out the list of ingredients and making sure that the percentage of fat in the information mentioned on the label.

  • Protein

Certain proteins are not easily digestible by your dog. These proteins can cause your dog to have an upset stomach. These proteins can be inclusive of animal proteins, fish, etc.

  • Fiber

Sometimes, your dog might need a bit extra fiber in his meal. There is a different food item that can be a good source of fiber for your dog. However, you can talk to your vet and decide the best source of fiber that you can give to your dog.

  • Ample minerals and Vitamins
  • Quality of ingredients

Chicken And Rice Recipe For Sensitive Dog Stomach Summary

Diets for Sensitive Stomachs

If ever your dogs stomach gets upset, giving them a chicken and rice recipe for dogs is one of the easiest things you can do to help them.

Moreover, youll be able to tell if your dogs stomach is upset when they are vomiting and have diarrhea. If symptoms are getting worse, it is best advised to contact your vet.

However, changing your dogs diet to sensitive dog food is not an easy task. They have a very sensitive or delicate digestive system. One of the best foods for recovering stomachs is chicken and rice for dogs.

Do not speed up the process. Begin with giving them small amounts of servings with the best dog food for sensitive stomachs.

Furthermore, always monitor your dogs reaction so that you can adjust the diet if needed.

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Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain

Product available from Chewy

Instinct is a pet food company whose mission is to provide dogs and cats with minimally processed, protein-packed, raw and fresh foods, and all that for an affordable price. Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Recipe with Real Lamb Freeze-Dried Raw Coated Dog Food is yet another example that they are excellent at what theyre doing. The recipe is simple but delicious, wholesome, and well-balanced. This dog food will help you to keep your best friend undisturbed, happy, and energized.

  • wholesome dry food for all-sized dogs in adult life stage
  • without any grain, dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives
  • one of the best choices for sensitive digestion, limited ingredient, grain-free, and gluten-free diet
  • one animal protein source highly digestible grass-fed lamb also provides amino acids
  • guaranteed levels of natural omega fatty acids and antioxidants for healthier skin and coat, and strong immune system
  • crude protein: min. 24%
  • crude fiber: max. 3.5%
  • moisture: max. 10%


How To Manage Your Dogs Sensitive Stomach

An intermittent episode of vomiting or diarrhea is not uncommon, but persistent symptoms should be addressed by your veterinarian. Your vet will want to perform a thorough physical exam to assess your pets overall health.

Since there are many causes of indigestion other than food, such as intestinal parasites and viral infections, these will need to be ruled out before focusing on your dogs diet.

Your vet may also order a fecal exam, X-rays and blood work to help with the diagnosis.

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Purina One Smartblend Large Breed Puppy Formula

Puppies are cute, active, impressive, but not all puppies are similar. Like their voice, eye color, smell, their food habits are unique for each one.

This Purina one smartblend large breed puppy formula comes in kibble type, which is best for large size puppies with sensitive stomachs. This dog food is enriched with protein which is a great choice for your little puppys muscle building.

Plus, it is packed with antioxidants, Vitamins , Selenium, and Zinc, these build your pups immune system along with their body growth. It is best for large size puppies.

The major ingredients are Chicken, rice flour, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, chicken by-product meal.

Slowly Reincorporate Regular Food

(12 Pack) Hill

With the support of your veterinarian, you can slowly introduce your dogs regular food back into his normal food. The transition can be done over 3 days.

For example, ¼ cup dog food and ¾ cup bland food diet, then the second day youll do ½ and ½, the third day will be ¾ cup dog food and only ¼ cup bland food diet.

The bottom line, diarrhea and upset stomach are common issues for dogs. It will usually resolve in about a week or less. Hang in there.

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Your Dog Is Allergic To Some Of The Proteins In His Food

Food allergies usually cause skin- or ear-related symptoms, but they can also cause digestive upset.

Food allergies are usually treated with an elimination-challenge diet, which involves removing all common allergens from your dogs diet until the problem is resolved, and then testing her reaction when they are reintroduced individually.

Dog With Diarrhoea When Should I See A Vet

Keep a close eye on a dog with diarrhoea. If theres blood in the stool, you should see a vet immediately, or if their general health deteriorates or the symptoms persist. With puppies, its especially important to see a vet early in the case of diarrhoea, as the illness can quickly become life-threatening for small puppies if they lose a lot of fluid quickly. Always contact your vet if you feel unsure.

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Avoderm Natural Dog Food For Puppies Senior Small Breed And Large Breed

Another great dog food that’s made with puppies in mind, ]the AvoDerm Natural formula is easy for sensitive stomachs to handle. It’s very digestible, making it a great option for pups that have a harder time with other dry kibbles.

About 26 percent of the recipe is made up of protein. It comes from chicken meal and herring meal. Alfalfa meal and dried beet pulp provide an excellent source of fiber.

This product is free from unnecessary fillers like corn, wheat, or soy. There are also no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Benefits Of Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach Recipe (for GI disorders)

Yes, dogs with sensitive stomachs will typically require a specific dietbut it doesnt mean you have to cook up a homemade diet or go out of your way to have special food prepared. Sensitive stomach dog food is crafted to be easy for pet parents to ensure their pup is eating well thanks to the combination of microbes and probioticsbut it doesnt require any more effort than a standard dog food.

Ideally, we would keep these dogs on the same diet rather than regularly changing what they are given, explains Dr. Linda Simons, a veterinarian based in London. Similarly, we should not offer them additional food such as human food, treats, and chews, as these may upset the stomach. For most, providing a commercial diet aimed at those with sensitive gastrointestinal systems works best.

According to Simons, dogs can be sensitive to any ingredients, including chicken, potato, and peas. It can be a case of trial and error to determine what your dog reacts to, but sticking to dog foods with short ingredient lists that have meat or fish as the first ingredient will make things much more simple, as hypoallergenic foods are generally well tolerated.

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Natural Balanced Lid Beef

This is a sponsored placement, in which an advertiser pays a fee to be featured in this article. Learn more

About: Natural Balance LID Beefis a premium-ingredient dog food that is made without many of the problematic ingredients found in other foods. Its composed of 32% protein featuring beef as the first ingredient .

With no grains, fillers, chicken ingredient, or even potatoes, its a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


  • Contains no soy, corn, chicken, or wheat instead, the carbohydrate content primarily comes from peas and chickpeas.
  • No artificial flavors or colors included.
  • Beef is the single animal protein, making it great for dogs who dont digest chicken or other animal proteins easily. Includes 52% beef ingredients.
  • Short ingredient list means fewer ingredients likely to upset your dogs stomach.


This high-quality kibble is a great choice for dogs who enjoy meat but dont process other animal proteins very well, since beef is the sole protein source .


We do wish beef meal was the 2nd ingredient, rather than pea protein, but this recipe still manages to boast an impressive protein count so it doesnt seem to be a huge problem.

Beef, Pea Protein, Beef Meal, Chickpeas, Peas…,

Canola Oil , Pea Starch, Natural Flavor, Pea Fiber, Flaxseed, Salt, Potassium Chloride, DL-Methionine, Menhaden Oil , Choline Chloride, Minerals , Vitamins , Green Tea Extract, Spearmint Extract.

Nulo Freestyle Limited: Turkey Grain

This formula features a single-animal protein source a grain-free catered and GMO-free turkey. The detail for this formula is created specifically for dogs with stomach issues. You can be sure that this does not contain soy, eggs, wheat, and corn.

There is no need to worry about artificial preservatives and flavorings too because it does not use any of those. It also has essential nutrients with 30% crude protein which makes it a good option for dogs with allergies. Plus, it is complemented with GanebenBC30 which is a unique probiotic geared to promoting good gut health among dogs.

The useful tips for feeding the pet with perfect food

While you are available to alter your lovely pets diet, we highly suggest that you need to limit it to alter the food right away. Because it could lead to an unexpected digestive issue. Besides, you have to transform, particularly through around a week.

Straightforwardly combine a tiny serving of great food with your pets routine diet while decreasing the proportion of the previous food. After a few days, if there is no extra issue, we recommend that you can boost up the alternated serving. A doctor is a perfect place for assisting with alternated queries or issues.

Last but not least, we hope that all you can gain a deeper understanding of some crucial tips before feeding your lovely pets. This section covered up all beneficial information involved in alternating the pet with a portion of new food.

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What To Remove From Your Dogs Diet

If you suspect your dog has a sensitive stomach, the first thing you should do is strip back your feeding schedule.

In the long-run, your main meal food blend may have to change to a more stomach-friendly kibble, but in the short-term, you should work to eliminate any scraps youre guilty of giving your dog, as well as any unnecessary snacks and treats.

This isnt about punishing your dog or removing any joy from your pets play. Eventually, you should be able to replace dental chews, unhealthy training treats and midday snacks with natural alternatives. But to be kind to your dog and remove their potentially painful symptoms, less is always more.

Secondly, make sure your dog isnt accessing food without you knowing about it.

If your kitchen or outdoor bins are easy to access, you might consider moving or securing them to make sure theres no way your dog could rummage around in any leftovers. Also, try to discourage any behaviours like eating grass and attempts to gobble strewn food and litter on walks as these things can cause dogs to vomit.

At this point, youll be left with the bare basics to access.

If your dogs kibble is still causing your dog to experience sensitive stomach symptoms, you may want to consider the following:

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