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What Foods Are Deadly To Dogs

Raw Fat Egg Fish Or Meat

The Top 3 People Foods Poisonous To Dogs

Cats should not be given excessive raw meat, fat, fish or eggs. It could lead to vomiting, diarrhea or even a condition called pancreatitis . There is also a risk of salmonella or E. coli associated with your cats eating these foods.

We hope that our list has informed you of the dangers of everyday human grub that is considered to be toxic food for dogs. What about you? Do you know about any harmful products that are potentially dangerous to our animal companions? Let us know in the comments below.

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate

Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, which speed the heart rate and stimulate the nervous system. The type of chocolate, the amount your dog ingested, and your dogs weight will determine how sick your dog may become.

Ingesting too much theobromine and caffeine in chocolate may result in vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, increased urination, tremors, elevated heart rate, seizures, and death. Typically, the darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is for dogs.

Below is a list of the most to least risky chocolate for dogs:

  • Cocoa powder
  • White chocolate

What If You Cant Reach Your Veterinarian

In an emergency, when you cannot reach your veterinarian, immediately contact your local animal emergency clinic or

  • Pet Poison Helpline at 1-855-764-7661
  • North Shore America / ASPCA Hotline at 1-888-232-8870
  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435
  • Note: They may charge a small fee of $59 to $75 per incident and ask for age, weight, medical history of your pet, concern details, amount, when it happened, and current symptoms.

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    Rotten Or Moldy Foods

    Moldy or rotten foods can cause many problems for your dog, some more serious than others. Any food that seems “past its prime” should be kept out of reach. Be especially careful to keep your dog away from trash cans.

  • Botulism, often from garbage, can cause muscle paralysis, including progressive motor paralysis, disturbed vision, difficulty chewing and swallowing, and progressive weakness. An antitoxin is effective only if poisoning is caught early enough.
  • Rotten fruit produces ethanol, causing the same effects associated with alcohol or dough ingestion.
  • Moldy foods contain toxins that may cause muscle tremors, convulsions, and drunkenness.
  • Therapy depends on the toxin. Your vet may induce vomiting. Sometimes, treatment includes activated charcoal. Supportive care with fluids and medications is often necessary.
  • 10 of 10

    Certain foods, while not considered toxic, can still be unhealthy for your dog.

  • Avoid any foods that are high in fat, sugar, or sodium. These foods can contribute to indigestion, obesity, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and more.
  • Dairy products may be difficult for dogs to digest.
  • Corncobs can cause GI obstruction.
  • Cooked bones may splinter and break easily, risking GI damage.
  • Like people, too much junk food can lead to poor health and decreased energy.
  • Select plants and stems
  • Remember that your dog is smaller than you and might be sensitive. What seems like “just a bite” for you is more like a small meal for your dog.

    Fromm Family Dog Food

    Dangerous Foods for Dogs

    Fromm Gold is one of the better dog food brands for active adult dogs.

    It is prepared with real Wisconsin cheese, lamb, chicken, duck, whole eggs and enhanced with salmon oil for a healthy coat and probiotics for aiding digestion. Buy Fromm dog food

    Their guaranteed analysis has minimum levels of around 24% of Crude Protein, 16% Crude Fat and a maximum 3.5% of Crude Fiber and 10% Moisture. It also has a minimum of about 0.5% Omega 3 Fatty Acids and 2.5% Omega 6 Fatty Acids.Fromm has all the high-quality dog food ingredients that should be present to strengthen the dogs immune system and provide balanced nutrition.

    PLEASE NOTE: and Chewy are NOT authorized retailers to sell Fromm Family Dog Food. Because of this, we suggest using only .

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    How To Use This Information

    The information is intended to be used to prevent poisoning by raising awareness of certain poisons, rather than as a document to be used in an emergency. If you think that your dog has been poisoned, or has come into contact with potentially poisonous substances, contact your local veterinary practice immediately.

    Can Dogs Drink Alcohol

    Do not give your dog alcohol on purpose. Alcohol can cause not only intoxication, lack of coordination, weak breathing, and abnormal acidity but potentially even coma or death. Find out what dogs can drink safely.

    This includes rubbing alcohol and alcohol in hand sanitizers.

    When eaten or licked off the paws in large amounts, alcohol-based hand sanitizers can cause digestive upset such as vomiting or can even cause alcohol toxicity if the alcohol content is high enough. Elizabeth Racine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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    Human Food Safety For Dogs

    Almonds:No, dogs shouldnt eat almonds. Almonds may not necessarily be toxic to dogs like macadamia nuts are, but they can block the esophagus or even tear the windpipe if not chewed completely. Salted almonds are especially dangerous because they can increase water retention, which is potentially fatal to dogs prone to heart disease.

    Bread: Yes, dogs can eat bread. Small amounts of plain bread wont hurt your dog, but it also wont provide any health benefits either. It has no nutritional value and can really pack on the carbohydrates and calories, just like in people. Homemade breads are a better option than store-bought, as bread from the grocery store typically contains unnecessary preservatives, but its best to avoid it altogether.

    Cashews: Yes, dogs can eat cashews. Cashews are OK for dogs, but only a few at a time. Theyve got calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, and proteins, but while these nuts contain less fat than others, too many can lead to weight gain and other fat-related conditions. A few cashews make a nice treat, but only if theyre unsalted.

    Cheese: Yes, dogs can eat cheese in small to moderate quantities. As long as your dog isnt lactose intolerant, which is rare, but still possible in canines, cheese can be a great treat. Many kinds of cheese can be high in fat, so go for lower-fat varieties like cottage cheese or mozzarella. Many dogs enjoy their very own dog-specific Himalayan dog chew made of dried cheese .

    Can Dogs Eat Lean Meat

    Common Foods Toxic To Dogs! (Foods Poisonous To Dogs)

    Lean meat includes the white, boneless meat from chicken or turkey and has had excessive fat removed. It provides a tasty treat for your dog and serves as a great source of protein. If feeding chicken and turkey, remove the fatty skin and cook or boil the meat without seasoning. Learn more about feeding turkey to dogs.

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    Alcohol And Yeast Dough

    Alcohol is found in a variety of products including alcoholic beverages, perfumes, mouthwash, paint, varnish and various cleaning products.

    While occasional alcohol consumption is safe for humans, dogs cannot tolerate it, even in small amounts.

    Symptoms usually develop within an hour after consumption and include tiredness, depression, lack of muscle coordination, low body temperature, poor breathing, vomiting and diarrhea.

    If a dog consumes too much alcohol, it can result in lung failure, seizures, coma and even death.

    The toxic dose of 100% alcohol in dogs has recently been reported to be about 0.59 ounces per pound of body weight , with death occurring 12 to 24 hours after ingestion (

    20 ).

    Whats more, the dough will expand in a dogs stomach and can cause severe bloating. This puts pressure on the surrounding organs and can make it very difficult for the dog to breathe.

    It is important to never feed raw yeast dough or alcohol to your dog. Alcoholic beverages should not be left unattended and raw dough should be kept well out of reach.


    If a dog consumes alcohol, it can lead to serious health problems and even death. This can also happen if a dog eats raw yeast dough.

    Worst Adult Dry Dog Food: Iams Proactive Health

    The primary ingredient in IAMS Proactive Health Adult Chunks dry dog food is chicken.

    Though chicken is a quality item and raw chicken comprises about 80% water, but when cooked, most of the water is lost, which reduces the meat content to just a portion of its initial weight.

    After processing, these ingredients would probably account for a smaller fraction of the whole content of the finished food.

    The second ingredient is cornmeal which is coarse ground flour made from the dried corn. Corn is a controversial and inexpensive cereal grain of low nutritional value to a dog.

    For that reason, it is not a preferred part of any dog food.

    The third ingredient of this product is sorghum , a starchy cereal grain with a similar nutrient profile to corn.

    Because it is gluten-free and claims a smoother blood sugar performance than other grains, sorghum may be considered a satisfactory non-meat ingredient.

    The fourth ingredient is chicken by-product meal, which is a dry product of the slaughterhouse waste.

    This meal is made after all prime cuts have been separated, which includes almost anything left, including beaks, feet, and even undeveloped eggs, anything except the feathers.

    But on the bright side, these portions are meat concentrates and comprise protein approximately 300% more than the fresh chicken.

    The fifth ingredient is beet pulp, a controversial ingredient, as it is a high fiber by-product made of sugar beet processing.

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    So What Human Food Can Dogs Eat

    While there are many food groups that you should never feed your pet, there are some that are fine. If you want to share food with your dog, you can do so. The following things are safe for your pet:

    • Chicken
    • Oatmeal
    • Unsalted peanut butter

    Remember, when youre caring for any animal, it is crucial you understand their particular diet. Dont make the mistake of thinking that our digestive systems are the same theyre not. Instead, educate yourself on what you can feed your dog and avoid foods poisonous to dogs. That way, youll always have a healthy pet! The same can be said of choosing good quality toys and a travel crate for your dog.

    If you know of any other foods you think need adding to our list let us know and well check them out. Lets keep our pooches safe!

    Top 5 Human Foods Dogs Shouldnt Eat

    Foods You Should Never Share With Your Dog

    As a dog owner, you want to share your favorite foods with your furry friend. However, this is not always safe for your dog, and it can sometimes even be deadly. Although there are some human foods that are safe for dogs to eat , its best to keep most human food away from dogs as there are certain human foods that dogs shouldnt eat.

    In the article below, youll find more information about five of the top human foods dogs shouldnt eat. Read through this list and make sure you save it, as it could make the difference between life and death for your dog in the future. When you know some of the most dangerous human foods that dogs should never be allowed to eat, you can take care to protect your dog from having access to any of these foods in your home.

    Some common human foods dogs should never eat include, but arent limited to:

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    People Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Pets

    ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Phone Number: 426-4435

    Our Animal Poison Control Center experts have put together a handy list of the top toxic people foods to avoid feeding your pet. As always, if you suspect your pet has eaten any of the following foods, please note the amount ingested and contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 426-4435.

    AlcoholAlcoholic beverages and food products containing alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, decreased coordination, central nervous system depression, difficulty breathing, tremors, abnormal blood acidity, coma and even death. Under no circumstances should your pet be given any alcohol. If you suspect that your pet has ingested alcohol, contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately.

    AvocadoAvocado is primarily a problem for birds, rabbits, donkeys, horses, and ruminants including sheep and goats. The biggest concern is for cardiovascular damage and death in birds and rabbits. Horses, donkeys and ruminants frequently get swollen, edematous head and neck.

    CitrusThe stems, leaves, peels, fruit and seeds of citrus plants contain varying amounts of citric acid, essential oils that can cause irritation and possibly even central nervous system depression if ingested in significant amounts. Small doses, such as eating the fruit, are not likely to present problems beyond minor stomach upset.

    Chocolate Coffee And Caffeine

    Never give chocolate, coffee, or anything containing caffeine to dogs.

    These products contain chemicals called methylxanthines, which are highly toxic to dogs. The chemicals can cause vomiting, an abnormal heart rate, seizures, and sometimes death.

    Chocolate treats are available for dogs, but these contain a special chocolate substitute that is safe for them to eat.

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    What To Do If Your Dog Eats A Harmful Food

    The best way to ensure your dog doesnt eat anything harmful is to keep these foods out of reach.

    To minimize the risk, make sure that you dont leave these foods on countertops or tables, in purses or other places where your dog could access them.

    If you know your dog has ingested something toxic, consult your veterinarian immediately or call the pet poison hotline.

    Treatment will vary depending upon your dogs symptoms and the type of food they was exposed to.

    You should never treat or medicate a dog unless a licensed veterinarian advises you to do so.


    Poisonous Plants For Dogs

    What foods are Toxic to Dogs?! | Human Food can Kill dogs!!

    The following is a list of poisonous plants for dogs, so keep a watchful eye on your dog if you have any of them around your home or garden, and consider whether you should remove them.

    The list isnt exhaustive, but you can find more information at The Veterinary Poisons Information Service . Although the VPIS only handles direct enquiries from vets , its website does provide some useful information.

    • Aloe Vera.
    • Cherry .
    • Daffodil.
    • English Ivy, Poison Ivy, Devil’s Ivy and other ivies.
    • Foxglove.
    • Peach .
    • Primrose.
    • Tomato Plant .
    • Yew.

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    Worst Dog Treats: Sportmix Wholesomes Biscuits

    Sportmix biscuit treats are on the list of dog food brands to avoid because it is made of unwanted dry leftovers and includes preservatives and fats harmful to dogs.

    If we estimate the products meat content, it shows that it contains about 24% protein content, 13% fat, and about 54% carbohydrates.

    After analyzing these numbers, it is clear this is a poor choice and is just a bit above average compared to other high-quality dog foods.

    Dog Poison Emergency Tips

    Its good to know the list of bad food for dogs, but that doesnt mean youll be able to protect your dog from getting into trouble all of the time. If you suspect your dog has ingested a harmful food or substance, contact your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately. The APCC is available 24/7 at 888-426-4435. A $65 consultation may apply.

    Also, be sure to stay calm and never try to treat your dog without professional advice. You could injure your dog or get hurt yourself. Even the most loving dog can act out when in pain, scared, or upset. Depending on the situation, your vet may need to perform diagnostic tests, induce vomiting, administer fluids through an IV, or prescribe medications. Hospitalization may also be necessary in more severe cases.

    While these treatments can get expensive, you can get help managing the costs with an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan. Get a quote for your dog now. This way, if you ever come home to find a ripped open box of raisins and a dog with an upset tummy, you can at least rest easy knowing that youll have help covering the medical bills.


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    Wegmans Bruiser Kibble Variety Mix

    This brand of dry dog food has ingredients that have been considered dangerous for dogs to eat, including BHA, xantham gum, BHT, corn gluten, and food coloring.

    Wegmans Bruiser Kibble Variety Mix demonstrates the motto that you typically get what you pay for.

    It is affordable dog food, but if youre looking to give your dog stable nourishment, you should look for an alternative option.

    Can Dogs Eat Eggs

    Cinnamon the Traveling Coonhound: 10 Most Toxic Foods to Dogs

    Salmonella poisoning and biotin deficiency are two things to be cautious of when feeding your dog raw eggs. It is safest to give your dog a cooked egg over a raw egg. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and have a host of vitamins for your pup. Dont cook eggs in butter, oil, salt, pepper, or other additives dogs dont need those things, and they can be harmful to them as well.

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    Sugars Including Candy Sodas Or Juice

    Sugars including those in sodas, candy or juice should not be given to dogs.

    Along with avoiding Xylitol, there are other surgery foods dogs cant eat or consume like candy, sodas, and juice. Too much sugar can lead to an excess in weight gain as well as other issues in your fur kid like diabetes, heart issues and a shortened lifespan.

    What Dogs Can Eat

    You can make sure your dog has a healthy, well-balanced diet by asking your vet to suggest a quality dog food. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sometimes give your dog people food as a special treat. Only give them a little. Be sure the foods are cooked, pure, and not fatty or heavily seasoned. Here are some ideas.

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