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Royal Canin Puppy Food Wet

How Much Wet Food To Feed A Puppy

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How much wet food to feed your puppy will depend on the brand of food that youre feeding him since one brand of puppy food might have a different amount of nutrients and calories compared to another brand. To find out how much you should feed your puppy, look at the foods packaging for guidelines.

Whereas this is relatively easy for dry food as it is usually on the side or back of the bag, in wet food, you may have to go to the brands website to find the amount, Dr. Smith said.

And if your puppy eats too much too fast, you can try a slow feeder or an automatic feeder.

How to feed is usually pretty general however, if the pet eats too fast, there are bowls that can slow the pet down, Dr. Smith said. Automatic feeders can be very useful in helping control a pets weight.

Cooking Our Way To A Healthier Dog Diet

Ever since I started raising my own dogs, Id always wanted to make their food at home but thought it would be too expensive or too time consuming, or that they wouldnt get the nutrition they needed.

During the month of Bugs doggy depression, I vowed to make her precious life as comfortable as possible.

Both of my pugs had a range of health issues growing up, which I unfortunately found out were common for the breed.

My older one had persistent hot spots and itchiness that no commercial dog food could cure .

Bug was overweight for a while when she was younger, even though she ate the recommended amount of food for her target weight. Eventually, I settled on Wellness kibbles and they did well with that brand.

But, I wanted to explore other options. I wanted to give them real food fresh, nutritious ingredients that I recognized and could even eat myself.

Ive mentioned in my post on homemade whole grain chicken feed that the entire household all share the same whole grains and seeds that we buy in bulk, as well as the bounty that comes from our edible garden.

Everything our animals eat, we can eat.

When it comes to homemade feed for our laying hens, we stick to a tried-and-true formula that works for every layer: 16 to 17 percent protein , vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from a wide variety of grains and seeds, and free range of a pasture for weeds, greens, and insects.

Dogs, on the other hand, arent bred for a standard function the way chickens are.

Is Royal Canin Dog Food Worth It

Yes, Royal Canin Dog Food is worth it.

Royal Canin Dog Food has specific recipes for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Whether you own a large breed, small breed, picky eater, adult dog, or a pet with a medical condition, there is dog food for them.

However, we should note that Royal Canin Dog Food is more expensive than its competitors. Also, it contains a few controversial ingredients like corn gluten meal.

Regardless, vets and pet owners have reported that Royal Canin Dog Food works perfectly for their dogs. This company is praised and well-liked by many you should give it a try.

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At The End Of 2019 During Our Yearly Vet Check We Received The Horrible News That Our Dog Was In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Honestly, I was in total shock, how did we miss this?! He is with me all day, every day!! He just seemed like he was dealing with some symptoms of old age frequent urination, sometimes excessive water drinking, and I would notice occasionally that he would have a mild case of diarrhea. It definitely didnt feel like life threatening symptoms to us! As much as the diagnosis was a shock, the price tag of the prescription diet that we were told he would need to eat for the remainder of his life was pretty horrifying too! When I asked our vet how long we had left with him the prognosis wasn’t good, 3-6 months maybe 9 if we were lucky. We had to wait 6 weeks for a follow up blood panel to really know what kind of timeline we were looking at.

Best For Gassy French Bulldogs: Royal Canin French Bulldog Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Chihuahua Puppy Wet Food

Got a Frenchie that farts a lot? French bulldogs are naturally prone to gas issues because they have more sensitive stomachs than many other dog breeds.

Some of the reasons your adorable Frenchie farts so much around the house include food allergies, frequent air swallowing, and obesity. However, a proper diet can reduce the frequency of farting and even lessen the stench.

This formula features essential nutrients, highly digestible proteins, fibers, and antioxidants that suit the dietary requirements of your purebred French Bulldog puppy aged 8 weeks to 12 months old. These ingredients work together to boost immunity, reduce gassiness, improve skin health, and promote digestive health.

Its curved-shaped kibble fits your Frenchies flat muzzle and underbite making it easy for him to pick and chew.

This product was recommended by a veterinarian to a tester, and it has been a complete game changer since she began feeding it to her 15-week-old Frenchie.

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Ground White Meat Turkey

You may have noticed that turkey is a common ingredient in dog treats and dog food. Thoroughly cooked and drained ground white meat turkey, as long as it’s plain and has no additives or salt, is perfectly healthy for dogs. However, there are some parts of the turkey you should never feed to your pup. Obviously, never feed your dog turkey bones as they can splinter and cause serious problems for them. Also, the fat in turkey skin may cause pancreatitis, a condition in which the pancreas becomes inflamed and swollen, so you do not want to feed them the skin either. The seasoning added to pre-cooked store bought turkey and deli meat usually contains onion and garlic which can irritate your dog’s bowels and cause serious digestive issues, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

The Results From Feeding Our Diy Dog Food

Back to the story of Bug

After only a couple of weeks of feeding her a homemade diet, the hubby and I were blown away by how much her mental and physical health improved. And we wholeheartedly believe she was able to bounce back because of her new food.

She went from an ailing, exhausted, incontinent, tail-down dog to a happy, energetic, curious, communicative pup. While she isnt miraculously walking again, her hip dysplasia also hasnt progressed or caused her any pain.

Weve learned to watch for signs that she needs to relieve herself as weve realized she knows when she has to go, she just cant get there without our help.

We feed both of our pugs the same food, with the hope that we can stave off any potential health problems for our older one.

When we travel, well bring their homemade food on the road in a cooler. On occasion, weve even ordered their dinner from a restaurant when we ran out of food .

If were camping, well usually just feed them whatever were cooking in camp they love corn on the cob, hobo packs , and the whole assortment of tri-tip, sausages, and ribs that weve usually got going on.

As you might imagine they lovecamping trips!

Homemade dog food gives us the flexibility to fine-tune their diet as needed. Im forever grateful for the extra time we were given with our beloved Bug as a result of the food we chose to feed her.

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What To Look For In Wet Puppy Food

When choosing a wet food for your puppy, make sure it has all the nutrients your puppy needs. TheAssociation of American Feed Control Officials sets standards for the amount of certain nutrients required to be in dog foods.

You must ensure that the dog food is AAFCO approved, Dr. Smith said. You can look at the nutritional adequacy statement on the label of any dog food you are purchasing, and if the phrase complete and balanced appears, then the food has met the AAFCO’s nutritional profile regulations.

For wet food, the percentages wont be exactly the same as the AAFCO requirements because wet food has a higher moisture content, so you have to do some math to figure out how it compares to dry food.

To find the nutrient levels in wet food, divide the percentage of the nutrient , such as crude fat, by the percentage of dry matter , and multiply that number by 100. That number should be in the range of the AAFCO guidelines. But if the foods label says the diet is complete and balanced, it should be good to feed your puppy.

Make sure the food is made with real ingredients, such as lamb, beef and corn. The first ingredient in wet food will usually be water since it needs moisture, but the next ingredient after water should ideally be a source of protein.

Dr. Smith also recommends choosing food thats not grain free. Grain-free diets that are not prescription may be associated with heart disease if given over long periods of time.

Working Towards A Sustainable Future

Royal Canin Prescription Urinary SO Dog Food

Our belief that pets make our world better inspires and gives life to our purpose of making a better A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS


Water sufficient for processing, chicken by-products, chicken, pork by-products, chicken liver, salmon, corn meal, brewers rice flour, powdered cellulose, brewers rice, dried plain beet pulp, pork plasma, guar gum, vegetable oil, potassium chloride, sodium tripolyphosphate, carrageenan, natural flavors, taurine, tricalcium phosphate, vitamins , DL-methionine, fish oil, cysteine, glycine, sodium silico aluminate, trace minerals , choline chloride, marigold extract .

Calorie Content

This diet contains 1084 kcal ME/kg 417 kcal ME/can on an as fed basis .

Guaranteed Analysis
Age of Puppy in Months

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Did You Make This Recipe

Tag on Instagram and hashtag it #thismessisours

How to make our original Homemade Dog Food recipe

Its a fact, feeding your pup a diet of 100% human grade dog food is easy, cost effective, and WAY better for them than a traditional doggie diet of processed kibble! My easy homemade dog food recipe combines lean ground beef, wholesome brown rice, fresh vegetables, hard boiled eggs, and tender herbs for a healthy, vibrant alternative to traditional dog food that has given our 11 year old dog a new lease on life!

Pumpkin and Yogurt Bowl for Dogs recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for all of us, even our dogs! Get your dogs day off to a great start with a healthy dose of protein, vitamins, and minerals by feeding him/her a delicious Pumpkin and Yogurt Bowl for Dogs. These yogurt bowls are filled with good for your dog ingredients like fat free Greek yogurt, 100% pure pumpkin puree, plant based vitamin and mineral powder, and my Homemade Dog Food Seasoning which is a blend of 5 herbs that have extraordinary health benefits for your dog!

Homemade Dog Food Seasoning Blend recipe

Best For German Shepherds: Royal Canin German Shepherd Puppy Dry Dog Food

German Shepherd puppies are intelligent, active, and alert as they grow into protective and faithful companions. Little wonder why this is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States.

This dog breed, also known as Alsatian, requires the right diet to strengthen their immune systems and help them grow into their best selves.

This product is made exclusively for purebred German Shepherd puppies aged 8 weeks to 15 months. It contains fibers, highly digestible proteins, antioxidants, and vitamin E to build natural defenses and improve digestive health.

With a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin, your German Shepherd puppy is sure to develop strong bones and joints. The texture and size of the kibble are ideal for the puppys teeth and mouth.

There are many great ingredients in this specific formula, however, one thing to look out for is chicken by-product. This is what is left of the chicken after the prime cuts have been removed. The same goes for corn, soy, wheat gluten, and other grains. These have been known to cause allergies in some dogs and have little nutritional value.

A couple started feeding this to their 3-month-old German Shepherd puppy. Hes now six months old, and theyre comforted that their beloved GSD is developing into a healthy, thick dog.

  • Designed for growing GSD puppies
  • Improves digestive issues and helps with overall development
  • Contains essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus
  • Easy to absorb

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How Much Food Do You Feed A Puppy

If you are trying to figure out how much food to give your puppy, this article should be helpful.

Feeding your puppy too much food can cause serious health problems. In addition, it may cause undesirable behavior such as obesity.

As a puppy grows and develops, he or she will lose different amount of weight as well as gain some.

At this point, it is necessary to know how much to feed him or her based on his or her age and size. Therefore, it is important to learn the appropriate amount of food for your puppy.

When it comes to feeding small puppies, the appropriate amount varies depending on their age.

It depends on the breed of the puppy as well. For example, older puppies should eat approximately one-third of their adult size.

Puppies who are older, have already outgrown their ability toproduce milk, and have developed a weight that cannot be tolerated by adultdogs should not be fed more than two-thirds of their adult size.

Young puppies are no different than adults when it comes to determining how much food to feed small puppies. They also need to be fed one-third of their adult size.

The only difference is the time period that they need to develop before they will be able to stand and walk on their own.

There are certain breeds of dogs which are said to be more prone to developing obesity than others. It is important to remember the amount of food to feed your puppy so that it is proportional to its size.

Canned Dog Food Treats For Dogs With Special Diets

Royal Canin Mini Puppy Wet Food 12 x 85g

If your dog cant have anything but her prescription food, heres your Haily Mary pass! Simply dice up a can of prescription food into bite-size pieces and pop them in the dehydrator until you get your preferred texturechewy or crunchy.

No dehydrator? Use your oven at the lowest temperature for a similar result.

Pro tip: a food dehydrator is great for making healthy homemade jerky and dried fruits and veggies for you AND your dog. You can get one for these days.

  • Kiki Kane
  • 1 can dog food of your choice
  • 2 eggs

If your dog cant enjoy eggs, heres how to make a flax substitute.

To replace one egg, combine 1 tablespoon ground flax seed with 2 tablespoons of warm water and let it set a few minutes until thickened.

Need to adjust the consistency? You can add a little oat flour to thicken or water to thin your mixture.

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Royal Canin Puppy Food Feeding Chart

Any parent worth their salt will tell you that Royal Canin puppy food is a great choice for your pup.

There are many benefits to feeding this brand of food to your dog.

This table shows the Royal Canin feeding chart for your Puppy according to age:

Puppy Age
347 g 370 g

Read on to learn more about Royal Canin puppy food and why somany dog owners love using this food as their puppys primary source ofnutrition.

One benefit of Royal Canin puppy food is that its a good choice for growing puppies. Most puppies have a hard time getting their teeth to grow in properly until they are a little older.

Many of the best puppy food brands contain a special formula tohelp encourage the growth of your puppys teeth, making them stronger andsturdier.

Your puppy will also benefit from the vitamins and mineralscontained in this food. When a puppy is young, their immune system is at itslowest. This will prevent the need for the young dog to be vaccinated in orderto keep him or her healthy.

Royal Canin puppy food is also a very tasty treat for your pup.Your pet will love the large, round pieces of beef with the crunchy exterior,the tasty vegetables, and the sweet flavor of the meat.

You can easily control how much your puppy eats because it comesin small containers and you can put in extra portions when you get hungry.

Although this food contains many quality ingredients, it isimportant that you provide your dog with the proper care and attention.

Should I Feed My Puppy Wet Or Dry Food

The kind of food you feed your puppy depends on your preference, but there are some upsides to wet food .

Wet food may be more filling due to water content, and it may be more aromatic, which may entice a pickier pet to eat, Dr. Smith said.

Wet food can be a good transition for puppies who have just recently been weaned from their mothers milk since theyre not used to solid food yet. Puppies also still have their baby teeth or are just starting their teething phase, so wet food can be a good choice because its softer than kibble and wont hurt their sensitive teeth and gums.

But while wet food can get your puppy interested in his food, it can also make some dogs even pickier. Giving too many options may also lead to picky pet syndrome, where the patient is given too much food and thus only picks the type and amount that they like the best, leaving behind the rest, Dr. Smith said.

Wet food can also lead to overfeeding in some cases since its harder to tell exactly how much youre serving to your dog. I like to promote dry food unless there is a medical need, as it is easier to not overfeed, Dr. Smith said. However, I am usually not so worried about overfeeding in growing puppies, so wet or dry or mixing is just fine.

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