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Who Makes Taste Of The Wild Dog Food

Top 10 List Of Bad Dog Foods

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review
Worst wet food
Worst dry food for adults IAMS Protective Health
IAMS Protective Health Smart Puppy
Also Avoid
One of the worst dog foods Gravy Train
Not healthy for your pup Pedigree
  • Wrapping It pUp
  • We structured the following list of dog food brands to avoid this year in a way that will make it easy for you to make a more informed shopping decision.

    You will have a better understanding of why it is critical to seek out the better option for your pup by first emphasizing the bad dog food and then reading about healthy dog food brands to choose from.

    Taste Of The Wild Recall

    There has been one record of a Taste of the Wild recall. It happened several years ago in May of 2012, to be exact. Thousands of dry dog and cat food products were recalled from the shelves after an untold number of pets became ill from salmonella.

    It wasnt just Taste of the Wild that was affected. There were multiple brands involved, all of which were manufactured in one of Diamond Pet Foodss facilities.

    In 2019, Taste of the Wild was tagged by the FDA as one of 16 brands producing food that may be linked to heart disease leading to heart failure in pets.

    However, the investigation is still ongoing, and again to be fair, there are only a small number of cases involved against 29 million of Taste of the Wild food bags sold for the previous 2 years .

    Further, a statement made by VIN News Service says that, the FDA cannot say with certainty that diet is the culprit.

    We have to be clear that as of this writing in 2021, no recalls have been issued again since 2012.

    American Journey Healthy Weight Chicken & Brown Rice Protein First Recipe Dry Food

    Most Affordable Weight Loss Dog Food: Not all high-quality dog foods cost a fortune. This American Journey Healthy Weight Chicken & Brown Rice Protein First Recipe Dry Food is an affordable option from the Chewy in-house brand. Not only is this recipe formulated for weight control, but it features real chicken as the first ingredient and a lean source of high-quality protein. This formula contains just over 300 calories per cup and provides 25% protein with just 9% fat. It contains brown rice as a digestible source of carbohydrates with peas and barley for support. It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, plus plenty of supplemental fiber to support your dogs healthy digestion. It contains fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources of key nutrients with vitamin supplements and chelated minerals to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for your dog.

    • Pros: Low in calories and fat, real chicken as main ingredient, digestible carbohydrates, rich in fiber for digestion, fresh fruits and vegetables, blend of omega fatty acids, chelated minerals
    • Cons: Could be higher in protein content, not a grain-free recipe

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    What Do Customers Think Of Taste Of The Wild Dog Food

    Many Taste of the Wild customers are happy with Taste of the Wild.

    All reviews are from

    Finicky Eater LOVES High Prairie

    My 4 year old Shetland sheepdog, Cody is very picky about his food. Weve tried every brand under the sun. I couldnt believe my eyes the first time I gave him Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. He gobbled down the whole bowl in minutes!! Plus, Ive noticed his coat is so much shinnier and soft on this food. I dont know what they put in this stuff, but I hope they never stop!

    But not everyone likes it.

    My dog HATES this food

    I was using this brand when my dog was under a year old and I feel like theres a few issues as to why my chihuahua mixed breed refused to eat this: they dont offer small-bite size as an option it didnt smell appealing. She literally would never ever eat whenever I tried. I had to completely give the huge bag of food away because she wouldnt go near her bowl.

    Great Quality

    My little guy has been eating Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream dry food for a few years. He recently injured his back and I wanted to help him and treat him at the same time. He gobbles this up mixed with his dry. Great quality dog food my vet recommended it for him.

    Recommended by vet

    Big rectangular cubes in gravy. One dog loved it and one dog wouldnt eat it Both dogs like Purina Pro plan which vet also recommended so will go back to that. Purina is also less expensive.

    Yes to grains !

    Good for your dog

    Ingredients For Better Health

    Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review (Dry)

    The powerful superfood trio of blueberries, raspberries and tomatoes can be found in every delicious recipe, along with their immune-boosting properties.

    TOMATOES and TOMATO POMACE: Help support overall health by providing vitamin C, soluble fiber and rich in concentrated lycopene, a premier antioxidant.

    BLUEBERRIES: Antioxidant-rich superfood that’s full of flavor and loaded with vitamins C and E, healthy carbs, dietary fiber and manganese.

    RASPBERRIES: Delicious berries packed with potassium, manganese, copper, iron and magnesium, and they also provide fiber and antioxidants.

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    Taste Of The Wild Grain Free Real Meat Recipe Premium Wet Canned Stew Dog Food

    Last, but certainly not least on our list of the best Taste of the Wild dog foods is their Grain Free Real Meat Recipe Premium Wet Canned Stew Dog Food. Featuring bison as the first ingredient, which is mixed in with gravy, your pooch will think that you are giving him a dog treat at every meal time instead of a tasty, nutritious, and well balanced meal.

    In addition to bison, this wet dog food formula from Taste of the Wild also features a variety of fruits and vegetables that contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, a range of vitamins and minerals, and various other nutrients that your pup needs to flourish. Its also completely free of grains like corn and wheat, and contains absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Its easy to digest, will promote optimal health, and what your dog will love the most is that it tastes so delicious.

    What We Like About It

    • Features real bison mixed with gravy
    • Contains a range of fruits and vegetables, including blueberries, sweet potatoes, and raspberries
    • Includes amino acids, antioxidants, and several other essential nutrients to promote optimal health
    • Completely free of artificial colors and flavors
    • No preservatives
    • No grain products at all
    • Most pet owners say that their dogs love the taste of this formula

    Reasons to Complain

    • Again, the high price tag of this dog food seems to be the only complaint that customers have

    Pro Pac Performance Puppy

    This recipe is designed for puppies from weaning until the 12th month. Its also billed as an excellent feed for pregnant or nursing canines.

    We dont find anything wrong with the ingredients because it starts with chicken meal, an animal protein. Ground yellow corn as the second ingredient may be a little bit off, but still not bad. Whats more concerning is the recent recall of this product.

    The maker of this recipe is Midwestern Pet Foods, the same manufacturer of Sportsmix, Nunn Better, and Splash Fat Cat.

    The company is currently embroiled in one of the worst pet food recalls to date concerning aflatoxin, a possibly fatal type of toxin that was found in Midwestern Pet Foods Sportsmix products.

    Included in the recall are two Pro Pac recipes. This particular formulation and the Pro Pac Adult Mini Chunk.

    Recall Info: On January 11, 2021, and FDA alert was issued on the Pro Pac Adult Mini Chunk, 40 lb. bags and Pro Pac Performance Puppy, 40 lb. bags manufactured in Midwestern Pet Foodss Oklahoma plant with expiration dates of July 9, 2022 or earlier.

    This is an expanded recall that was issued out of caution since the Pro Pac recipes were produced in the same plant as the Sportsmix foods that have caused the deaths of more than 70 dogs and the illness of around 80 at least.

    Problem Ingredients: none

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    Taste Of The Wild Grain Free Premium Dry Dog Food Pacific Stream

    Next up on our list of the best Taste of the Wild options is their Grain Free Premium Dry Dog Food Pacific Stream. Its so high quality and great tasting that some pet owners have said that it is like a real delicacy in the dog food world. Instead of featuring meat-based proteins, as so many other pet foods do, this formula offers protein that is procured from real salmon. Its not only an excellent source of lean protein, but its also packed with amino acids and other essential nutrients that your pup needs to thrive.

    Other ingredients found in the Pacific Stream formula include a medley of fruits and vegetables that include the likes of sweet potatoes, peas, lentils, blueberries, raspberries, and yucca ingredients that contain a very high nutritional profile. This formula will support your furry best friends overall health by offering him a bevy of nutrients, including vitamin A, a full spectrum of B vitamins, vitamin D, folic acid, and so much more! Pet owners say that they are beyond impressed with the ingredients featured in the Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream dog food, and that they have noticed that it offers outstanding results.

    What We Like About It

    Reasons to Complain

    • Some pet parents complained about the price tag
    • Others said that they werent fond of the smell

    Verdict: Is Taste Of The Wild A Good Dog Food Brand

    Costco Brand vs Taste of the Wild dog food mashup

    One of the main draws of the brand is its use of novel proteins. Now, if youre a pet owner with a dog who has food sensitivities, a recipe using novel protein is one of the best ways to reduce allergic reactions.

    The theory is that since these arent common, your dog likely wont have previous exposure to them, and it probably wont trigger an allergic reaction in him.

    If youre not concerned about food sensitivities, but instead on the foods quality, well still give the brand two thumbs up. The first ingredient in any of their recipes is always good-quality animal protein, and there are lots of varieties and flavors to choose from for a dog whose palate is tired of the usual dog food fare.

    Not only with flavors, theres also a wide range of choices when it comes to feeding your dog. You can select from wet and dry. If dry kibbles is your choice, you can also pick from recipes with grains and without or from a recipe with limited ingredients. There are meals designed for little puppies, all life stages, and small breeds.

    Now if we will base our review on protein content, the brand is doing better than most with a protein content of up to 32% in their dry kibbles. Its no slouch when it comes to vitamins or mineral content because it uses whole superfoods in its various blends.

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    Overall Is Taste Of The Wild Dog Food A Good Choice

    From what we see with Taste of the Wilds current formulas, it looks like they are responding to concerns about their grain free foods and reducing the amount of peas in their .

    This seems to be true for both their regular grain free kibbles and their canned foods. Their new ancient grain formulas look very good if you are interested in trying them.

    We do have some concerns about their limited ingredient diets since they rely heavily on four basic ingredients . Those foods look like they contain large amounts of lentils which, like peas, have been linked to the DCM problem.

    Overall, if you are a fan of Taste of the Wild their updated formulas look good and so do their ancient grain formulas.

    If you are thinking of trying this brand for the first time, we recommend the ancient grain kibbles.

    Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Recall History

    Taste of the Wild was part of the Diamond Pet Food recall of 2012. This was a voluntary recall resulting from the potential contamination from Salmonella bacteria. A class action lawsuit was settled in 2014, providing monetary compensation for animals that became ill or died due to the contamination. You can read more about the lawsuit on Top Class Actions.

    There have been no recalls of Taste of the Wild since 2012. To date, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that one food recall is more likely to lead to another.

    Unfortunately, recalls are a natural byproduct of the food manufacturing and distribution system. Diamond Pet Food, like most high-quality dog-food manufacturers did what they could to remedy the problem, and has had a great recall track record since 2012. We will update this post if additional recalls occur.

    If you would like to learn more about pet food recalls, you can visit Dog Food Advisor or for a complete list. You can also subscribe to Dog Food Advisors mailing list to get recall information via email.

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    Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Vs Taste Of The Wild Cat Food

    Dry Cat Food

    Crude Protein Comparison For Cat Food

    Protein is an extremely important part of your cat’s diet. Without sufficient protein, cats can develop a wide-range of serious health problems.

    Taste of the Wild dry recipes contain 5.74% less protein than Purina Pro Plan dry recipes. This difference in protein content is a notable difference between Purina Pro Plan and Taste of the Wild. In addition, Purina Pro Plan wet cat foods also provide more protein than Taste of the Wild wet foods.

    Crude Fat Comparison For Cat Food

    There are many ways in which dietary fat contributes to the overall health of our feline friends. Here is a short list of benefits provided by fats :

    • Aid in the digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
    • Improve the health of skin/coat
    • Slow the growth of yeast infections
    • Slow the development and spread of certain type of cancers.
    • Maintain healthy blood pressure

    There is a relatively insignificant difference between the crude fat content of the two brands. With regards to wet cat food, Purina Pro Plan and Taste of the Wild also provide roughly the same amount of crude fat.

    Health Vs Taste Of The Wild

    Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine FormulaLONG DOG FAT CAT

    On the other side of the coin, natural dog food is expensive. Hence, some owners dismiss it as just a marketing gimmick designed to milk us for our hard-earned cash.

    Today, well delve into two natural dog food brands, 4Health vs. Taste of the Wild. In the end, you get to decide if a premium dog food is the right choice for your best friend.

    This dog food is part of 4Health’s original line, made with real salmon and potato.


    • Real salmon is the #1 ingredient
    • No corn, soy, or wheat
    • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health
    • Features probiotics that are specific to your dog for excellent digestive health

    What We Like

    We like that this feed uses real, protein-packed salmon. It’s a great alternative to traditional meat like chicken, especially if your dog is allergic to it. The added omega fatty acids lead to fabulous-looking fur and coat.

    We tried switching to this brand after one of our Lab Retrievers started having digestion problems. Initially, the price was our primary concern, but we were glad to find that it was better than her previous feed! She took to it immediately, and even the quality of her poop improved.

    What We Dont Like

    About the only bad thing we can say about this is availability. It’s harder to find than most, and pet stores that have it sell out quickly.


    This beef and potato recipe is a grain-free variant of the 4Health original. It is perfect for dogs with sensitivity to grains like corn and rice.

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    Avoid Fillers And Questionable Proteins

    Keep an eye out for common dog food tricks, like calling attention to a handful of healthy ingredients while ignoring the other filler ingredients. You also want to make sure your dogs protein comes from real meat sources, and preferably from a meat meal. Keep an eye out for substandard proteins, like Pea Protein.

    Kibbles N Bits Homestyle Grilled Beef & Vegetable

    At first glance, this recipe looks alright. Its promoted as having a culinary-inspired formula and is supposed to be loaded with proteins.

    The texture crunchy kibbles with soft, meaty bits is also something that would definitely interest a pup. However, if you look closely at the label, youll see that the food is made up of low-quality ingredients.

    Its not meat-based. Although its billed as a beef and vegetable recipe, the vegetables come first and there are more of them than necessary.

    In fact, the main ingredients of the meal are corn and grains. The meat doesnt come in until the third slot. and its the only meat within the first eight ingredients of the recipe .

    We dont usually have a problem with corn or grains, but this many? And its not only that. Theres corn syrup in the food. While corn syrup is not a dangerous ingredient, it has a high sugar content.

    Its not necessary in dog food, and manufacturers only add it to enhance the flavor. If your pup is already struggling with obesity, then this sugar product makes the problem worse.

    Lastly, were not a fan of artificial colors, and this food has plenty of it. Dogs arent tempted by colored foods, so the artificial hues are really intended to attract pet owners.

    Recall Info: No food recall for this specific recipe although Kibbles n Bits has been involved in a recall for its canned foods back in 2018.

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