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Is Cat Food Healthy For Dogs

What If My Dog Accidentally Eats Cat Food

Weruva Healthy Dog And Cat Food

If your dog accidentally eats cat food, theres no need to be concerned right away. Cat food is not toxic to dogs and might cause a GI upset , which should quickly resolve on its own. However, if diarrhea or vomiting persists for more than 24 hours, you should get in touch with your vet.

If your canine companion eats a very big amount of cat food, they might become bloated. If your dogs abdomen is hard and theyre retching without vomit, contact your vet right away.

Pro Tip: Stay on the safe side by signing your furry friend up for a pet insurance plan. If something unexpected happens, you can rest assured that your doggy is protected.

How To Handle Feeding Time

Weve established that a dog shouldnt eat cat food, and a cat shouldnt eat dog food, but in a busy, multi-pet household, how the heck can you keep them apart?

Separate feeding areas are a start. In my house, I feed the cats on a tall, sturdy cat tree where the dogs cant reach. Raised surfaces are ideal for cat feeding, but if your cat is older or has mobility issues, instead of moving their food up, just move it to a closed-off area in your home. Heres a list of DIY cat feeding station ideas;to get you started:

Just make sure your cat-feeding surface is secure in case your dog tests the limits. You dont want a broken door, or a bookshelf toppling over on top of your eager pup!

As for keeping the cat out of the dog bowl, closed doors are the cheapest and easiest solution. Simply feed your dog in a separate room, and dont open the door until all the food is gone! If you dont have extra doors to close, a raised dog feeder can help keep your cat from getting into the bowl. You can also try hand-feeding your dog , or simply feed both species at the same time so they stay busy with their own food.

Does Dry Pet Food Clean Your Dog’s And Cat’s Teeth

This one is very common, even among some veterinarians, but it is most definitely not true. Dogs and cats have very pointed teeth; even their molars are sharp edged, not flat. These teeth are designed to bite, tear, and chew raw meat, so when a dog or cat eats kibble, they either swallow it whole or shatter it.

Kibble does not scrape down onto the lower parts of the teeth or near the gums, which is where dental problems start. In fact, kibble can contribute to dental problems when the shattered bits lodge between the teeth, promoting bacterial growth. Just like with your diet, carbohydrate food debris breaks down into sugar, which dental bacteria feeds upon.

However, kibble isn’t going to help. Healthy teeth start with a natural diet, healthy chews, and regular brushing.

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But What Ifyou Don’t Know How To Cook

In case, you are no kitchen genie, fret not! We recommend to you Nom Nom.

Nom Nom is a meal delivery service for your beloved pets. The company provides care-grade or restaurant-quality meals for your pets, which means that each dish they serve is made with quality, fresh, wholesome ingredients that is fit for your cat’s caloric needs.

The company is committed to deliver the best nutrition possible for your four-legged companion. They offer made-to-order recipes that is formulated by a board certified vetirinary nutritionist in the US, Dr. Justin Shmalberg. All meals have no fillers, by products or any artificial preservatives plus don’t forget their door to door delivery service.

All recipes are complete, balanced and meet AAFCO & USFDA standards. These certificates are actually not needed if you want to sell pet food in the US- but it is nice to know that the company is willing to go the extra mile just to ensure that their meals are nutritious and safe.

The company started their cat food line last May 2018, and their marketing manager stated that their cat food recipes are created to combat specific health problems in cats such as kidney disease. This is actually great news to pet parents!


Iscat Food Bad For Dogs


Now that you understand the essentialdifferences of dog food and cat food, its clear that theres no acute dangerwhen dogs ingest cat food. However, its still a habit that youd want to nipin the bud. Aside from allergies and an upset stomach, inappropriate feedingcan cause some health issues like:

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Can Dogs Eat Dry Cat Food 2 Animals

There are a couple of reasons why dogs end up eating cat food — maybe your dog likes the taste of it, or perhaps you run out of dog food . Whatever the reason, you’re wondering, can dogs eat dry cat food? You shrug at the idea and let him have it. It’s all the same – right?

Wrong. Although, the scent and texture of dog and cat food may appear similar they’re not nutritiously the same.

What Is Fresh Pet Food Exactly

Fresh pet food brands like Freshpetfound in the fridge in your local pet storehelped commercialize fresh options for pet owners. Today, there are dozens of brands out there, and many are available as subscription services that function the same way: You create a dog profile, complete a questionnaire, customize your delivery frequency, and voilà! Next thing you know, freshly made pet food arrives at your door packed in dry ice.

In my research, I found more than a dozen companies that market fresh pet food diets for cats and dogs, and their cooking methodologies, ingredients, and storage recommendations vary widely. According to Bullen, the term fresh pet food doesnt really have a specific definitionit just refers to pet food thats made with fewer or no preservatives. It could be made at home with boiled chicken and cooked plain rice, or it could be produced with recognizable ingredients in a facility, packaged without preservatives, and then frozen. For the brands we list here, we researched those that offer food thats commercially produced and thoroughly cooked at a low temperature, and that contain some combination of meats, grains, fruits, and vegetablesit tends to look like you took a humans Thanksgiving dinner plate and mixed it all together.

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Is Wet Or Dry Cat Food Worse For Dogs

While dogs will eat almost anything if the situation presents itself, their digestive system is as habitual as ours. If a dog eats wet or dry cat food for the first time, theres always the risk of digestive upset, either in the form of vomit or diarrhea. Whether its cat food or dog food, dry kibble tends to have a higher concentration of carbohydrates. The tendency for people to feed their pets dry food exclusively is one of the main reasons why so many dogs and cats are overweight. Neither wet nor dry cat food, if they consume it once, or only occasionally, poses any inherent danger;for dogs. Should it become habitual, dry cat food is much worse for a dogs overall health and functioning.

Arachidonic Acid Must Be Present In Cat Foods

Company background on why Freshpet started making fresh, healthy food for dogs and cats

Cats cant make arachidonic acid, a long-chain omega-6 fatty acid that plays important roles in cell membranes, cell signaling and inflammation. Consequently, cats must get arachidonic acid from their food.

Dogs, along with other omnivores and herbivores , can make arachidonic acid from linoleic acid, another omega-6 fatty acid.

Animal tissues, but not plants, contain abundant amounts of arachidonic acid. The cats requirement for this long-chain fatty acid is yet one more reason why cat food needs to be made with animal-based ingredients.

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We Looked For Foods That Kept Plant Protein To A Minimum

While its unclear exactly where each source of plant protein lies on the digestibility spectrum, we do know that protein from peas, potatoes, and other plants is less efficient than that from animal ingredients. While a single prey animal offers all the amino acids a cat needs, plant ingredients need to be combined with animal protein and synthetic additives to recreate that mix of amino acids.

Furthermore, many cat guardians report that their cats have less waste when theyre eating a diet composed primarily of animal-sourced protein.

Fancy Feast Classic Broths

The Classic line of Fancy Feasts Broths Collection features a silken broth that allows pure meaty goodness to come to the fore of every bite and lick.

This particular variety offers cats and kittens a taste of the sea in this yummy blend of three flavorful seafood.


  • Real fish broth, tuna, shrimp, and whitefish as the first few ingredients
  • Has a variety of seafood flavors for discerning feline palates
  • Perfectly complements any well-balanced meal
  • Packed with ample protein and vitamins
  • Contains less than 1% carbohydrates


  • The price can be expensive for a small pouch of meal supplement

Also available in Wild Salmon and Vegetables, Tuna, Anchovies & Whitefish, and Tuna & Vegetables flavors.

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Can Dogs Eat Cat Food Once Or An Emergency

In an emergency where dog food is not available, you may be wondering if it is safe to give your dog a little bit of cat food instead. The occasional use of cat food is not toxic to dogs, but as previously mentioned, it is not ideal. As with any abrupt change in diet, you should expect some mild stomach upset. A better alternative in these situations is to feed a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice.;

Another common scenario where owners consider using cat food is when their dog is not interested in the dog food. Since dogs usually find cat food appetizing, some owners will try to mix a little cat food in with dog food. Although this poses less of a health risk than feeding only cat food, it is still not recommended. Nutritional imbalances can still occur with the mixing of food. Some dogs are just picky eaters, but a poor appetite can indicate that your dog has an underlying health condition. If you notice your dogs appetite has changed, get them checked out by your veterinarian and discuss your concerns before making any major changes to your pets diet.

Lemons And Limes: Cant Eat

Healthy meals for your dog â learn how to cook dog food ...

Lemons and limes can be toxic to your dog.

This is because the skins of lemons and limes contain a substance called psoralen, which can cause dogs to have gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea .

If very large amounts of psoralen are consumed by dogs, more severe symptoms, such as muscle tremors, difficulty walking, liver failure and death, can result.

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Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

If youre looking for the healthiest cat food for indoor cats, consider this Nutro Wholesome Essentials Indoor Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. This cat food features farm-raised chicken as the primary source of protein with digestible brown rice for carbohydrate energy and fiber. This recipe is packed with nutrients and flavor, optimized to help your indoor cat maintain a healthy body weight and avoid hairballs. It contains no artificial additives but is supplemented with chelated minerals and probiotics.

  • Pros: Optimized for indoor cats, farm-raised chicken as first ingredient, supplemented for balanced nutrition, helps maintain lean muscle mass, reduced hairballs
  • Cons: May be too high in fiber for some cats, not a grain-free recipe

The Difference Between Dog And Cat Food

At a first glimpse, dog and cat food appear strikingly similar. They are both dry kibble that come in similar shapes and looks. They come in bags and they may even have a similar smell. But they are quite different when it comes to ingredients.

Cats are obligate carnivores and as such, their diets are very rich in protein. Sharon Crowell-Davis, DVM, DACVB and professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia, suggests that it’s this high protein content that has a major impact on flavor.

The fact Rover loves Fluffy’s food is a no-brainer, but the real question is: Will eating cat food harm my dog in the long term? Below, we will take a look at the health implications and side effects of eating cat food as a habit.

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Grain Free Cat Food: What You Need To Know


Visit any grocery store aisle and you are certain to find more and more shoppers scanning labels to make sure their food is “free” of one thing or another: gluten free, fat free, sugar free the list grows longer each day. Now, these preferences have extended beyond the dinner table and into the food bowl, as some pet parents strive to make similar food choices for their beloved four-legged family members.;

Its no wonder that the pet food market has reacted in kind, with an array of grain-free cat food options appearing within the recent years. But is grain-free food for cats the right option for your favorite kitty? Contrary to what can be found on the internet , grains can actually be good for your cat. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about grain-free cat food and whether you should consider for your own pet.

Read Refund Policy Of Dog Cat Food And Water Products


A recent survey by ABC Company has found that over 90% of customers are not happy with the after-sales protection they receive. The study also found that in some cases, customer service representatives were rude to customers when asked about their complaints. If youre unhappy with your companys service, here are two things you can do:

1) Check online reviews before buying a product

2) Make sure to ask for a refund if something goes wrong.

In order to have a successful business, it is vital that the seller keep customers happy. After-sales protection as an important step in providing customer satisfaction. Well examine the benefits of having good after sales protection and how it can provide value to us.

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The Root Of The Behavior

Just like dogs, cats are carnivores. Both cats and dogs have sharp front teeth built for tearing meat, but dogs also have teeth in the back of their mouths built for grinding up bones and even some plants. But that means that cat food is designed with more meat, which is essential to the feline diet. Cats also need taurine, an essential amino acid, and vitamin A to survive and be healthy. Dogs bodies produce taurine naturally, so it isnt present in their kibble. Cats need to eat it daily. They also need more vitamins and minerals in their food than dogs do. Regular deficiency in those vitamins and minerals can lead to a variety of other health issues, from skin and energy to gastrointestinal disorders and even seizures. If your cat eats dog food, it wont hurt if they sneak a bite on occasion, but they shouldnt be allowed to eat only dog food.;

Is Fancy Feast Dry Food Good For Cats

In our opinion, Fancy Feast dry foods are not good for cats because it contains a lot of bad ingredients, including meat by-products, fillers, corn, gluten, soybean meal, and artificial flavors.

Sure, eating fancy feast is relatively affordable. But it’s important to remember that if a kitty doesn’t get the right nutrients she needs or is exposed to foods that could trigger allergies, food sensitivities, and other health problems, then as a pet parent you may end up spending more in vet bills.

The Gourmet Natural variety is much better than the non-natural variant, but it still contains some grain ingredients.; However, its not all bad for the brands dry foods. Each of these contains enough vitamins and minerals to provide your cats daily needs for an active and healthy lifestyle. Theyre also quite cheap, so a little goes a long way.

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Q: Do You Have Any Tips For Keeping My Dog Out Of My Cat’s Food And Vice Versa

Dr. Leslie: Cat food is very tasty to dogs. They can be obsessed trying to get into Fluffy’s bowl. A “creep feeder” is a feeder that the cat can get into, but the hole is too small for the dog. This is one way to keep Fido from Fluffy’s food.

While you’re keeping your pets’ food separated, treat them to their own special snacks, too. Try;Meow Mix® Irresistibles®;for your cat.

Zoe” by Paul L Dineen via Flickr. License info. “Best Friends” by Lottie via Flickr. License info.

Ask Your Vet About Your Dogs Nutritional Needs

Affordable Healthy Dry Dog Food

So how good or bad cat food is for your dogs health really depends on your dog.

For most healthy adult dogs, this means you no longer need to worry about your dog partaking in the occasional kitty treat.

However, if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to your veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist for advice as to whether commercial cat food, in any amount, may be right for your dog.

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Construct A Feeding Chamber For Your Cat

If you are the DIY type, you can make your cat a secure feeding chamber that allows him to eat in peace and prevents your dog from stealing his food.

You can make such a feeding chamber in several different ways, but the simplest way is to just purchase a large plastic storage box and cut a door in the side that is big enough for your cat, yet too small for your dog. Serve up dinner inside the container and voila! Canine-free cat food consumption.

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