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How To Get Puppy To Eat Dog Food

Changing Your Puppies Food

How to Get Your Dog to Eat Their Food With Dog Food Toppers | Chewy

When your puppy approaches the food you put out but then seems uninterested, he may not find the food appealing.

Chances are, your puppy wont eat because he is used to a specific type of dog food that he was fed in his previous home or shelter.

Your dog might be a picky eater and needs his old formula that he is used to. Try calling the previous owner, shelter, or breeder and ask them what type of food he was given.

Was he given mostly dry food or wet food? You may also want to inquire about his feeding schedule. Was he given free access to food all day or was he fed at specific times?

Avoiding disruptions in his feeding may help him adjust to his new home quicker.

Puppy Isnt Eating When To Be Concerned

Is your puppy is losing weight?

Dr. Aycock-Williams advises that if your puppys ribs and vertebrae are more prominent than before and your puppy is not growing like he or she should be, then its time to consult your veterinarian. She explains that there are medications, which your veterinarian can prescribe, to stimulate the appetite.

Other signs to watch for include:

  • Lethargy
  • Regurgitation
  • Vomiting

These could be signs of a health problem. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to diagnose the cause and get your puppy well.

Who Could Blame A Dog For Not Wanting To Eat Rotten Food

What You Can Do

It is imperative that you get your dog back to eating his regular food before health problems arise. The more you let him get away with eating only treats, the more he wont want to go back to his regularly scheduled kibble.

Luckily, there exist quite a few solutions to your problem that you can and should try!

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How To Keep Your Dog Feeling Full After Meals

Dogs are food motivated animals. If youre like most dog owners, youve trained your dog to eat at certain times throughout the day. In fact, setting an eating routine for your dog is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your dog stays, healthy, well fed, and well trained.

Dogs on meal routines know exactly when their next meal is coming, and usually consume their food bowls within minutes. A hearty appetite is a good sign that your dog is healthy. But, what do you do when your dogs appetite is too hearty?Almost every dog owner has dealt with an over eager, voracious, and begging dog before. Sometimes your dogs begging can make you feel like youre failing as a dog owner by not feeding him enough.

Judging your dogs actual level of fullness can be difficult. Especially since, in an evolutionary sense, dogs are considered scavengers. When given the opportunity, a lot of dogs dont know when to stop eating and would eat an entire Costco sized bag of dog food, if given the chance. This can be dangerous for pet owners that leave their pets food bowl restocked at all hours of the day.Dogs will beg for food when theyre not hungry for a number of reasons. Just think about humans, we eat for many reasons besides sustenance. We eat for community, and sometimes when were feeling lonely and stressed.

Read The Instructions On Any Medication

How to Get Your Picky Dog To Eat Dry Food (Using Peanut ...

Some medications can reduce a dogs appetite. If your dog is on antibiotics or on any other medication, this may be the culprit. Make sure you carefully read all instructions and then wait at least fifteen minutes before offering your dog food. By waiting, youll ensure that the medicine has hit your dogs stomach and coated it fully before any food arrives.

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Sneaky Tricks To Help Your Dog Love Raw Food

Raw food is the best choice for your dogs health and longevity.

But sometimes making the switch isnt as easy as youd hoped.

So youve read all about the benefits of raw feeding. And youve had that light bulb moment.

You understand that heavily processed, starch and fillerladen foods are bad for your dog.

Mother Nature knows best and youre ready to get started!

Digestive Upset Or Obstruction

Puppies are notorious for eating things they shouldnt, and unfortunately, many puppy owners intentionally give their dogs snacks and treats that they shouldnt. Some snacks and treats, whether stolen by your puppy or given freely by you, can cause digestive upset as well as obesity and begging later in life. They may even cause your puppy to reject the healthier and balanced dog foods they should be eating!

You can greatly decrease the chance of your pup sneaking their own treats by puppy-proofing your home and teaching them not to counter surf. And even if neither of you is doing anything naughty, some puppy foods can just be too rich for some dogs, and every puppy will handle certain foods differently.;

If your pup is having diarrhea for more than 12 hours, they are at risk for dehydration. The risk for dehydration increases if your puppy is also vomiting.

It is time to seek medical attention if:

  • Diarrhea continues past 12 hours sooner if your puppy is also vomiting
  • There is blood in their diarrhea or vomit
  • Your puppys gums are whitish or gray
  • Your puppy is lethargic or weak
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    Increase Their Feeding Times

    Instead of feeding your puppy just two times a day, try expanding it to four feedings a day. Sometimes having the food more available can help encourage your puppy to eat their food. In order to keep portions under control, only give your puppy a half portion during all four feeding times. Once your puppy has gotten in the habit of eating their dry dog food, you can switch it back to two feedings a day.

    Cooling Gear To Help Your Dog Sweat

    How to get a dog to eat dry dog food

    As mentioned earlier, our four-legged buddies dont sweat through their skin like us. Instead, they predominantly cool themselves through their respiratory system this is why dogs pant when they’re hot. The jackets below can help to keep dogs cooler in warmer weather by mimicking sweating across the dog’s body. As the water from the coat evaporates, it helps to move heat from the dogs body to the environment.

    These vests are not fail-proof nor a replacement for the careful and cautious exercise of dogs on warm/hot days, but can be a nice aid when walking or hiking with dogs on warmer days . Both Hurrtaand;Ruffwear are good companies making great dog products their two cooling jackets work similarly. Or, if you already use Ruffwear, they offer a Core Cooler Vest that attaches to all of their harnesses or packs.

    These types of cooling vests will be less effective on humid days, as evaporation diminishes on days where theres already a lot of moisture already in the air.;

    Available at:

    Available at:

    Available at:

    Cooling collars or bandanas like this can help a little, as does wetting your dog’s fur with cool water every once in a while. This type of bandana may not work as well on a dog with a thick coat of fur around their neck.

    Available at:

    Available at:

    Never allow any pet, most especially those with mobility issues to lay directly on ice or ice packs, as this can lead to ice burns.;

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    Check The Foods Freshness

    First and foremost, check your dogs food date to make sure its not passed its expiration date. Odds are, your dog wont eat dry food if its spoiled, and who could blame him?

    Also, be sure to seal the bag, or use a pet food container so that it isnt exposed to air and humidity. This will keep its taste fresher for a longer period of time.

    Talk To A Vet About Your Dog Not Eating

    The first thing that you should know about your dogâs lack of appetite is that there is the potential it is connected to something more serious than a simple belly upset.

    If you’re concerned about your dog not eating or if it’s accompanied by more serious symptoms, you should speak with a vet immediately. Alternatively, even if there are no other symptoms present, you might find that simply speaking with a vet can help ease any nerves you have surrounding the situation.

    In reality, there are many reasons your dog could be refusing to eat, but you do want to rule out some of the more serious causes. Once you do that, you can begin to figure out what exactly is causing your dogâs appetite to decrease without having to worry that itâs something that will require serious medical attention.

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    Get Food Amounts Right And Exercise Regularly

    If your pet is otherwise healthy, seems in high spirits, and has energy, try adjusting the amount of food that your dog eats in a day. Fully grown dogs, and older dogs need fewer calories than puppies at their peak of growing. Your dog might simply not need the food at the moment.

    If your dog isnt being exposed to regular exercise, getting them active for at least an hour a day via walks or trips to the dog park can stimulate their appetites.

    If youve recently moved into a smaller location that also doesnt provide the yard space that a dog used to have, he or she might also need less food because of their increase in naps and laying around waiting for their next walk.

    Treating Environmental And Behavioral Loss Of Appetite In Dogs

    How To Get Your Dog To Eat Dry Food

    When it comes to behavioral and environmental reasons your dog wont eat, the process can be a little more stressful and time-consuming. Sometimes, you may need to consult a pet behavior expert or a trainer.

    Here are some general tips for getting your dog to eat regularly:

    • Get your pet enough exercise and attention
    • Invest some time and/or money in training
    • Dont punish your dog for not eating, be patient and supportive
    • Only give treats as a reward
    • Avoid giving table scraps

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    Is It Okay For Picky Dogs To Free

    If your dog doesnt seem hungry at mealtimes, you can set the food down and allow her to pick at it throughout the day but there are downsides to this. I had to stop because I have two dogs, so it would be impossible to keep them from stealing one anothers food.

    Free-feeding exposes the food to ants, bacteria, dust, and whatever else might be in your kitchen.

    It also makes it harder to keep your dog on a regular potty schedule.

    You will also have a harder time monitoring your dogs food intake and appetite for changes that can indicate an illness.

    So, while its okay to free-feed if that works best for you, I really do not recommend it. Its better to make your dogs food more tempting so that she eats it within fifteen minutes.

    Some dogs self-regulate their food intake. They may only need one meal per day, or they may prefer smaller portions throughout the day.

    In the past, dog experts made it seem like your dog needed to be a robot eat what their owner wants, when their owner wants them to eat it.

    But there is nothing wrong with creating a meal plan that suits your dogs individual needs. It does not mean that your dog is spoiled, or that you are lowering yourself in some way.

    Dogs do not go off their kibble just to be a diva or to act out they just know whats good for them!

    Blood Tests Dont Lieand Hoochs Numbers Shifted Drastically In Just The First 6 Weeks We Made These Diet And Lifestyle Changes

    He noticeably had more energy, was suffering less from inflammation, was shedding less with a more luxurious coat, and for the first time EVER he had zero bloating! NO GAS for the first time in his entire life! The best news though, was that those stage 4 kidney disease blood levels he had at his yearly checkup had climbed back up to to midrange stage 1 kidney disease blood levels! The extra time and energy invested in making his food and the other small changes we made to his lifestyle have given us more quality time with our beloved Hooch which is more than we could have ever hoped for!

    If youve made our Easy Homemade Dog Food for your pup I would be so grateful if you would;rate the recipe and let me know what you think in the comments below!;I just love hearing from you and your;reviews and comments really help others that visit This Mess is Ours.;Want to be a part of our online community outside of the blog? Its easy!! All you have to do is follow @THISMESSISOURS on , , , , or to see cooking demos, and peeks into our day to day life.

    • Prep Time:30

    790 grams cooked organic brown rice

    700 grams ground lean beef, cooked through, fat drained

    4 hard boiled eggs, peeled and diced small

    207 grams carrots, shredded or thinly sliced

    14 grams minced curly parsley

    22 grams of olive or safflower oil

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    Avoid Dog Diet Dangers

    As for definite dangers, Nelson says: “Big things that come to mind are grapes and raisinsstay as far from these as possible.” Also avoid tomatoes, avocado, and, while a dog-safe peanut butter is fine, “Stay away from the nut category.” Also don’t include anything spicy or seasoned, or garlic or onion since “higher amounts can have toxic properties.”

    And while pepperoni, salami, deli meats, and high-fat or stinky cheeses can be popular for a human charcuterie board, due to their fat and sodium, they’re not good for dogs. “We want to avoid these as much as we possibly can,” Nelson says.

    Dog Not Eating Why Your Dog Isn’t Eating & What You Can Do

    How to get your puppy to eat

    Aly WalanskyAug 06, 2020â23 min read

    Think of your dogâs favorite meal. Maybe itâs chicken, or salmon, or a kibble that they canât resist. When your dog gets a mere whiff of the food, they likely come rushing towards you to get a bite. Therefore, on the rare occasions that your dog is not interested in eating their favorite meal, you have reason to be concerned that something is wrong.

    As a responsible pet owner, it is your job to ensure that your dog is properly cared for. Sometimes this requires a proactive approach, but oftentimes, such as in this one, it requires a more reactive approach.

    In the case that you notice that your dog’s food bowl hasn’t been touched, there are likely several things that are racing through your head. You might be wondering: is my dog okay? Is there something wrong? Are they sick or ill?

    Of course, thatâs understandable. As a pet parent, deeply care about your canineâs health and well-being. Nevertheless, before you panic, there are several steps that you can take to ensure that your dog is safe and well.

    It is also important to keep this fact in mind: just because your dog is not eating like they usually do, doesnât necessarily mean they are in grave danger. Itâs easy to see the loss of appetite and assume your pet is sick, but they could be perfectly fine. Loss of appetite can be something as minor as an upset stomach or something as serious as cancer.

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    Can Pets Be Allergic To Fruit

    While pets dont tend to have food allergies relating to fruit, it is possible. If, after feeding your pet fruit, you notice hives, itchy skin or paws, rashes, etc., be sure to discontinue those fruits and any relatives of that fruit. For example, apples, pears, and apricots are in the Rosaceae family. Be sure to contact your veterinarian in the event of an allergic reaction.

    If your pet has any underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, etc., it is recommended that you consult with their veterinarian before giving them any fruits.

    Tip #3 Water Works Wonders

    Adding water to your dogs food can entice them to eat their dry food.

    First, add the food to their bowls, then grab a cup and fill it with warm water and add it to their dry food.

    Going back to the presentation method used in step one, grab yourself a spoon and stir it around for a bit while your dog watches in anticipation for the exact same food youve been giving them all along. Only this time, its wet.

    For an added boost, put your dogs food in a blender and blend it until it reaches sand or powder-like consistency. While still in the blender, add a cup of warm water to the bowl and blend some more.

    Youll want to do this until the food is consistently similar to that of clam chowder. This method will usually work better for picky dogs.

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    Summer Fur And Coat Care

    Keeping your dog regularly groomed in the summer is important. Keep them clean and free of knots. Matted fur can trap heat. Remember, your dogs coat doesnt just insulate them and keep them warm in the winter, but it can actually help keep them cooler in the summer. Additionally, it helps protect their skin against sunburn.

    What you can do is brush them regularly to help get out any undercoat that theyre blowing from the winter/cooler months . Brushing will help thin out their coat to allow for proper airflow along their skin, but not eliminate their natural sun protection as shaving would. Regular brushing also helps prevent matted fur and tangles.

    Should You Shave Your Dog’s Coat to Keep Them Cool?If your dog has a double coat, do not shave them in an effort to keep them cool during hot weather. This can have the opposite effect! Double-coated breeds such as Huskies, Corgis, Labs, etc., should never be shaved unless directed to do so by a veterinarian.If your dog has a single-layer coat , shaving their coat will not cause damage to their fur like it would a double-coated breed. However, they are more at risk of sunburn with shorter coats.

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