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How To Moisten Dog Food

Weruva Dogs In The Kitchen Funk In The Trunk

Purina Moist and Meaty dog food review and label analysis

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken Broth, Chicken, Pumpkin, Locust Bean Gum, Sunflower Seed Oil

Though they are mostly known for their cat food products, Weruva does offer some dry food and wet food options for dogs as well. This brand produces what they call people food for pets which they manufacture in human food facilities using high-quality ingredients.

Their base proteins include the finest cuts of chicken, beef, and fish such as white breast chicken and whole tuna loins. They also use fresh fruits and vegetables for nutritional balance and healthy supplements as needed.

According to the brand website, Weruva uses ingredients that go into food products for people and they make their products in human food facilities but they dont describe their products as human grade. Even so, their products are popular among pet parents who prefer moist food for their dogs.

Among their wet food options is the Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen line of cans and pouches. This product line includes six different recipes for different meats cooked in flavorful au jus.

Every recipe is made with premium cuts of meat and is completely free from grains, GMO ingredients, MSG and carrageenan. These products are complete and balanced for dogs but they can also be used as meal toppers or mixers, depending on your dogs preference.

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Why Is Dry Matter Basis Important

Pet food products with high moisture often report protein percentages below 10%. It’s almost impossible to find dry products with protein percentages below 15%. Does this mean that manufactures are including less protein in wet foods? Absolutely not, the difference lies in the moisture.

If one were to cook wet dog or cat food, the moisture percentage would decrease whereas the protein percentage would increase. In essence, comparing the nutrients of two products with different moisture percentages is very misleading.

Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Formula

First 5 Ingredients: Beef, Lamb Broth, Vegetable Broth, Lamb Liver, Dried Egg Product

The Taste of the Wild brand is aptly named because their products do, indeed, offer dogs a taste of the wild. Every recipe is formulated with real roasted meats and supplemented with legumes, fruits, and vegetables in flavorful, grain-free formulas.

This brand takes seriously their job of providing pets with premium pet food options that nourish their bodies through the use of high-quality ingredients with no artificial additives.

Every recipe is designed to mimic your dogs ancestral diet, relying only on the freshest, most wholesome ingredients to deliver the maximum nutritional benefit.

Taste of the Wild may not offer as large a selection of products as some pet food brands, but you can rest assured that every product is an example of the highest quality.

When it comes to their moist food products, Taste of the Wild offers five different options, each made with premium-quality proteins and digestible carbohydrates. The High Prairie Canine Formula features fresh bison and roasted lamb with potatoes and peas for carbohydrate support.

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The Wetlands Canine Formula is made with smoked turkey, roasted quail, and fresh duck in a formula that will appeal to even the most finicky dogs.

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Add Broth Or Stock To The Dry Food

For making the dry food softer, you can also add homemade broth to it. Make sure that the broth is low in sodium content. Adding broth will add a lot of taste into the food and also its aroma will make the food appealing. You can easily make a chicken broth or stock at home and store it to use for softening the kibble. Add some spoons of broth only to the food. If the serving size of the dry food is 1 cup, then add almost 1/8th cup of broth or steak to it. It should be seen to it that you do not add more than required broth to the dry food.

Add Chicken Or Beef Broth

Purina Moist & Meaty® Dog Food

If the food is still not enticing to your dog, then you might want to consider adding a little more flavor. Adding chicken or beef broth will provide that little extra flavor kick that your dog needs. Remember to ensure the broth is warm, not hot, before adding to their food and choose a low-sodium broth to ensure you are not giving your dog too much salt. Follow the same process as you would when adding water to their food.

If you dont have access to chicken or beef broth, then canned tuna juice can be used as another tasty alternative. Before using the juice from canned tuna, check how the tuna has been prepared. If it is in brine, then do not use it as it will have a very high salt content. It is also worth remembering that using tuna juices will add to the calorie content of your dogs food. It is a good idea to use a combination of tuna juice and water, especially if your dog needs to watch their weight.

Another alternative is to add milk to their food. However, this should be considered a treat and not something you do every day as milk is high in fat and natural sugars. You can use either cows milk or goats milk to soften your dogs food. If you find that your dog has loose stools after using milk in their food, then stop and find an alternative way to soften their food. Dogs like humans can suffer from lactose intolerance. This can cause loose stool, vomiting, and diarrhea as well as intestinal discomfort.

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The Look And Smell Of Dog Kibble Soaked In Water Seems Disgusting To Us But Our Dogs See No Problem With It At All There Are A Couple Of Good Reasons To Add Water To Dry Dog Food Here’s When You Should

Sometimes, I soak my dogs dry food in warm water for 15 or 20 minutes before I feed them.

I do this for a couple of reasons. My older dog has had a few dental extractions, and doesnt chew up his food as well as he used to not that any dog grinds up much of the kibble he or she eats; unlike ours, canine teeth are not much for grinding. Mostly, a few of the kibbles get crunched, and more likely get swallowed intact. My younger dog is prone to eating way too fast just bolting down all his food whole in less than a minute and I am guessing that it will put less of a strain on his digestive system if the food arrives even slightly pre-moistened.

And I know that feeding both of them soaked food makes them feel more full. Dry foods are so nutrient-dense, that the volume of the amount of food that is calorically appropriate for their weight might not come close to filling up their tummies. If their meal is full of water, it definitely increases satiety that sensation of fullness. They quit walking around the kitchen looking unsatisfied after their meals when their food is soaked.

Neither of my dogs are reluctant or picky eaters, but adding water can definitely increase the palatability of dry food for some dogs.

However, one shouldnt moisten food and leave it sitting out at room temperature for very long I would start being concerned about bacterial growth in moistened food that had been left out at room temperature for more than an hour.

Benefits Of Wet Dog Food Compared To Dry Dog Food

Wet dog food, or canned food, sometimes provides benefits that dry food doesnt offer, such as:

  • Higher moisture content: Wet food may be a good choice if your dog doesnt drink as much as they should, or if they have a medical condition that could benefit from proper hydration. One example would be a dog with a history of urinary or kidney disease.

  • Palatability: Canned dog food is often more aromatic and flavorful when compared to dry food. This may entice sick or older dogs to eat if their appetite is decreased.

  • Satiety: Wet dog food tends to create a longer-lasting feeling of being full. Increased satiety is useful in weight management, especially in dogs that seem to have a never-ending appetite.

  • Easier to chew: Dogs that have dental disease or other oral abnormalities may find wet food easier to chew than dry food.

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Whats Good About Wet Food

Although dry food might be a more popular choice, some owners will choose to feed their dog a wet diet to better please fussy eaters and give their dog an added hydration boost. As wet food has a rich, meaty aroma, picky dogs can be more enticed to eat their meals. In the case of those pets that may not be getting enough water throughout the day, wet food can provide them with additional hydration because of its high moisture content.

Puppy Nutrition Basics: What You Need To Know

Vet Advice | Should I Feed My Dog Wet or Dry Food?

Puppies have different nutritional requirements than adult dogs do, so you need to feed them a food formulated specifically to address their unique needs.

We have a big guide to the best puppy food that shows a mix of top-tier wet and dry puppy foods make sure to check it out!

Puppy-specific food not only includes differing amounts of amino acids but different total protein contents for the food too.

Adult dogs need only 18% of their calories to come from protein sources, while puppies need 22% of their calories from protein sources.

Additionally, puppies grow best when provided with a little more fat, so the AAFCO recommends that at least 8% of their calories come from fat sources, while adults need only 5% of their calories to come from fat.

Fortunately, you dont have to worry very much about these differences; you can just purchase a high-quality, AAFCO-compliant food that is formulated specifically for puppies. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your dog is getting exactly the type of nutrition he needs.

This also means that whether you select a kibble made for puppies or a wet food formula for puppies, either type will provide the nutrition your growing pup needs.

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Puppy Feeding Schedule: How Often To Feed Your Pup

Your puppys nutritional requirements not only mean that he should be given a different type of food than adult dogs, they also mean that your pup should be fed on a different schedule than adult dogs should.

For example, weaned puppies should typically be fed four times per day until they reach 12 weeks of age. It may be necessary to moisten the food of young puppies with a bit of water, but they should be able to handle crunchy kibble by about 9 to 13 weeks of age larger breeds are capable of making the switch more quickly than small breeds are.

Sometime between 3 and 6 months of age, youll want to provide the same amount of food each day, but youll want to split it up into three meals, rather than four. After another 6 months, you can further reduce the number of daily feedings to two.

Once your dog is about 12 months old, hell probably be ready for adult food. However, you should always consult with your vet before making the switch and stick with puppy food if you have any doubt.

Additionally, as when making any food change, try to do so gradually, by mixing increasingly large portions of the new food in with your dogs current food over a period of a week or so.

Best Moist Dog Foods: Top Brands Reviewed For 2021

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To Disguise The Taste Of Something

If you need tosupplement your pet with vitamins or treat it with a medicine, the easiest wayto administer it is by mixing it with food. Nonetheless, some dogs will refuseto eat it due to the taste.

The best way todisguise it is to add water to dry dog food, to moisten it and allow the flavorand aroma of kibble to expand and mask it totally.

For example, its a great way to hide the flavor of supplements like hemp CBD oil, which has proven to reduce arthritic pain and boost activity in dogs. Its helpful but its flavor can repel many dogs, and if it were your case, then youd only need to add some water.

However, what to mix with dry dog food if water were not enough? Stock will do the trick. You can use bones or meat. Either way, you will provide your dog with superior nutrition.

Is Mixing Dry Kibble And Raw Food A Good Idea

Buddies Dog Dry Food Semi Moist Dog Puppy Treat (400 g ...

Feeding dogs a completely raw food-based diet takes a lot of commitment, time, and money .

Many owners wonder if they can get the best of both worlds by mixing some raw food into their dogs kibble. This would save a little on the cost, and the raw ingredients would make your dogs food a little more enticing, right?

The answer is:;yes!;You can mix kibble and raw food, but it needs to be done carefully to;make sure your dog doesnt get sick.;

First, just like any other dietary changes, the switch to including raw food into your dogs diet needs to be gradual, by adding a little at a time to see how they handle it.

Next, its important to be aware that the natural acidity of the stomach is what helps dogs digest raw food. The calcium in bones that your dog ingests is broken down by enzymes, making the bones soft and malleable. This acidity also kills any bacteria, like e-coli and salmonella, that may be present.

The problem here is that most dry kibbles are very starchy, and this starch actually changes your dogs digestive system. It increases the pH of the stomach, making the stomach less acidic and more prone to being taken over by bacteria, which can lead to other serious health problems. Since bone is not broken down the same way, obstruction risk increases.

Luckily, there are two ways to help reduce the risks that come with mixing kibble and raw food. The first are;probiotics;.

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Don’t Mix Therapeutic Pet Foods With Other Foods Without First Consulting Your Veterinarian

The science behind pet foods continues to evolve and one huge benefit for our pets is therapeutic diets. Therapeutic diets are created specifically to prevent or delay the onset of many health conditions. However, it’s important that you not add anything to a therapeutic diet without first consulting your vet. It may have the adverse effect of diluting the precise formulation and perhaps even counteracting the intended benefits for your pet.;

What Is Dry Matter Basis

Dry matter basis is a representation of nutrients which ignores the moisture content of the food. In other words, it’s the amount of protein, fat, and fiber which would be reported if the product’s moisture were completely removed.

The numbers reported on the guaranteed analysis panel of pet food packaging is commonly refereed to as the as fed basis percentages. We can use these numbers to calculate the dry matter basis percentages. By converting the as fed basis percentages to dry matter basis, we can make meaningful comparisons between products of various moisture contents .

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Authority Tender Blends Chicken & Rice Formula

Aside from having deboned chicken as the most plentiful ingredient, this Authority Tender Bites has a unique antioxidant blend of selenium, zinc, and vitamin E for a stronger immune system. Prebiotics and natural fiber help support gut health for better digestion as well as absorption of nutrients. Omega fatty acids as included for skin and coat health.

According to reviews, pups of all ages just love Authority Tender Blends mix of soft morsels, crunchy kibbles, and veggies. Some dogs who dislike dry food has been converted by this recipe from Authority.

The first five ingredients of Authority Tender Blends Chicken & Rice Formula Adult are deboned chicken, chicken meal, corn, brown rice, and oat groats.

Using Broth Instead Of Water

How to Get Your Dog to Eat Their Food With Dog Food Toppers | Chewy

If you dont mind spending a bit of money, you can use chicken broth instead of water. This is an especially useful trick for picky eaters. Very few dogs can withstand the taste of chicken broth.

Youll add the broth the same way you would the water. Make sure to warm the broth and then pour an equal amount of broth and kibble. Let it sit for about thirty minutes before mashing it up.

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To Prevent Dental Problems

If its the caseof your pet, feeding it with dry food wont help its condition, to thecontrary, it will only worsen it. You could change to wet food; however, soakingdry dog food in water will have a similar effect.

You will have totest different levels of wateriness until hitting the sweet spot. Nonetheless,this should be only part of the treatment and care for your dog, because dentalproblems when unattended will deteriorate the health of your pet.

For instance, your dog can develop a case of periodontal disease, which is very serious because it will end up destroying the gums and tissue that supports its teeth. Then, its important to monitor such problems and consult with a veterinarian promptly.

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