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How Healthy Is Beneful Dog Food

Artificial Food Coloring Dyes

Beneful Dog Food Commercial

Our records indicate that Beneful does use artificial food coloring dyes. More specifically, we’ve identified 5 artificial food dyes used by Beneful.

Although these food dyes are classified as Generally Recognized As Safe by the FDA, we recommend avoiding them when possible.

According to the Center For Research In The Public Interest , there are many potential health risks associated with the consumption of artificial food coloring dyes.

Given that most pets consume the same products for prolonged periods of time, these concerns should be taken seriously. In general, we recommend pet owners avoid feeding products which contain artificial food coloring dyes.

For more information regarding the CSPI’s findings, read our artificial food coloring article.

Red 40 is the most widely used artificial dye in consumer goods. Studies have shown that red 40 may accelerate the appearance of immune-system tumors in mice, cause allergy-like reactions and trigger hyperactivity in children.

The following recipes contain red 40:

Yellow 6 is an artificial food dye which may be contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals. According to the Center For Science In The Public Interest, yellow 6 can cause adrenal tumors in animals.

The following recipes contain yellow 6:

Yellow 5 is an artificial dye which may be contaminated with several cancer-causing chemicals. Like other dyes, yellow 5 does not provide any nutritional value.

The following recipes contain yellow 5:

Enter The Food And Drug Administration

The FDAs Center for Veterinary Medicine also received many of these adverse event reports from 2011 to 2013. In 2013 the FDA finally took notice and decided to do an investigation. Their CORE team sprang into action.

While this may seem like old news, its come to light again. The FDA received;so many Freedom of Information Act requests about the complaints that they recently decided to release to the public all of the documentation relating to the complaints and the FDA investigation.

So you can now read the full report as well as all of the complaints filed with the FDA;on their website.

Lets take a look at some of the highlights.

Wholesome Grains And Veggies

Now, about the whole idea of dogs eating wholesome grains and veggies those great looking foods on the Beneful package. Grains and veggies and meat are terrific for people but there is lots of confusion in peoples minds between whats good for humans and whats good for dogs. This food, perhaps more than any other, plays on that confusion. Your dog doesnt need to eat wholesome grains or veggies in any large amount. Your dog needs to eat meat protein. Its perfectly fine to fill in his diet with some plant protein in the form of vegetables and grains. They will provide some of the vitamins and minerals he doesnt get from meat. But thats completely different from feeding your dog a food that is top heavy with corn and other grains. Humans need to eat that kind of balanced diet, but a balanced diet for a dog is not the same thing.

Lots of dog owners spend a lot of money to feed their dogs a better diet because of the human trend toward eating healthier, and thats great. Just remember that your dog doesnt need to eat the same thing you eat. You dont have to completely cut out grains or vegetables for your dog, but keep in mind that you are an omnivore and your dog is a carnivore. A diet that is good for you isnt necessarily good for your dog.

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Authority Tender Blends Chicken & Rice Formula

Aside from having deboned chicken as the most plentiful ingredient, this Authority Tender Bites has a unique antioxidant blend of selenium, zinc, and vitamin E for a stronger immune system. Prebiotics and natural fiber help support gut health for better digestion as well as absorption of nutrients. Omega fatty acids as included for skin and coat health.

According to reviews, pups of all ages just love Authority Tender Blends mix of soft morsels, crunchy kibbles, and veggies. Some dogs who dislike dry food has been converted by this recipe from Authority.

The first five ingredients of Authority Tender Blends Chicken & Rice Formula Adult are deboned chicken, chicken meal, corn, brown rice, and oat groats.

Compare Prices On Beneful

Purina Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food; Healthy Weight ...

The Beneful brand of dog food is affordably priced, a fact that many dog owners love. You have to remember, however, that low-priced dog foods are often low-quality. Benefuls products come in a range of flavors and recipes which vary in quality, so be sure to do your research before choosing a product.

The price for a small 3.5-pound bag of Beneful dry dog food ranges from about $6 to $8, depending on the recipe and a larger 31-pound bag ranges from $24 to $71.

You can purchase 10-ounce tubs of Beneful wet dog food in cases of 8 for $15 to $30 which gives you an average price of around $2.25 per tub.

You can also find 12-packs of Beneful wet dog food in 3-ounce cans for about $10 or 3-packs for around $4.

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Beneful Dog Food Review

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Beneful dog food;is made by Nestle Purina PetCare, a subsidiary of Nestle. Beneful is a top-selling brand for Nestle Purina but the food has been criticized through the years. There have also been several class action lawsuits brought against Purina concerning Beneful, though they were ultimately dismissed.

Are you wondering if Beneful dog food would be a good choice for your dog? We can give you the scoop on Beneful dog food with our unbiased review.

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Our reviews are based on extensive research and years of professional knowledge of dog food brands. In order to remain objective, we do not accept gifts of free products or write sponsored posts on this site.

Weve examined Beneful dog foods closely and graded the brand according to the standard. Our criteria include ingredients, quality, customer experience, recall history, working with veterinary nutritionists to formulate the food, nutritional standards, research, and price.

List Of Beneful Dog Food Recalls

Cause:;Inadequate vitamins and minerals.;Announcement:;Company news release;dated March 9, 2016 .;What was recalled: The following Beneful wet dog foods in 10 oz. tubs, with both a best before date range between June 2017 and August 2017 and a production code range starting with the first 4 digits of 5363 through 6054:

  • Beneful Prepared Meals Beef Stew, UPC #17800-10965
  • Beneful Prepared Meals Chicken Stew, UPC #17800-12861
  • Beneful Prepared Meals Simmered Beef Entrée, UPC #17800-10963
  • Beneful Prepared Meals Simmered Chicken Medley, UPC #17800-10964
  • Beneful Prepared Meals Beef & Chicken Medley, UPC #17800-12859
  • Beneful Prepared Meals Roasted Chicken Recipe, UPC #17800-10764
  • Beneful Prepared Meals Roasted Turkey Medley, UPC #17800-10968
  • Beneful Prepared Meals Savory Rice & Lamb Stew, UPC #17800-10967
  • Beneful Chopped Blends With Beef, Carrots, Peas & Barley, UPC #17800-15494
  • Beneful Chopped Blends With Chicken, Carrots, Peas & Wild Rice, UPC #17800-15496
  • Beneful Chopped Blends With Lamb, Brown Rice, Carrots, Tomatoes & Spinach, UPC #17800-15498
  • Beneful Chopped Blends With Chicken, Liver, Peas, Brown Rice & Sweet Potatoes, UPC #17800-16960
  • Beneful Chopped Blends With Salmon, Sweet Potato, Brown Rice & Spinach, UPC #17800-16962
  • Beneful Chopped Blends With Turkey, Sweet Potato, Brown Rice & Spinach, UPC #17800-16966

No other Purina products or sizes were affected.

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Beneful Is A Good Brand For Adult Dry Dog Food

The following Outdoor Research product has an AMAZING 80% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars

As a dog owner, you cant help but notice your furry friends ability to sniff out food, whether its in the form of a piece of treat, an errant piece of kibble, or a handful of treats.

Its a trait youll want to harness to your advantage. Why not feed them food that is both tasty and nutritious? Thats the idea behind Purina Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food, which will appeal to both you and your dog.

Purina Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food is carefully cooked to give adult dogs all the tasty variety they want, with none of the extra calories. This high-quality, high-protein food is crafted from roasted meats and the finest ingredients. And as always, its made without any artificial flavors or preservatives. So you can feel good about every bowlful.

Purina Beneful Adult provides your dog with Essential nutrition to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. This food contains Pro Animal Protein, which makes it the ideal source of amino acids and essential fatty acids for athletic dogs, senior dogs, and diabetic dogs

Beneful Purina Dog Food Lines

Dog food review: Purina One vs Purina Beneful

Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals

Best of the line: Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals with Real Beef
  • Breed Size:;Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, All Breeds
  • Special Diet: N/A

Our Review

Real meat is the first ingredient for the three flavors under the Beneful Original line. Formulated to meet AAFCO standards for maintenance, they have a good balance of protein, with added grains and vegetables. This recipe in our Beneful dog food review is fortified with vitamins and minerals to make sure our pup doesnt lack anything in the nutrition department, especially essential nutrients.


Beef, Whole Grain Corn, Barley, Rice, Whole Grain Wheat, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Beef Fat Naturally Preserved with Mixed-Tocopherols, Soybean Meal, Oat Meal, Poultry By-Product Meal, Glycerin, Egg and Chicken Flavor, Mono and Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Poultry and Pork Digest, Potassium Chloride, Dried Spinach, Dried Peas, Dried Carrots

Nutrition Information:

  • Breed Size:;Small Breeds, Extra Small & Toy Breeds
  • Special Diet: High-Protein

Our Review

The colorful bites in each of these recipes are real beef with carrots and peas to give the food the appearance of colorful cereal. The Incredibites line is suitable dog food;for small dogs. The recipe comes with high levels of protein and fats to keep up with your small but energetic fur baby. The added vitamins and minerals will give enough support for your pet.


Nutrition Information:

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Purina Beneful Incredibites For Small Dogs Dog Food

The Purina Beneful IncrediBites dry dog food variant provides all the essential amino acids that dogs need, thanks to the use of farm-raised cattle as the source of its animal protein. Corn, wheat, rice, and barley are added to provide the energy that physically active dogs need. It also has the right amounts of vitamins and minerals for supporting a variety of physiologic processes including healthier digestion, nervous integration, cardiovascular functioning, and immunologic readiness.

This is one dog food you would definitely want to give to your pet especially if it is the hyperactive type. The taste of beef plus peas and carrots should really pump up your pets appetite so it will get all of the nutrients that this IncrediBites provide.

Calories for every serving: 366 per cup

Percentage of crude protein : 27%

Percentage of crude fat : 13.5%

Percentage of moisture and fiber : 14% and 4%

First five ingredients on label: beef, corn , chicken byproduct meal, barley, and corn gluten meal

Choline, calcium, Vitamin A and E

Why Is Purina Beneful Killing Dogs

A quick search on the Internet reveals lots of opinions aboutwhy Purina Beneful is killing dogs. But why are they doing this? This is aquestion that we will try to answer here.

It is known that research shows that adopting the benefits of vegetarianism increases a dogs life span by ten years or more.

In the early days of vegetarianism it was in many cases fatal for the pets, but the trend has changed drastically in the past few years.

In the United States, the Humane Society of the United Statesand other animal rights group helped to create the incentives that make itprofitable for owners to feed their dogs a vegetarian diet.

And if you go to your local pet store, you can find a number ofoptions that are vegetarian foods. Of course, some dont agree with the HumaneSocietys views on dog nutrition.

And, Purina has not been neutral in their response to the controversy about why Purina Beneful is killing dogs.

When this newspaper published an article about it in the newsletter of the British Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a spokesman for Purina commented, If dogs eat meat, it doesnt mean they must die.

We should be focusing on how we can improve the quality of dog nutrition.

But in the United States and Canada, where dog food is regulated, there are rules and regulations about what can and cannot be put into dog food.

So, what is the point of those rules and regulations? Is it toensure that the benefits animal welfare is maximized?

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Purina Beneful Simple Goodness With Farm

Purina Beneful Simple Goodness With Farm-Raised Beef is a semi-moist dry dog food made of real beef and vegetables. The tender morsels provide complete and balanced nutrition, so it can be given as a meal on its own. The semi-moist kibbles can also be mixed with crunchy dry kibble or wet dog food.

This Purina Beneful Simple Goodness recipe is packed with flavor from beef and beef fat. It has nutritious carrots and peas that you can see in each morsel. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals to help support your dogs overall health.

Purina Beneful Simple Goodness With Farm-Raised Beef has no by-product meals. It is free from artificial enhancers such as flavors, colors, or preservatives. With this product, your dog can indulge in a tasty, semi-moist meal without you worrying about potentially harmful ingredients.

Reviews for this Purina Beneful beef recipe say that this semi-moist dog food is enjoyed by dogs so much that some owners even give them as treats. Pups just love to have it for meals, snacks, and treats. Even dogs who have sensitive stomachs and skin thrive on this food.

The first five ingredients of this Beneful recipe are beef, soy flour, soy grits, malted barley extract, and water.

Redbarn Naturals Beef Recipe Dog Food Roll

Purina Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

At the other extreme are the soft-moist dog food rolls like those from Redbarn and Natural Balance. We can look at Redbarn Naturals Dog Food Roll as an example. This food has 14 percent crude protein, 6 percent crude fat, 3 percent crude fiber, and 43 percent moisture.

It has 2,345 kcal/kg, or 333 kcal per one inch of roll so its very calorie-dense. The roll has over 50 percent real meat. People who feed using dog food rolls say they are more convenient than feeding a raw diet.

The food is made using a low temperature cooking process to retain more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. All you do is slice or cube some food from the roll and feed it to your dog. It also makes a great training treat, a protein supplement for your dogs regular food, or an easy wide to hide pills if you need to give your dog medication.

AAFCO-approved for all life stages. No corn, wheat, or soy and its grain free. Most dogs love these dog food rolls.

This dog food roll does contain some sugar which probably makes it tasty to your dog. And it has some sources of salt like other soft-moist foods. But it still has to be considered an improvement over some other semi-moist dog foods.

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Why Choose Beneful Dog Food

If you dont mind feeding your pet wheat, corn, and soy or any of the ingredients many pet parents are quite wary of, then Beneful should be a great choice. Its use of farm-raised animals is always a welcome development from a company that is generally known for putting more fillers into their formulas rather than real meats.

Pet parents who want a reduced-fat alternative to their current dog food, the wet dog food formula of Beneful is a great choice since it has one of the lowest dry matter fat content one can get from the market. However, just dont go asking about the levels of EPA or DHA from these products as there are none.

Individuals who would like to give their pets moderate amounts of calories and proteins just enough to meet their daily metabolic requirements can rest assured that Beneful will deliver such requirements to them. The calorie content of Beneful dog food is one of the lowest among the countless dog food brands. This should be perfect for dogs that are prone to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

Purina One Vs Beneful: Nutritional Value

Pet food brands are regulated by an independent body, The Association of American Feed Control Officials , which requires them to publish the precise nutritional content of their ingredients in their packages.

The publication is made as a guaranteed analysis stating the minimum crude protein and crude fat and the maximum crude moisture and crude fiber.

Lets take a quick look at how the pair match up before we go into these in more detail:

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Kibbles N Bits Meaty Middles Prime Rib Flavor

Kibbles n Bits Meaty Middles Prime Rib Flavor features dual-texture kibbles instead of the usual mix of crunchy and tender kibbles. The kibbles of this prime rib recipe have a crunchy outer layer and a chewy, meaty center. Made with real beef, these extra tasty Kibbles n Bits dog food is a hit among adult pooches.

How To Redeem This Offer

According to Lindsay Beaton in Pet Food Market Trends reporting on global trends looked at the top 102 pet food companies that had 2013 revenue data available to see trends in different regions.

Semi-moist pet food is another subcategory that covers a lot of ground, but many products in the category fall into the specialty segment. The top nine companies manufacturing semi-moist pet food are a diverse group, based in Germany, Brazil, the US, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Chile and the Czech Republic. Combined, their annual revenue hit US$2.65 billion in 2013, with Germany-based Deuerer leading the pack at US$721.1 million.

While $2.65 billion in global sales for soft-moist pet food probably sounds like a lot of money, when you consider that the total global revenue from pet foods is about $70 billion, semi-moist foods still have a long way to go before they catch up with dry or canned foods.

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