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How To Make Dry Dog Food

How To Make Organic Dry Dog Food

DIY Dog Food | Homemade Dry Dog Food

A homemade dog food recipe can be found on here. Make your own dry dog food by adding half cup of rice to one cup of water. The lentils are 12 cups . Steel-cut oats made in three 4 cup 100-gram measurements. A small carrot, one peeling and one chopped. The sweet potato is about 1 and 16 wide by 1 long. It is scrubbed, chopped and cooked. I used 1 apple that had been peeled, cored, and chopped, or 1 cup unsweetened applesauce that could easily be mixed with the juice of 1/2 lemon.

How To Make Homemade Dehydrated Dog Food

A healthy way to travel with dogs

Today I am writing on a train with sweet little Pax at my feet, snoozing away after running a few errands in Prague. Perhaps you are wondering why I am not taking the North American approach of driving taking trains in Europe is easy and once again, dog-friendly! I know I keep mentioning how dog-friendly the EU is in general, but there is also the other side of the coin.

We were supposed to be back home in Vancouver on Thursday, unfortunately, British Airways made a mistake with one of the documents we needed to enter the UK transit space and despite Pax being confirmed two weeks before, we were not allowed fly. It was pretty stressful except as you see in this picture, he was just his happy self!

I am not sure if I mentioned this in the previous newsletters, but my mother has been in the hospital for more than three weeks and is finally somehow recovering. It has been tough on her and on the family too and Pax has done a great job of cheering everyone up, including my mom. I do have a picture of him in the hospital, but as a courtesy to my mom, this time, I will not be posting it. Just imagine, Pax hanging out at her bedside, sweet as always!

Thankfully, Pax is healthy as a horse growing crazy-fast. His coat is soft and shiny and in terms of his energy, his body feels, touch wood, very balanced. Of course, I am thrilled because Pax is my first pup that I have started on our Essentials. .

Homemade Dog Food Compared To Commercial Dog Food

If we know anything about dogs, its that most of them are big fans of foodof nearly any kind. Some crazy dogs even enjoy a nice rummage through the garbage. That considered, it doesnt mean that your dog is completely satisfied with a bowl full of store-bought dog food. Imagine if you only had a bowl of dry pretzels to eat for the rest of your life.

It doesnt take walking a mile in your dogs paw prints to realize that eating dry food for every meal isnt the bomb diggity. When it comes to dog food, homemade meals can provide the nutrient profile thats necessary to give your dog a healthy life. A mindfully made dog food recipe can be easy, delicious, and fulfill your pets nutritional needs.

See the main difference between homemade dog food and store-bought kibble below:

Homemade dog food:

  • One texture and one taste
  • May contain preservatives and additives you arent aware of

Pet foods are specifically formulated to include all of your dogs needs. Dry dog food from the store is a dependable way to keep your dog healthy and homemade dog food can take some work and extra thought. There are some important things to know and consider when it comes to crafting your dogs meals.

Lets work through some common questions when it comes to homemade dog food.

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Whats In Dry Dog Food

Fortunately, companies cant just use any ingredients in their food. Pet food is highly regulated with a long list of requirements that need to be met by pet food manufacturers. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates pet food products and their ingredients and is involved with rules around pet food labels, ingredient definitions, and ingredient approvals.

In addition, there are state regulations which are often more strict than federal rules. States typically follow the guidelines set by the American Association of Feed Control Officials and are responsible for overseeing the nutritional guarantees of each product as well as the information included on the packaging itself. All of these regulations are in place to define the requirements for pet food production.

Starting with high-quality ingredients is important to producing a high-quality food. Every dog food starts with a recipe of ingredients and every brand has its own proprietary blend of ingredients. These typically include some form of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. Each of these ingredients are included to provide the necessary nutrition and taste to support your dog.

Its also important to note that some pet food companies do not make their own food. Instead, they contract with an outside manufacturer to make and package the product for them. Meanwhile, other companies make their own dry dog food in their own plant.

Regulation Of Pet Food

The Best Way to Make Dry Dog Food More Appetizing To Your ...

Pet food products are among the most highly regulated products in grocery stores. Federal and state laws and regulations apply to various aspects of pet food including ingredients, manufacturing processes and labeling. Virtually all state pet food laws and regulations are based upon the work of the Association of American Feed Control Officials. AAFCO is an organization of state officials who regulate animal feed, which includes pet food. Members of AAFCO come together to develop standard ingredient definitions nutritional requirements labeling and other guidelines and model laws and regulations for the animal feed/pet food sector. AAFCO’s work helps promote uniform laws and regulations for pet food from state to state, which effectively ensures consumer protections nationwide and promotes interstate commerce.

At the federal level, pet food is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Federal Trade Commission. Both the FDA and FTC have authority over labeling and advertising claims. In addition to the states, FDA regulates pet food ingredients and finished products. FDA also imposes certain requirements that apply to all food, both products for people as well as products for pets:

Most states require under their state animal feed laws and regulations that pet food labels be registered and approved. Pet food labels are required to provide truthful and non-misleading information, as well as:

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Is Homemade Food Better For Dogs

Though dogs are our closest domestic companions and have evolved with humans over the centuries, they still have different nutritional needs than us. They are omnivores, meaning that they can eat a varied diet of both meat and plants. Dogs need this variety in their standard meals wont be able to thrive on just meat alone.

The benefits of homemade dog food:

  • Its fresh and customizable
  • It can be great for the picky pup that wont eat kibble
  • Its a great way to supplement your dogs diet
  • It can add great variety to a meal plan

Homemade dog food can be a great way to provide for your pet with special nutritional needs, get creative in the kitchen, and treat your furry pal to the best. However, it will take a mindful approach to ensure your dogs nutritional needs are met.

Enough with the appetizers, lets get to the ground beef of it all: the recipes!

Dietary Supplements For Home

Some supplements are required in addition to natural food for dogs. Others may be needed if you are not able to feed a variety of foods, or if you leave out one or more of the food groups above. In addition, the longer food is cooked or frozen, the more nutrients are lost. Here are some dog supplements to consider:


Unless you feed RMBs, all homemade diets must be supplemented with calcium. The amount found in multivitamin and mineral supplements is not enough. Give 800 to 1,000 mg calcium per pound of food . You can use any form of plain calcium, including eggshells ground to powder in a clean coffee grinder . Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium provides additional minerals, as well. And here is a good list of calcium-rich foods your dog may like. Just please note this list is for humans and includes orange juice, which is not a good thing to give your dog as the acidity can cause stomach upset.


Most homemade diets require added oils for fat, calories, and to supply particular nutrients. Its important to use the right types of oils, as each supplies different nutrients.

Fish Oil: Fish oil for dogs provides EPA and DHA, omega-3 fatty acids that help to regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. Give an amount that provides about 300 mg EPA and DHA combined per 20 to 30 pounds of body weight on days you dont feed fish. Note that liquid fish oil supplements often tell you to give much more than this, which can result in too many calories from fat.

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Vegetarian And Vegan Dog Diet

Like the human practice of veganism, vegan dog foods are those formulated with the exclusion of ingredients that contain or were processed with any part of an animal, or any animal byproduct. The omnivorousdomestic canine has evolved to metabolize carbohydrates and thrive on a diet lower in protein, and therefore, a vegan diet may be substantial if properly formulated and balanced.

Popularity of this diet has grown with a corresponding increase in people practicing vegetarianism and veganism, and there are now various commercial vegetarian and vegan diets available on the market.Vegetarian dog foods are produced to either assuage a pet owner’s ethical concerns or for animals with extreme allergies.

Due to the exclusion of animal products and by-products, which are primary ingredients of conventional dog food, many nutrients that would otherwise be provided by animal products need to be provided by replacement, plant-based ingredients. While both animal and plant products offer a wide range of macro and micronutrients, strategic formulation of plant ingredients should be considered to meet nutritional requirements, as different nutrients are more abundant in different plant sources. Despite the large differences in ingredient sourcing, studies have demonstrated that a plant-based diet can be just as edible and palatable as animal-based diets for dogs.

How Do You Make Real Kibble

How To Make Dry Dog Food
  • Brown rice in a cup and a tablespoon .
  • In 100 grams, there are twelve cups of lentils.
  • This volume of water comes in five cups .
  • A peeled and chopped banana and three medium carrots .
  • Peel, chop, and scrub a medium sweet potato .
  • One apple in its purest form has been peeled, cored, chopped and unsweetened applesauce with only 12 grams.
  • These oats have been cut to 96 grains .
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    Homemade Recipe For Dry Dog Food

    Making your dog food allows you to cater to your petspreferences. Similarly, you can substitute the ingredients that could beharmful to your pup. The following recipe will make tasty dry kibble for yourdog in no time.


    • 1 pound ground turkey, beef, chicken or pork
    • 1 teaspoon oil for greasing pan
    • 3 cups whole wheat flour
    • 1 cup dry milk powder
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 1/2 cups water or beef/chicken broth
    • 2 cups cooked vegetables, finely chopped orpureed


  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees. In the skillet,cook the ground meat until browned. Grease a cookie sheet and set aside.
  • In a large bowl, combine the flour and milkpowder.
  • In a smaller bowl, beat together the eggs,vegetable oil, Worcestershire sauce, and broth.
  • Slowly add the wet ingredients to the flourmixture and mix well. Stir in the ground meat and vegetables.
  • Spread the dough mixture onto the cookie sheetat 1/2-inch thickness. If needed, use a second cookie sheet.
  • Using the knife or pizza cutter, score the doughinto bite-sized pieces. Place in the oven and bake for one to two hours.
  • Turn off the oven and let cool for one to twohours. Remove from the oven and break on the score marks.
  • Store the food in an airtight container in therefrigerator for three days. Freeze for up to three months.
  • Thank you to The Nest for this recipe.

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    What Happens When Dogs Cannot Eat Dry Food

    Dry dog food hit the market in the 19th century. It is rich in nutrients and has a long shelf life. Most dogs like it, but this is not always the case.

    As dogs age, their teeth tend to become more sensitive just like in people. As a direct consequence, eating dry food will cause all kinds of painful sensations.

    The same rule applies to dogs with bad teeth whether they have suffered from affection or they were just unlucky. If they miss teeth or they have cracked dogs teeth, dry food will be quite painful.

    There are also situations when you might need to switch from can food to dry food. Many types of medical or diet food are dry. If your dog is used to can pet food, it will most likely reject dry food. Plus, wet food is not as dense as dry food, while the price will skyrocket your expenses.

    Luckily, you do have options moistening your dogs dry kibble is one of them. So, How do you moisten dry dog food?

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    How To Make Dry Dog Food

    Pet food recipe 1 cup and 1 tablespoon brown rice tle recipe1 cup and 1 tablespoon brown rice. 5 cups water. 2 cups of lentils are present in this order. The oats in this case are made from 100 g each of steel-cut oats. Chop and peel three medium carrots. Scrubped, chopped and diced medium sweet potato. An apple must be peeled, seasoned, cored and chopped or 1 cup of unsweetened applesauce can be added.

    How Do You Make Dry Food At Home

    How to Make Healthy and Tasty Dry Dog Food

    Set your oven to the lowest temperature and spread food on trays, wire racks, or directly on the oven racks. Turn as often as you think necessary 20 to 30 minutes for fruits and vegetables, every few hours for beef jerky slices. Thinly sliced apples can transform into chips within 2 hours of baking at 225 F.

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    We Aren’t The Only People That Have Converted To Making Homemade Dog Food And Are Loving The Results Check Out The Links Below For More Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Pup Will Love

    Easy Crockpot Dog Food from Damn Delicious || This simple homemade dog food recipe combines ground beef, brown rice, kidney beans, butternut squash, carrots, and peas in the slow cooker so you can set it and forget it!

    Homemade Dog Food Recipe from College Housewife || Elizabeth’s sweet dog Rascal suffered from all sorts of health issues which led them to having him allergy tested. Turns out Rascal was allergic to all sorts of things – even beef! So, Elizabeth developed a homemade dog food recipe that is just perfect for Rascal’s sensitive belly that is filled with ground turkey, sweet potatoes, carrots, and zucchini squash and macaroni noodles!

    DIY Homemade Dog Food from Damn Delicious||Chungah’s dog Butter’s battle with stomach issues led her to start making dog food at home. This recipe is easy to make and super good for your pups too! It combines a delicious blend of 50% protein, 25% veggies and 25% grains and is made of ingredients like ground chicken, brown rice, shredded zucchini, spinach, carrots, and peas.

    Try Raw Coated Kibble

    Food brands are starting to come up with new products to work around kibbles bad rep for being a low quality food.

    Raw coated diets use freeze-dried raw meat to coat the exterior of dry kibble. Sometimes, there are chunks of freeze dried meat included in the food. If youre still partial to kibble and leery of raw, this might be a great entry product for you and your dog.

    Freeze drying raw food helps reduce bacteria contamination and food producers also claim this doesnt reduce the nutrients in the food like high temperature cooking does.

    Raw coated kibble offers your dog an increase in protein and fat two things dogs love.

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    Dry Dog Food: Top Brands Premium Quality

    Dry dog food is largely popular due to the convenience it offers to busy pet parents. You can just measure out the quantity that is suitable for your pet and serve it with a little warm water or a tasty topping of wet food.

    There is plenty of choice in this category as there are a wide range of brands that provide a variety of different dry food options. These different flavors are designed to suit varied nutritional requirements depending on breed, life stage, lifestyles, allergies and other specific conditions. A few of the popular brands are Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wild, Arden Grange and Farmina N& D.

    Besides convenience, Kibble can also cater to specific needs. If your dog needs special food to account for allergies or medical conditions, you will be able to find something that works for him or her in this department. Take a look at those varieties made with limited ingredients and different proteins. If your dog needs it, there are also grain-free and gluten-free options available.

    Dog food brands like Acana and Orijen make their food with recipes that are in line with your dogs ancestral biological heritage. These foods are high in protein and balanced with the other nutrients necessary for a balanced diet.

    Kibble does not spoil easily, it can be stored for a while without having to worry about it. So it is super convenient to travel with. Kibble can also be used as training treats.

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