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What Dog Food Is Best For Dogs With Diabetes

Best Types Of Food For Dogs With Diabetes Mellitus

The American Animal Hospital Association guidelines say the type of food fed to a dog with diabetes is much less important than the consistency of the diet. As long as the food is a high-quality diet that is complete and balanced, your diabetic dog will do fine with it. If you haven’t been paying much attention to your pet’s diet, talk to your veterinarian to get recommendations for a balanced diet.

One thing to avoid is food with simple sugars. These will raise your dog’s blood sugar level. Avoid giving any treats or table scraps that contain sugar or sweeteners such as corn syrup, as well as high glycemic foods that quickly boost blood sugar, such as white rice and bread. Have a discussion with all of your family members about why it is not good to give your dog treats or scraps, no matter how much your dog begs.

If your dog is overweight, increasing the soluble and insoluble fiber can help in weight management. Some dog food is formulated in this way and it can help improve blood sugar control as well as weight loss. However, if your dog is underweight it will need a high-quality maintenance diet instead.

Some dogs with diabetes also have pancreatitis, a condition that does best if the dog avoids foods high in fat. But it is important that the reduction in fat isn’t accompanied by an increase in carbohydrates.

Monitoring And Transitioning To A New Routine

When you just get the diagnosis of diabetes in your dog it can be overwhelming. Suddenly you may need to be hyperaware of how much and when your dog eats. Instigating a strict routine where before you had so much flexibility.

The transition is the hardest part. You dont know exactly what protocol is going to work best, you may need to see your vet every one to two weeks for rechecks. You might be scared and overwhelmed. All of this is normal.

Dont feel bad about asking questions or getting a second opinion. If you are struggling with management reach out to an internal medicine specialist in your area.

Usually at the start of your journey you will be asked to keep a detailed log of when you give the insulin to your dog, how much you are giving, when and what you are feeding. If your vet does not give you a Nutritional Monitoring Chart you can use this chart to log your dogs food and insulin. The chart can then be used by your vet to help with adjustments of your dogs diet and insulin depending on blood glucose levels.


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Evangers Super Premium Grain

Another canned dog food with a high protein and low carbohydrate ratio is Evangers Super Premium Grain-Free Beef Dinner. Your dog will love the delicious beef taste, plus the food is packed with minerals and vegetables like spinach and kale. This product is suitable for dogs of all stages of life.

Why choose the Evangers Super Premium Grain-Free Beef Dinner:

  • It offers a formula that meets the requirements of the AAFCO to suit dogs of different life stages.
  • It contains about 36% protein on a dry matter basis and a minimum of 6% crude fat.
  • Free from soy, corn, wheat, or by-products.
  • Free from artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • It has kale, spinach, and cinnamon, which are great for diabetic dogs.
  • It comes in a case of 12 12.8oz cans.



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What Human Food Can I Feed My Diabetic Dog

Opt for human foods that make up a healthy diet in dogs. Your pup will love fresh vegetables, and these are also great for weight management.

Try giving your pup veggies as treats. Delicious and nutritious options include cucumber, string beans, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Best of all, you can give your dog fresh veggies or cook them. You can even give your canine frozen vegetables.

Twice Daily Meal And Insulin Schedule For Diabetic Dog

Homemade Diabetic Dog Food Recipe

Once daily Insulin Injection

  • Insulin 30-90 minutes before Meal #1 = daily feeding amount
  • 10 hours later
  • Meal #2 = daily feeding amount

Twice daily Insulin Injection

  • Insulin 30-90 minute before Meal #1 = ½ daily feeding amount
  • 12 hours later
  • Insulin 30-90 minutes before Meal #2 = ½ daily feeding amount

A note about insulin and picky eaters.

If you happen to have a picky dog that has diabetes the best thing you can do is find a diet they LOVE that will make them eat consistently. Considering a canned or fresh food diabetic diet or even a homemade diet may be your best option.

However if you are still having issues with your pup eating consistently most veterinarians will advise an adjusted insulin schedule.

Basically what this looks like is instead of giving insulin prior to meal and accidently causing hypoglycemia if your pup refuses to eat or doesnt eat enough we taper the dose of insulin to the portion of the meal they have eaten.

An example of what this might look like:

  • Full meal = they get their full dose of insulin.
  • Half Meal = half dose of insulin
  • Quarter Meal = quarter dose of insulin.
IMPORTANT: If you dog is picky and is having trouble eating consistently speak to your veterinarian ASAP. Never adjust insulin dosing without first having a conversation with your vet. Too much or too little insulin could cause life-threatening problems. The above is a "generalized" example and not appropriate for all dogs.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness High

If your dog loves beef and chicken, you can give them the Blue Buffalo Wilderness High-Protein Beef & Chicken Grill canned dog food. The recipe is grain-free, high in protein, and low in fat, making it suitable for diabetic dogs. This dog food also has low carbohydrates, which is what you want for your diabetic dog.

Why choose the Blue Buffalo Wilderness High-Protein Beef & Chicken Grill:

  • Made of genuine beef and chicken, with a thick and smooth texture.
  • It contains about 40% protein and 9% crude fat.
  • Free from chicken or poultry by-products, corn, wheat, or soy
  • It doesnt contain artificial flavoring or preservatives.
  • It can be fed to your dog as a complete meal or topper for dry food.
  • It comes in a pack of 12 12.5-oz cans.



  • Many customers are pleased with the price and quality of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness High-Protein Beef & Chicken Grill.
  • The Blue Buffalo Wilderness recipe offers high protein, low carbs, and plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, providing diabetic dogs with a balanced diet.
  • Price-wise, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness canned dog food is more affordable than many other brands.
  • There have been complaints about the dog foods inconsistent quality and shipping issues.
  • The carrageenan in the product might put off some customers.

Meal Timing For Dogs With Diabetes

After your dog eats, its blood glucose level will increase. Insulin will work to drive the glucose levels back down and keep them within a normal range.

If your dog gets one dose of insulin daily, the first meal should be 2/3 of the daily ration and be given before you give the insulin injection. You will give your dog the second meal with the final third of the daily ration six to eight hours later.

If your dog is given insulin twice daily, it should be fed two equally-sized meals 10 to 12 hours apart, with each meal given at the time of the insulin injections . Don’t give a larger and smaller meal as the dose of insulin will be aimed at meals of the same size.

It’s best not to use a self-feeder or allow a dog with diabetes to be free feeding. Your dog needs the structure of having meals timed with insulin administration for management of diabetes to be the most effective.

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Hills Prescription Diet W/d

About: Hills Prescription Diet W/D is a prescription dog food that is specifically designed for dogs with digestive difficulties, weight management problems, or blood-sugar issues.

Youll need a prescription from your vet to purchase this food, but that doesnt mean you have to buy it directly from your vet you can get it from Amazon or Chewy with a prescription from your vet .

Best Prescription Option for Diabetic Dogs

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What Not To Feed A Diabetic Dog

Avoid treats as much as possible, which are usually too high in sugars, and encourage overweight in dogs. The rule to follow? No more than 10% of your dogs diet should consist of treats.

At least as important as good, healthy food, mealtimes play a very important role for dogs with diabetes. A regular daily routine is even more crucial for diabetic dogs than for healthy dogs. It is advisable to divide your dogs daily ration into two or three portions, to be given to your dog at different times of the day. Set fixed times, fill your pets bowl accordingly, and clean his bowl afterward, especially if your dog has not finished his meal.

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Hills Prescription Diet W/d Canine Low Fat

Get your pup this complete and nutritious diabetes food for dogs by Hills, which will help with gastrointestinal maintenance and glucose control. Hill Prescription Diet has extra protein and carnitine to aid with metabolism, something that is hugely beneficial for dogs with diabetes as excess weight can complicate the condition.

The fiber in this Diet dog food helps them feel full longer so that they wont be begging for more food between meals. This dry dog food for diabetic dogs should be used upon the recommendation of a licensed veterinarian, and it represents an affordable solution when trying to give your dog the quality of life they deserve.

Pros:+ With fiber and carnitine for digestion+ Accessible and affordable+ Helps the dog feel full all day

Why We Like It Finding the best dry dog food for diabetic dogs is hard, but you cant go wrong with this special recipe aimed at improving the lives of dogs with this disease. All dogs should be kept at a healthy weight, but it is even more important for diabetic dogs, and this is a dog food that makes sure they stay in good shape.

ACANA Heritage Dry Dog Food contains no artificial flavor, color or preservatives, and it is completely free from unnecessary fillers and grain. It is a suitable food for dogs with diabetes as it follows the belief of natural food making all the difference.

Homemade Diabetic Dog Food

If you are well versed with the routine of making homemade dog food, then you will find no difficulty in preparing dog food with healthy choices. If you are not, then there are a few dos and donts that you need to keep in mind. The biggest advantage of preparing homemade food for your diabetic dog is that you will be feeding him/her healthy and unprocessed food. You may also consider a raw diet after consulting with your vet. While preparing homemade dog food recipes, healthy and low fat meat sources, like skinless and reduced fat turkey, chicken and fish can be used. Also, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits , soluble carbohydrate sources like brown rice, oats, barley and corn, additional natural sources of vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, etc., can be incorporated in the diet. If you want to use supplements make sure that they are strictly prescribed by your vet.

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Questions To Ask Your Veterinarian About Diabetes

  • What are the treatment options for my dogs diabetic health?
  • Ask how nutrition works with other available options
  • Should nutrition be a part of my dogs treatment regimen? Would you recommend veterinary food for my dogs diabetic health?
  • What if I have multiple dogs? Can I feed them all the same dog food?
  • How can nutrition help? What are the benefits of feeding therapeutic food as part of my dog’s management plan?
  • How long will I need to feed the recommended food to my dog?
  • How long will I need to feed the recommended dog food to my dog?
  • Ask how feeding a therapeutic dog food can help promote diabetic health for my dog
  • What is the best way to reach you or your hospital if I have questions?
  • Ask if you need a follow-up appointment.
  • Ask if a reminder email or notice will be sent.
  • Acana Heritage Free Run Poultry Formula

    Diabetic Dog Food  Whats the Best Choice for Your Pet?

    Acana promises to keep your dog healthy, happy and strong. And the Free-Run poultry formula is the proof.

    Acana dog food is loaded with 60% poultry meat of three types:

    • Free run Cobb chicken
    • Free-run Tom Turkey
    • Nest laid eggs

    The first two meat types come as meat, giblets and cartilage whereas the nest laid eggs are whole and fresh from local farms.

    Acana emphasizes proteins and less carbs. Thus, it is a great option for your diabetic dog.

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    Bixbi Liberty Original Recipe Fresh Turkey Chicken & Fish Grain

    Top 5 Ingredients:Deboned Turkey, Red Lentils, Whole Yellow Peas, Egg, Deboned Chicken

    This protein-rich dog food is ideal for diabetic dogs. It has real chicken, deboned turkey, and trout to help support your dogs lean muscle mass. Grain-free carbs like whole yellow peas provide essential nutrients and fiber for healthy digestive function. This recipe also contains probiotics, fresh fruits, and veggies for complete and balanced nutrition.

    Regulating The Blood Glucose Levels Is The Key To Controlling And Treating The

    The 7 best dog foods for diabetic dogs · 1. Diabetic diets for dogs help control glucose levels and contain low levels of carbohydrates for controlled energy release. Veterinary wet dog food for diabetic dogs with chicken and poultry flavors. A specially designed, ketogenic diet designed to help keep blood sugar levels low. Diet in diabetes treatment for your dog.

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    Instinct Original Grain Free Canned Dog Food By Natures Variety

    Give your fur bestie energy for the whole day by getting them this Natures Variety dog food for diabetic dogs over the counter. It is not conditioned specific dog food, but a high-quality premium kibble which will give your pooch all the health benefits needed to regulate their diabetes. It is made with 95% turkey, chicken and chicken liver, and 5% fruit, veggies, and other wholesome ingredients.

    Instinct has no potato or other unnecessary fillers, and they do not use added sugar, colorants or artificial preservatives. If you have been searching all over for the best dog food for dogs with diabetes, you can rest assured that this revolutionary kibble has all the nutrients your pooch needs to thrive.

    Pros:+ A total of 95% meat products+ Ideal for dogs with diabetes+ Crafted from real ingredients

    Why We Like It Instinct prides themselves in only using real, fresh and partially raw ingredients in the making of their dog food, which is exactly what your pup with diabetes needs. It is somewhat pricier than other similar brands, but the quality content makes it worth it.

    Acana Heritage Meats Dog Food

    With high levels of protein and very little carbohydrates, this dog food is a great option. The protein makes up an impressive 60% of the formula. That’s nearly double the amount that standard dog foods have.

    This protein comes from a combination of Angus beef, Yorkshire pork, and Grass-fed lamb. These sources include not only the meat but also the organs and cartilage to provide your pooch with plenty of nutrients.

    The carbohydrates in the formula include peas and pinto beans. To help slow down glucose conversion, there’s also a collection of fibrous vegetables like kelp and greens.

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    Diet Composition For Diabetic Dogs

    The ideal diet for a dog with diabetes can vary a lot depending on concurrent medical conditions , and body condition . Because of these concerns there are many exceptions to general recommendations for dog food for dogs with diabetes.

    For otherwise healthy diabetic dogs at normal body condition, and who do not have any concurrent medical conditions we typically want to choose diets higher in protein, moderate in fat, and higher in mixed fiber .

    Generally dogs with diabetes should avoid simple carbohydrates, sweeteners , semi-moist foods , open-label diets , and added flavors as these may cause issues with regulating blood glucose.

    Diabetic dogs should also have as consistent of a routine as possible. Having walks or exercise twice daily, meals twice-daily, and small snacks of fibrous vegetables, fruit or lean proteins.

    Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Dog Food

    Start your pooch on this dog diabetes diet and notice the positive change almost right away. Being a wet dog food for diabetic dogs, Wellness CORE can be used alone as a complete meal, or as a topping to convince picky eaters to finish their dinner. The regulated mineral levels help make sure the dogs metabolism works efficiently to keep excess weight off and control common symptoms and side-effects of diabetes.

    When it comes to dog food diabetes shouldnt have to complicate things, and with this Wellness Core dog food, you can keep feeding your furry best friend the best that there is, while also caring for them with their new diagnosis in mind.

    Pros:+ No animal by-products+ High-quality carbohydrates

    Why We Like It Not all dogs will eat whatever food you put in their bowl, but even the pickiest of eats probably wont be able to resist this mushy can of deliciousness.

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