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Who Carries Oc Raw Dog Food

How I Choose Brands For This List


I chose brands for this list based on what I feed to my dogs and my relationship with the brands. I also believe that it’s important that a raw food brand is a beneficial force in the raw feeding community. It can be intimidating, overwhelming, and frightening to switch a dog to a healthier diet what pet parents need is a brand willing to take the time to help them transition to fresh food, even if part of this transition introduces the customer to another brand. I’ve noticed a lot of brands who make #CollaborationOverCompetition a priority and we need more of this, please!

If a brand doesn’t make the list or has fallen off the list , it’s mainly because their food is no longer a good fit for my dogs. This could be due to price, ingredient change, or availability. In rare occasions, there are brands that I stop mentioning because they are shady as hell and while I’d love to blast them all over social media, I’m not trying to be sued out of my house, so I keep it positive.

Because I live in the state of Washington, the brands on my list are available in the United States.

Online Meat Suppliers For Raw Feeders

Raw Paws Pet Food once a co-op, they expanded to a full-service online store. Their entire inventory is sourced from USDA-inspected farms and they also provide a Raw Paws Monthly Service including raw food variety packs, pre-portioned meals, and servings guides.Souly Raw Purveyors of specialty, raw pet food located in San Marcos, California.We Feed Raw RFM is a supplier that carries a vast variety of animal proteins and meat products for raw feeders. Theyre dedicated to quality, reliability, sustainability and honesty.My Pet Carnivore A family run company with approximately 70 products sourced from Midwest farmers with the highest ethics and standards.

Hare Today A small farm run by a raw feeder.Green Tripe A supplier of green tripe and other raw feeding products all sourced from grass fed and certified organic animals.Simply Rawsome Provides raw meat products all across the US and carries certified organic meats, human grade meats, and non human grade meats .Maui Nui Venison A company out of Hawaii that sells venison and goat. Its available for raw pet food companies, raw pet food stores, co-ops, and individual customers. They ship second day Fedex anywhere in the US.

Are You A California Resident

20% off offer valid through 12/26/2021 online only when choosing same day homedelivery powered by DoorDash. May not be combinable with other available offers or discount. Certain productsand brands are not eligible for sitewide offers or promotions and specifically excludes, The Pharmacy atPetSmart, services, gift cards, gift certificates, previous purchases and charitable donations. Savings willautomatically reflect in cart with purchase of qualifying merchandise. Limit one redemption per customer duringthe offer period. Same-day home delivery is available in most areas. Order by 9am for delivery between 12pm-3pm,by 1pm for between 3pm 6pm, & by 3 pm for delivery between 6pm-8pm. Orders placed after 3pm will be fulfilledthe next day Select products not eligible for same day delivery. While delivery is contact-free, we recommendbeing home during the delivery window to bring perishable items inside right away. Prices & selection may varyin stores & online. While supplies last. Quantities may be limited. See or store associatefor more details.

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List Of Oc Raw Dog Recalls

Cause: Potential for listeria potential for Clostridium botulinum. Announcement: FDA announcements dated April 20, 2018 . What was recalled: The following products:

  • OC Raw Dog Chicken, Fish & Produce Meaty Rox, 3 lb., UPC #022099069171, Lot #3652, Best by Oct. 11, 2018
  • OC Raw Dog Chicken, Fish & Produce Doggie Sliders, 4 lb., UPC #095225852640, Best by Oct. 11, 2018
  • OC Raw Dog Chicken, Fish & Produce Doggie Dozen Patty Bag, 6.5 lb., UPC #022099069225, Best by Oct. 11, 2018
  • OC Raw Dog Chicken, Fish & Produce Meaty Rox, 7 lb., UPC #095225852756, Best by Oct. 11, 2018
  • OC Raw Dog Freeze Dried Sardines, 3.2 oz. bag, UPC #095225853043

OC Raw Dog announced the above as 2 separate voluntary recalls. The Chicken, Fish & Produce Raw Frozen Canine Formulation had the potential for listeria contamination a state agriculture department reported a positive test for listeria in a sample of the food.

The second OC Raw Dog recall, for the Freeze Dried Sardines, stemmed from the fact that the fish were larger than the FDA compliance guideline of 5 inches. The federal safety agency says larger fish like this carry a higher risk of botulism poisoning.

Cause: Potential for salmonella. Announcement: FDA report dated Sept. 25, 2015. What was recalled: OC Raw Dog Chicken, Fish & Produce Raw Frozen Canine Formulations packaged into Doggie Dozen Patties, Doggie Sliders and Meaty Rox, Lot #1819, Best by May 5, 2016.

May 2015

Pet Food Packaging: Oc Raw Dog Issues Recall

Oc Raw Dog Food Ingredients

Pet parents should be on alert this week, as theres been another recall in the realm of pet products. OC Raw Dog, based in Santa Margarita, California, isrecalling 2,055 poundsof raw turkey and produce frozen canine formulation.

The product recall stems from concerns of salmonella.

Frozen pet food has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Its available in various big box pet stores, as well as popularity grocery chains.

Some pet parents see their pets like people, so they feed them like people.

So, how can we protect our precious companions diets with pet food packaging?

Pet Supply Packaging: Starting at the Source

Recalls are game changes for any industry, and taking the proper preventative steps can save a lot of headache in the long run.

In the pet packaging industry, your supplier should be able to provide certifications and references. Find out how long they have been in business and who theyve had as clients. You cant ask too many questions when you choose the right supplier a lot is riding on your customer relationship and reputation.

The source of the recall may or may not stem from your supplier, but its better to be safe than sorry. No one wants to wake up to find Fido sicker than a dog .

Be selective when it comes to your pet food packaging supplier.

Features That Can Enhance Pet Food Packaging

Whether your company sells dry, wet, or frozen pet food products, the quality of your packaging greatly impacts your product.

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Great Resources For Finding Raw Dog Food

Now what?Where can you find meat in large and affordable quantities to feed your dog? Your excitement begins to dwindle as the what if internal dialogue beginsI dont have time for this.I can barely shop for myselfwhat if I cant find meat thats affordable?Raw feeding isnt any more difficult than your weekly trips to the grocery store. It involves a bit of dedication and the establishment of new shopping habits at first.Before you know it, youll be a savvy shopper discovering new meat sourcing locations and drawing crowds as you mosey through the grocery store with more meat than bystanders can reasonably believe youll consume. Youll be educating strangers on raw feeding and fielding questions like a pro.But until then, lets offer some actionable advice.Take a look at the helpful list below for some ideas on where to shop for your furry friend.

First And Foremost: All Of Our Products Are Made In The Usa

Fur Crazy carries a specially selected line of holistic and organic food featuring OC Raw Dog, Stella & Chewys and Primal Pet Foods. We also carry a selection of wholesome, all-natural bones, grain-free treats and healthy supplements. Come drop by our location, and treat your furry friend to something special!

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Can I Feed My Dog Raw Meat From Grocery Store

The meat you get from the grocery store is usually contaminated by bacteria that arent safe for dogs. The reason that meat is safe for humans is that we do not eat it without cooking or processing. It isnt meant to be consumed raw, and therefore, may not be the best option for your dog on a raw diet.

Benefits Of Raw Dog Diet Diet

Destination: Fresh Foods – Meet OC Raw

Raw dog food may not be as cheap as commercial kibbles, nor is it as easy to store but it has many benefits for your best friend.

It is the kind of food your dog is supposed to eat. So, it is good for their overall health. It is the food they chew better and digest easier. Some of the key benefits include

  • Improved health and energy levels: Raw ingredients are more nutritious than processed ingredients. Thats why a raw diet can improve your dogs health and energy levels.
  • More appealing to dogs: Dogs that are picky with their food prefer the texture and taste of raw food over dry kibbles.
  • Higher quality: Because most raw dog food brands manufacture in the US and source ingredients locally, the end product is more nutritious and higher-quality.
  • Safer than homemade raw food: Buying and serving commercially-made raw dog food is much safer than making your own raw food as it can pose a threat of cross-contamination.
  • Better muscle and mental development
  • Shinier coat and healthier skin
  • Small and less stinky stool
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    Why I Feed A Raw Food Diet

    Were it not for my dog’s endless health issues, I’d probably still be feeding kibble. The first three years of his life, Rodrigo had rashes, itchy skin and paws, chronic ear infections, daily loose stool and diarrhea, joint issues, behavioral issues, and more. I switched my dogs to raw food because nothing else was working. Even the veterinarian was a bust. In less than two weeks on a partial raw diet, most of Rodrigo’s health issues vanished.

    Fresh food is easy to digest, the nutrients are readily available, and fresh food supports better gut health and a stronger immune system. Healthy Gut, Healthy Dog!

    Instinct By Natures Variety Raw Boost Grain


    Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Peas, 4. Chicken Fat, 5. Tapioca

    • Life Stage: Adult
    • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
    • Caloric content : 4427kcal
    • Analysis: Protein 37%, Fat 20.5%, Fiber 4%, Moisture 9%
    • Form: Dry Food, Freeze-Dried

    This grain-free, raw formula by Instinct is a mix of kibble and real chicken and other amazing ingredients to provide your dog with the best of nutrition.

    The recipe is not only delicious for your furry friends but is ideal for growth and maintenance at all life stages.

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    Can I Feed My Dog Raw Vegetables And Fruits

    Contrary to popular belief, dogs are actually omnivores. Vegetables and fruits are good for dogs as they are packed with essential minerals and vitamins. A dog may not get these nutrients from meat. So including raw vegetables and fruits such as spinach, asparagus, apple, peas, potatoes are actually good for their health.

    Warehouse Clubs Are Retails Stores That Sell A Wide Variety Of Merchandise That Typically Require Customers To Buy In Large Or Wholesale Quantitiesthese Clubs Are Attractive Not Only For Bargain Hunters But For Raw Feeders Theyre Able To Keep Prices Low Due To The Basic Format Of The Stores Some May Even Require Customers To Pay Annual Membership Fees To Shop These Stores Are A Great Option When Looking For Deals On Meat On Buying Meat In Bulk

    OC RAW DOG Freeze Dried Meaty Rox

    4. Big Box Discount Stores, Warehouse Clubs, & Wholesalers

    Sams Club Offers three levels of membership for individuals and businesses starting at $45 $100 a year.Costco Wholesale Offers three levels of membership for individuals and businesses starting at $55 $110 a year.BJs Wholesale Club Offers two levels of membership for individuals and businesses starting at $50 $100 a year.Restaurant Depot Restaurant Depot is a wholesale food service supplier. Membership is free but you must show a valid resellers permit or tax-exempt certificate and proof that youre authorized to purchase for that business or organization. If you dont qualify, do you have any friends or family members that do? If so, go along with them on some shopping trips to stock up on meat.Boxed Think of boxed like an online warehouse. They offer the same bulk products but deliver them directly to your door. Depending on your location meat and/or produce may or may not be available through boxed. But its worth checking out.

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    Stella & Chewys Chicken Dinner Patties Freeze


    Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken With Ground Bone, 2. Chicken Liver, 3. Chicken Gizzard, 4. Pumpkin Seed, 5. Organic Cranberries

    • Life Stage: Adult
    • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
    • Caloric content : 4420kcal
    • Analysis: Protein 48%, Fat 28%, Fiber 5%, Moisture 5%
    • Form: Freeze-dried

    Prepared from 100% organic fruits, vegetables and cage-free meat options, the healthy combination of sustainably-sourced ingredients guarantee maximum nutrition for your best friend.

    Provide your dog the benefits of high-quality raw food nutrition while enjoying the ease of preparation. Stella and Chewys dinner patties are great for all breeds. Highly Recommended!

    Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

    Darwin’s Natural Pet Products will always be on my Top Brands list because they are part of my origin story. When I had finally given up on the veterinarian healing Rodrigo’s skin and gut issues, I called Darwin’s Pet and scheduled our first order. It was April 2013. Before I switched my dogs to raw, their veterinarian predicted that Rodrigo wouldn’t live long past the age of three today, nearly six years later, Rodrigo is nearly nine years old and thriving.

    Rodrigo’s proteins sensitivities and gut health make it a challenge to find raw food that works with his system, which is why I’ve transitioned to DIY. Darwin’s Pet is one of a few premade raw brands that I continue to feed to my dogs. I trust their sourcing, their ingredients, their manufacturing, and the people.

    There are many reasons to love Darwin’s Pet, including nationwide shipping and quality ingredients and sourcing. But the main reason is their dedication to helping pet parents feed healthier diets. In 2019, Darwin’s Pet announced that they would support rescue by reimbursing adoption fees with food. If you’re adoption fee was $100, Darwin’s Pet would send you $100 worth of raw pet food. Wow!

    My Favorite Foods from Darwin’s Pet

    • Natural Selections Lamb Tripe
    • BioLogics Duck

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    Regular Grocery Stores & Ethnic Grocers

    Your local butcher is an excellent place to obtain meat for your furry family members.Butchers carry a wide variety of meats and are able to order specialty items. When it comes to saving on costs, most butchers can order meat in bulk which drives the price down. Moreover, theres usually a few options when it comes to the quality of the meat youre ordering, so finding something within your price range should be easy.

    3. Butchers

    Due to the popularity of raw diets, many butchers now carry raw meat scraps, recreational bones, and product offerings specifically for dogs. Butchers are a friendly bunch and lets not forget, theyre essentially meat connoisseurs. Theyre happy to help you with your meat needs!In my experience, Ive found sourcing meat at our local butcher to be a pleasant experience.Not only do the employees love hearing how I feed my dog raw meat, but theyre eager to help. Weve been invited into the back of the store where theyve shown us the cuts of meats they had on hand and told us what they could order in bulk to bring the price down. Even better, they asked us to bring our dog by, making it a fun experience for everyone. Talk about customer service!

    Save 35% On Repeat Delivery & Free Shipping Of Raw Dog Food From Petco

    Feeding Frozen Raw Dog Food

    fast food restaurant interview questions Look for quality ingredients and nutritional value. I look for sardines in water with no additional salt added. Wags to whiskers carries over 100 different flavors and varieties of canned cat and dog food right here in plainfield. Also offers a few other products. We also specialize in carrying all of the ingredients to make your own balanced raw diet. You should find the one that is according to your dogâs needs and preferences.

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    Welcome To Oc Raw Dog

    OC Raw Dog is made from a family of dog enthusiasts in Southern California, passionately dedicated to providing our dog and cat friends with cost efficient, REAL RAW food that is just as easy to feed as it is wholesome and nutritious. We started with humble beginnings in our home and now are proud to have a production facility certified and inspected by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Our recipes are the result of several years of testing, trialing and preparing for our own show and breeding dogs.

    OC Raw Dog uses only premium ingredientsall natural, whole muscle and organ meat, and farm fresh producewith absolutely zero indirect or direct preservatives, chemicals, fillers or grains. The result is healthier, happier dogs. Health concerns such as red eyes, dry skin, loose stools, excessive shedding, and low energy are dramatically mitigated when your dog is eating what nature intended! A raw food diet results in lower vet bills and fewer vet visits making happier pet parents.

    K9 Natural Beef Feast Raw Grain

    Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Beef, 2. Beef Liver, 3. Beef Tripe, 4. Beef Kidney, 5. Beef Heart

    • Life Stage: Adult
    • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
    • Caloric content : 5269kcal
    • Analysis: Protein 35%, Fat 37%, Fiber 2%, Moisture 8%
    • Form: Freeze-Dried

    K9 Natural supports natural feeding practices and accents the benefits of encouraging it for all dogs.

    Made from 85% raw meat, blood, and bones, and 15% from fresh veggies and fruits, the supremely platable formula provides optimal nutrition that works for dogs in all life stages and all breed sizes. Provide your four-legged darling with a balanced meal to sustain great health and wellbeing.

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