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Is Raw Dog Food More Expensive

Is Making Your Own Dog Food Cheaper Than Buying It

Is Raw More Expensive Than Kibble? | Raw Dog Food Cost Breakdown | The BK Shop

With a stomach of 30 pounds, you could cook enough food for a dog that was balanced, ready for use, and comfortable. A daily wage of $52 equals $5 per day. The price is $58 if you choose organic method of living. His research estimates the cost to be two to four times the cost of wet dog food equivalent of similar features, but with a price that is as low as half of commercial dry dog food.

Commercial Raw Dog Food About $210 Per Month

The prices of commercial raw dog food brands vary quite a bit from store to store, state to state, etc. I did my best to take the average prices, so dont freak out if you find a certain brand for a lot more or a lot less. I also did not include any shipping costs if you plan to order online.

Stella & Chewys Chewys chicken frozen dinner$26.99 per 6-pound bag$6.75 per day or $202 per month

Primal canine chicken formula$6.60 per day or $198 per month

Natures Variety Instinct organic chicken formula$29.99 per 6-pound bag$7.50 per day or $225 per month

You can get 10 pounds of raw food from Darwins for just $14.95 and delivered right to your door! No code required.

Expensive Dry Dog Food

These dog foods are expensive because they are well made, providing numerous benefits to dogs. Nowadays, people also focus on ingredients and protein, fat, and carbohydrates when buying dog food.

They do not just choose for cheap value or good taste. However, being expensive does not always mean high quality.

Many pet owners are curious about the term premium dog food. Premium dog food is similar to expensive dry dog food. It is expensive because of the quality ingredients, and it has beneficial effects on dogs.

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Is Cheap Food Bad For Dogs

Inexpensive dog food, like bagged kibble, isnt necessarily bad for dogs. But, the ingredients matter here, too! Some cheaper dog foods still list meat as the top ingredient. These are the foods you should be picking up off the shelf if youre on a budget.

But, dont assume that just because a dog food contains meat that its okay for your furry companion. There are some common pet food ingredients that you should avoid at all costs, including:

  • Corn and wheat gluten
  • Food dyes
  • Rendered fat

If you see any of those on your dog food ingredient list, its time to change brands or spring for something more expensive.

Some people think that canned dog food, even though its usually cheap, is better for dogs because it contains real ingredients. Unfortunately, that isnt always the case, either. Just because something looks like actual meat doesnt necessarily mean it is.

Inexpensive canned dog food can be prone to contamination, and dogs who regularly eat it may be at a greater risk of dental problems. Once in a while, choosing a canned dog food with high-quality ingredients can be a real treat for your canine companion. But, stick with kibble when youre able.

If you can find cheap dog food with real ingredients, there is no reason not to feel comfortable feeding it to your dog. But, you may have to do some serious searching.

Is It Better To Buy Or Make Dog Food

Average Cost for Feeding Raw Pet Food

Without question, homemade dog food wins in this category. When you commit to making your dog his meals, you can choose the freshest ingredients to feed him. Most commercially made dog food has a long shelf life. If youre concerned about feeding your dog the freshest ingredients, homemade wins the day.

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Raw Dog Food Prices From Grocery Store Meat

The following prices are from my standard grocery store, nothing special. I wasnt worried about organic meat or what was on sale. I just took 15 minutes to walk through the store and jot down some prices of some foods I would use if I were to make homemade food for Ace.

Chicken thighs: $1.72 per pound, $2.58 per day or $78 per month

Ace would eat about 1.5 pounds of meat per day. Obviously you want to mix up the kind of meat you feed your dog. This is just an example.

Chicken liver: $1.99 per pound, about 1 pound per week so $8 per month

Again, just an example. You want to feed your dog a variety of organ meat.

Vegetables: $0.50 per day or $15 per month

For fruits and vegetables, I would just feed Ace whatever I happened to be eating that week . He would get 1/4 C. or so of veggies per meal. On the high end, that might equal out to $0.50 per day.

Yogurt: $1.25 per cup, $0.63 per day or $19 per month

Ace would get 1/4 C. of yogurt or so per meal.


Other expenses not included could be calcium tabs, glucosamine tabs, fish oil, organ meat, raw bones, raw eggs, etc. These are all things that could be included in my dogs meals from time to time regardless of whether Im making his food or not.

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Are Expensive Foods Worth The Price

Weve said it before and well say it again not all dog foods are created equal. When you shop for dog food, there are a variety of different factors to take into account and price is generally not the most important.

Before buying a bag of dog food, you need to make sure that it is going to meet your dogs nutritional needs. If the product carries an AAFCO statement of nutritional adequacy you can rest assured that it will at least meat your dogs minimum nutritional requirements the guaranteed analysis will tell you whether the product sticks pretty close to the minimum or if it goes above and beyond.

What you really need to pay attention to if you want to judge the quality of a product, however, is the ingredients list.

The higher the quality of the ingredients used in a product, the higher the price is likely to be. Non-nutritive grains and fillers like corn, wheat, and soy are very inexpensive for pet food manufacturers which is why low-quality brands use them they can add bulk to their product without increasing their cost.

The better brands on the market use better ingredients things like whole grains, real meat, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Low-quality foods are made with by-products and plant protein concentrates they also tend to be loaded with artificial colors and flavors.

You still need to do your due-diligence to evaluate the guaranteed analysis as well as the ingredients list to determine whether the product is a good choice for your dog or not.

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What Are The Advantages Of Freeze

There are numerous advantages for you and also your pet dog, ranging from its convenience as well as dietary worth to just how simple it is to make use of.First of all, freeze-dried raw canine food is taken into consideration to be the most nourishing choice for your pet after fresh raw food.The low handling temperatures of the food are much less most likely to damage or damage vitamins, proteins, and also important enzymes than the heats used to make conventional dog food.

The quality of any type of continuing to be vitamins additionally decreases by around 50 percent if the traditional dog food is stored for 6 months at area temperature.Freeze-dried pet dog food is very easy as well as convenient to prepare as well as is significantly lighter weight than conventional pet dog food. It also has a long life span this item can last in your pantry for around 25 years!

This item uses up a lot less space than fresh raw pet food, as well as it does not call for refrigeration prior to preparation.It also includes a reduced risk of bacterial contamination during prep work and also is much less unpleasant to feed to your pet dog.

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Is it Expensive to Feed RAW FOOD to Dogs? Shop with Me & See

Although the overall first-year cost to own a dog is less than the cost to have a baby, there are other expenditures you need to consider.

For example, flea control can cost more than $100 per year, and spaying or neutering costs as much as $200.

If the decision came down to your wallet, cats are significantly cheaper than dogs, costing about $13,625 to $17,510 in a lifetime, compared to dogs at $16,607 to $22,423. We based the lifetime costs on the average lifespan of dogs and cats .

Cats are cheaper than dogs, according to an ASPCA study on the average cost of owning a dog or a cat, but small dogs breeds can be cheaper to own than Cats.

They also tallied recurring costs, including medical bills, food, litter for Cats, licenses, toys/treats and health insurance.

Female Dogs Produce Puppies A female dog often fetches a higher price because of her breeding potential. A female dog can generate a lot of revenue to her next owner by producing several litters of puppies throughout her lifetime.

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What Is The Most Affordable Fresh Dog Food

The Farmers Dog. The Farmers Dog Fresh Dog Food. $9PER DAY. BUY FROM FARMERS DOG. Ollie. Sponsored: Ollie Dog Food. $7AND UP. BUY FROM OLLIE. Nom Nom. Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food. $15per pack. BUY FROM NOM NOM. PetPlate. PetPlate Fresh Dog Food. $9PER DAY. Spot and Tango. Spot & Tango Fresh or Fresh-Dried Dog Food. $8PER DAY.

How To Store Homemade Dog Food

In the beginning, I was using ziplog bags but that is not sustainable and usually creates a mess. So I ended up buying reusable plastic containers with lids and every container is about 24 oz, so perfect for one meal for my dog. If you have a smaller dog, one container might be enough for two meals. Alternatively, you can freeze dog food in Souper Cubes.

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Why Raw Dog Food

Raw food diets for dogs are nothing new, but the popularity of the movement has skyrocketed in recent years. Veterinarian Dr. Ian Billinghurst is credited with sparking the modern raw diet movement after creating the first biologically appropriate raw food diet for dogs. This dog food is made from fresh, whole-food ingredients including muscle meat, organ meat, whole or ground bone, raw eggs, and dog-safe fruits and vegetables.

Some of the oft-stated benefits of raw dog food include the following:

  • Better coat condition
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower risk for allergies

Though there are many supporters of the raw food diet, there is a great deal of controversy as well. In fact, many of the most outspoken opponents to the raw diet movement are veterinarians themselves. Some vets, including the members of the American Veterinary Medical Association , believe dogs should be fed a diet consisting of fresh, clean, nutritionally balanced and complete commercially prepared or home-cooked food.

There are also some practical factors to consider when it comes to raw dog food.

Ask Your Dogs Vet For An Allergy Test

RAW Dog Food: Beef

Before you embark on the home cooking adventure, you should talk to your dogs vet to clarify what she or he is allowed to eat and discuss the possibility of taking an allergy test. I took one for my dog you can also buy them online and it revealed that Rocky is allergic to salmon and to a lesser degree to carrots, so I make sure these are not part of his diet.

If you discover any food allergies or intolerance you simply cook without these foods. Because that is exactly where the big advantage of cooking yourself lies: you know exactly what ingredients are in it. You also know your furry friend best and can prepare delicious meals according to their own taste.

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Do Butchers Sell Scraps For Dogs

Your local butcher is an excellent place to obtain meat for your furry family members. Butchers carry a wide variety of meats and are able to order specialty items. Due to the popularity of raw diets, many butchers now carry raw meat scraps, recreational bones, and product offerings specifically for dogs.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Freeze

Apart from the high price, if you have worries about overfeeding your pet a raw diet as a result of virus worries that this kind of raw canine food isn’t the best choice for you.Due to the fact that this kind of canine food is not overly refined at high temperatures like traditional pet food, bacteria could be a concern at times.Nevertheless, the levels of the germs will be a lot less than those found in fresh raw pet food.

Freeze dried raw dog food has an appearance like oatmeal that may not be as interesting pets that are used to crunchy food or fresh meat.The taste is likewise somewhat various to fresh meat, although it preserves even more natural preference than dried canine food.

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Barf World Raw Food Rolls

Sold in 2-pound frozen rolls, BARF World raw dog food is made with muscle meat, organ meat, and raw bones to mimic the diet eaten by your dogs wild ancestors. BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, of Bones And Raw Food which the company pioneered.

BARF World Raw Food Rolls

BARF World, BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, produces high-quality frozen food to mimic what your dogs wild ancestors ate.

What Is The Serving Size For Homemade Dog Food

Is it Expensive to Feed your Dog RAW Food? I Answer That

Knowing how much of a home-cooked meal to feed your dog can be difficult for those just starting on the pet food journey. The rule of thumb is about 2 to 3 percent of body weight for adult dogs and cats. That translates to about 16 ounces of food for a 50-pound dog, or 4 ounces of food for a 10-pound cat.

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Why Is Premade Raw Dog Food Better

We applaud the dedicated humans that know how to make homemade complete, and balanced raw meals for their dogs. It takes a lot of time, patience, and trial and error to develop the perfect formula and avoid nutritional deficiencies. We support the efforts of people like the Lazy Raw Feeder, who has spent years perfecting her raw formulas for her dogs.

If you choose to purchase pre-made raw dog food, it takes all that guesswork out. Plus, you’ll know your dog will get the most out of it! Raw feeding as a beginner may be a little intimidating at first for many people.

We make easy pre-made raw dog food, so all you have to do is thaw and serve!

We also offer many free educational resources about raw feeding, so you don’t have to do your own research. We’re always just a phone call away.

Many veterinarians do not support raw feeding because, when it is homemade, there is often a lack of vitamins and minerals essential for a dog’s overall health.

Most commercialized raw dog food companies must follow AAFCO guidelines and must be complete and balanced to be sold nationwide. So with local businesses like us, who would never cut corners to compromise your dog’s health, you can be assured our customer service puts pups over profit every time.

Do Dogs Prefer Raw Food Or Kibble

Kibble can provide dog owners with a number of advantages: reduced plaque, healthier gum tissue, and a reduction in risk of bacteria that could harm the dog. Easier storage, less spoilage and a more cost-effective feeding method are other features worth mentioning. If a dog wants theirs to chew on kibble, many pet owners opt to switch to fresh food, like Olivers, due to its health benefits.

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Female Dogs Produce Puppies A female dog often fetches a higher price because of her breeding potential. A female dog can generate a lot of revenue to her next owner by producing several litters of puppies throughout her lifetime.

Because well bred dogs are expensive to breed.

The average litter can cost $2,500+ or so to breed by The time all is said and done.

If there is only 1 or 2 pups in The litter as is often the case with toy dogs even at $1,000 The breeder is often taking a big loss.

Any purebred dog is going to be expensive.

Is There A Raw Puppy Food Diet

10 Best Commercial Raw Dog Food Brands (Frozen ...

Raw puppy food is more likely uncooked protein, grains, vegetables, and fruits fed to dogs. This way of feeding was driven by an idea of fresh food which supports the origin of domesticated dogs.

Eventually, raw food becomes popular not only for puppies but also for adult dogs. And many raw diet approaches were developed and recommended for feeding dogs.

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Is A Raw Diet For Dogs Cheaper

Because of its fresh ingredients, raw dog food can be a high-value and more expensive treat for your pup. But, there are some ways that it can be a cheaper way of feeding.

  • Feed one raw meal a day instead of two For a raw diet, one meal can be enough to provide the nutrients your dog needs.
  • Use Raw as a Tasty, High-Value Treat Feeding your pup a tasty with a high-value meal would be the best treat for them.
  • Make Raw an Occasional Meal According to Steve Brown, a canine nutritionist, author, and consultant, one raw meal per week could be a great help to improve your canine’s health.
  • Buy in Bulk Storing a bulk of raw food in the freezer would help you save money, even gas.
  • Spend Money on Great Food, Not in Veterinary Bills If you choose the fresh and safe way of feeding your dog, your money spent on it will be worth it.

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