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Good Dog Food For Dogs

When Is A Dog Considered A Senior

Vet Approved Homemade Dog Food: Good for Digestive Issues

Not all dogs get grey hair around their muzzles. In fact, many are as playful as a puppy for their entire lives.

In fact

You may have noticed that small dogs seem to age more slowly than large dogs. Its true. A small dog can live to be as old as 20 years. But a large dog can reach maturity much sooner.

So, how do you know when your dog has entered her golden years?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association2

small dogs are generally considered senior at 7 years of age. Larger breed dogs tend to have shorter life spans and are often considered senior when they are 5 to 6 years of age.

Of course, all dogs are different. A healthy diet, regular exercise and good dental care can help extend your dogs middle age phase.

The Most Important Section On The Label Is The Nutritional Adequacy Statement Dont Buy A Product If This Statement Is Missing

Often titled the AAFCO statement on the back of the label, this section confirms that the food contains the complete and balanced nutrition appropriate for your dogs life stage. If a product is missing this section, do not feed it to your dog as the main source of their diet.

If a product doesnt have this section, it might say somewhere on the label that the dog food is only intended for supplemental feeding. That might mean that the food should be used only as a treat or an add-on to your dogs main source of food.

Another case in which a food might not have the AAFCO statement is if its by prescription only. For example, a vet may recommend a vegetarian diet to help your dog manage a medical condition, and prescribe a specialty food that might not be considered complete and balanced by the AAFCO. But any product you buy over the counter as a dogs main source of food should always have this section.

Does Dry Dog Food Go Bad

Yes. Just like any other food, it has an expiration da e. Make sure to check the date printed on the label to know how much time you have until it goes sta e. Also, choose food bags that you can seal after opening. Finally, if you notice the change in smell or your dog is suddenly hesitant about eating it, it may have gone bad.

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Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly Chicken $9

Packed with mouthwatering pieces of turkey, grains and sweet potatoes, Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly will not only be gentle on stomachs but also satisfy your dogs taste buds and support her total health. The wholesome ingredients included help support skin, coat, energy, digestion and immune system, too. Serve it straight from the fridge as a full meal or use it to top off your dogs daily kibble, instructed Dr. Bernal.

We also wanted to give a fresh pick for Fido and friends. This Wellness Bowl Boosters are sold in stores or shipped frozen, able to be stored in the fridge or freezer and defrosted when dinner time comes around.

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small Bites Dry Dog Food

Nature Diet Feel Good Puppy Dog Food

Hills Science Diets dog food for puppies is designed for dogs up to 1 year old and is packaged in a small, easy-to-digest kibble, according to the brand. The formula contains natural DHA from fish oil that works to support healthy brain and eye development as well as a vitamin E and vitamin C blend that helps support a healthy immune system in puppies, Hills Science Diet says. The food comes in a 4.5-pound or 15.5-pound bag, and the brand also offers a canned puppy formula, which our experts said can be great to mix into your dogs kibble.

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Best Overall Dog Food

First ingredients are salmon, barley, and rice | Large breed | Dry food

According to the experts we spoke to, owners of large and giant-breed dogs should avoid foods that contain legumes as a protein source. Nicole Goudey-Rigger, the owner and CEO of doggy-day-care service Pets a Go Go, told us she took her two purebred Akitas and two medium-size mixed breeds off their low-grain diets after the potential connection between DCM and grain-free food was identified. Instead, she now feeds her four big dogs Purina Pro Plan Salmon Sensitive Stomach, which contains brewers rice and barley . She and three other experts we spoke with like Purina Pro Plan foods because, as Gstrein points out, the recipes meet AAFCO standards and are formulated by a veterinary nutritionist. Goudey-Rigger adds that the Purina Pro Plan line features a wide variety of proteins, including chicken, beef, salmon, duck, lamb, pork, and even quail. Looking for a variety of proteins in a brands line is important, she says, because not all proteins agree with all dogs. Ochoas dog also likes Purina Pro Plan and gets a small portion of the brands shredded-chicken food as a complement to Hills Science Diet.

Best Dog Food For Small And Large Breeds

Small breed dogs and large breed dogs have different nutritional needs. Large breed dogs are more prone to musculoskeletal problems than smaller breeds, and so they often require large-breed dog food with different balances of certain nutrients to promote musculoskeletal health, especially as puppies. Small breed dogs, on the other hand, can choke on large-sized kibble and have their own nutritional requirements that can be accommodated with a small-breed dog food. Research your dogs breed to find out if there are any additional nutritional requirements you should be aware of.

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Ultimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Complete

Image courtesy Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Nutra Complete is a high-quality supplement containing nutrient-dense vegetables and necessary vitamins freeze-dried raw for maximum nutrition. Each delicious bite includes 40 ultra healthy compounds that boost energy, digestion, coat, and longevity.

Nutra Complete may be used as a mixer to boost the amount of freeze-dried raw food in your dog’s diet if you don’t want to replace their current food. To avoid overeating, merely reduce the amount of your dog’s meal and add the required quantity of Nutra Complete instead of overfeeding.

Best For Small Breeds: Royal Canin Small Adult Dry Dog Food

HOMEMADE DOG FOOD | healthy dog food recipe

Royal Canins Small Adult Dry Dog Food is designed to meet the unique dietary needs of smaller dogs. This formula allows dogs to meet their high energy needs while helping them maintain a healthy weight with L-carnitine, which aids in metabolizing fat.

Royal Canins Small Adult Dry Dog Food also contains fatty acids like EPA and DHA to support skin and coat health, as well as a variety of additional vitamins and minerals. The recipe is made up of ingredients such as corn, chicken by-product meal, brown rice, fish oil, brewers rice, and chicken fat.

Royal Canin formulates the kibble in this recipe particularly for small dogs as well. Its smaller, to be palatable for smaller jaws, and the shape, texture, and smell are designed to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

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Feed For Organ Health

Other factors to consider are senior dog health problems such as heart and kidney disease. For both conditions, youll want a low-sodium food. But, that same 2011 study found that sodium levels in senior foods ranged from 33 to 412 mg/100 kcal. For kidney disease, youll want low phosphorous, but thats not even mentioned on any label. The 2011 study found phosphorous levels varied by threefold in the senior foods they examined, but were on average higher than their representative adult maintenance food.

Prescription diets are available for heart, kidney, and other diseases that take into account these nutritional needs. However, even those foods may have wide ranges of nutrients. Any dog food manufacturer should be able to provide these numbers to you on their website or with a simple phone call. While youre at it, ask them about the credentials of the people formulating their foods. If they cant provide either, thats clue number one that you should find another product.

Superfoods In Your Kitchen: 15 Healthy Treats For Dogs

As more people have embraced healthier eating, and become more aware of what theyre putting on their plates and in their dogs bowls, the term superfood has become ubiquitous. Its been used to describe everything from acai berries to zucchini and its helped sell a lot of supplements.

When it comes to foods for your dog, there are some that qualify as super in that theyre safe to eat, and nutrient-dense. If youre feeding dry food and looking for ways to boost your dogs intake of nutrients, consider some of the foods below as a meal-topper. If youre feeding a diet of fresh food, you dont necessarily need the nutrient boost these foods provide, but they can make great choices for occasional treats.

What makes a food super?

But first, lets establish: what is a superfoodand is it really super?

The term superfood achieved the distinction of being added to the Merriam Webster dictionary in 2014 and is defined as a food that is rich in compounds considered beneficial to a persons health. But the idea of superfoods dates back to the early 20th century, and, like so many things, has its origins in a marketing campaign.

Read on for a list of superfoods that are safe and healthy for dogs, find out the foods nutritional benefits, and learn tips on how to prepare and feed your dog these super, and super delicious, foods.


Anchovies and sardines

Bone broth


Chia seeds

Dark, leafy greens



Olive oil






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Raw Yeast Dough: Cant Eat

It is extremely unsafe for dogs to eat raw yeast dough.

Raw yeast dough is a concern because yeast cells produce alcohol as they ferment, which may lead to alcohol poisoning and death if your dog consumes it .

Furthermore, dogs that eat raw yeast dough may experience severe bloating, as the dough expands in their stomachs. This can cause difficulty breathing and weakness .

Best Dog Food For Senior Dogs

5 food your dog should eat

Senior dogs, usually considered 7+, vary in their individual nutritional needs. Younger senior dogs may struggle with being overweight and older senior dogs may struggle with being underweight, which is why there is such a variety.

Choosing the best senior dog food may come down to what your dog finds palatable. Many older dogs prefer wet food while others may need their food warmed up to enhance the aromas. Ultimately, your vet can help choose the best dog food for an older pet.

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Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon Yes Please

Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices a dog can have. With its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to regulate blood sugar and improve heart health, cinnamon can help tackle many health conditions. Just be sure to feed it to your dog properly consuming cinnamon sticks and essential oil or inhaling cinnamon powder will only make matters worse for your furry friend. But if you practice moderation, your dog and cinnamon will have a fruitful relationship. For more advice on dog nutrition, health, and training, make sure that you contact us and check out our blog!

Volhard Dog Nutrition and its expert nutritionists are now offering online consultations to help more dog parents discover why, what, and how to feed their dogs the healthiest of foods! Speaking to a Volhard nutritionist will help you understand the inseparable relationship between healthy food, a healthy body, and a healthy mind. If you’re interested in contacting one of our Volhard nutritionists, don’t hesitate to access our consultation page!

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Benefits Of Raw Food For Dogs

There are a lot of benefits to feeding your dog a raw diet. You will be able to see the difference in their coat, energy levels, and overall health. A raw food diet is the most natural and healthy diet for dogs. It contains all the necessary nutrients that a dog needs to stay healthy and live a long life.

The benefits of a raw dog food diet are many: its healthier than kibble, it can help with weight management, it can help with digestion issues, it can help with skin problems , and it may help with other chronic conditions .

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What Makes Our Pet Food So Great

Right now, we’re the only company globally providing cultivated meat made specifically for pets.

This means that our meat is optimised to be ideal for pet nutrition and health.

We partner with leading pet food brands to bring you the quality you know and love but now with sustainable, ethical meat.

What Makes These Dog Foods Better Than Others

Homemade Dog Food On A Budget

Both Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet have been trusted by veterinary professionals for decades. They are science-based companies that have spent more money on making optimal, healthy dog food, skipping all of the media marketing and internet hype. Why? Because they know that their food is one of a kind. And theyd rather put their money where their mouth is!

Veterinarians trust these companies to be reputable, responsible, and precise with their nutrition, even forming prescription lines of food that are geared towards aiding dogs with specific health conditions such as bladder stones, joint problems, kidney disease and much more!

Purina has recently created a prescription line as well, moving into the forefront of healthy and tailored nutrition. You can find their brand on the shelves of many veterinary clinics today. Eukanuba and Iams are also excellent, well-established, and trusted companies. However, they will have less studies and scientific backing behind their food compared to Royal Canin, Hills SD, or Purina. This does not mean that these two companies are any less respected or well-balanced than the others mentioned earlier.

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Our Top Picks For Dog Food

  • Wide range of options for different breeds, ages and diets
  • Use whole meats as main source of protein
  • Low to no use of known fillers such as corn
  • Comply with AAFCO standards and keep consumers updated on requirements
  • More expensive than similar brands

Why we chose Wellness:Wellness use of high-quality ingredients and broad range of options make it a reliable brand regardless of your dogs breed or dietary restrictions.

Wellness is a well-regarded pet food brand that uses top-quality ingredients in its wide range of products. It has four main lines, with a variety of formulas for different ages and sizes.

Also, while its well known for its grain-free options, Wellness also provides what it calls wholesome grain alternatives. These mainly use brown rice and oats and skip well-known fillers such as corn.

The CORE line is probably the most popular, and it has three different subcategories: Digestive Health, RawRev and the original high-protein line. Theres even a vegetarian option made with plant-based ingredients and eggs.

The company complies with all AAFCO requirements, and its labeling according to age and nutritional requirements for growth are accurate. It also updates its labels and information regularly to keep up with AAFCO standards.

While it has had some recalls, the brand has been known to solve issues quickly.

  • Not as high in protein as other options
  • Can only be bought with prescription

Diamond Naturals Small Breed

Diamond Naturals offers The Diamond Standard of dog food, and the brands dog food blends are beloved by doggos and pet owners across the country. Available in most pet food retail stores and online at, this dog food blend for small breeds offers delicious chicken and brown rice and other wholesome ingredients. Treat your pup to something that tastes great and will help them live their best life with the diamond standard.

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How Much And How Often To Feed Your Dog

The amount of food your dog needs primarily depends on the brand and the ingredients. Look for details on your chosen top-rated dry dog food website or check the packaging.

However, dont forget to monitor your dogs weight and adjust the amount accordingly. Your dog might simply need less or more food than suggested. And to help your dog keep its optimal weight, feeding it twice a day would be optimal.

Y Animal Original Dog Food

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Roasted Chicken, Rice &  Vegetable ...

Image courtesy Party Animal

The first ingredient in Farm Raised Diet Cages-Free Chicken & Natural Lamb is organic chicken. It also includes high-quality components such as organic fruits and vegetables.

This dish is corn-free, gluten-free, soy-free, artificial preservative- and colorless. It’s also free of genetically modified organisms .

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Purina Beyond Organic Dog Food

Image courtesy Purina

This high-protein dog food’s nutritious balance is provided by organic free-range chicken, carefully chosen ingredients like egg and sweet potato, and exceptional nutrition.

All of their foods are USDA Certified Organic, which means they do not contain any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or antibiotics and no artificial colors, tastes, or preservatives.

What Do Others Say About Instinct

As of the time of this update

Chewy customers rate Instinct 4.6 out of 5 stars and 94% say they would recommend it to others.

Heres an actual user review

Sample buyer reviewI have a large breed very picky eater. I tried numerous brands when she was a puppy and finally ended up adding gravy and hotdogs to get her to eat. She is now 6 years old and I recently tried instinct original. What a turn around. She not only gobbles it down but sits in front of the bag of food asking for more. This is literally the first dog food besides wet that she likes let alone craves. I chose it after reading multiple reviews that listed it as one of the top choices.

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