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How To Keep Dog Out Of Cat Food

Feed Your Pets In Separate Rooms

QUICK TIP: How To Keep Your Dog Out Of The Cat Food

An obvious solution is also to simply feed your cat and dogs in separate rooms. It seems simple, but it is effective! If your dog does not have access to the cats food, then they cannot eat it! However, if your cat doesnt eat their food in one sitting, it can be slightly harder to orchestrate, as it could mean shutting your cat in a separate room for an extended period while they finish their meal.

That being said, you can easily solve this issue by purchasing an adjustable door latch designed to hold your door closed so that dogs cannot get into a room, but that holds the door open wide enough for cats to squeeze through. This is great at keeping persistent dogs out and means your cat can come and go, eating their food as they wish.

There are also pet gates available on the market which are built like dog gates but have a smaller gate built into the main one which acts like a cat flap, allowing your cat to come and go as they wish. However, these are only effective if your dog is larger than your cat, ensuring they cannot fit through the flap.

Install A Gate For Cats But Not For Dogs

Keeping the dog out of the cats food and litter box can be quite tricky because you usually dont keep the cats food in the same room as its litter box. So, if you want to avoid stressing the cat, you need to offer it enough space for both its food bowls and litter box. A great way to do that is to limit the dogs access to the area where you have these items by installing a gate that the dog cant get through, but the cat can.

The gate is flexible in width so you can adapt it to the exact size of your walls. It has a lock that neither the dog nor the cat can open and it has a small door at the bottom, which is large enough for the cat to go through, but not the dog. If you want to see what the gate looks like, take a look at our video on how to keep the dog away with a gate.

How To Keep Ants Out Of Cat Food

About five years ago I decided that there had to be a way to keep ants out of the cat food proactively, and I tried a few things that I found online. They all involved placing the cats food dish inside another dish or tray that was filled with water, or spreading petroleum jelly on the outside of the dish, or a combination of the two.

I cant even tell you if these methods worked or not, because I couldnt keep them up long enough to find out if they kept the ants away. The cat would drop food into the water constantly, and it would dissolve and get really gross, so I was changing the water several times every day. And OF COURSE she got the petroleum jelly all over herself, no matter where I put it on the bowl. That drove both of us nuts.

So I looked for a better solution, and found these amazing ant-proof pet food dishes, with lots of different sizes for cats or dogs.

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Pioneer Pet Smartcat Feeder

Another way you can keep your dog out of your cats food is to use a puzzle bowl, such as the Pioneer Pet SmartCat Feeder.

This bowl has holes in the side that your cat has put their paws into and find the right spots to reach their food. Large dogs wont be able to use their paws to reach the pieces of food, and most will also get frustrated with the puzzle and deterred from eating. However, your cats will love the mental stimulation, and it will encourage your cats to slow down and eat at a healthier pace.

That being said, this bowl may only be successful for a limited amount of time, as dogs could learn that they could get the food from picking it up and shaking it, and small dogs may be able to reach their snouts into the holes and steal some kibble.

On a more positive note, I love that this bowl is made from ceramic, a great option as it is durable, safe for cats, and more hygienic than plastic alternatives. The design is also clever as you can easily pour food into the top rather than trying to awkwardly insert it from the sides. That being said, this feeder only works for wet food, so it isnt for everyone.


  • Successfully deters dogs from eating your cats food
  • Helps to reduce your cats feeding speed
  • Provides your cat with mental stimulation
  • Made from high-quality ceramic that is durable, safe, and hygienic


  • Only suitable for dry cat food
  • Small dogs may be able to reach the kibble
  • Dogs may crack the puzzle over time

Ourpets Wonder Bowl Selective Feeder

Dog Proof Cat Feeder

The Wonder Bowl from OurPets works similarly to our #1 recommendation, the SureFeed Microchip Feeder.

Instead of using a microchip, this works with a special tag. The electronic tag can be attached to any collar and is recognized by the feeder. If your cat comes near, it opens, and he or she can eat. There OurPets Wonder Bowl features a food bowl made out of stainless steel that can be removed and is easily washable in a dishwasher. It holds up to 1.5 cups of dry or wet food.

The electronic tag is fed by a CR2032 battery, which unfortunately needs to be replaced quite often. Its easy to see when the battery is empty, though, because the tag comes with an integrated battery life indicator.

Overall, the wonder pets is a simple and reliable dog proof cat feeder. It will surely keep your dog out of your cat food for years to come. Check price here.

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Use A Protective Cat Bowl

There are feeders available for your cat if they eat canned/wet food.

One such feeder to aggravate your dog is the Felines Only Cat Feeding Bowl. It actually works with both wet and dry cat food kibble.

This feederis designed to keep dogs out of it. The enclosure has an opening big enough for your cat to fit its head in and get the food.

This choice may not work if your dog is about the same size as your cat or has a really skinny head, like a Whippet .

How To Keep Your Dog Out Of The Cat Food

Theres just something about cat food that many dogs find completely irresistible. From the strong fishy flavors to the allure of something different, it can be tricky to stop your dog from stealing the cats dinner! But there are good reasons why dogs and cats need their own special diets, and you should try to keep the dog out of the cat food

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Can Cats Eat Dog Food

On the flip side, cats should never be fed dog food as it will be deficient in some of the essential nutrients they need to survive.

Unlike dogs, cats are unable to make the essential amino acid taurine and need to obtain it through their diet. Taurine deficiency can lead to a serious heart condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy . Cats also require arachidonic acid and have a unique requirement for vitamin A, both of which are unlikely to be present in the appropriate amounts in commercial dog food.

Pet Door With Chip Lock

How to Keep Dog Out of Cat Food and Litter Box

Many pet doors can be configured to only open when a certain microchip is near.

If you are feeding your cat and dog in different rooms, and youre tired of having to make sure the right pet is in the right room and keep the doors closed, you can automate it with two pet doors.

All you have to do give each room its own pet door, and program the pet doors to only let the right animal in. Whether this is going to be easy or cheaper than buying a dedicated feeder is the question.

Pet doors arent cheap. And, you will also need to cut holes in two doors. That being said, this can still be a great option if you also want to provide your pets with their own private space.

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Use An Automatic Cat Feeder

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is a very simple way to keep all dogs away from your cats food, including small dogs like Chihuahuas. The model is very simple, the food bowl has a transparent cover which only opens when your cat goes to eat. The SureFeed automatic cat feeder reads your cats microchip and only opens the cover for that cat.

The SureFeed even has an intruder mode, which makes it extremely useful because even if your dog tries to push the cat away while its eating and gets to its food like that, the SureFeed detects that the absence of the microchip and immediately closes up the cover. This also makes it useful if you have two cats and only one of them is supposed to eat the food inside.

Why Will My Dog Only Eat Cat Food

A dog will only eat cat food for a few reasons. One of the biggest ones is the cat food is something new and novel to your dog. The smell of a higher protein and carb content in the cat food will also make it seem more delicious to your dog. If your dog will only eat the cat food, then try to examine to see if there is something wrong with your dogs kibble. Sometimes the refusal to eat is because there is something wrong with the food or it could be health issues.

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Fresh Food For Longer

Another benefit of this type of product is that the food will stay fresh for longer than with normal pet feeders. The reason for that is the closed lid that wont allow for the food to get in contact with the air. That can be quite convenient, especially for wet food which tends to go bad quicker than the dry food.

Ever Run Out Of Pet Food And Not Know What To Do

Best Dog Safe (Proof) Cat Food Feeders, Feeding Stations ...

We can all agree that life is crazy and full of distractions.

We make lists and have reminders everywhere about EVERYTHING in hopes we wont forget to be somewhere or get something. If you are like me, these dont always help. I so often forget things on my list, and sadly sometimes that is my dogs food.

Unfortunately, dogs and cats arent like us and cant just change up what they eat from meal to meal. Sudden changes in a pets diet can cause them to develop some not-so-pleasant digestive issues that often require a visit to the veterinarian.

Ask any vet, and theyll tell you that abrupt food changes are a common cause of digestive upset in both cats and dogs.

To help paint the picture of what the sudden change in diet feels like to your pet, I will “cook up” this scenario. Picture eating only bland and easy-to-digest foods. Then one day, you decide to eat a huge spicy meal or a giant pizza with all the toppings. Your tummy aches, you feel nauseated, you have heartburn, etc. Are you now able to relate to how bad your pet may feel when you suddenly switch their food?

I know, I know, our pets eat all sorts of things off the ground. BUT that is only small amounts and not several main meals. And in reality, many do suffer digestive issues when they have been naughty sneaking extras here and there. They just arent always as obvious or messy.

Typically, when dogs or cats have a sudden change in their diet, they will experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting
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    Teach Your Dog Commands

    If you prefer not to put up barriers or place the cats food higher up, then the leave it command could be the fix youve been looking for to stop your dog from eating the cat food.

    Each time you catch your pooch heading toward the cats food bowl, use the leave it command to get to leave the food alone. Be sure to stay consistent with this command and continue to keep an eye on your dog so you can take action whenever she comes close to gobbling up the wrong food. Click here for more .

    Avoid using any harsh punishment, but rather instruct your dog what you want her to do and then reward her success, Dr. Melese says.

    Positive reinforcement goes a long way and will get you the respect needed to achieve the results you want.

    How To Stop Your Dog Eating Cat Food

    Invisible Fence® Brand06-01-2020

    There are certain things only multi-pet house owners will understand. Living with cats and dogs can be both challenging and extremely rewarding. Many multi-pet owners struggle with keeping their animals apart during feeding time. Lucky for you, we put together a short video from our Certified Pet Trainer, Sandy Benes, with tips on how to keep your dog from eating your cat’s food.

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    Are There Risks For Dogs From Eating Cat Feces

    This behavior in dogs is not abnormal and actually its part of their nature. Dogs eat anything that is tasty or chewy and cat poop is no exception. The dogs strong sense of smell allows them to smell the food digested in the cat poop. Is this behavior dangerous for a dog? Even though the risks are not high, there are some risks from dogs that eat cat poop and if your dog is small, the risks could be higher.

    Cat feces contain germs such as bacteria or parasites that could be harmful for your dog and that could be transmitted to people that touch and even kiss the dog. Sometimes dogs dont show signs of parasites, but they can get them from eating cat poop and it will take a medical check up to find the parasites.

    Also, if you have a small dog and your canine friend eats cat poop all the time, small amounts of litter gets into your dogs digestive system. Overtime your little guy could experience intestine blockage due to the ingestion of cat litter. If your small dog shows signs of constipation after being a long time cat poop eater, take it to the Vet to discard intestine blockage.

    Use Automatic Pet Feeders

    The Best Cat Feeder! Keeping Dog and Fat Cat Out Of Food!

    Some vet experts would disagree with the recommendation to feed the cat and dog at the same time. Thats because these pets have different eating styles.

    While its OK for a dog to eat twice a day by gulping the whole portion at once, cats tend to nibble small pieces throughout the day. So your cat will feel hungry if you leave her with no food for several hours. If you leave the cat food out and your cat doesnt eat right away, you then run the risk your dog will steal the cats food.

    The best option to try here is an automatic pet feeder.

    Place feeders for both the dog and cat on opposite sides of your kitchen and stagger feeding times accordingly. Your pets will anticipate the routine soon, and theyll stop stealing the food from each others bowls.

    Automatic pet feeders help you break up meals into smaller portions throughout a day and also ensure that your pets never miss a meal when youre away.

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    Why You Shouldnt Let Your Dog Eat Cat Food

    Cat food has been designed to smell extra savory and it contains high levels of fat and protein. Its the perfect combination for a dog to claim as an extra delicious treat.

    While theres nothing wrong with a dog eating cat food every once in a while, there are several reasons why we should make sure that it doesnt become a habit:

    Different Technologies Of Dog

    These type of products have sensors that recognize the special collar tags or microchips on specific pets. That way when the cat is near, they will open and allow them to eat. However, if the pet without the collar tag or microchip comes near, the lid will not open. Also, they sometimes use special designs, such as smaller holes, which makes it impossible for dog heads to get through and reach your cats food.

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    Keeping Your Dog Out Of Your Cats Bowl

    Although cats are more aggressive, dogs have the size to handle almost anything your cat will throw at it. Thats why your dog will likely completely ignore your cat if it is eating at the time of his/her invasion.

    Sometimes they might be more careful and wait until youre not looking. Since cats are obligate carnivores, we tend to leave their bowls out in the open.

    Dogs take full advantage of this situation and scarf down the entire bowl before you ever realize it.

    Since dogs are larger animals, they can reach fairly decent heights by standing on their hind legs.

    This means that youre going to have to figure out a good way to get your cats bowl a pretty decent height in the air. The bigger your dog is the higher you will need too set the bowl.

    The best way to get your cats food bowl up high in a safe, secure way is to use a tall cat tree. You want to use one that is over 5 ft, preferably closer too 6 ft high.

    All you need to do is be sure the cat tree has at least one high tower or a long ladder that your dog cant climb up. Dogs are clumsy and lack the gripping capability that cats have so if you make it difficult for them, they wont reach your cats food.

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