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Can My Senior Dog Eat Puppy Food

What Conditions Can Senior Dog Food Help Manage

Human foods for dogs. Can a two-month-old puppy eat human food?

There are quite a few diseases that are known to affect aging dogs. Many of these can be influenced or managed, in part or entirely through nutrition. This includes conditions such as:

  • Dental disease

  • Certain cancers

In some cases, nutritional changes can affect the outcome or slow the progression of a disease process, while in others, it may simply help reduce the signs associated with the condition.

Dogs with dental disease may benefit from senior dry foods with a specific kibble shape, size, and texture to reduce plaque buildup. These may contain added ingredients known to specifically control dental disease.

Alternatively, if your senior dog has lost their teeth, or has few teeth left, your vet may suggest going with a canned food variety for ease and comfort with eating.

Dogs with arthritis may benefit from senior foods with added ingredients that are known to benefit the joints, such as glucosamine hydrochloride chondroitin sulfate and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids , eicosatetraenoic acid , and docosahexaenoic acid ), to name a few. If a therapeutic diet is not suggested, supplements containing these ingredients may be recommended for your senior dog.

If your dog has kidney disease, your vet might recommend a high-quality senior food with low protein. In many cases, a therapeutic diet may be recommended.

The Best Type Of Calories For Puppies

Feeding a more calorie dense food is important, but make sure those extra calories are coming from healthy proteins and fats. Compared to calories from carbohydrates, protein and fat contain not only a longer lasting energy source to feed their brain, but also the nutrients that your pup needs to properly develop.

Omega fatty acids like EPA and DHA, as well as appropriate quantities of all essential amino acids, are vital to proper growth and development.

Adult food often contains these nutrients, but not necessarily in the same quantities needed for a growing pup. Learn more about your puppys dietary needs in What Should I feed My Puppy?

Minimize The Treats Between Meals

If your dogs appetite is already modest, half a dozen dog treats may be enough to satisfy him. That indicates that he does not believe he has enough capacity in his stomach for his appropriate and healthy diet.

Even if you are tempted to give more lavish treats to that sad old face, you must control yourself. You should also try to make healthy treats instead of just empty calories.

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Make Sure You Also Feed Vitamin E

Make sure your dog also eats food rich in vitamin E when eating salmon skin. Both omega-3 and vitamin E offer complementary functions.

Additionally, vitamin E can help prevent oxidative damage in omega-3 oil. Not only that, but it may also benefit your dogs skin health, immune system, osteoarthritis, and more.

Vitamin E rich food includes bones with marrow because selenium acts like vitamin E.

If your dog doesnt eat bones with marrow, you can supplement with vitamin E oil.

What Are Signs Of A Dog Dying Of Old Age

Can Adult Dogs Eat Puppy Food?
  • Loss of Interest. As a dog draws closer to death, they may begin to lose interest in things and people around them.
  • Extreme Fatigue or Loss of Energy. One of the most common signs that a dog may be dying is a severe loss of energy.
  • Loss of Bladder and Bowel Control.
  • Appetite Change or Loss of Appetite.
  • Odd Breathing.


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Best For Sensitive Stomachs: Canidae Grain

As your fur baby ages, you may find their stomach gets more particular. This Canidae formula is grain-free and made without corn, wheat, or soy. Youll like that its primary ingredients are all sourced in the U.S. and are all things you can pronouncechicken, lentils, fish meal, etc. After its cooked, the kibble is fortified with probiotics for an additional boost to your pups digestive health, plus antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. The kibble pieces are small enough for dogs of all sizes to happily chow down on them.

At 359 kcal per cup, this Wellness CORE formula is one of the least caloric varieties available. But don’t let that fool you: with a high concentration of animal protein, along with nutritional supplements like vitamins A and E, omega-fatty acid 3 and 6 from salmon oil, plus glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate for healthy joints, your pup wont go hungry.

Its made without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Its also grain-free, gluten-free, and contains no wheat, soy, or corn.

Tips For Making Your Dogs Food At Home:

  • If youre not ready to make the leap to cooking all of your dogs food, try just adding some real, whole foods to their kibble. You can start with simply stirring in a scrambled egg, mixing in some chopped apples or carrots, or adding a small amount of the homemade dog food in with their normal kibble.
  • You should be able to serve this homemade dog food to your dog either hot or cold. Ive found that dogs love this dog food so much, that they are not picky about how its served.
  • Its not usually a good idea to abruptly change your dogs food. Start transitioning them to homemade food by mixing some of this in with their regular food or kibble for a few days until they are used to the new food. Your dogs belly will thank you. And again, remember to always discuss with your vet before feeding your pet something new.
  • To give your dog a variety of different nutrients, use different meats, fruits, and vegetables to make your dogs food. However, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, it might be best to stick to one combination that you know works.

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What Can I Do To Satisfy My Picky Eater

One way to enhance your dogs appetite is to add tasty toppers to her food. Mixing a few tablespoons of a quality canned food to your dogs kibble can help.

Fresh, raw or cooked chicken or beef can also get your dog to drool over their meals again. Eggs are another popular appetizer scrambled or boiled with no salt, oil or seasonings, of course.

Toppers can safely make up about 10-20% of your dogs diet. Youll need to be mindful of added calories and nutrients.

What Does Pasta Do To Dogs

Senior Dog Food

In its plain form, pasta is unlikely to harm your dog, especially in moderation. However, it is worth being careful, as some pets have wheat allergies or are sensitive to grains. Pasta has very minimal nutritional value as well, so while it isn’t poisonous, it shouldn’t be a regular part of your dog’s diet.

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Is Your Dog Diabetic

If your dog is diabetic and will not eat, this could be an indication that something is seriously wrong. Ask your veterinarian what they recommend doing if your dog wont eat at the time of your dogs diagnosis.

As a general rule, dogs should not be given as insulin if they arent eating, as this can cause dangerously low hypoglycemia. If your veterinarian advised you to give a half dose of insulin if your dog skips one meal, do so, but alert your veterinarian immediately if your dog skips another meal.

If your diabetic dog skips a meal, is lethargic, nonresponsive, or vomiting or having diarrhea, they should be seen by a veterinarian immediately, as this could be an indication of hypoglycemia or diabetic ketoacidosis, both of which are life-threatening if not treated right away.

Should Senior Dogs Eat Wet Or Dry Food

Canned foods are a good choice for a senior diet. It solves many of the issues presented with a kibble diet and is a great way to encourage picky eaters to eat more. Wet foods are generally more digestible than kibble, depending on the ingredients of course, and many options have very little carbohydrates or fillers.

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Look For A Senior Dog Food That Is Similar To Their Current Food

If your brand does not offer a senior version, look for senior dog foods with similar ingredient and nutrient profiles. For example, if your dog has always eaten a chicken and rice kibble, look for a senior dry food with similar ingredients.

If your vet has suggested a different formulation, brand, or variety, take a closer look at the ingredients and make your selection based on your dogs unique needs.

Can Dogs Eat Pork

My Dog Wont Eat Dog Food: Why and Tips to Get them Eating ...

Technically, yes, but the discussion doesnt end there. Pork is not toxic to dogs, so you can give it to your pup. However, certain conditions must be met to keep your dog healthy and safe as he chews on the cuts of meat with gusto.

To start, its best for your dog to eat cooked pork without added salt, spices, garlic powder, onion powder, and other ingredients that can be harmful to him.

Keep his cooked pig meat plain and simple. Reserve the bells and whistles of a gourmet pork dish to yourself. You deserve such a sumptuous treat.

Nonetheless, were not saying that your pup doesnt deserve to be pampered with seasoned pork products like bacon, ham, and pork chop. You may feel guilty for not allowing your dog to taste these fatty and mouthwatering human foods, but you should not.

After all, dogs are not fond of these spices and flavors and they cant even taste some of these ingredients that we usually add to our dishes.

Instead, dogs are drawn to the fatty and meaty flavor of the meat. So, dont feel bad for giving your pooch plain and unseasoned cooked pork for dinner.

Whether you believe it or not, your canine companion loves it. And besides, you can also see it to yourself just by observing how fast he finishes his homemade dog food.

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Customers Choice: Iams Senior Dry Dog Food

Who says that quality food cant be affordable? This budget-friendly senior dog food doesnt break the bank but it offers everything your senior pooch needs to stay healthy and happy. The first ingredient in the formula is real, farm-raised chicken, followed by other wholesome ingredients such as grains, carrots, chicken fat, and beet pulp. There are no artificial preservatives or flavors in the mix, nor are there any cheap fillers, so only whats best for your precious pooch goes into their food bowl. To boot, there are two specialized formulas available for an even more tailored fit: one for medium size dogs and one for large breeds.


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Best Wet: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Senior Wet Dog Food

Some seniors simply prefer wet food, others require it, be it for poor teeth health or because they need a fattier diet. This natural high-protein contains both turkey and chicken and is enriched with vitamins and minerals your senior needs to be in their top form. And if your pooch isnt a fan of poultry or has food sensitivities triggered by chicken, theres a beef-only alternative for them to enjoy. There is no chicken or poultry meal or by-product, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial preservatives and flavors. You can feed this wet food on its own or add it as a topper to dry dog food its good either way!


  • No grains, fillers, or artificial flavors and preservatives


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Listen To Your Veterinarians Recommendations For Special Conditions

If your dog has been diagnosed with a condition known to be influenced by nutrition, or they are at risk for certain diseases based on their health and lifestyle, your vet may suggest a therapeutic or prescription diet. These diets require a prescription from your veterinarian.

While these diets do not usually contain the word senior in their title, they are formulated to manage disease conditions commonly seen in senior dogs. They may have added ingredients or formulation-specific differences not available in over-the-counter varieties.

When To Transition To Adult Food

Vet Advice | Can I Feed My Dog People Food?

Consult with your vet to help determine the best time to change from puppy food to big-girl food, but most dogs are ready to change foods between 18 and 24 months of age. The exact age at which your puppy becomes a dog varies from one individual to the next, but most small breeds mature at relatively young ages, while most giant breeds require 2 years or more to fully mature.

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My Dog Isnt Eating But Acting Normal

If your Lab is full of energy and charging around like a puppy there is probably no immediate need to rush your dog off to the hospital. Or even if he seems just a little bit reserved. You dog might just not be hungry. Or bored with his food. Maybe he moved around less and doesnt need his usual amount of food. Someone could have slipped him too many treats.

  • Have you changed food brands? Some dogs are very suspicious of unknown tastes and smells. A new bag of kibble you just opened might be off check and smell the food.
  • Has something in your dogs environment changed? When dogs have emotional upsets it often puts them off their food just like our children.
  • Have you moved house? Even a simple thing like a new food bowl or changing the place where you feed him can have him turning up his nose at food.

Most dogs also stop eating for a day or two when their owners go off on holiday. Or even just when their favourite companion isnt home a person or another pet. Are there visitors who might be upsetting him? Or a new pet? But, if he normally has a healthy appetite, keep an eye on him, watch and wait. One of the things you need to watch for is that your dog drinks water.

What Nutrients Does Your Dog Need For Their Skin And Coat Health

  • Opens a new window
  • Your dogs skin and hair arent just nice to pet they play an important role in keeping your pup healthy and comfortable. They prevent water and heat from leaving your pups body, plus they help keep viruses and bacteria out. One of the best ways to make sure your dogs skin and coat are in the best possible condition is by paying close attention to what you put in their food bowl.

    Nutrients like protein, fat, vitamins and minerals can all impact your dogs skin and coat health. Your dogs coat is made up almost entirely of protein. If their diet doesnt contain enough quality protein, your dogs hair might fall out or become dry, weak and brittle.

    Likewise, their skin is made up of tightly packed flat cells with tough membranes made of proteins and fats. Without proper amounts of these nutrients, the cell membranes can weaken, allowing water to escape and bacteria and viruses to enter more easily.

    Make sure your dog is getting the following nutrients to help keep their coat and skin healthy. And keep in mind that IAMS dog foods contain an optimal blend of these nutrients to support your dogs skin and coat health.

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    When Should I Switch My Dog To Senior Food

    Thats around the time that your dogs activity level may begin to slow down, and his metabolism may begin to decrease. His brain may also become less efficient at metabolizing glucose, which can lead to memory problems. Around age seven, you may want to think about switching him to a dog food for older dogs.

    Best For Small Dogs: Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites Chicken Meal Barley & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

    How much turkey is safe for my dog to eat?

    Smaller dogs tend to live longer and arent considered seniors until their eighth or ninth birthday. When you choose a senior dog food for your smaller breed, in addition to the nutrient profile, youll also want to take into consideration the size of the kibblethe smaller the pup, the smaller the kibble should be.

    This variety from Hills Science Diet has small pieces of kibble that are soft enough for smaller jaws . As for ingredients, its made in the U.S. from chicken meal, rice, and barley, plus has added omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a lustrous coat.

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    Older Dogs May Need More Encouragement To Eat

    It’s normal for dogs to eat less as they get older, but they should still have a healthy appetite.

    If your dog is eating a lot less than normal, or refuses to eat at all, this could be a sign of an underlying medical problem. Kidney disease, diabetes, cancer or dental problems can all affect your dog’s appetite, so you should visit a vet as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

    Once serious causes have been ruled out, there are a few things you can do to make food more appealing to a senior dog. These include:

    • Try to make your dog’s food more palatable, as senior dogs can be fussier about what they eat – often due to a reduced sense of taste. Adding cooked chicken is an easy example, although make sure you don’t accidentally overfeed.
    • If you’re using dry kibble, try mixing it with warm water to make it softer and more appetising. Low-sodium chicken broth can be even more appealing.
    • Multiple smaller meals throughout the day may be easier for your dog to digest than one or two large meals.
    • If your dog is suffering from joint pain, discuss pain medication with your vet. It can be difficult for a dog to feel like eating if they are in pain.
    • Some types of medication can affect a dog’s appetite. If you think this might be the reason for your pet eating less, discuss alternative medications with your vet.
    • Older dogs sometimes find it difficult to eat from bowls on the floor. Consider getting an elevated dish, so that your pet doesn’t need to bend his neck so much to eat.

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