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Where Is Inception Dog Food Made

Inception Chicken Recipe Dry Food

Inception Dog Food Review

This Dry Dog Food recipe is made with animal proteins from pork and chicken. This meal does not have any potatoes, wheat, soy, or corn to reduce the risk of giving your dog an allergic reaction. Also, the feed does not have any preservatives, colors, or flavor. The objective here is to provide your dog with as much nutrition as they need. Here are some of the healthy ingredients used to make the meal:

Evolve Grain Free Jerky Bites

Evolve dog treats are handy to have around and your furry buddy will definitely agree as they are super tasty to a dogs palate.

Evolve Grain-Free Jerky Bites will work well as a reward system during those training sessions or when you feel like pampering your furry pal just because he is your buddy.

On top of that, they are nutritionally sound and designed in a holistic way even for dogs with food sensitivities. So, if your pooch is grain intolerant, these bites will fit him because they are 100% grain-free.

The main ingredients in this recipe include turkey, pea, blueberries, and cranberries. Turkey is obviously delicious and supports muscle growth. Peas and berries are not only great for taste but also help boost the immune system.

You dont have to worry about expiration because these Jerky Bites are designed to stay moist and soft right down to the last strip in the pack.

During a walk or after one of those lengthy play sessions in the backyard, this treat is what you will want to get your pup for that energy boost. Evolve Grain-Free Jerky Bites are readily available

Who Makes Victor Dog Food And Where Is It Made

Victor dog food is a product of Mid America Pet Food LLC. This small company is based in Texas, which is also where the pet food is manufactured in their own custom-built facility. In addition to dog food, there are also Victor branded cat food products and horse feed.

Victor has its origins as a brand name sometime in the mid-1940s, however, the product available today has only been in existence since 2007.

This is a video provided by Victor brand through their YouTube channel summarizing the history, manufacturing, and philosophy of the brand.

to see the video.

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Birth Of The Dog Food Industry

Up until this point there were many people who would give guidance on what dogs should eat but it was really left to the individuals to get the ingredients together and feed them. The question of who invented dog food is unanswered but at least we know what they ate before its invention.

There was no company at the time which would pre package them all and sell them to the masses. Enter James Spratt.

James Spratt was a salesman who travelled from Ohio to London to sell lightning rods. Upon docking in Liverpool in 1850 Spratt noticed dogs grouping together in the hopes of getting some uneaten ships hard tack and presumably enjoying them. Ships hard tack were a simple snack which didnt spoil quickly and had some basic nutrition making it ideal for travel. Ingredients were stone ground flour, water and salt, which were mixed into a stiff dough, baked in a hot oven for 30 minutes and then left to harden and dry. At this point we know that dogs were not strangers to these ingredients.

After this discovery, Spratt went to work mass producing these biscuits by offering them to the middle and upper classes and then beyond after that. The rest is history but this was a significant development in terms of dog food as it demonstrated two things.

  • There was a demand from dog owners for ready made food
  • There was money to be made in the newly formed dog food industry

Spratts was acquired by General Mills in the 1950s and they continue to make dog food using the Blue Buffalo brand.

Victor Grain Free Active Dog & Puppy

Inception Dog Food Review

Touted by the maker as a Super Premium dog food, this formula combines beef, chicken, pork and fish, all sourced from the United States. Peas and Sweet Potato are also added to the mix. It is supposed to support digestion and help bolster the immune system and does have a wide variety of nutritional supplements.

Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal figures prominently in the ingredients list, and we also find Natural Chicken Flavor, which is not a preferred ingredient, though it may be innocuous. There is not a lot of plant matter in this formula, which should please many dog owners.

This blend comes in three sizes: 5 Pounds, 15 Pounds and 30 Pounds. Its nice to see this amount of choice not every owner wants the workout size bag.


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Inception Dog Food: The Verdict

After learning more about Pets Globals commitment to pet wellness, and really being impressed with the sourcing for their ingredients, the fact that my dogs seemed to eat it up with such excitement and contentment made me happy.

Additionally, its really reasonably priced for such a premium-ingredient dog-food. One of my biggest pet peeves about food in general, for humans and for pets, is that too often, truly healthful foods are simply unaffordable for the average family/pet parent. Inception is affordable and full of good, nutrient-dense ingredients that fuel your pooches and makes their taste buds happy too.

Most importantly, its obvious the ingredients were thoughtfully considered and blended to be the best for your dogs overall health and wellness, AND their palatability. Inception is proof you can find a well-made, nutrient-dense food thats affordable, good for our dogs and will have them coming back for more. Whether its the Fish, Chicken, Pork or Chicken and Pork recipe blends, you can be sure youre doing better for your dog, and theyre enjoying every bite!

Lori Ennis

Discussion Of Most Important Ingredients Good And Bad

The ingredients in Victor Grain-free dry dog food are generally of good quality, though there are a few noteworthy items worth a closer look.First off, the good stuff:

And the not-so-good stuff:

  • Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal Alfalfa is considered a premium grade ingredient for humans! For dogs, however, it is often used as a cheap protein source. Although alfalfa is full of nutrients, seeing it here in its dehydrated form suggests it is present to boost the protein levels rather than provide vitamins and minerals. Not bad, exactly, but disappointing.

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Best Price Inception Dog Food

Sometimes, finding the best dog food feels like a never-ending quest because there are so many choices. Besides, getting the right diet is not just about nutrition or cost it is also about finding something your dog will like. You have to find something that tastes, looks, and smells good, so they want to eat.

Average Price And Duration In Comparison With Other Dog Food Brands

How Its Made: Dog and Cat Food

Zignature vs. Kirkland

On average, Zignature can last your pooch about a week longer thanKirkland.

Kirkland is much cheaper, at just $1/lb, however. Zignature is slightly higher in quality, in my opinion, although Kirkland does offer more variety, with options for dogs of different sizes and different life stages.

Zignature vs. Merrick and Blue Buffalo

In my review of Kirkland dog food, we saw that it lasts about 5 – 7 days longer than Merrick and Blue Buffalo, but Zignature beats that, lasting almost 2 weeks longer on average.

Both of these brands cost about 25% little less than Zignature, though, so if we factor in price as well, there probably isnt a great deal of difference. In my opinion, Merrick and Blue Buffalo are of a slightly higher quality to Zignature.

Zignature vs. 4health

Zignature lasts your dog about 1-2 weeks longer than 4 health. 4health is almost 150% cheaper, however, at just $1/lb.

I believe Zignature to be the better quality of the two, plus 4health is not as readily available, as it cannot be bought online.

Zignature vs. Orijen

Once again, Orijen retains its number one spot for the longest longest-lasting dog food I have reviewed so far, lasting a little longer than Zignature. Zignature now holds the title for the 2nd longest-lasting so far.

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper alternative to Orijen, but that lasts almost as long, Zignature is a good alternative. Of course, for me, in terms of quality, Orijen is miles ahead.

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Evolve Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Jerky Bites Grain

Evolve Salmon & Sweet Potato Jerky Bites are made holistically with farm fresh produce sourced in the US.

In addition to being tasty, the salmon in this treat is a good source of protein, plus its rich in omega acids which support lean muscle growth and promote healthy skin and coat.

This recipe substitutes corn with sweet potato, providing you with a good tasty choice in case your pooch is corn or gluten intolerant.

Evolve Jerky Bites also work well for any active pooch. The sweet potato in this recipe is a good source of the much-needed high energy as it provides quality carbs for your active mutt.

When going for a road trip, hunting, or a walk in the park, your canine buddy can stay rejuvenated and lively by simply popping one of these jerkies into his mouth. To get your pup this nutritious treat, visit well-known online outlets such as to place your order.

Where Is Acana Dog Food Made

Acana dog food is made in the USA and Canada. Its claimed to be made from Americas freshest and best dog food ingredients in their new state-of-the art, fresh food processing technology equipped, Kentucky DogStar® kitchens. They also have a facility in Alberta, Canada.

There are four unique classes of Acana dog food: Classics , Heritage, Regionals, and Singles.

Where does Acana source their ingredients from?

Champion Petfoods chooses their ingredient suppliers carefully, setting quality and nutritional standards that must be met. They form partnerships with regional farmers, ranchers, and fishermen whose values match those of their own.

Unmatched by any pet food maker, our ingredients arrive at our kitchens fresh, bursting with goodness, and typically within 48 hours from when they were harvested. ~ Acanas Claim

Now: To learn more about how Acana sources their ingredients, visit their Fresh Regional Ingredients page.

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Victor Performance With Glucosamine

Purported to be a special blend for both growing and active dogs, especially large breeds. More than two-thirds of the protein is derived from animal sources , which is always good. Grains are featured in this blend, but like most Victor dog food, vegetables and berries are notably absent, save for dried carrot.

Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal is way up on the ingredients list, and here again is Natural Chicken Flavor, which is not something I like to see, though, again, it may be just fine.

I spy something great in here:

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are features of this blend and both are very good for promoting joint health, which is ideal for bigger dogs.

This blend comes in only two sizes: 5 Pounds and 40 Pounds. Im not sure what value the small bag is, other than to treat it as a sample size before committing to the larger size.


  • check Supplements for joint health
  • check High in animal-derived protein
  • check Good choice for very large dogs


Improving The Formula Medicated Dog Bread

Inception Dry Dog Food Sample Gift Pack

Despite James Spratts work, most dogs were still fed human foods such as meat milk, bread and if theyre lucky a dog biscuit. In 1880 American Veterinary A.C. Daniels released his medicated dog bread which claimed to be a much more refined snack free of ingredients which led to indigestion, constipation and skin ills. Read more about that here.

This tells us that 140 years ago dogs still did not receive enough fibre which would lead to these conditions. Skin ills are also borne out of a poor diet and possibly allergies from certain ingredients such as grains.

Unfortunately, a trend of big companies was to package inferior goods unfit for human consumption, put them in a bag and package them as dog food. It could be argued that dog food took a turn for the worst at this point in time as the thought of making money came before the wellbeing of the dog. This practice can sadly still be seen today albeit not on the same scale.

A.C. Daniels was the first person post industrial revolution to think about the nutritional needs of the dog but they were certainly not the last. This is a strange sentence to write considering there were scholars thousands of years ago that recommended a good diet and now only a few hundred years ago that seems to all be forgotten about thanks to the growth of capitalism.

As an early spoiler, it wont be until 1964 before the Pet Food Institute came in to try and regulate the industry.

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How Does Acana Dog Food Rate

Based off of everything we have seen and all the consumers who have voiced their opinions on this brand, it is truly one of the better global dry dog food makers. We rate Acana dog food with an exceptionally impressive 5 out of 5 stars.

When it comes to Acana: Their dog food is top notch, and even though there are some pending allegations to suggest otherwise for certain products until these claims are factually validated, we retain our evaluation of this brand as a whole.

Who Manufactures Zignature

Zignatures dog foods are made in trusted kitchens by partner companies, including Tuffys/KLN in Perham, Minnesota, which makes their dry dog foods, and Performance Pet in Mitchell, South Dakota, which makes their canned dog foods.

Also, the company who made Zignature, Pets Global, Inc., is also the founder of other pet food brands such as Fussie Cat, Inception, and Essence.

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What Others Are Saying


As far as the Victor Grain-Free Active Dog and Puppy formula goes, the folks at DogFoodAdvisor have rated Victor quite highly. They took little to no issue with any of the ingredients, save for alfalfa, and appreciated the dominance of meat as protein sources.RATING: 5 Stars

Dog Food Guru:

Several formulae were reviewed on this site, and all received praise and accolades. They did, however, note the use of Blood Meal in one formula, an ingredient they believe is better suited to fertilizer than to dog food. Evidently it is a protein booster, but the provenance and content are difficult to assess.

Overall, they are pleased with Victor dog foods.RATING: 4.5 Stars


Reviews from previous buyers and current users of a dog food, how their dogs react, whether they thrive or otherwise is one of the best yardsticks for whether a dog food is good or not. You can read many customer reviews on Chewy by .

Our Victor Dog Food Rating

Watch How Orijen Pet Food is Made – The Best Dry Food in the Industry

Overall, Victor dry dog foods seem to be good products:

  • Quality meat ingredients dominate the protein spectrum of the brand.
  • There are very few controversial items listed on the bags.
  • Consumers will appreciate the variety of sizes, and the price-point this is not expensive food, considering the quality of the content.

The corporate image is very Southern U.S. in flavor. In fact, they advertise themselves as the Official Dog Food of Duck Commander. Im not saying theres anything wrong with this, but it does stand out when contrasted with most competitors.

I have some reservations about certain ingredients used in several blends, especially Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, and Grain Sorghum. Both of these items are also key ingredients in Victor Premium Horse Feed.

And honestly speaking:

The remarkable similarities between the formulae also concern me.

Though many claim to be targeted at a certain kind of dog, it seems as I read through the descriptions I kept seeing the words, formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages and identical feeding instructions on every page.

While I dont doubt the quality of the food, I see little evidence of true variety or targeted nutrition.

OUR RATING: 4 paws


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Inception Dog Food Review

Both the wet and dry varieties of Inception dog food are available in the following flavors:

  • chicken
  • fish
  • chicken & pork

The first 2 ingredients in every recipe are meat and meat meal. Some pet owners are leery about feeding their dog a food that includes meat meal, but it’s actually more protein-packed than the whole meat sources that it is made from.

All Inception dog food products have at least 70% protein. There are no potatoes, legumes, corn, wheat or soy in any of their recipes. They also never include artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

This dog food is formulated for all life stages EXCEPT the growth of large breeds .

I sampled all four varieties in both canned and dry options. My dogs aren’t very picky when it comes to wet food, because they don’t get it very often. However, they eat homemade food, so they can be very particular when it comes to kibble.

As you can see in my video review above, they were all excited to eat Inception foods . The kibble size is very small, so it’s ideal for small breeds and pets with dental health issues.

As with all higher quality dog food products, these aren’t the cheapest options on the market. You can purchase a 13.5 pound bag of dry dog food for $21.99-$26.99, depending on the flavor you choose. Cans are sold on Amazon in 12-packs for $23.88 .

What Dogs Is Victor For Or Suited To

  • check Adults All varieties are suitable for adult dogs.
  • check Seniors There are a couple of blends appropriate for older dogs. Wet offerings may suit aging teeth and gums.
  • check Large/Giant breeds High-protein blends are perfect for large dogs.
  • check Standard breeds Any average size dog will receive good nutrition from the available blends.
  • check Active A couple of high-protein formulas with special additives well suited to higher energy dogs.
  • check Fussy eaters Not a lot of exotic ingredients to be found here the basic blends should suit picky palates.

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