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How To Make My Dogs Food Softer

Combine Wet And Dry Food


Combining wet and dry food is a great way for dog owners to gently soften and moisten dry food. Ensure that you use foods that your pet has eaten previously to reduce the risk of stomach upset. Also, ensure that you follow feeding guidelines and take account of the calories in both the wet and the dry food. You can use the same flavor wet and dry foods or mix things up and use different flavors that your dog enjoys. While any wet canned food can be used, those that are produced in gravy are probably the easiest to mix in while loaf style canned food will probably not have much effect on the composition of the dry food.

How you choose to soften your dogs food will depend greatly on your dogs preferences and eating habits. It may also depend on how soft you need to get the food and the reasons why you are soaking your dogs food. You may wish to discuss the benefit of softening food with your veterinarian. Water or broth will allow you to create anything from softened lumps to a paste. Mixing wet and dry food is more likely to result in softened kibble lumps but is unlikely to create a smooth paste. Regardless of how you choose to soften your dogs food, it is important to remember to introduce new foods slowly and to use high-quality foods that provide the nutritional balance that your dog needs. Always ensure that your dog has access to fresh water and follow the feeding guidelines on the food you choose to ensure that they maintain a healthy weight.

Common Mistakes When Cooking For Your Dog

Not Using Trusted Sources

There are many inadequate, and sometimes dangerous recipes, available to owners, says Dr. Larsen. There are now many studies demonstrating that most of these are not balanced.

Some of these may cause deficiencies in your dogs diet, while others may lead to an excess of certain nutrients. To avoid encountering unhealthy or dangerous options Dr. Larsen and Dr. Bartges recommend avoiding generic recipes from books or online sources. Some so-called nutrition experts are without proper training, and may do more harm than good.

Larsen and Bartges also suggest consulting BalanceIT.com, a site run by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, to help create a semi-individualized diet.

Not Preparing Balanced Meals

When you dont prepare balanced meals that are individualized to your pets needs, it can come at a cost. Nutrition deficiency can lead to diseases, such as malnutrition or obesity, and can ultimately be fatal.

Each of the ~40 essential nutrients required by dogs has a specific role in the body. When they are provided in inadequate concentrations, the function is not optimal and suffering may result, explains Dr. Larsen. Similarly, nutrient excesses can also cause illness. While the impact of an unbalanced diet may be mild and not even noticed or attributed to the diet by the owner, these problems can also be very severe, and pets do not always survive.

Relying On Multiple Diets To Create Balance

Using Unsafe/Unhealthy Ingredients

Do Consider Mixing Pet Foods With Different Shapes Textures And Aromas

The shape, texture and aroma are among the most important pet food attributes that entice your dog or cat’s appetite. Try to shake things up a bit by offering your pet a mix of foods with different shapes, textures and/or aromas. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover how much your dog or cat will enjoy the adventure that is eating again.

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Rule Out Health Problems First

Since dogs cant tell us whats really going on inside, its best to consult your veterinarian before you add any ingredients or change your dogs diet.

Your dog may not be eating that fresh and perfectly stored dry dog food for a variety of reasons.

  • Your dog may just be a really picky eater or simply bored with the taste of his current kibble. If he happily gobbles up snacks and treats between meals but turns his nose up at the kibble in his bowl, the signs point to picky or spoiled.
  • Overfeeding. This is a common problem among dog owners and an easy one to fix. Talk to your veterinarian about the recommended amount of dog food for the size, age, and activity level of your pet and adjust accordingly.
  • He isnt feeling well. He may be dehydrated or have an upset stomach relating to an environmental issue like allergies or a more serious illness such as parvo.
  • She is having problems with her teeth or gums. Older dogs in particular develop dental problems, such as cracked or missing teeth. That makes chewing dry dog food difficult. Left untreated, dental problems can lead to infections. The bacteria from these infections can travel to the heart, kidneys, liver, and other systems, so its important to address them sooner rather than later.

Consider Infusing Goats Milk Or Kefir

How to Make Your Own Dog Food

While dairy products arent great for dogs. Goat milk is different, as it contains no lactose and is easier to digest. It is safe for dogs in small quantities, so a tablespoon here and there can make your dogs kibble more palatable. Goat milk can also suppress allergies, but too much can lead to digestive upset.

Kefir, made from fermented goats milk, can also help to entice a dog to eat. A study published in the Journal of Dairy Science found that dogs ate more than 94% of the kefir within three minutes without coercion.

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Can You Use Chicken Broth To Soften Dog Food

Pouring chicken broth over your dogs dry food can soften it up and add a flavor boost to a bland diet without further disrupting an upset stomach. As for other health claimsa cure-all for gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea and constipation, a shiny coat, and moreresearchers have yet to dig into them just yet.

Your Dogs Stool Is An Indicator Of Its Health

The quality of stool that your dog passes is an excellent indicator of its gastrointestinal health. When you see that your dogs poo is malodorous and runny then you need to act fast to tame your dogs upset tummy.

Your dog could be having digestive problems because of something that it may have eaten off the road or because of some medication that it may be on. All that it takes is some dietary adjustments to cure the condition.

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Is It Bad To Give Dogs Wet Food Everyday

So if your dog turns his nose up at kibble, you may want to try giving him a wet dog food instead. Wet dog food has a high moisture content, which can help keep your dog hydrated. Whether you feed your dog wet dog food every day or just as an occasional treat, you know your dog is getting all the nutrients he needs.

Slows Down Dinner Time

Easy Homemade Dog Food Meal

Eating speed is a very influential factor in the health of your pet because if it is too fast, in consequence, your dog will develop several health issues, especially if it is a large breed like Dobermann or English Mastiff.

Evidence suggests that large breed dogs are more likely to develop a Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus if they ate fast, which is a life-threatening condition that progresses at a fast rate.

We are sure that now you understand the importance of slowing down dinnertime, in consequence, all you must do is to add water to dry dog food.

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A Meal For You And Your Dog

Love cooking for your dog but never have the time? Rocky Kanaka from The CWs SAVE our SHELTER, Dog’s Day Out and founder of The Dog Bakery, has a solution. This easy to make salmon meal for yourself can also be made for your dog.

This recipe is designed for those who want to eat healthy and want their dogs to eat healthy as well but are always on the go. This is also one of the most eco friendly recipes we have seen. Instead of tossing things we would usually not eat such as broccoli stems, the recipe uses these as a key part to the dogs delicious meal.

This recipe also has a bonus tip on what to do with that salmon skin that is usually thrown in the trash. I get asked a lot if salmon skin is okay for dogs. While it is not safe if consumed raw, due to unwanted parasites, cooking in the oven for 20 minutes to make a crunchy, healthy, limited ingredient, organic, high omega dog snack that may help with heart health and give them a great skin and coat is a big win! says Rocky.

And there is more, when you cook for your dog you are more conscious of what you put in your body. For all of those reasons and more we give this recipe four paws up!

Healthy meals are important for you and your dog but the best thing about this recipe from Rocky Kanaka is it allows you to take time out of your day to spend time with your family two and four legged! Read on to find out how to do it or watch Rocky has he demonstrates!

Store The Food In An Airtight Container

Kibble has a long shelf-life because of its low moisture content. However, this doesnt mean that you should just let the food sit in the bag. Once the bag is open, transfer the food into airtight containers to maintain freshness. Sometimes, bagged food goes stale and loses its enticing aromas and flavors that make it appealing to dogs.

If your pup is eating the food when its first opened but refusing it a few days later, it could be that the food is no longer palatable because its lost its freshness.

In some cases, kibble can go bad if stored in hot temperatures or damp environments. The food can grow bacteria and mold. A dogs nose can pick up smells 100,000 times better than we can, so even if you cant detect a discernible scent, he probably can. Not only will any unpleasant odors cause your dog to turn his nose away in disgust, consuming mold and bacteria can cause adverse health effects for your pooch.

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Whats Good About Wet Food

Although dry food might be a more popular choice, some owners will choose to feed their dog a wet diet to better please fussy eaters and give their dog an added hydration boost. As wet food has a rich, meaty aroma, picky dogs can be more enticed to eat their meals. In the case of those pets that may not be getting enough water throughout the day, wet food can provide them with additional hydration because of its high moisture content.

How To Make Homemade Wet Dog Food

DIY Homemade Dog Food

Have you ever turned around a can of wet dog food and really checked out the ingredients? I assume that if youre reading this blog post, you most likely read the labels of the food you purchase for yourself and your family. If thats you, Good Job!

I am what some call a granola bar mom and play gatekeeper to the food that comes through the door for my familys consumption. . I make sure that what we put into our body is going to fuel our bodies for the right reasons, not harm them. This form of thinking stemmed from college and my Environmental Crime class, but is most likely a side effect of my Crohns Disease.

Although I am super strict with my family, Im embarrassed to say that until recently, I never read the pet food labels of our furry family members. But after the research my daughter conducted, I do now.

And so should you.

Oscar with his little bandanna/bib, ready to enjoy his homemade wet food.

Our smallest dog in our pack of three has congestive heart failure with an enlarged heart and spleen. We had been working alongside our vets for over a year with multiple appointments and changes to his medication. Still, our dog was struggling, and my daughter was desperate to help him. So she took it upon herself to research how she could extend his life. Can you guess what she researched first?

If you answered dog food, give yourself a pat on the back!

This is what we use, which you can purchase here. If you want something similar for all dogs, try this one.

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Your Dogs Preferred Diet

Normally, senior dogs that struggle to eat food are happy as clams to eat up soften dog food. However, some dogs are always super picky and refuse to eat anything unless it meets their exact stipulations. If your dog happens to be a food snob, you want to consider that when selecting a softening method.

Some softening methods dont add any additional flavor to the food. Warm water, for instance, will soften the kibble and bring out its natural aroma, but it wont add anything new. However, softening the food with broth, milk, or canned food will add much more depth and flavor.

Bland Food Helps To Firm The Stool

Bland food helps to soothe your dogs intestinal tract and gives its digestive system a vacation. You could feed your dog some rice and chicken meal. This is a good mix of protein and carbohydrates and it digests fast. Eating this food helps to firm your dogs stool. Turkey can also be used instead of chicken.

Your dog should be fed mild food until its bowel movement gets solid. The loose stool may continue even after the dog is cured. You should switch your dogs food to mild food and then gradually reduce the mixture and get back to your dogs original food.

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How Much Water To Add To Dry Dog Food

This all depends on your dog’s needs. Kibble will soften from the outside in, allowing you to control the amount of crunch the food has. You can start out by adding only a few tablespoons of water and see how that works for your pooch. Just add more water to get the right level of softness.

If it needs to be moistened to a soft paste, the easiest method would be to add as much water as you did the kibble. A 1:1 ratio ensures that the kibble will be softened all the way through. Though, it does take some time.

* It’s best to prepare this a few hours before dinner time to give the food plenty of time to absorb everything.

Should You Consider Dry Dog Food What Are The Advantages Over Wet Dog Food


If you are thinking of trying out dry dog food, you should give it a trial. It has a lot more advantages than wet dog food .

However, were looking at the advantages of wet dog food. So:

  • Its a lot cheaper than wet dog foods.
  • Ease of transport when compared with moving canned food.
  • Longer shelf life. Although wet dog food/canned food can stay months, dry dog food lasts long even when opened.
  • The best part is the fact that it can be converted to wet dog food easily with warm water.

Final Thoughts

Dry dog foods are great for dogs that dont have issues chewing. However, if you need to convert that dry dog food to wet dog food, you should do so.

Hygiene is important in dog food, so be sure to observe high hygiene etiquette when you want to soften dry dog food. If you do it right, your dog will thank you for it. Heres to a happy, healthy doggy!

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Provide Extra Nutrition With Fruits And Vegetables

Adding vegetables like green beans, soft carrots, spinach, or kale can make a world of difference in your pets appetite. These nutrient-rich foods also add extra vitamins and minerals that your puppy might be lacking.

Pumpkin a squash is another option. Canned pumpkin is easy to store, high in fiber, helps in digestion, and tastes good for dogs. Ensure that its not pumpkin pie filling, as they contain sugar and spices that can negatively affect your pup.

Fruits are another option. In the wild, canines often munch on berries and other fruits. Bananas, apples, blueberries, and strawberries are all fine for your dog in moderation. They contain vitamins and offer different flavors and textures that might encourage your dog to chow down.

Add Broth Or Stock To The Dry Food

For making the dry food softer, you can also add homemade broth to it. Make sure that the broth is low in sodium content. Adding broth will add a lot of taste into the food and also its aroma will make the food appealing. You can easily make a chicken broth or stock at home and store it to use for softening the kibble. Add some spoons of broth only to the food. If the serving size of the dry food is 1 cup, then add almost 1/8th cup of broth or steak to it. It should be seen to it that you do not add more than required broth to the dry food.

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Transitioning From Dry To Wet Dog Food

Although kittens often start on wet food, puppies typically start with a high-quality dry food kibble. However, sometimes our pups dont love the dry options we are providing them. As our dogs age, they may also need the transition to a softer food option. No matter the reason, if youre looking to switch up meal time offerings, trying wet dog food can be a great choice.

There are some considerations with wet dog food. Wet food is a great way to keep your dog hydrated due to the moisture content. This can help aid your dogs digestion and overall health. Most dogs also prefer wet food to dry because of the texture and the flavorful taste. You do want to ensure you choose a high-quality, natural wet dog food option to avoid unnecessary fillers or excess calories in your dog’s meals. To help keep your pup’s teeth clean while feeding wet food, work in a natural daily dog dental chewy like WHIMZEES.

When transitioning your dog to wet food, introduce the food slowly. Just like humans, sometimes new foods can upset our stomachs. Add a little wet food each day to your dogs bowl while slowly reducing the amount of kibble. Within a week, you should have fully transitioned to their new diet.

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