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What Dog Foods Are Not Grain Free

What Do You Do If Youre Feeding Your Dog Grain

Ask the Vet: The Issues of Grain-Free Dog Food

If youve been feeding your dog grain-free food, its not too late to switch to regular food. Dr. Irish explained, Owners that choose to feed grain-free feel like they are making the right decision. But your dog isnt impressed with stylish packaging, and they dont feel cooler than the dog next for eating kangaroo instead of kibble.

Dr. Brooks recommends trusting your vet over a marketing company, saying, The majority of pet owners Ive spoken with do switch their dogs off grain-free diets once I let them know there is a possible link between these diets and heart disease. I think pet owners truly want whats best for their pet.

If thats you, here are a few of your options:


Why Is There A Trend To Feed Dogs Grain

As with their own overall health and wellness, pet parents are now more aware of the importance and impact nutrition plays in our dogs overall wellbeing, and thats a GREAT thing! We are our dogs only advocates, and ensuring they are fed the best diet will certainly help them live long, healthy, and happy lives!

Home-cooked, whole food nutrition, and raw dog food diets are popular for our dogs now more than ever before. All-natural diets with no artificial additives and preservatives are becoming increasingly important when pet parents choose the diets to feed their dogs, and these types of diets can definitely be healthy and fulfilling for our dogs!

However, many pet parents have come to believe that what is healthy for us as humans is also healthy for our dogs. While pets have adapted to eating human food-based diets through hundreds and even thousands of years of living with humans, we should not necessarily make the same nutritional choices for our pets that we make for ourselves.

Vegetarian And Vegan Dog Diet

Like the human practice of veganism, vegan dog foods are those formulated with the exclusion of ingredients that contain or were processed with any part of an animal, or any animal byproduct. The omnivorousdomestic canine has evolved to metabolize carbohydrates and thrive on a diet lower in protein, and therefore, a vegan diet may be substantial if properly formulated and balanced.

Popularity of this diet has grown with a corresponding increase in people practicing vegetarianism and veganism, and there are now various commercial vegetarian and vegan diets available on the market.Vegetarian dog foods are produced to either assuage a pet owner’s ethical concerns or for animals with extreme allergies.

Due to the exclusion of animal products and by-products, which are primary ingredients of conventional dog food, many nutrients that would otherwise be provided by animal products need to be provided by replacement, plant-based ingredients. While both animal and plant products offer a wide range of macro and micronutrients, strategic formulation of plant ingredients should be considered to meet nutritional requirements, as different nutrients are more abundant in different plant sources. Despite the large differences in ingredient sourcing, studies have demonstrated that a plant-based diet can be just as edible and palatable as animal-based diets for dogs.

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Best Wet Dog Food For Adults

Some dogs really prefer the taste or texture of wet food, says veterinarian Jamie Richardson, chief of staff at Small Door Veterinary in New York City. Of course, pet parents want their dogs to enjoy their meals, so it makes sense that this is a popular choice.

Other pros of wet food are that it tends to have a longer shelf life before it’s opened, and according to Richardson, some wet foods may be less “processed” or contain fewer preservatives, which can make them easier to digest.

Luckily, the same nutritional standards apply to both dry and wet food. But comparing their labels isn’t exactly apples to apples because wet food has much more water content. So in order to understand how a wet food’s nutrition compares to a dry food, you need to look at the percentages of protein, fat, and fiber on a “dry matter basis.” Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University has some handy instructions on how to calculate that yourself. Another option: Call the brand that makes the food or ask your veterinarian for help. For the foods we recommend in this guide, we contacted the manufacturer to get all the info.

Most Popular Pick For Dog Foods Without Peas Lentils Legumes Or Potatoes

The 9 Best Grain

Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Formula Dry

Purina Pro Plan Sport is an all-time favorite with many dog lovers, especially dog breeders, trainers, hunters, and people who show dogs. You may not like all of the ingredients in this food if youre used to feeding boutique dog foods but Purina is one of the companies that does lots of nutritional research and they have very good quality control measures. The food has no wheat, soy, or added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Many people have fed Pro Plan Sport, and other Pro Plan foods, for generations with excellent results and healthy, long-lived dogs. Highly recommended. Chewy has this food in 6, 18, 37.5, and 50-lb bags. The 50-lb bag is $61.98 or $58.88 with autoship.

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What Makes A Good Dog Food With Grain

So, what you are really looking for in a good dog food is the right balance of proteins and grains, and high-quality whole grains rather than empty filler grains.

Of course, although this article is about grain, a good dog food actually starts with high-quality meat, and meat should always be listed as the first ingredient in any recipe.

We like to see named meats, which are normally muscle meats that are human-grade or close, as the first ingredient in dog food.

This is non-negotiable when it comes to wet food, but in kibble, often meal is used rather than a named meat.

Meat meal is made up from a variety of different tissues from the animal, so muscle meat, but also organs and skin.

While this might sound a bit disgusting, it is actually good for your dog to be eating these other parts of the animal.

The problem with meal is that you dont know exactly what is in it, or the balance of what is in it, but it is certainly an acceptable ingredient to be included in dry dog food.

What is not an acceptable ingredient is animal by-products. Meal only contains tissue meat, while by-products also include blood, hair, hoof, horn, hide trimmings, manure, and stomach contents.

So, this is a poor quality animal product that you dont want to be feeding your dog.

Good dog foods also include nutrient packs that contain all the vitamins and minerals that your dog needs to thrive.

Transition: Before You Switch To A High

Before you put your dog on a high protein diet, be sure to consult with your veterinarian.

As each dog is different, they have different nutritional needs, and your vet will be able to advise on the best food for your dogs specific activity level and health.

Before you make the transition to a high protein diet, remember that these dog foods are going to be more expensive than regular kibble.

Because of the higher meat content and fewer carbs and vegetables, it makes sense that a high protein diet is on the pricey side.

Once youre ready to purchase high-protein dog food, be selective in your choice. Opt for a brand that uses high-quality ingredients that will provide the best nutrition for your pet.

There are a variety of dog food brands that we havent mentioned above that also offer excellent high protein dry and wet dog foods, such as Diamond Naturals, Orijen, Holistic and more.

Do you feed your pooch high-protein dog food? We would love to know more about which brand you use and if your pup loves it in the comments below.

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When Should My Dog Avoid Grain

A diet completely free from grain is recommended for dogs with sensitive stomachs and those prone to digestive issues such as diarrhoea or constipation. Animals known to have an increased allergenic potential are also advised to have a grain-free diet. Certain grains such as wheat or maize can cause allergic skin reactions in sensitive dogs, along with severe itching, especially on the paws, ears and armpits. It is also not uncommon for affected dogs to scratch or lick themselves so much that their fur falls out and the skin becomes sore or inflamed. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms, a change to a grain-free dog food diet could be the ideal solution.

If your dog is suffering with diarrhoea or allergies you should also visit your vet before making any decisions. If you are changing your dog’s diet to try and help with health problems, you should always talk to your vet first. This will allow the vet to rule out any other possible illnesses or, in the case of allergies, to determine what exactly it is that triggers your dog’s allergies. You may need to place your dog on an exclusion diet, as allergies can also be caused by eggs, cow’s milk and certain types of meat, such as beef. If this is the case, you may need to choose a grain-free diet that is also a dog food with a single source of animal protein, such as chicken, turkey or something more exotic like ostrich.

Is No Corn Wheat Or Soy The Same As Grain

Warning against grain-free dog food

Although corn, wheat and soy are amongst the most commonly used grains, particularly in dog foods, theyre not the only grains. So whilst a dog food might claim to contain no corn, wheat or soy, that doesnt automatically mean its grain free other grains which mightve been used include:

  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Sorghum

True grain-free dog foods will contain none of the above, and instead will utilise foods like wild boar, free range chicken, carrots, pumpkin, peas, spinach, kale, broccoli and more!

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Does Grain Free Dog Food Cause Heart Disease

Recent news stories report a link between legume and potato levels in dog food and heart disease. As a result, some pet parents are choosing to avoid grain-free recipes. Once again, grain-free doesnt mean a food necessarily has legume or potato levels look at the ingredient make up to determine if its a food youre comfortable feeding.

Are Grains Bad For Dogs

Theres a lot of debate about whether or not grains should be in your dogs diet. Dogs have no dietary requirement for grains they dont need them in their diet. However, grains certainly wont hurt your dog.

Dogs are not strict carnivores their stomachs have evolved to process many of the foods we eat, like fruits, veggies, and yes- grains!

This actually has something to do with us. Wolves cant digest grains well, but domesticated dogs evolved to digest starches so that they could take advantage of our leftovers.

The problem of course is the amount of grain in your dogs diet. While dogs are not obligate carnivores like cats, most experts agree that a dogs diet should still primarily consist of meat protein.

The issue is not so much the grains themselves, but that grain-inclusive foods tend to have a higher carbohydrate composition with less protein and fat. Ideally, your dogs diet will be high protein, contain a moderate amount of fat, and be low in carbs.

Even grain-free diets are guilty of relying on a higher carbohydrate count than is ideal. Many companies just substitute grains for potatoes, peas, legumes, and tapioca. Dogs dont nutritionally require starch in their diet either, so switching out grains for starch wont necessarily result in a better diet for your dog.

Ultimately, you should be less concerned with grains vs starches decision and instead owners should simply be aiming for a diet that is high in protein and relatively low in carbohydrates.

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Kal Kan Complete Adult Food For Dogs

Touted as a complete and balanced dog food diet, the Kal Kan Complete Adult Food For Dogs is advertised to contain all the protein necessary to provide dogs with enough stamina and energy.

While it does make good on its promise, we cant help but check the label to see if it really is as good as it sounds. And thats where it went downhill.

The first ingredient in this recipe is ground yellow corn. Now a dish that doesnt start with meat is already low-quality in our opinion , but the corn is supported by many more carb ingredients in the food.

Aside from corn, there is one more corn product , two grain products , and one legume ingredient. Three of them are in the first five of the ingredients list.

Now lets move on to the meats. Theyre both unspecified. Meat and bone meal does not refer to which animal contributed to the meal.

Its a vague term that could mean either one type of animal meat was used or a lot. If your pet is particularly sensitive to some types of animal protein, then it becomes even more worrying. You dont know what youre feeding your pup.

Another thing is the use of the term chicken by-product meal. When meat is simply stated as chicken then it refers to the chickens muscle meat.

Throw in the word by-product and that becomes open to interpretation. Anything leftover from processing meat is considered a byproduct. So you can get meat and organs, but you could also be getting entrails, feathers, and more.

Recall Info: None yet.

Iams Proactive Health Dog Food

Nulo Freestyle Kibble Grain Free Dog Food Limited+ Puppy ...


Iams Proactive Health Lamb and Rice is one of 15 dry recipes included in our review of the Iams ProActive Health product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Lamb, chicken by-product meal, brewers rice, ground whole grain barley, ground whole grain corn
  • Type: With grain
  • Other recipes: Large breed, puppy, mature adult, healthy weight, small breed and more
  • Price: $
  • See all 15 available recipes

This Iams ProActive Health recipe derives the largest portion of its meat protein from both fresh lamb and chicken by-product meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 28% protein, 16% fat and 49% estimated carbs which produces a fat-to-protein ratio of about 56%.

A solid choice for those looking for a time-proven, grain-inclusive brand with multiple flavor and formula options. Frequently mentioned by veterinarians and professional breeders.

Highly recommended.

Sample buyer reviewDelivered just as running out of smaller Iams trial bag. Both pups switched to Iams effortlessly and I noticed my golden retrievers skin and coat issues are already looking much better. Great price on the 26 lb. bag, too. I am happy when pups are happy.

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Weighing In On The Grain Debate: Is Grain

Carbohydrates have gotten a bad rap lately. Maybe people are going gluten-free because they have food allergies or they believe that itll help them lose weight. Should it apply to a dogs diet, though?

This trend has also made its way into the world of pet food, as many dry dog food and wet food brands have grain-free offerings. Pet owners may be wondering: Is grain-free dog food better for your pup? And should you put him on a grain-free diet?

When trying to decide whether or not to go grain-free, you should first learn about this type of food and whether or not itll be beneficial for your dog.

The Rise Of Clean Eating

As human eating trends change and evolve, so too do our pets. In recent years, weve seen a huge increase in gluten free and paleo diets among humans. Typically, it follows that these trends flow through to our perceptions to whats right for cats and dogs, and some pet food companies have certainly placed big bets on this being the case. The trend of gluten-free has evolved in pet food to exclude all grains with entire aisles now dedicated to grain-free options for our pets. Thats not to say that grain-free pet food is simply a marketing ploy.

Grain-free dog foods play a role for dogs who have grain intolerances and those that use high quality, natural ingredients offer additional choice as every dog is different and has their own taste preferences. A number of grain-free dog foods are packed with high-quality ingredients that can work wonders for your poochs digestion. However, it is the use of good ingredients at appropriate ratios that make these good dog foods, rather than the exclusion of grains.

The elimination of an ingredient often leads people to believe that that ingredient is bad. In turn, they think that all recipes excluding that ingredient are good for you or your dog. This simply isnt the case. If youre considering feeding grain-free dog food here are some considerations to help you make the right decision by your pet.

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Why Salmon Might Be A Better Choice Over Beef Or Chicken

Protein is the foundation of a healthy diet for dogs. In addition to calories, protein provides the building blocks for strong muscles and it helps your dog maintain lean muscle mass. Protein is best for dogs when it comes from animal sources because they are more biologically valuable than plant proteins.

But are some proteins better for dogs than others?

The truth of the matter is that while all dogs have the same basic nutritional requirements, some dogs tolerate certain food ingredients better than others. Food allergies are a common concern for dogs and some of the most common food allergens are common proteins like beef, chicken, and pork. If your dog suffers from food allergies or sensitivities and youre feeding him a dog food made with one of these proteins, that could very well be the problem.

Even if your dog doesnt have an allergy to beef, chicken, or other common proteins, salmon might still be a better choice. Much of the beef used in dog food comes from less-than-stellar sources and it is often very processed which makes it harder for your dogs body to digest. Chicken is usually better in terms of quality, but there are still many dog foods made with chicken by-products.

So, what about salmon? What makes salmon a great choice for your dog?

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