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Is Science Diet Good Dog Food

What Our Vets Say About Prescription Diet Dog Food

Hills Science Diet Lifestage Dog Food | Chewy

I spoke about prescription diets with pet food guru Marion Smart PhD recently and she said something that I thought would be fun to follow through with.

Dr Smart said, How do you think vets would evaluate prescription diets if we just showed them the ingredients? Would they be able to tell if they were prescription diets?

So I called up some of our veterinary friends and gave them four pet food ingredient labels, one of which was a veterinary diet. They were only shown the ingredients and did not know what brand or manufacturer made the food.

I then asked the vets to list which food or foods they thought was a grocery store food and which food or foods they thought was a premium food.

Here are the four ingredient labels I asked the vets to rank. Can you guess which one is the prescription diet?

How Is Hills Science Diet Dog Food Made

Hills Science Diet Dog Food is a trusted brand that has got nothing but positive reviews. It believes in the fact that lifelong health starts with science, and that is what they try their best to follow.

The ingredients that they use go through stringent safety checks, which ensures that they are of top quality.

Regarding protein sources, the brand sticks to using two lamb or chicken. Also, all recipes contain chicken by-products. The ingredients in their puppy recipes are similar to the adult ones but are higher in fat and protein to account for the puppys growing body.

Is Hills Science Diet Dog Food Expensive

The Hills Science Diet brand of dog food is fairly expensive when compared to traditional kibble options. In many cases, a higher price tag is correlated with higher quality but that is not necessarily the case with this brand.

The average price for a 30-pound bag of Hills Science Diet dry dog food ranges from about $35 to $75, depending on the recipe. You can purchase 5.8-ounce cans of Hills Science Diet wet dog food in cases of 24 for $25 to $45 which gives you an average price of around $1.45 per can.

Case of twelve 13-ounce cans range from $16 to $40 which gives you an average price of $2.30 per can.

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Feed Smaller Meals More Often

Dogs with kidney problems often feel better when fed several small meals throughout the day rather than just one or two large meals. You may find that you need to adjust your feeding schedule as time goes on to keep your pup comfy! Hooch has really benefited from smaller meals throughout the day and seems to have much more energy all the way into the evening.

Hill’s Sciencediet Adult Small Bites Chicken


Hill’s ScienceDiet Adult Small Bites Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food, 35…Hill’s Science Diet Adult Small Bites Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food, 35-lb bag Give your small dog precisely balanced nutrition for a visible difference with the Hill’s Science Diet Adult Small Bites Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food. Made…more

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Hills Science Diet Dog Food Top 5 Recipes Reviewed

Product Name
  • Hills Science Diet makes a diverse range of foods for dogs of different ages, sizes, and health conditions
  • Hills Science Diet makes its own foods at its own manufacturing facilities
  • The company invests in nutritional research and has veterinary nutritionists on staff. Hills Science Diet foods have been recommended by veterinary cardiologists who are researching the dietary form of dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs
  • Hills Science Diet uses ingredients for nutritional purposes many of them will not appeal to customers reading the label
  • The company does not discuss where they source their ingredients
  • The company has had some serious recall problems at times something you would not expect from a company that operates its own manufacturing facilities
  • Hills Science Diet makes a diverse range of foods for dogs of different ages, sizes, and health conditions
  • Hills Science Diet makes its own foods at its own manufacturing facilities
  • The company invests in nutritional research and has veterinary nutritionists on staff. Hills Science Diet foods have been recommended by veterinary cardiologists who are researching the dietary form of dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs

Our reviews are based on extensive research and years of professional knowledge of dog food brands. In order to remain objective, we do not accept gifts of free products or write sponsored posts on this site.

Vital Boost From Gundry Md

Vital Boost is made with grass-fed beef and organ meat, and other raw, plant-based ingredients that support the balanced, complete nutrition your dog needs. All of the ingredients in Vital Boost are received fresh, then gently freeze-dried to lock-in the flavor and nutrients. Check the ingredient list before you buy to make sure your dog is not allergic to them.

Vital Boost is loaded with a colorful spectrum of polyphenols, antioxidants, and other powerful nutrients to help your dog experience:

  • Balanced energy levels for more relaxed, playful moods
  • Improved digestion for less gas and firmer, healthier poops
  • Healthier joints and muscles, thanks to a powerful blend of magnesium, iron, calcium, and other essential minerals

Vital Boost is easy to prepare. Add one scoop of Vital Boost to your dogs food once per day. If your dog eats two meals a day, you can use a half scoop with each meal.

If your dog is over 30 pounds, use 1 ½ scoop a day and If your dog is over 50 pounds, use two scoops a day.

Featured ingredients and health benefits in Vital Boost

FlaxseedThis nutritious source of prebiotics is excellent for keeping your dogs digestion comfortable and regular, as well as boosting their energy and mood .

Salmon SkinNot only is salmon packed with Omega-3s, which can improve your dogs cardiovascular health it also contains compounds that keep your dogs coat shiny, healthy, and vibrant for years to come.

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Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult Perfect Weight For Weight Management

This foods ingredients list is very similar to the kibble above, with one key difference: its absolutely packed with fiber. Youll find pea fiber, oat fiber, and dried beet pulp inside, all of which should get your dogs bowels in tip-top shape.

The idea behind all that roughage is that fiber is good for overweight dogs, as it makes them feel full for longer, even if they havent eaten as much as they normally do. Also, being able to fully eliminate any waste can also improve their entire digestive system.

This food has more protein than the one above it, but its still on the low end of the spectrum. We like that they added coconut oil, though, as its full of omega fatty acids.

There are artificial flavors in here, which isnt something you really ever want to see, plus theres a fair amount of salt. Its surprising to find those ingredients in a weight-control food, but we suppose the fiber offsets them somewhat.

This recipe also has highly nutritious fruits and veggies like broccoli, cranberries, and apples, but theyre buried so far down the ingredients list that we doubt theyll have much of an impact.

Science Diet Cat Food Formulas Reviewed

Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7 Dog Food | Chewy

Finding the right Science Diet Cat Food for your feline friend can be hard. To help cat owners make an educated decision, we have reviewed the brands best formulas.

Summary: This is among the best cat food available on Amazon and Chewy. It is perfect for digestive health, shiny fur, lean muscles, and a healthy immune system. This helps your feline friend have accessibility to higher furniture and couches for more cuddles. It also helps your cat maintain a healthy weight, thanks to its natural fiber content. Available in the form of dry kibble, it contains high-quality protein and natural flavors, much to your cats delight.

Type: Dry cat food

Best for: Adult cats Immune boosting

Price: $3/pound

  • Contains taurine for heart health
  • Improves kidney & bladder health
  • Builds and maintains lean muscle
  • Packed with vitamin E
  • Might cause digestive problems in some cats
  • The taste might not suit some cats

Ingredient Analysis

  • Chicken: Helps to build lean muscle and improve mobility
  • Whole Grain Wheat: Offers fiber in your cats diet
  • Corn Gluten Meal: Could lead to an allergic reaction in some cats

Review: This is the perfect entree and a great substitute for wet cat food, mainly for cats in the adult life stage. It is also great if your cat has a sensitive stomach.

Type: Dry cat food

Best for: Adult cats Healthy digestion

Price: $3/pound

  • Cannot be used as kitten food
  • Does not have a grain-free formula

Ingredient Analysis

Type: Dry cat food

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Some Of These Poor Dogs Never Stood A Chance

Claudia Montoya was feeding her Yorkshire Terrier, Dolly, Science Diet as recommended by the dogs vet for pancreatitis.

For 4 years, Dolly had eaten a mixture of wet and dry Science Diet with no issues. On Dec. 20, 2018, Montoya switched Dolly to an all-canned diet because the dog had just had some teeth removed.

Thats when Dolly started vomiting.

At first, this appeared to be another bout of pancreatitis. The vet recommended smaller, more frequent feedings. But Dolly didnt improve.

She would go anywhere from 24 to 48 hours without vomiting and then suddenly get sick again, says Montoya. She was also becoming lethargic and wasnt drinking water as much as she used to.

Montoya took her to the vet again, and they did more testing and prescribed something to help Dolly keep her food down.

Back at home, though, Dolly grew even more lethargic.

She would sleep most of the day and rarely get up from her bed, except when I took her outside or offered her food, Montoya says. If I tried to walk her, she would only go as far as our neighbors house before wanting to turn around.

As the days ticked by, Dolly just kept getting worse.

She still wasnt drinking enough, Montoya says, and by this point, she would simply lift her head from her bed and release the contents of her stomach with no warning.

The cute little Yorkie was getting weaker and smaller shed eventually lose a full third of her weight.

What Is Science Diet Cat Food

Science Diet Cat Food is a reputable pet food company. Originally, it was known as Hill Rendering Works and dated back to 1907. It was inaugurated by Burton Hill in Topeka, Kansas.

The company added a milling division that had the ability to manufacture animal feed. This earned the company a new name Hill Packing Company.

Over the years, this partnership grew, and the company rebranded itself as Hills Pet Nutrition. This led to the formation of the popular Hills Science Diet.

Later on, in 1976, Colgate-Palmolive Company purchased Hills Pet Nutrition. Today, Science Diet Cat Food sells products in almost 86 countries all over the world.

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Vitamins And Nutrients For Dogs

Humans dont get all of the vitamins and nutrients they need from a one-stop-shop kind of a diet and neither do our dogs! Whether your dog is eating a diet that consists of kibble or you are dishing up a homemade dog food recipe like this one, your pup needs vitamins and minerals just like you do! We really like and use the brand Dog Greens every single day! It is a plant based vitamin and mineral powder that we sprinkle over the dogs food with each meal. They love the flavor and we love knowing that all of their nutritional needs have been met each day!

Hill’s Sciencediet Adult Savory Stew With Be

Buy Hills Science Diet Adult 7+ Savory Stew Beef &  Vegetable Canned Dog ...

Hill’s ScienceDiet Adult Savory Stew with Beef & Vegetables is a delicious wa…Hill’s Science Diet Adult Savory Stew with Beef & Vegetables is a delicious way to provide precisely balanced nutrition that enhances the overall health and well being of your pet. Made with real meat, brown rice, and a medley of delectable vegetables…more

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Science Diet Dog Food For Your Dog

People with Dogs are more likely to follow a healthy diet because they see how good their pets look and feel when they eat healthy food. This makes it even more important for them to ensure that the best quality of food is used for their dogs.

The Science Diet foods are made with all the right ingredients, so they will be good for your dogs. Your dog will enjoy the taste as well as the fact that they get a healthy balanced diet that they need. Its important that you understand how science diet works, so you can tell whether or not it is suitable for your dog.

Science Diet products are nutritionally balanced for dogs and owners, because they are made from natural ingredients. Some ingredients include: coconut, wheat, oats, brown rice, pea, whey, natural flavors, and fruits and vegetables. They also feature extracts from vitamins, minerals, and herbs that will help strengthen and nourish your dogs immune system.

So why should you consider using Science Diet dog food for your dog? These foods are made from the best quality ingredients, so they have all the right vitamins and minerals. Also, because the foods are so pure, they are safe for your dog. Even if your dog loves Science Diet, it wont cause any harm to their system.

So why do people use Science Diet dog food? This type of food is better for their dogs because it is made from all natural ingredients that are better for them. Plus, dogs can be more active when they are given foods that contain these ingredients.

What Dog Food Has No Ingredients From China

NUTRO has previously been on several best not produced in China lists. However, when I contacted them, they responded as follows: For the health and well-being of the dogs we feed, US carefully selects ingredients The Kitchen of Honesty Dog food from the Fromm family. Grandma Maes house Merrick, Orijen, and Acana

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Why Do Vets Recommend Science Diet

Vets see an improvement in pet health when they are transitioned to Hills Science or Prescription Diet products. Pretty convincing evidence, wouldnt you agree? An animal comes in with an illness and poor blood results, and a few weeks after the transition in diet their blood results show an improvement.

Hills Science Puppy Food

Hill’s Science Diet Special Needs Dog Food | Chewy

Hills pet food Australia offers four puppy food options, all of which are kibble. Theres one recipe for all breeds, two options for small-breed pups and one large breed option.

The ingredients in their puppy recipes are very similar to the adult ones, but they are higher in fat and protein to account for your dogs growing body. Its nice to see the 20% fat content and 30% protein. However, keep in mind the latter comes from both animal and vegetable sources.

PRO TIP: “the fat content for puppies should be rationed between 10-25% on a dry matter basis.” VCA hospitals

Since the puppy recipes share so much with the adult options, the shortcomings are similar. Its important to note that, while animal protein is the first ingredient in all recipes, its followed in a close second by wheat, sorghum, corn and barley. This means this food is also carb-heavy and might not fit well with your dog if theyre sensitive to gluten.

In general, Hills Science Puppy Food is a reasonable option as long as your dog can eat cereals and hasnt shown signs of food intolerances.

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Science Diet Nutritional Breakdown

Its important to realize that the ingredients dont tell the whole story. In some cases, the ingredients might look good, but if the nutritional ratio is off, then the food might still be unhealthy in the long run.

Thats why its important to check the nutritional information, so lets break down Science Diets offering and see what kind of nutrition its offering to your pup.

Hill’s Sciencediet Small Bites Chicken Meal

Hill’s ScienceDiet Small Bites Puppy dry food is carefully formulated for the…Hill’s Science Diet Small Bites Puppy dry food is carefully formulated for the developmental needs of puppies, so they get the best start in life & grow to their full potential. Delicious chicken flavor in a small bite size for those that prefer…more

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Filtered Or Distilled Water Only

The kidneys main function is to filter out the toxins in our bodies. Since tap water can be loaded with chemicals and contaminants it is best to only give your dog clean, filtered water to drink. If you have a dog living with kidney disease like we do, you may also want to eventually invest in a slow water feeder. Dogs with kidney disease can get quite thirsty and will actually start drinking water too fast which causes its own unique set of problems.

Hills Science Diet Dry Products


Hills Science Diet offers a large variety of dry dog food products for dogs in all life stages and of all breed sizes. This brand doesnt divide their recipes into separate product lines, but their products can be grouped according to certain features such as life stage or breed size. Here is a list of Hills Science Diet dry dog food recipes:

Puppy Dry Food Recipes:

  • Puppy Large Breed Lamb Meal & Rice

Adult Dry Food Recipes:

  • Perfect Weight Small & Toy Breed
  • Small & Toy Breed
  • Small & Toy Breed Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Large Breed Recipe
  • Large Breed Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Advanced Fitness
  • Advanced Fitness Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Advanced Fitness Small Bites Lamb Meal & Rice
  • Healthy Mobility Large Breed
  • Sensitive Stomach & Skin Small & Toy Breed

Adult 7+ and Mature Adult Dry Food Recipes

  • Adult 6+ Large Breed
  • Adult 7+ Small & Toy Breed
  • Adult 7+ Active Longevity
  • Adult 7+ Active Longevity Small Bites
  • Adult 11+ Small & Toy Breed

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