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Which Dog Food Do Vets Recommend

Is Purina Dog Food Killing Dogs

What should YOU DO when your Vet recommend dry or wet dog food? | The Dog Nutritionist

According to a recent lawsuit, Beneful dry dog food produced by Nestle Purina PetCare has seriously injured tens of thousands of dogs and caused their deaths.. According to the suit, over 90 percent of Beneful dog food is damaged by internal bleeding, liver failure, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, seizures, diarrhea, and kidney failure.

What Is The Best Dog Diet

Diets based on meat and poultry products are the foundation of proper nutrition for dogs and don’t worry, protein doesn’t cause kidney damage in dogs as is commonly believed. So One piece of information you need to know when you are trying to determine and buy the best food to feed your pet dog is: Is the diet meat-based or grain-based? Meat-based diets are the best option.

What Is The Best Vet Recommended Dog Food

Choosing Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult in our pick as the best dry dog food is among the six most recommended lists by Vet Today and other online veterinary directories. Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility helps you lose weight effectively. This is Hills Prescription Diet, the worlds best diet for ururia management. Weight Gain Purina Pro Plan Sport. For sensitive stomachs, Hills Prescription Diet i/d can be helpful.

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Best Lightly Cooked Dog Food: The Honest Kitchen

Sarah Wallace, DVM, a veterinarian and nutrition expert for Fuzzy Pet Health, adopted Birdie, a rat terrier mix, from a shelter. She was found half-starved, but luckily Birdie eats a high quality diet now. Dr. Wallace feeds her The Honest Kitchen because it is lightly cooked food. I would never feed a raw food because I know how bad it feels to have food poisoning from bacterial contamination in my food I want to minimize my dogs chance of getting food poisoning by feeding her cooked food. According to Dr. Wallace, lightly cooked dog food is more digestible than kibble, meaning it absorbs more vitamins, minerals, essential fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Check out the 50 secrets your vet wont tell you.

Bravo Packing Performance Dog

Hills Science Diet Veterinarian Recommended Adult Oral ...

We normally like raw pet food because most of these are free from fillers and the meat included are in their purest forms, free from processing of any kind. However, in the case of Bravo Packings raw diet, wed have to rethink this.

Bravo Packings Performance Dog and all of Bravo Packings other raw diets have undergone a recall this year.

Although no deaths or illnesses have been associated with the food, it is troubling that the brand has once again been involved with a recall.

From 2011 to 2015, Bravo had 7 recalls, which included expanded recalls.

There was another in 2018 and another in 2019 before the one for 2021. All of the past recalls were due to the possible presence of Salmonella or Listeria.

Recall Info: On March 3, 2021, Bravo Packing, Inc. issued a voluntary recall of two of their raw pet food products for possible cross contamination after samples collected during a US Food and Drug Administration inspection tested positive for Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes.

The brand expanded the recall on March 16 to include ALL of its pet food and bone products of all sizes. No lot code or date code has been provided for the recent recall so assume, for the safety of your pets, that all are possibly contaminated.

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Iams Proactive Health Dry Dog Food


Iams Lamb and Rice Adult formula is one of 15 dry recipes included in our review of the Iams Proactive Health product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Lamb, chicken by-product meal, brewers rice, ground whole grain barley, ground whole grain corn
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Other recipes: Large breed, small breed, puppy, chicken, turkey, senior weight management and more
  • Price: $
  • See all 15 available recipes

Iams Lamb and Rice derives a large portion of its animal protein from fresh lamb. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 28% protein, 16% fat and 49% estimated carbs which creates a fat-to-protein ratio of about 56%.

An affordable, classic design offering multiple recipe options. A top selection popular with veterinarians and professional breeders. Highly recommended.

Sample buyer reviewMy bulldog has terrible allergies and colitis, and even with taking allergy medication, so many foods worsened her problems. Even grain free limited ingredient dog foods did not help. This red bag lamb and rice iams formula is one of the very few foods she can eat and once I changed her to this food, along with her continued apoquel, her skin allergies are getting better and her hair is growing back, with no colitis flare ups.

A Healthier Version Of Pet Foods Is Not Exactly Available Yet

  • The Farmers Dog..
  • These flavorful, strong gold bars add a high degree of protein content.
  • Sardine Dinner at Natures Logic All Life Stages -..
  • The brand name of K9 Natural Beef Feast is Raw Grain-Free Freeze-Dried dog food.
  • Sojos Wild-Caught Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Raw Dog Food are ready-to-use dry ingredients with grain-free wheat.
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    What Is The Concern With Feeding A Grain

    As grain-free pet foods rose in popularity, vets started noticing a potential connection between dogs who were on a grain-free diet and a type of heart disease called canine dilated cardiomyopathy .

    In July 2018, the FDA began working with veterinary nutritionists and veterinary cardiologists to try to determine what might be causing this problem. So far, theyve received more than 500 reports.

    What do veterinarians know so far about grain-free diets causing heart disease in dogs?

    Most of the diets included in the reports are labeled grain-free, and affected pets have typically been eating them for several months or years.

    The diets dont contain wheat, corn, soy, rice, barley, or other grains but do contain a large amount of peas, lentils, other legumes, and/or potatoes in different forms .

    Another similarity is that many of the diets have been from smaller pet food companies.

    How Is Dry Dog Food Processed

    Why More Vets Should Recommend Raw, Vets Opinion on Raw Dog Food

    Dry food contains very similar ingredients, but instead of adding gravy and canning the product, the meat mixture is pulverized in order to create a consistent dough that can be cooked.

    Once cooked, the dough is extruded through specifically shaped holes to form kibble. The kibble undergoes a drying process, and then is sprayed with fats, oils, vitamins, and minerals and packaged before the fats and oils can spoil.

    Some dry dog food diets also add live probiotics to aid in digestive and immune health.

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    Kal Kan Complete Adult Food For Dogs

    Touted as a complete and balanced dog food diet, the Kal Kan Complete Adult Food For Dogs is advertised to contain all the protein necessary to provide dogs with enough stamina and energy.

    While it does make good on its promise, we cant help but check the label to see if it really is as good as it sounds. And thats where it went downhill.

    The first ingredient in this recipe is ground yellow corn. Now a dish that doesnt start with meat is already low-quality in our opinion , but the corn is supported by many more carb ingredients in the food.

    Aside from corn, there is one more corn product , two grain products , and one legume ingredient. Three of them are in the first five of the ingredients list.

    Now lets move on to the meats. Theyre both unspecified. Meat and bone meal does not refer to which animal contributed to the meal.

    Its a vague term that could mean either one type of animal meat was used or a lot. If your pet is particularly sensitive to some types of animal protein, then it becomes even more worrying. You dont know what youre feeding your pup.

    Another thing is the use of the term chicken by-product meal. When meat is simply stated as chicken then it refers to the chickens muscle meat.

    Throw in the word by-product and that becomes open to interpretation. Anything leftover from processing meat is considered a byproduct. So you can get meat and organs, but you could also be getting entrails, feathers, and more.

    Recall Info: None yet.

    Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food


    Wellness Complete Health Adult Deboned Chicken and Oatmeal is one of 14 dry recipes included in our review of the Wellness Complete Health product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, oatmeal, ground barley, peas
    • Type: Grain-inclusive
    • Other recipes: Senior, puppy, large breed, small breed, whitefish and sweet potato, lamb and barley, turkey and oatmeal and more
    • Price: $$
    • See all 14 available recipes

    This Wellness Complete Health formula derives the bulk of its meat protein from chicken and chicken meal. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the product contains 27% protein, 13% fat and 52% estimated carbs creating a fat-to-protein ratio of about 50%.

    One of the best grain-inclusive kibbles on the market. Highly recommended.

    Sample buyer reviewI have three dogs, all different breeds and sizes. They all love this food it has caused absolutely no stomach issues After discussing this with our awesome Veterinarian she recommended Wellness and our Goldendoodle hasnt had any stomach issues in 5 years. The stomach issues brought us to Wellness, but the quality ingredients kept us loyal.

    This Instinct example derives the majority of its animal protein from beef and chicken meal. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 40% protein, 23% fat and 29% estimated carbs which creates a fat-to-protein ratio of about 57%.

    With multiple flavor options, Instinct makes an ideal choice for feeding picky eaters. Highly recommended.

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    How To Transition Your Puppy To Adult Food

    When it comes time to transition your puppy from puppy food to an adult formula, make sure youre making the switch over a long period of time.

    Transitioning should be done over a month or so, gradually decreasing puppy and increasing the amount of adult food, Dr. Bryant said, noting that the transition should happen around the age of 12 months until 16 months for giant breeds.”

    Starting your puppy on the right foot with a great vet-recommended puppy food will prepare him for a long, healthy and happy life. So make sure youre making an informed decision, and dont forget to ask your vet for guidance.

    Here’s Advice From The Pros

    Vet Recommended Dog Food

    We independently pick all the products we recommend because we love them and think you will too. If you buy a product from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.

    Getting a new puppy is super exciting, but it also comes with a lot of important decisions. You need to pick the right toys, bedding and crate but one of the most important decisions is what to feed your new family member.

    With so many puppy foods on the market, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one. So we spoke with Dr. Zay Satchu, cofounder and chief veterinary officer at Bond Vet in New York City, Dr. Angie Krause, the holistic veterinarian on staff at I and love and you in Boulder, Colorado, and Dr. Chris Bryant, a member of the Independent Veterinary Practitioners Association and owner of Cherokee Animal Hospital in Canton, Georgia, to get some recommendations.

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    Wellness Core: Wellness Natural Pet Food

    Looking for a vet recommended grain-free dog food option? Wellness COREs grain-free dog food formulas are made with organic and high-quality protein options like chicken, fish, turkey and duck.

    It helps your dog get rid of and prevent skin and food allergy and inflammation. Besides managing food sensitivities, the food is known to provide significant benefits to the dogs.

    Why Choose Wellness CORE: Wellness Natural Pet Food for your Dog?

    • Grain-free formula are made with high-quality meat based protein
    • It includes antioxidants, probiotics, glucosamine and fatty acids
    • Made with chickpeas and lentils and prepared in the US

    Best Dry: Royal Canin

    • Formulated by scientists and nutritionists

    • Highly palatable to most dogs

    • Some formulas can be expensive

    Dry dog food is a popular choice for many pet owners thanks to its convenience and shelf stability, and one of the best dry dog food brands is Royal Canin, which offers more than 80 dry formulas. In addition to dry food for adults, puppies, and senior dogs, Royal Canin has a unique line of breed-specific foods, each of which is tailored to that dog breeds traits and common problems. Even the kibble shape is selected based on the breeds jaw structure and biting pattern.

    Royal Canin is another brand that Dr. Frione personally recommends, and the company employs nutritional and research teams that help create its products. The brand takes a nutrient-focused approach to pet food, evaluating the specific nutritional needs of dogs and creating optimal diet profiles based on scientific findings.

    • Offers both regular and prescription wet foods

    • Multiple can sizes available

    • Brand focus on quality and safety

    • Formulated by team of nutritionists and vets

    • Expensive

    Hills Science Diet is another brand that gets the seal of approval from Dr. Frione, and its especially popular for those who prefer to feed their dog wet food. This brand offers an impressive selection of wet dog foods, including formulas for puppies, adults, and seniors, and it also has a highly regarded line of prescription foods for dogs with specific medical problems.

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    The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

    The company makes and sells its dog food in dehydrated form. The dog food is made with organic and free-range chicken and human grade ingredients that are great for your dogs health. The dog owners just measure out the food and add water to prepare the meal.

    Why Choose The Honest Kitchen Dog Food?

    • All the recipes are made with fresh and high-quality ingredients
    • The food is free from all kinds of GMOs and other additives
    • All the food recipes are prepared in the US

    Can Dogs Eat Canned Chicken

    Why do Vets recommend killer “dog foods”? | The Dog Nutritionist

    Yes, dogs can eat canned chicken. But we all know that too much of something can be bad, so moderation is key. As with any other commercial food, canned chicken has too much salt, which definitely isnt good for your dogs health. If you want to give him canned chicken, make sure that you rinse it first to drain the sodium away until theres no salt or spices left.

    The blander the chicken, the better. When youre done washing off all the extra salt and spices, add the chicken to your dogs meal, maybe add some plain cooked rice, and you have a perfect meal for a pup with an upset stomach. Buying canned chicken from the store and giving it directly to your dog is a big no-no.

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    Veterinarians’ Recommendations Regarding Feeding Dogs

    Many veterinarians recommend feeding dogs chicken meat, as veterinarians note that the health of many dogs fed chicken-based diets has been excellent. Lamb, turkey, fish, and beef are also good choices, but it’s still best for your dog to get protein from chicken.

    Keep these items in mind when choosing your dog’s food

    • Before buying commercial dog food, look at food and ingredient labels, and look for a protein content of at least 30%, a fat of at least 18%, and whether it contains omega fatty acids.
    • Optimal dog nutrition requires that protein, fats, carbohydrates, and micronutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and enzymes are in balance with each other, so look for food that has been properly formulated.
    • If you find a high-quality, digestible commercial dog food that meets the previously mentioned percentages of nutrients, do not feed your dog any homemade food that could compromise the balance and amounts of nutrients being fed to the dog.
    • If you feel confused when choosing a food for your dog, ask your vet to help you choose a diet that meets your dog’s individual needs, and if you have any questions about a particular food, the best source for help is your veterinarian.

    Our Picks For Fresh Dog Food:

    There’s definitely a relationship between price and quality when it comes to dog food. So it’s not a great idea to buy the absolute cheapest dog food you can find. That’s because ultra-cheap dog foods tend to be filled with lower-quality ingredients to bulk them up and keep their prices down.

    “But it’s important to remember that there are many more affordable dog foods that are perfectly good options,” Richardson notes. Translation: You definitely don’t need to break the bank to feed your dog a healthy diet.

    There are plenty of high-quality dog foods available at lower prices. As long as a food meets AAFCO complete and balanced standards like the options listed below and makes sense for your dog’s life stage, you’re good to go.

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    How To Shop For Dry Dog Food

    As with anything else regarding your pet, a good place to start is talking to your veterinarian in this instance, about your dogs dietary requirements. Then look at the ingredient list on a bag of dry dog food. You can easily tailor a dry food diet to your pup’s unique needs because it is convenient and available in a variety of flavors, formulas from life-stage and breed-specific to weight management, says Ferris.

    While your dog cant speak, their body can tell you a lot about whether or not youve picked the right brand of dry food, too. Dogs should have stools that are of normal consistency, formed and relatively easy to pick up, says Neuhauser, who also points out that a healthy coat and skin, and maintaining weight not gaining or losing too much are signs of good health.

    When shopping for dog food, the Association of American Feed Control Officials , a nonprofit that helps set standards for animal feed and pet foods, recommends that you read the label, select a food based on your pets breed, age and health, and follow the manufacturers feeding guidelines. When it comes to ingredients like preservatives, Ferris suggests dog owners look for natural options over synthetic ones. Natural preservatives such as vitamin C, vitamin E and oils of rosemary, clove or other spices are better alternatives to chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin, which are often added in dog foods, says Ferris.

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