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Is Heb Dog Food Good

Dogs And People Love It

Name Brand VS HEB Brand Taste Test Challenge!! We Tried Dog Food…..
30% Off at
  • Carefully-sourced ingredients from North American suppliers
  • A great reputation with customers


  • The price of this dog food is on the higher end, but customers report that because the nutritional value of this food is so concentrated with no fillers, youll need to use less food overall
  • Doesnt offer canned/wet foods

What Dog Food Products Do They Offer

The advantage FreshPet has over other fresh pet food companies is their large variety. FreshPet offers a varied range of rolls, bagged meals, single-serve cups, and treats.

Their products are intended to be refrigerated, all labeled with a sell by date, and used within 7 days of opening. The exception is for the single-serve cups which should be used within 2 days and treats which can be open for 10 to 14 days.

The Importance Of Portion Control

Overweight or obese Rottweilers are at risk of a lot of health problems, including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and a shortened lifespan. This is why it is important that you feed your Rottweiler a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Proper portion sizes will also reduce the likelihood of your Rottweiler becoming overweight. How much you feed your Rottweiler will depend on their age, size, activity levels, and their overall health.

Rottweilers with high activity levels will require more food than ones who are not very active. Additionally, adult Rottweilers will typically need less food than puppies.

Most adult Rottweilers will benefit from two meals a day: one in the morning and one in the evening. Puppies under the age of four or five months should be fed three meals daily that are split up over the day.

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Wet Dog Foods Buyers Guide

As I said earlier, there are tons of canned dog foods out there and they can all seem like a great option. Keeping in mind that its easier to get your dog to eat what they prefer,; go for something your buddy really seems to enjoy. Something that will have a positive impact on your dogs physical health, energy levels, and overall well being.

These are just a few of the indicators that show the product is working for your pooch.


When you are out there with the intention of finding something better or the best, you need to put your thinking cap on and read between the labels to make the best decision.

First, we need to settle whether your dog needs wet food of not.

Visit Dog Food Insider For The Best Puppy Food Brands


Those are some of our choices, but there are much more where that came from on our website.; As mentioned before, our team at Dog Food Insider takes pride in our knowledge of dog food and care.; Our reviews on nearly every recipe and brand out there are meant to educate our readers and provide them with a better idea of what constitutes a strong dog food.; Please visit our website yourself and see what we mean!

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Wet Dog Food Vs Dry Dog Food

I know there is a lot of high-quality kibble out there but wet food does have some advantages. They are easy to digest and contain ingredients closer to their natural form. Processing is often minimal and that is how they retain a higher amount of proteins and other nutrients. Additionally, it contains more moisture than dry food, helping to keep your dog hydrated.

It is a very good option for picky eaters.

One downside, however, is that it may not be as good for teeth and gums as kibble. Also, since dogs are naturally used to the crunchiness of bones, they enjoy a similar texture in kibbles. You can mix dry and wet dog food to give them a bit of both.

Anyone Try Out That Heb Pet Food

We got some of the HEB Heritage stuff for our cats and they seem to enjoy it. Its only been a week so I dont know how it is long term but they seem to be doing good.

My cats eat the HEB gulf coast food, and my dog gets the HEB sporting dog food. All seem to like it and my dog doesn’t get diarrhea like he did with Iams or Pedigree. My dog isn’t sporting at all, but it has higher protein and he’s a retired greyhound.

I looked at a couple of the dry cat foods and ground corn is the 1st ingredient with meat by products 2nd or even 3rd.

I’d avoid those as cats don’t get nutrition from non meat sources for the most part. A pure meat should be the first ingredient. Things like ground corn also commonly exist in dry cat food to hold the food together but it shouldn’t be high on the list.

Spend a bit extra on food. The cat will need less food overall because they get more nutrition and it’ll save on vet bills down the road.

Cats also get the majority of their water via food. Hence why wet food is strongly suggested by most vets.

My cat loves cucumbers. I def feed him some when possible to make sure he stays hydrated

On the bag it says in order:

Chicken, chicken meal,dried potatoes, dried chickpeas, turkey meal…

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What Did Our Test Dog Think

Our test dog Archie has been testing fresh foods for some time and he generally loves it. That being said, he wasnt a fan of some of FreshPets products.

We used the Grain-Free Beef and Pumpkin Recipe stew as a meal topper and he seemed to like it well enough, though it wasnt particularly appetizing by human standards.

The FreshPet Select Roasted Meals chicken recipe was much more well-received. It had a strong chicken aroma with visible pieces of chicken as well as preformed nuggets. Archie gobbled the food up with no problems.

Though FreshPets roasted meals and stews went over well, we cant say the same for the Vital Grain-Free Multi-Protein Recipe roll.

According to the feeding recommendations, you should cut the roll into slices then chop the slice into smaller pieces.

The roll looked like a sausage with pieces of carrot and unidentifiable white substance scattered throughout, but it didnt look very appetizing. Archie didnt think so either.

He sniffed the food and sampled it but then looked at me as if he was asking whether he really had to eat it.

Overall, I didnt have a problem with the FreshPet stews and roasted meals, but I cant say I recommend the rolls.

The recommended feeding amount was also concerning. FreshPet recommends about 1 pound of food per day for a dog of Archies size thats half of the 2-pound roll. C

Hills Science Diet Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

Bark & Co. Visit the Freshpet Kitchens for the Best Tour Ever

This puppy food from Hills Science Diet contains 26% protein, which is a good amount for Rottweiler puppies. Glucosamine, chondroitin, and well-balanced levels of calcium are used in the recipe to keep your puppys joints, bones, and teeth strong.

A blend of antioxidants, vitamin E, and vitamin C are included in this puppy food to give your furry friends immune system an extra boost.

This puppy food is suitable for puppies whose adult weight will be over 55lbs, so it is ideal for young Rottweilers. Zero artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives are used in the recipe, which is a bonus.

Large breed puppy owners have found this food works well at firming up their poochs stools and improved their digestion overall. If your Rottweiler puppy suffers from frequent loose stools and digestive problems, then this puppy food is worth giving a try!

It is important to note that some puppies, especially if they are picky eaters, might take some time before they get used to this food. However, this seems to be largely due to the formula change, which shouldnt be an issue for puppies who havent eaten the food before.


  • Good amount of vitamins and minerals
  • Works well for puppies with digestive issues


  • Possible lack of flavor

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Blue Buffalo: Homestyle Recipe Chicken Dinner With Garden Vegetables & Brown Rice

Top Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Carrots, Peas, Sweet Potatoes

A good recipe doesnt have to be complicated that is something I have learned while searching for the best dog foods.

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Chicken Dinner with garden vegetables proves that point. It is actually the kind of meal you would prepare at home. It is made with fresh ingredients, and with the same amount of care as home made. The only difference is that you get a perfect balance every time with this can.

What I really love about this recipe is the addition of biotin that makes it perfect for thick-coated breeds.

Is Freshpet Really Worth The Cost

When it comes to feeding your dog, you should feed him the highest quality diet you can consistently afford.

Many pet experts agree that fresh food is one of the best options for pets because it is more nutritious and less processed than commercial kibble and canned food.

Unfortunately, that is less true for FreshPet than for pet food delivery services like Nom Nom and The Farmers Dog.

FreshPet products are produced in much larger quantities and, other than providing refrigerators, they do not control the conditions in which the products are kept prior to sale.

Equipment malfunction or damage to the packaging could allow mold or bacteria to enter the food, causing it to mold or spoil.

That being said, FreshPet could still be better for your dog than low-quality canned food or kibble.

Generally speaking, the higher the quality of your dogs diet, the better. Poor quality pet foods may be more difficult for your dog to digest or might contain low-quality ingredients that dont deliver optimal nutrition.

Over time, gaps in your dogs nutrition could contribute to serious health problems and, in the end, higher vet bills.

It is well worth the cost to feed your dog high-quality fresh food, but were not sure FreshPet is the best option if you can afford a fresh food subscription service instead.

Here are some general benefits of feeding your dog premium dog food:

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Hills Recall History List:

Since the company’s founding, there have been multiple recalls of this dog food. Here they are in reverse chronological order.

  • Hills recalls 25 different brands of dry and wet food due to elevated levels of Vitamin D.
  • Hills recalls six different brands of Science Diet due to labeling concerns.
  • Hills recalls Science Diet small and toy breed dry foods for possible salmonella contamination.

We All Want A Dog Food Brand We Can Trust


With confusing labeling, misleading marketing, and a lack of transparency so common in the world of dog food, a brands integrity can sometimes be more telling than the ingredient list.

Finding the best dog food is a process that requires attention to all details. Its a delicate balance of being conscious of the brand while not allowing what looks like a great brand history, reputation, and production process to supersede awareness of ingredients and the foods appropriateness for your dogs unique needs.

Read on as we list what are the healthiest dog food brands in the market today.

Here at DogFood.Guide we have a dedicated mission to provide dog owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their dogs.

Our readers rely upon the dog food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.

DogFood.Guide is maintained by Mary Nielsen & her staff. Mary is an animal lover of both dogs and cats. She and her staff are passionate about animals and work hard to provide you with a wealth of information for you and your dog.

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Kibbles N Bits Meaty Middles Prime Rib Flavor

Meaty Middles is a kibbles n Bits range that offers dogs two different textures in one. The outer layer is crunchy, while the middle is soft and chewy and filled with meat.

There are two real meat ingredients in this recipe beef & bone meal and beef. Unfortunately, they do not comprise the bulk of the food. The beef & bone meal only comes third in the list of ingredients, while fresh beef takes up 8th place.

What comes in at first and second places are corn and soybean meal. Corn is highly digestible and has lots of nutritional value because it contains protein, carbohydrates, fiber, linoleic acid, and beta-carotene. Soybean is a rich source of protein.

However, unless your dog is on a special diet where soy should be the main protein source, animal meat is still much preferable.

But what we have to take exception to is the use of artificial colors because there are plenty here. Artificial colors are highly unnecessary in dog food since dogs are not attracted to colors in food. What matters to them is the smell and taste. Moreover, food dyes have been linked to disease.

While there has been no conclusive study yet and the FDA deems the food coloring in this recipe safe, it going natural seems to be the safer alternative.

As for the guaranteed analysis, the fat , fiber , and protein content are about average. The formulation also offers a 100% complete balanced nutrition for adult dogs.

Wellness: Beef Stew With Carrots & Potatoes Grain

Top Ingredients: Beef, Beef Broth, Water Sufficient for Processing, Beef Liver, Carrots, Egg Whites, Peas

Wellness knows how to make a magical blend of quality meet and good greens. Their Beef Stew with carrot and potatoes is a prime example of how well they know this secret. You get loads of good proteins plus all the essentials required for a balanced meal every time.

Plus, it is free of unwanted ingredients like fillers, low quality grains, and additives that can trigger a sensitive stomach. Wellness uses a slow-cooked process to make sure you get the best taste and more nutrients.

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Where Is The Food Made

All FreshPet products are made in company-owned kitchens located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Their treats are made in the USA by carefully selected partners that follow high standards for safety and quality. FreshPet also states that 97% of their ingredients are sourced from the USA and Canada, though their vitamins and minerals may not be. No ingredients are sourced from China.

Mistake #: You Fill Out The Initial Questionnaire Incorrectly

Pet Nutritionist Ranks Cat Foods | Purina, Orijen, Fancy Feast, and More!

The majority of dog food subscription services start by asking you to fill out a short online questionnaire about your dog, with details about breed, weight, age, activity level, and health conditions. It’s important to fill this in carefully and accurately because these answers will determine whether or not the food is right for your dog , as well as the correct portion size. If you fill in your dog’s details incorrectly, you’ll either end up with too much or too little food or the wrong food for your canine companion.;

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Purina: Pro Plan Savor Adult Classic Chicken & Rice Entree

Top Ingredients: Chicken, Water Sufficient for Processing, Liver, Meat By Products, Rice, Guar Gum

There is a reason this one is a classic favorite of thousands of dog owners out there. This recipe was formulated to provide your four-legged friend with a perfectly balanced diet while keeping it safe and healthy. It has a powerful punch of proteins from quality sources, plus you get beneficial ingredients such as carrageenan, a known immune system enhancer.

You get the right amount of carbs, fiber, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with this one. Purina Pro Plan is great for dogs that fall sick often or lack the energy to stay active. It can also be great for dogs that are recovering from illness, and is even appropriate for senior dogs.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food

With protein levels of 27% from real chicken and turkey , this puppy food is ideal for Rottweiler puppies. It contains DHA for proper eye and brain development, as well as calcium and phosphorous for healthy teeth and bones.

Chondroitin and glucosamine are included in the recipe to keep your Rottweiler puppys joints in tip-top condition. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for great skin and coat health have also been added.

No wheat, soy, corn, by-product meal, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives are used in this puppy food, so it is a healthy and nutritious diet for your furry friend.

Reviews for this dry dog food are extremely positive, which shows this is a good dog food for Rottweiler puppies. Dog owners have noted that their pooches seem to enjoy the taste of this recipe and thrive on it.

The only downside with this puppy food is that some picky eaters may take a while to get used to it based on a couple of comments by dog owners.


  • Good levels of DHA, calcium, phosphorus
  • Chicken and turkey as first two ingredients


  • Possible lack of flavor

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Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

The Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed dry dog food is ideal for Rottweilers as it contains 24% protein, alongside fruits and vegetables like papaya and pumpkin. The latter is full of fiber that helps your Rottweilers digestive system work properly.

Probiotics, taurine, and L-Carnitine are also mixed into the formula for good digestive and heart health. To support your Rottweilers joints, glucosamine has been added.

This dry dog food contains sources of protease, cellulose, and alpha-amylase . Protease helps break down proteins, whilst cellulose and alpha-amylase help break down cellulose and starch.

Holistic Select dont use any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or other chemicals in any of their dog foods.

A lot of dog owners have found that this dry dog food has worked very well for their large breed pooch by firming up their stools and keeping their bowel movements more regular. This is most likely due to the probiotics and high levels of fiber in the recipe!

However, despite this dog food being targeted for large and giant breeds, some owners have found the kibble size is still a bit on the small side. Additionally, if your Rottweiler is a picky eater, then they may take some time to get used to this food.


  • Lots of probiotics and fiber for digestive health
  • Good amount of vitamins and minerals


  • Kibble size is a bit on the small side

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