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How Much Food To Feed My Dog

Adult Dogs Feeding Schedule

How Much Homemade Dog Food To Feed My Dog?

According to WebMD, when a dog reaches 90% of its estimated adult weight its considered an adult dog, for feeding purposes. This means that your pup can switch to an adult diet, which will help maintain their weight with nutrients for animals that have passed their growing stage.

Puppies growing stages usually happen by seven months, but larger breeds can sometimes grow until they are over a year old.

The Wrong Way To Feed A Dog

Many dogs are fed free choice which means food is available 24 hours a day. So, the dog eats whenever it wants.

Free choice feeding is completely unnatural for any mammal. And , a dog will eat when bored instead of just when hungry.

Whats more, free feeding can contribute to unnatural hormonal changes which can make weight loss even more challenging.

How To Calculate Caloriesfor Weight Loss

Once you know your dogs ideal weight, youll be able to discover the amount of calories to feed your dog daily to achieve steady weight loss.

Use the Advisors dog food calculator to determine this important number.

While most dogs will experience predictable weight loss when fed this amount each day, others may require even fewer calories. This can depend on a dogs age and activity level.

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How Much Food Should You Give Your Dog

This is important: You should carefully observe the four-legged friend. Many individuals are prone to gluttony. The result is excess weight, which negatively affects the state of the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and other systems.When gaining extra pounds, you should increase the physical activity for the dog and reduce the portion.

Feeding Frequency: How Often Should I Feed My Dog

How Much Should I Feed My Dog? Your Dogs Complete ...

Now that you understand how much food your dog needs, you need to decide upon the best schedule for feeding your hungry hound.

Some people simply feed their dog once per day, but this isnt ideal. In most cases, you should spread out your dogs calories over the course of two or three meals. For example, if your dog needs 500 Calories a day, you could give her about 250 Calories of food in the morning and 250 Calories of food in the evening .

Puppies should be fed three times per day, as they burn through calories in a hurry, and their little tummies only hold a small amount of food at a time.

Feeding your dog several smaller meals rather than one large meal helps keep her full for more of the day, and it may help prevent your dog from suffering from bilious vomiting syndromeand similar conditions.

Smaller meals may also help prevent your dog from over-indulging and then barfing up her food a short time later.

But perhaps the most important reason to feed your dog multiple times a day is that it probably reduces the chances that she will suffer from bloat a potentially fatal condition, in which the stomach becomes twisted, trapping gases inside.

Another popular strategy for slowing down your dogs eating is to feed your pooch with a Kong, which can be stuffed with your dogs meal , forcing them to work to get at their food and preventing speedy food guzzling.

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How Much To Feed A Dog Types Of Food

One of the main reasons that there is no straight answer to the question how much should I feed my dog? is that the type of food people choose for their dogs varies.

Wet food contains a lot more water than dry food, so by volume it contains fewer calories.

Which means how much wet food to feed a dog and how much dry food to feed a dog will be different.

Some people even like to give their dogs a combination of both food types.

As we mentioned earlier, most dog foods have charts and guidelines when it comes to feeding your dog.

Some wet foods have a serving in a tin, which makes things easy to figure out. But, again it may depend on their size of your dog.

Speak to your vet if youre unsure. For now, lets take a look at some examples.

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Common Questions On How Much To Feed

Raw dog food may cause your dog to lose weight even if its not your intention.Especially if youre switching your dog from processed pet food to 100% raw. This is because raw foods are assimilated differently than starch-based pet foods.Compare this to switching from McDonalds to a diet of lean meats, fruits and vegetables. You may eat the same number of calories but still lose weight on the second diet. Thats because of the type of food and how the body processes it.Observe your dog and adjust their daily percentage if necessary.

A healthy dog is more or less always ready to eat. Your dog is no exception. Its natural for dogs to be interested in food thats available, close by, or on your plate. Never use begging behavior as an indicator for hunger or how much to feed your dog. Its an inaccurate gauge for food volume.

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Why The Right Dog Food Amount Matters

If you feed your dog too little, they can suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

However, If you feed your dog too much, it will eventually result in obesity and its related health issues, like:

  • Musculoskeletal problems like osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament ruptures, and intervertebral disk disease

  • Congestive heart failure

  • Amount of exercise

Homemade Dog Food Serving Size

How Much To Feed Your Dog


How much homemade food should I feed to my dog? That isthe very first question that comes to our mind when we think about switching toa homemade diet. Although there are some general guidelines for the startingquantity, you must acknowledge that each dog is different. Consequently, theamount of food needed by each canine can vary considerably.

As a rule of thumb, a dog should eat about 2-3% of his/her bodyweight in fresh food. Having said that, toy breeds can eat up to 5% of their bodyweight whereas large breeds may consume as little as 1.5%. The key is to keep track of your dogs weight and adjust the quantity of food accordingly. The following table mentions the safe amount of homemade dog food for canines of different sizes.

Dogs Bodyweight Amount of Homemade Dog Food
About 3/5

NOTE: For cookedfoods, you will weigh the quantity after cooking.

If you feed your dog multiple times, you should divide thetotal quantity for each meal. For instance, if you feed your 100-pound dog 2times a day, you will serve him 1 pound of homemade dog food in each meal.

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How Much Food Does Your Dog Need

After taking into consideration the nutrients and calories your specific dog needs you’ll be able to determine how much food you should feed it. If a food is higher in calories, you won’t need to give as much compared to a food that is lower in calories so you’ll want to look at the bag of food to see how many calories each cup of dog food contains. For example, a healthy, neutered, 50 lb. dog should consume about 1200 calories a day. This equates to about 3 cups of dog food a day, depending on how many calories are in the food you choose to feed your dog.

I Was Told That Puppies Should Eat All They Want 3 Or 4 Times Per Day Is That True

Feeding a puppy all it can eat at one time is called ‘ad libitum‘ or ‘free choice’ feeding. This is not recommended as it can create juvenile obesity, binge eaters, as well as set the stage for some orthopedic problems and diabetes. Over-eating at any one meal can also cause stomach discomfort and bloating causing slower digestion. Dogs are acknowledged to have a genetically determined “set point” for their adult size. Slower, controlled growth in puppies optimizes body condition in adulthood.

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How Much Chicken And Rice Should I Feed My Dog With Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common digestive problem with dogs during different stages of growth. Several different causes of diarrhea to the dog include sudden changes in their diets, eating something terrible in their menu, viral, parasitic, and bacterial infections, allergies, pancreatic and inflammatory diseases, and more. You can treat diarrhea by fasting the dog or feeding it on a rice and chicken diet, which helps to settle the stomach, and stop diarrhea.

Though white rice has less nutritional value than brown rice, it comes with properties that are friendlier to the dogs delicate stomach. Before you start the dog on a chicken and rice diet to stop the diarrhea, you should first fast it for 24 hours without any food but with plenty of water. Feed the dog small amounts of rice and chicken diet for the next few days until you are sure the diarrhea is in control.

Feeding small amounts rather than the usual two meals, a day will ensure easier digestion that will not shock the dogs digestive system. Remember not to feed any other kind of food until the bowel movements go back to normal. You should also break the feeding times with plenty of water to keep the dog hydrated after two or three days, you can start to add regular diet gradually as you decrease the amount of the rice and chicken diet.

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How Much Food Should I Feed My Puppy?

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Weaning Your Puppy To Solid Food

Weaning your puppy to solid food should not be an overnight endeavor but should ideally take place over the course of two to three weeks. First select the brand of puppy food you intend to feed. Puppies have high caloric and nutritional needs and so the food selected should be a high quality brand of puppy food. Talk to your veterinarian for specific recommendations but generally the best puppy foods will be a good source of protein, calcium and calories.

Starting around four to six weeks of age begin introducing your puppy to puppy food by making a gruel by blending the puppy food with milk replacer. Offer the gruel three to four times a day gradually reducing the amount of milk replaced used to make the gruel. This way your puppy gradually learns to adapt to solid food and gastric upset is minimized. By around eight weeks of age your puppy should be eating solid food.

How Much And When Should You Feed Your Dog

This will vary from dog to dog, but a general rule of thumb is for every 10 lbs your dog weighs they should be fed roughly 1 cup of prepared food.

For our 80 lb Hooch, that means 2 meals a day each containing 4 cups of food. It is important to note that, dogs with kidney problems often feel better when fed several small meals throughout the dayrather than just one or two large meals, so you may find that you need to adjust your feeding schedule as time goes on accordingly to keep your pup comfy!

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Supplements To Add To Homemade Dog Food

Most of the homemade dog foods dont fulfill the nutritionalrequirements of your canine. This problem has nothing to do with the selectionor quality of ingredients that you use in these recipes. Instead, its down tothe nutritional needs of dogs that cannot be reached without adding too manycalories. Therefore, you have to add supplements to these homemade diets tomake them balanced.

Unfortunately, it can be much harder than it seems to find a suitable dog supplement for homemade dog food. An ideal supplement that could ensure a balanced diet must have the following three characteristics.

  • Should have useful Vitamins and Minerals
  • Should have Digestive Enzymes
  • Must provide Skin, Coat, and Joint Support

Some of the supplements that you can safely add in yourhomemade dog foods are discussed below.

Want to know how to tell if a dog is healthy? Check out our post How to Tell If Your Dog is Healthy.

Your Best Puppy And Dog Food Options

How Much to Feed a Dog (Commercial and Homemade Foods)

Remember, having a dog who has his dietary needs met will be happier and healthier as a result. Not eating enough can lead to malnutrition, and overeating makes your pup obese .

Are you looking for more dog food articles? Weve got plenty of resources on various dog diets and nutrition, including the best dog foods for any age, diet type, and health concern, the best dog food delivery services for puppies and adult dogs, and homemade dog food recipes.

We also have guides about when you should switch your dog from puppy to adult food and what to do if you run out of dog food. Have additional questions or issues with your dog? Ask us in our if you need help. Wed love to help your family transition and aid with any adjustments as needed.

How much and how often does your puppy eat?

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How Do I Figure Out How Much I Should Feed My Dog

Figuring out how much to feed your dog is a little tricky, because breed, age, size, energy level, and health all factor into how often dogs should eat and how much. As you might suspect, larger breedslike Great Danes and mastiffsweigh more and therefore require more calories per day than medium and small breed dogs.

Veterinarians and board-certified veterinary nutritionists are expert sources of information about what and how much your dog should eat. A vet will decide how many calories your dog needs by looking at his current weight, his body condition , and the type of food hes eating. You can do that, too, by using an online calculator.

Dogs Fed Less Live Longer

It seems as if some dog owners are caught up with their dogs being big. Others seem to perpetuate the humor in fat or obese pets. Extremes in size and weight can be awe-inspiring and even funny.But understand they may put your dog at risk for future health problems.If theres anything you take away from this feeding guide consider this little-known secret for longevity:

Adult dogs with a body score condition less than 5 live 16% longer than their overweight peers.And studies show that by keeping your dog lean and reducing food intake from early puppyhood through adulthood, you could add two years to their life.

And remember, this only a place to start.Each dog is different, and their needs will change. Understand you may need to make micro adjustments over time .Lets put this into perspective Do you eat the same amount of food every day or does it vary? Remember this is something that is easily adjusted.Get out of your head. Choose a quantity and begin.

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How Much Should I Feed My Dog The Caloric Needs Of Canines

Its natural to wonder how much food you should feed your dog. After all, its an important part of your dogs overall care!

And given that dogs come in different shapes and sizes, each one needs a different quantity of chow. This may cause you to wonder how much you need to feed your canine to provide enough calories, without causing her to put on extra weight.

Veterinarians and scientists often use a mathematical formula to determine the correct number of calories a dog needs. This is going to get a little dense, so if youd prefer to skip the math lesson, just scroll down to the next section. I wont be offended.

The first step is to determine your dogs Resting Energy Requirement or RER. This is the number of Calories your dog requires to keep her heart pumping blood, lungs inflating with air, and brain figuring out how to get you to give her more treats.

Be aware that, in the context of nutrition, the term Calorie refers to a kilocalorie, or 1,000 calories.

RER can be determined by first determining your dogs weight in kilograms and then raising this number to the ¾ power. This number is then multiplied by 70, which gives you the dogs RER.

Ohio State University provides a good example for a 10-kilogram dog:

RER = 703/4 = 400 Calories/Day

Accordingly, scientists and vets use a second set of equations to find the total number of daily calories your dog needs.

How Much Should Adult Dogs Eat

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Dont let your dog trick you into more mealtimes with adorable puppy dog eyes. Most dogs only require two meals a day, but if you catch your dog begging, an occasional healthy treat can help.

The trick is to make sure youre not feeding your dog more than is recommended. Food labels can be misleading or confusing. Generic feeding charts may over-calculate how much to feed a dog, or use outdated information.

To determine how much food to feed your dog, you should start by knowing your dogs estimated adult weight. Most large breed dogs will weigh between 50 to 150 pounds, while small breeds weigh under 20 pounds. Knowing the weight of your dogs same-sex parent can also be an excellent guide.

From there, you can use the estimated weight to determine how many calories dogs need per day.

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