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Bil Jac Dog Food Review

Bill Jac Dry Dog Food

Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food Review

My dog loves Bill Jac dry dog food. Almost finished first bag. Here’s the problem I am experiencing with it. She has consumed three times the amount of water in a day than before. Her flatulence is terrible. She used to poop once a day, now four times a day. So, I now have incontinence and defecating in the house.She acts more hyper as well. Doubt there is anything medically wrong with her because all this started the second day on Bill Jac. But she loves it and would eat four cups if I would put it down. Don’t think I will buy another bag.


We Start With Lots Of Fresh Chicken

When it comes to your dogs food, we believe fresh, never frozen chicken should be the main ingredient in your best friends bowl. In fact, we use 25 lbs. of fresh chicken to make each 30 lb. bag of Bil-Jac Adult Select. Do you know any other dry brand that uses that much fresh chicken or meat? We dont.

Because we use so much fresh chicken, we dont need to add any extra fat, fillers, or taste enhancers to our food. The taste of the fresh chicken speaks for itself. Our fresh ingredients, combined with the right blend of vitamins and minerals, deliver a complete and balanced meal your pooch will love bowl after bowl.

Discussion Of The Primary Ingredients

Bil-Jac steers clear of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. We like that the company is transparent and identifies all its meat sources, and you wont find meat meal in the ingredient list. You should consult with your veterinarian before you feed your dog any of Bil-Jacs grain-free recipes. Most dogs tolerate grains, which are an important source of nutrients and carbohydrates. There is also research that a grain-free diet may lead to heart problems.1

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Bil Jac Adult Food Review Of Ingredients

The most popular adult variety of Bil Jac dog food, according to Bil Jac dry dog food reviews, is Bil Jac Grain Free Adult Formula. Its Guaranteed Analysis is:

  • Crude Protein 30.0%
  • Omega 6 Fatty Acids : 2.5%
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids : 0.4%

The thing I absolutely love about the Bil Jac Grain Free Adult Formula is that chicken is its main protein. This is refreshing to see when so many dog foods advertise meat proteins but don’t deliver. Instead, they use animal meals or egg product for extra protein.

Bil Jac sticks to its promise of high quality proteins with no cheap protein fillers. Additionally, it has balance with pea starch and fiber, beet pulp, and more. And its use of oatmeal acts as extra protein and fiber.

Biljac Liver Treats Review

Bil Jac Select Formula Chicken Adult Dry Dog Food, 6 Lb

BilJac dog food has been around for nearly 50 years. Today, Biljacs premium dog food and BilJac treats are a staple in many dogs diets. The frozen BilJac was the first product the Bil-Jac company produced.

To date, we have tried the Bil-Jac frozen dog food and the BilJac Liver Treats .

Here are my thoughts on the Biljac Liver Treats themselves

I like that the Liver Treats come in 2 sizes the pellets are either large or small. Both make great treats during dog training sessions.

The Liver Treats are similar to the frozen BilJac food in terms of consistency and shape though the Liver Treats are a bit larger and they do not require refrigeration. Thats a huge plus.

Even though each Liver Treat is intended to be given whole, our dogs are so used to receiving tiny smidgens of treats as their snacks and rewards, so we rarely give an entire Liver Treat at one time. Instead, each one can be broken in half, so both of our dogs get one-half of a Biljac Liver Treat as a snack each time.

Again, for training purposes these soft Liver Treats are highly aromatic, and they can be shaped to fill the palm of your hand. This makes the training process so much easier! Since your dog is receiving a BIG reward in a TINY package, its very cost-effective for you, and highly motivating for your dog.

I highly recommend them.

Heres an interesting video about Biljac dog food and treats. See how Biljac is different:

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Company Reputation And Quality Control Issues

Bil-Jacs reputation may depend on the part of the country you live in. I live in the mid-South and the food and company have always enjoyed a good reputation here, even when their only product was their frozen food. Im not sure how widely known they are throughout the country. Bil-Jac has rarely ever had a recall, though they had a limited recall of a small lot of food in August 2012 due to mold. Overall their company seems to have a very good record as far as quality control and its a definite plus that they manufacture their own food.

Reviews: How Does Bil

Bil-Jac dog food is a middle-of-the-road dog food thats comparable to what youd find at the supermarket. Its recommended for people who arent looking for premium dog food, but its reputation as a premium brand may be a little undeserved. To understand why, lets look at the ingredients.

Although the ingredients vary between recipes, there are some that Bil-Jac uses frequently. They are fond of saying that they use 25 pounds of chicken for every 30-pound bag of dog food, but what does that mean?

Real chicken is usually the first ingredient, but it contains a lot of water. After the chicken is cooked, it loses some of its volume, so real chicken doesnt make up the entire 25 pounds that Bil-Jac is referring to on the label.

Chicken by-products are also listed as an ingredient in a lot of these foods. Bil-Jac often includes an explanation on the label as to why, such as organ meats only or as a source of glucosamine and chondroitin. But this isnt always the case. Chicken by-products do include organ meats, but they also include beaks, feet, and every other part of the bird. Chicken by-product meal shows up in a lot of these recipes, too.

While Bil-Jac may use 25 pounds of chicken in every 30-pound bag, its important to realize that doesnt mean it includes 25 pounds of real chicken meat.

Oatmeal is another common ingredient. This whole grain is a good choice for dog food. Its naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and provides necessary dietary fiber.

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The Verdict On Bil Jac Dog Food

Bil-Jacs ingredient list does not support the idea that this is a premium brand. The quality of the ingredients might be great, but there are more things to consider. Saying that each bag contains massive amounts of chicken is a little misleading as all of this chicken isnt muscle meat. It includes chicken by-products and by-product meals, too. Plus, Bil-Jac uses other ingredients that also add protein so keep that in mind when looking at the analysis.

Bottom line? Bil-Jac is fine food for any dog, and they have a variety of recipes and types of food to choose from. But read the Bil Jac label carefully. If youre expecting a premium level dog food, you might be disappointed in Bil-Jac.

Bil Jac Dry Dog Food Product Line Review

Bil-Jac Dry Dog Food

To make a conclusion about the whole product line, we will consider all recipes and their average nutrition ratio.

Recipes Average Compares to Ideal Level

In the total of 14 recipes, the group has an average of 27& percnt protein, 17& percnt fat and 42& percnt carbohydrate.

Protein and Fat: Prefer HigherCarbs: Prefer Lower

  • Protein is -3 less than ideal
  • Fat is 2 higher than ideal
  • Carbs is 14 higher than ideal
What does it mean?

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History Of The Bil Jac Brand Dog Food

Before we get to our review, lets take a look at the history of the Bil Jac dog food brand. Bil Jac dog food was started by two brothers, Bill and Jack Kelly, who grew up on a farm and always had an affinity for animals. The brothers were called to serve in World War II, and Bill went to boot camp on a base with a kennel of German Shepherds being trained to sniff bombs. As the story goes, he saw that the dogs were malnourished, asked his supervisor if he could help, and asked his dad to send meat and other supplies from the farm so he could make dog food for the dogs on base. When the reviews were in, Bill improved the health of the dogs with his special pet food.

When the brothers returned from the war, Bill realized he had a real passion for dogs and pet food, and he and his brother set out to improve dog food nutrition. Through trial and error, Bill refined his dog food recipe and, in 1947, Bil-Jac dog food began.

The original dog food recipe was frozen and used meat as the number one ingredient, something that was astoundingly different from the other dog food of the day. It was so unique, the Kelly brothers received the first dog food patent ever issued in 1951.

The Bil Jac Puppy Food Reviews

  • Bil Jac Small Breed Puppy
  • Pros

    • This kibble works so well with water mixed in, as this makes it softer and more easy to chew for those pups who are in the latter stages of weaning
    • At the same time, it offers a whopping 28% protein, and because this is predominantly from chicken, your puppy will be getting all his essential amino acids
    • 18% fat, so plenty of fat calories
    • Omega acids in here will play a key role in lustrous coats, healthy skin, and cerebral function
    • There are a lot of vitamin supplements in here, alongside minerals such as copper, iron, manganese, potassium, and zinc.


    • Contains synthetic preservative BHA, so if youre trying to go all-natural you should be aware of this
    • Includes by-products as both meal and organs.
  • Large Breed BIL JAC Puppy Dry Food
  • Pros

    • 24% protein is super for larger puppies, who have a sustained period of growth and development
    • Same goes for the 17% figure for fat, although this is pretty much at the higher end of the recommended daily fat for larger dogs so youll need to take him out exercise and fun!
    • Glucosamine will help to fight against the joint problems that so many larger puppy breeds are prone to
    • Fish meals also an ingredient, and another rich source of natural protein
    • Lower calorie content per cup than the Bil Jac Puppy Select and Bil Jac Small Breed blends- perfect for larger puppies.


    • Youll see that there are by-products such as organs and meal in here, although they do provide glucosamine.

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    What Do People Dislike About This Brand

    My vet said BilJacs is a very low quality dog food, and it has some ingredients which are very hard on a dogs stomach.


    Both my little dogs took one smell and walked away. I tried mixing with wet food and they still will not eat it.


    Came all in crumbs. Totally upset! It looked like powder.


    Bag was unopened. When I opened them they had a oily substance all over them and smelt foul. I threw them away.


    Shortly after eating these shipped from Amazon, our dog got very ill. I am worried that somehow this lot was tainted with something. Nothing else changed in the dogs diet besides these treats, and the diagnosis was food poisoning.

    Greyt Owner,

    Best Bil Jac Dog Foods


    Bil-Jac seems to be just an okay brand. While they have real meat as their first ingredient, there doesnt seem to be too much variety when it comes to the different variants of their food. For example, the large breed kibble is typically the same size as the small breed kibble depending on which type of food you get. While they dont have a multitude of flavors, they still have a decent amount of products for you to choose from. Here are some of the best Bil-Jac dog food.

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    Which Type Of Dog Might Do Better With A Different Brand

    Bil-Jacs dry and frozen formulas are all chicken-based. These recipes arent suitable for dogs with a poultry aversion or allergy. Bil-Jac does make beef- and duck-based canned food, but the recipes also contain chicken. A suitable chicken-free alternative is Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food.

    Bil Jac Dry Dog Foods

    Bil Jac dog food has expanded on its dry dog food product line significantly since that first dog food recipe in the 1980s. Heres a quick dog food review of all of the dry food options available from Bil-Jac today.

    First in our Bil Jack dog food review is Bil-Jacs puppy formula. This is made exclusively for puppies and has the balanced nutrition they need for their first year of life. The first ingredient is real chicken, and they use four pounds of chicken to make a five-pound bag of food. This high-quality dog food recipe includes immune system support, and puppies will love the small mini-bite kibble.

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    What Do Veterinary Professionals Think Of Bil Jac Dog Food

    Bil Jack dog food has a reputation for being one of the first quality dog foods on the market. With focusing on quality protein and even having grain free options for dogs with sensitivities, this diet made a name for itself before premium dog foods were readily available in stores. While many other quality dog food brands are available on the market now, this brand is still considered a wonderful option for dog owners on a budget.

    The Wet Bil Jac Dog Food Review

    Why I Feed Bil-Jac Dog Food
  • Bil-Jac Chunky Stew with Chicken
  • Pros

    • There are only 103 kCal per tray, meaning that you wont need to worry too much about overfeeding your grown dog
    • Its also just perfect for mixing in with kibble as a lovely topper and for some excellent variety
    • 8% protein, alongside Omega acids for keeping up coat health
    • Now for those veggies- this stew contains both sweet potato and peas for a mix of protein, vitamins, and softly-digestible fiber!


    • There is some potato in here, so not for dogs who arent able to take in any potato.

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    At A Glance: The Best Bil


    Bil-Jacs product line includes 10 different dry dog foods to choose from for different life stages and breed sizes. All its recipes meet AAFCO nutrition standards for dog food. There are a few controversial ingredients included, however, and they appear to be missing a few key additives to support your dogs overall health.

    What Is The Variety Of Foods They Produce

    Bil-Jac dog food has a decent variety of food options for your furry friend. They have a lot of different dry dog food formulas but only a handful of wet food options. They have a nice selection of treats that will be perfect for training or for a light snack once in a while. What their food lacks are flavor options. Theres more of a flavor variety in the treats rather than the meals.

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    What Is Dried Bakery Product

    The question that stayed with me is what is dried bakery product? So I asked Google and learned that it’s a filler that is comprised of the waste from the bakery industry .

    Dried bakery product is nothing more than a mixture of bread, cookies, cake, crackers and other baking waste which have been artificially dried and ground into a coarse powder.

    And guess what! This is all above board according to AAFCO.

    Biologically appropriate? I don’t think so.

    How many dog parents are buying this food thinking that they’re feeding a raw diet to their dogs?

    What Other Users Are Saying


    It helps to know what other dog owners think of Bil-Jac. Weve pulled what we think are some of the most helpful customer reviews on the internet.

    • Amazon As fellow dog owners, we like to read through Amazon reviews before we buy something. You can see some of Bil-Jacs reviews by clicking here and here.
    • Chewy We have been feeding Bil-JAC to our Jack Russell Buddy since we brought him home from the breeder. He recommended the food and Buddy just loves it! No upset stomach, nice firm poops, no issues at all. Buddy is 13 and still plays like a puppy. We love Bil-JAC!
    • Chewy Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs! Combined with the dry food, Bil-Jac canned food mixed with their dry food, cleared up my dogs diarrhea within one day.

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    A Deeper Dive Into The Brand

    Bill and Jack Kelly, two brothers, serviced in World War II in the early 1940s. When they returned home to Medina, Ohio, they realized there were some things lacking when it came to pet nutrition. Together, the two decided to create their own dog food brand for the better of all dogs and cats as well. In 1947, Bil-Jac Foods Inc. was born with Bil-Jac frozen dog food as their first product.

    However, their first dry dog food kibble wasnt released until the 1980s. The Bil-Jac frozen dog food was so great that they wanted to make sure their kibble was the same high quality. This included the treats and even later down the road, wet food.

    Bills son, Bob Kelly, is now the current president of Bil-Jac Foods Inc. He says they dont spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising their products. They just aim to do the best possible job they can do for the dogs.

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