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Best Food For Puppy With Sensitive Stomach

Top 5 Picks For Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach Recipe (for GI disorders)
  • No corn, soy, or wheat
  • Single-source protein to limit allergies
  • Contains probiotics
  • Fatty acids and DHA for healthy bodies
  • Rich in healthy oils and fish
  • No animal or vegetable by-products
  • No corn, wheat, peas, lentils, or soy
  • Limited ingredients
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • No artificial colors or flavors
4.3 $$

Why Is My Dog Throwing Up Undigested Food Hours After Eating

This is a common question we get from dog parents. While there can be many reasons why your dog is vomiting, one reason could be that he’s eating too fast. When dogs eat too fast, they don’t give their food enough time to properly digest.

This can cause them to throw up undigested food hours after eating. If you think your dog is eating too fast, there are a few things you can do to slow him down.

One way to slow down your dog’s eating is to use a puzzle feeder. Puzzle feeders are designed to make your dog work for his food. This will not only slow down his eating, but it will also provide him with some much-needed mental stimulation.

Another way to slow down your dog’s eating is to portion out his food into smaller meals throughout the day. If you typically feed your dog one large meal per day, try breaking it up into two or three smaller meals.

You can also try adding some wet food to his dry food. The wet food will make the dry food more difficult to eat and will slow down his eating.

If you’ve tried all of these things and your dog is still throwing up undigested food, it’s time to talk to your vet. Your vet will be able to help you figure out what’s causing your dog’s vomiting and how to treat it.

What Are The Causes Of A Sensitive Stomach

A sensitive stomach can be caused by a number of factors. Unfortunately, for some dogs it can be something they inherit, which means owners have to source sensitive stomach puppy food right from the start of puppyhood.

A sudden change of diet may also be the reason behind your dogs upset stomach. This is common. As dog owners, were always looking for the best food for our dogs. Thats great, but the more frequently we change our dogs diets, the less time they have to get used to the ingredients. Once you find a bag of food your dog likes, try sticking with it.

For many dogs, some ingredients just dont sit well. Certain types of meat can play havoc and dogs can quickly develop allergic or intolerant reactions. Thats why plenty of owners opt to buy hypoallergenic dog food – designed specifically for those with allergies or intolerances. Grains are also known to be particularly difficult for some dogs to digest.

Despite this, youll still find them in many commercial, mass-market bags of dog food. Thats because grains are predominantly cheap fillers – cost effective but lacking in nutritious value. You can discover more about grains and our dog foods in our ultimate guide to grain-free dog food.

For other dogs, a sensitive stomach may be triggered by something thats out of our control. Things like worms and bacterial infections can sneak their way into our dogs food – or stuff theyve eaten elsewhere.

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Best Wet: Hills Science Diet Wet Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach And Skin

Some dogs simply prefer wet food to dry- and sometimes, you want to treat your pooch to his favorite meal without having to worry if theyll have diarrhea, vomit, or get gassy after. Hills Science Diet Wet Dog Food is created precisely for dogs that have frequent digestive issues after eating wet food for dogs. It has easily digestible protein in the formula, contains no grains, and its made with natural ingredients to ensure nutritional quality. This wet food is also available in a few different protein source options so you can find a perfect match for your pets preference and dietary needs: chicken and vegetable entree, salmon and vegetable entree, or tender turkey and rice stew.

Best Sensitive Stomach Food For Senior Dogs

10 Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach 2021

As your pup gets older, she needs a diet that considers her age, and her special diet needs to address her sensitive stomach. These foods are a good bet.

13. CANIDAE Grain-Free PURE Senior Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

Ingredient Quality Rating: 4.3Top Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Garbanzo BeansDog Food Type: DryAAFCO Rating: Adult Maintenance )Calorie Content : 409 kcal/cup

With omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids, this pet food was formulated to help your older dog thrive.

It has limited ingredients, and this chicken recipe isnt filled with common allergens like corn, soy, or wheat to make digesting the food easier.

Its made in the USA in Canidaes Texas facility from ingredients sourced around the world.


  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • No artificial colors or flavors


14. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Senior Dry Dog Food

Ingredient Quality Rating: 4.0Top Ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Potatoes, PeasDog Food Type: DryAAFCO Rating: Adult Maintenance )Calorie Content : 348 kcal/cup

With Blue Buffalos Basics limited-ingredient diet food, the philosophy is that less is more.

As a result, it has only a handful of ingredients to ensure that your older dog doesnt suffer from allergies or an irritated tummy.

It contains ingredients to support joint health and mobility and is developed with veterinarians to ensure the healthiest recipe.



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Is Dog Food Formulated For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs Healthy For My Pet

If your dog has stomach problems, it could help to move them to a diet specifically formulated for sensitive stomachs. These diets are designed to get tummy issues under control.

Those dogs that have demonstrated gastrointestinal signs or recurring gastrointestinal signs can benefit from dog food formulated for sensitive stomachs, says Richardson.

Just keep in mind that if your dog has more severe GI issues, they might need a vet-prescribed diet to feel their best. This is especially important if your dogs sensitive stomach issues are a result of allergies.

An important distinction exists between dogs with a sensitive stomach and those with true food allergies. Those with food allergies require a specially formulated diet that is either completely hypoallergenic or what we call a novel protein source, such as duck or rabbit, that the dogs immune system does not react to, says Richardson. Over the counter diets that claim to be hypoallergenic or novel protein do not have the same quality control as veterinary prescription diets where there is absolutely no cross-contamination during the manufacturing of the diets.

Canidae Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Premium easy-to-digest dog food

About: CANIDAE Life Stages Dog Foodis a premium-ingredient sensitive stomach dog food that is made without many of the problematic ingredients found in other foods.

Formulated by veterinarians to be easily digested, CANIDAE Life Stages is a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Wed also recommend it as a great dog food for pit bulls or any other breed thats predisposed to joint issues as well as tummy troubles, since this dry dog food boasts omega fatty acids to help with joint healthy as well as probiotics and other compositional properties that make it easy on the stomach.


  • Fortified with pro-biotics to help ensure your pups digestive system works like it should.
  • Suitable for puppies and dogs of all life stages, which eliminates the need to transition to different foods over time.
  • Includes Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to support joint health and promote good coat condition.

NOTE: While this food is available on Amazon, owners report receiving counterfeit or expired kibble that does not much the usual color or size of Canidaes food. For this reason, we recommend purchasing CANIDAE Life Stages from Chewy.com .



Lamb meal, brown rice, cracked pearled barley, rice bran, peas…,

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Limited Ingredient Dog Food

To determine what is exactly causing your dog to have digestive issues, feed them limited ingredient dog food. As the name suggests, this type of dog food contains fewer ingredients than most commercial dog foods. Usually, this dog food uses one source of novel protein and contains low to moderate levels of fat, and probiotics to aid healthy digestion.

If youre leaning towards this direction, check the label and make sure that the dog food doesnt contain any artificial colorings and additives. These ingredients can trigger symptoms in dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs Need Highly Digestible Food

Best Dog Foods For a French Bulldog With Sensitive Stomach

Sensitive stomach dog foods are formulated to be highly digestible, with a limited number of high-quality ingredients, so theyre easy for your dogs digestive system to process. Digestibility, which measures the amount of nutrients that are absorbed by the body, reflects a foods ability to deliver essential nutrients to the dog thats eating it and ultimately affects his or her long-term health. Dog food digestibility can also influence the volume, appearance and smell of your dogs stool and the likelihood for flatulence.

Some types of ingredients are considered to be more digestible than others. For example, protein ingredients have higher digestibility than fiber ingredients, but specific types of fiber are critical for optimal digestion.

The term quality is often used to describe the digestibility of an ingredient or food. Dog foods made from high-quality ingredients tend to be much more digestible than lower-quality ingredients. Veterinary nutritionists also use quality to describe whether a protein contains all the essential amino acids in the appropriate ratio for a particular animal.

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Home Cooked Meals For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

Some dogs benefit from bland meals prepared at home. A simple dinner of cooked chicken and rice, without any seasoning, might help settle an upset stomach and diarrhea. These days, an increasing number of dog owners are turning to homemade diets for all of their dogs meals. This can be an excellent option for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as long as owners make sure they meet all of their pets nutritional needs. An easy way to do this is to check with your veterinarian to make sure the foods you are feeding your dog contain appropriate amounts of necessary nutrients. Another option is to use a website like balance IT®, created by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist Sean J. Delaney, DVM, MS, DACVN, to help vets and owners balance the nutrition in their pets homemade meals.

Soft Dry Dog Food Faqs

Soft dry dog food is a relatively new product on the market, and so it is natural for you to have some questions about this kind of food. Heres answering some frequently asked questions that most pet parents have.

Is there soft kibble dog food?

There is a wide range of soft kibbles available in dog food. They are neither hard and dry nor of wet gravy but soft, juicy, and chewy. They are ideal for puppies and senior dogs for it is easy to consume, hassle-free, and less messy.

Should you moisten dry dog food?

Moistened dry dog food is very suitable for pups, old dogs, or dogs with dental problems. This food is easy to chew and is palatable. By adding some amount of water or any other prescribed liquid, the food gets softened and is easy to eat. Moistening dry food for a dog also depends on the food choices of the dog. Some dogs are very picky and fussy about the type, form, and flavor of the food they are served. So, depending on their preferences, one must decide on whether to moisten dry food or not.

Is soft dog food good for old dogs?

As a dog grows old, they tend to develop sensitive and weak teeth. Replacing their dry food with soft, wet, and moistened food can help them in easing out their eating process. Thus, grinding on hard and dry food can become difficult and painful for them. One can also add some amount of fruits, vegetables, and canned food to their diet to fill in their nutrition requirements.

What is moist dog food?Should I mix wet and dry dog food?

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Skip The Table Scraps

Dogs with sensitive tummies often experience digestive distress after they’ve eaten a lot of human food. If your dog gets their share of table scraps, try going cold turkey by not giving them any cold turkey or other scraps for a month.

If your dog’s symptoms clear up, you can try offering them small bites of fresh food once in a while to see if they can tolerate a little bit of human food. Be careful not to give your dog leftovers that are too old for you to eat. While some dogs can clear out leftovers without so much as a single dog fart, others need more careful digestive care.

How Do I Know If My Dog Has A Sensitive Stomach

Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach: Review Of The Top Choices

Just as theres a wide range of human allergies, there are different dog food intolerances that your dog could have. For example, most dogs have some level of lactose intolerance, which means they cant digest the sugar found in cows milk. For this reason it is not recommended to feed dogs any dairy products. Dogs can also be affected by the gluten in wheat.

Vets tell us that other common dog food intolerances are:

At James Wellbeloved we make hypoallergenic dog food by carefully choosing our ingredients to avoid these common allergens.

Another common problem is poorly digested starch. Starch is a fantastic energy source for dogs, but they cant digest it fully unless it has been properly cooked. Poor digestion of starches can lead to a fibre imbalance. Symptoms of a fibre imbalance include:

  • more frequent runny stool

Dogs need both soluble and insoluble fibres, but they must be balanced properly.

If youre ever unsure, its always good to visit a vet to find out exactly what food intolerances your dog may have. Sometimes these stomach sensitivities can change during your dogs lifetime.

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Are There Specific Diet Options Available For Your Dog With A Sensitive Stomach

Some dogs have food allergies, while others simply have sensitive digestive systems.

Luckily, dog food manufacturers have responded by creating foods that have ingredients that are less likely to irritate a dogs stomach.

Look for foods that are complete and balanced and that says it is made for sensitive dogs. Read the ingredient list and avoid anything that you know will irritate your pup.

According to the VCA, the most common food allergens are proteins like beef, lamb, chicken, eggs, soy, and gluten, and dairy.

You can try eliminating these ingredients one by one to try to target the exact one that your dog is struggling with.

Manufacturers are aware that there are dogs out there with sensitive stomachs, so they have formulated recipes with them in mind.

Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin, Wellness, and Purina Pro Plan Focus are all good options to check if none of the foods listed above work for your dog.

About Ollie Subscription Dog Food

For a fresh dog food option, Ollies food has limited ingredients, is minimally processed and contains no soy, corn, or wheat. Recipes are vet-crafted, and their onboarding quiz specifically takes allergies into account when recommending a formula. We recommend the chicken recipe for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They also have turkey, lamb, and beef options, all of which are fiber-rich.

Our reviewers dog Enzo typically has a sensitive stomach when switching to new foods, but had no problem switching from kibble to Ollie. Ollies welcome booklet includes a recommended schedule for transitioning between foods to avoid any digestive issues.

For more about Ollies subscription pet food, read our in-depth review in our article, The Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery of 2021: Tested by Real Dogs.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Sensitive Stomach & Skin

This dog food is a source of prebiotic fiber to support a balanced gut microbiome in your grown dog.

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Canidae Pure Puppy Recipe

CANIDAE PURE Puppy Recipe is a balanced, narrowly defined diet that is formulated to eliminate food allergies and intestinal parasites with a few building blocks. Also, it is the best dog food for diarrhea.

Small supplies blended from 7-10 raw foods in each dog food bag, providing all your healthy boys and girls desire without anything they dont. There is no corn, barley, or soy in this grain-free product for dogs with serious allergies.

Moreover, there is a Canidae PURE commodity that your dog may enjoy for sure along with the 6 distinct nutrients such as salmon, lamb, duck, boar, bison chicken, and preparations for all stages in life and measurements.

After processing, these probiotic bacteria add nutrients to each oat to promote better metabolism to help a strong immune system. And in contrast, to sustain lovely teeth and bones, omega 6 & 3 fatty acids are perfect.


The Best Puppy Food For A Sensitive Stomach

Diamond VS Hills!!! BEST dog food for Weimaraner Dogs with skin allergies and sensitive stomachs!

Puppies grow quickly, building muscles and bones, developing organs and strengthening vital systems such as their immunity and brain function. During this physical development they are facing important first-time encounters with food and experiences. With so much going on, its not uncommon for a new pup to occasionally get a mild upset tummy. Signs of a sensitive stomach in a puppy can include indigestion, diarrhea or loose stools, constipation, excessive gassiness and vomiting.First, ensure there is no serious health issue with your puppy by talking to your veterinarian. If not, there are many things you can do to improve your puppys sensitive stomach, including finding the best puppy food for sensitive stomachs.

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