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What Is Chicken Meal In Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

what is chicken meal in dog food

Blue Buffalo always features real meat as the first ingredient in their foods Life Protection Formula puppy is no different. With high-quality protein from real chicken, Blue Buffalo helps your Cavapoo puppy build and maintain healthy muscles.

On top of this, wholesome whole grains, fruit, and garden veggies provide great all-round nutrition. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula puppy also contains ARA and DHA. These are essential fatty acids, typically found in a mother dogs milk, to support your Cavapoo puppys cognitive function and retinal health.

A blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants also helps to support your Cavapoo puppys immune system health and provides a healthy oxidative balance.

Dog Food Without Chicken

The two main rationales for introducing chicken free dog food is due to poultry allergy or intolerance and to ensure the dog receives appropriate nutritional balance.

Other sources of protein to consider as an alternative to chicken include

  • Turkey
  • Trout
  • Salmon

You can also consider other types of dog food which are natural and raw, organic, grain-free or canned. You may select your options from Petcubes website.

Original Real Chicken Recipe

  • Cage-free chicken is the first ingredient packed with animal protein for strong, lean muscles
  • 70% real animal ingredients and nutritious oils 30% vegetables, fruits and other wholesome ingredients 0% grain
  • Made without – grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meal, artificial colors or preservatives
  • Guaranteed levels of live, natural probiotics, natural Omegas and antioxidants for digestive health, healthy skin & coat, and immune health
  • The only kibble with the pure, real nutrition of raw on every piece
  • Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world

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Why Cant People Eat Chicken Meal/why Isnt It Permitted In Human Foods

Chicken Meal can legally contain meats that are not human edible. Because meat can be rid of infectious agents through the rendering process, 4D animals are allowable chicken meal ingredients. While not always present, the possible inclusion of these ingredients makes chicken meal always considered unfit for human consumption by the USDA.

The First Ingredient Isn’t The Whole Story

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food

Many pet foods claim their first ingredient is meat, but look closely and most of their labels contain chicken meal, fish meal, or some other form of meat meal as a primary ingredient.

The ingredients list on pet food packaging is organized similarly to that of human foodwith the ingredients listed by weight, starting with the highest. The catch is that weight is measured when the ingredient is added, before it is cooked. Fresh meat, poultry, or fish, in its whole form, contains a lot of water, while a rendered meat meal has been highly processed to remove most of its moisture. So while a meat meal often appears as the second or third ingredient by weight on most pet food bags, in actuality it represents a significant portion of the total meat in the recipe.

If what you want for your companion animal is the nutrition of WHOLE meat, poultry, or fish, its important to make sure that a meat meal is not one of the primary ingredients.

I have my parents trained right. They check the ingredients to make sure theres no meat meal in my food.

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Is It True That The Chicken In Commercial Pet Foods Is Made From The Parts Of The Chicken That People Dont Eat

In almost every pet food, this is true. If you happen to see chicken breast on the list of ingredients then the food does indeed contain chicken breast. But, a bag of dog food with a picture of a nice plump chicken breast on the front will most likely contain chicken that is not breast. Its a little misleading, isnt it? When we go to the grocery store and buy boneless, skinless chicken for our human family to eat, then the remainder of the chicken is what gets put into pet food. As described above, a lot of what we dont eat is very healthy for dogs.

A good food company will do strict monitoring of the quality of chicken and by-product that comes into their pet food factories. Many companies will do regular testing for salmonella and other contaminants. These products may not have been used in the human market but that doesnt mean that they are unsafe or unclean. They didnt get scraped off of the floor in the human grade factory.

Top 5 Protein Meats For Dogs:

  • Chicken
  • Chicken necks are loaded with healthy calcium and also chondroitin, glucosamine and omega-3s to help improve joint function and reduce inflammation.
  • Duck
  • Duck necks promote joint, skin and cellular function and also helps to build strong bones and teeth.
  • Beef
  • Beef heart is a natural source of taurine, important for heart health. Beef heart also helps build muscle, store energy and boost stamina and endurance. Heart is also important for healthy joints because it contains twice as much collagen and elastin as regular meat.
  • Salmon
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    Holistic Select Chicken & Brown Rice Review

    Why Does My Pet Food Have Meat Meals? | Chewy

    Holistic Select used to be part of the Eagle Pack brand, but it is now its own stand-alone brand. The WellPet group of pet food brands owns Holistic Select, and they also own other well-known brands such as Wellness and Old Mother Hubbard.

    Holistic Selects Chicken & Rice formula uses Chicken Meal as its primary ingredient and skips out on whole Chicken. This large portion of Chicken Meal will provide a satisfactory proportion of protein and fat.

    However, the recipe does make use of a mix of grain ingredients, including Brown Rice, Rice, and Oatmeal. We presume that the vague-sounding Rice ingredient is White Rice, but we can not be certain.

    While some prefer other carbohydrate-providing ingredients, Brown Rice and Oatmeal are two of the best grain ingredients in dog food, and they should not be shunned.

    A small portion of Pork Meal is also present. However, the size of this portion of Pork Meal should not put you off this recipe as it is unlikely to disrupt the benefits of the Chicken and Rice.

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    Dog Food With Chicken Meal As First Ingredient

    Most dog lovers prefer to see a whole meat as the first ingredient in a dog food such as whole, fresh, or deboned chicken, followed by chicken meal. However, in some cases you may see chicken meal listed as the first ingredient.

    This shouldnt be a problem if its a good quality food. You do need to consider the rest of the foods ingredients.

    If the other ingredients are split between pea protein, pea fiber, and pea flour, or there are six kinds of lentils and legumes, there is a serious problem. The same is true if the food has half a dozen kinds of grains.

    On the other hand, its not unusual to see chicken meal used with other kinds of named meat meals such as lamb meal or turkey meal. That shouldnt be a problem since the dog food is adding more named meat protein to the food.

    So, while its always nice to see whole meat such as chicken included as the first ingredient along with chicken meal, if chicken meal is the first ingredient, this shouldnt stop you from buying an otherwise good dog food.

    These Are The Ingredients You Should Always Avoid In Your Dog Food

    Vanessa ArmstrongJan 17, 2020â7 min read

    We love our pups, and want to make sure they have the happiest, healthiest lives possible. One of the keys to a healthy life for our dogs , is to make sure theyâre eating a healthy diet.

    With all the different types of dog food on the market, however, figuring out what kind is best for our pet can be difficult. The good news is that you can cut through all the branding and marketing and find out whatâs really in the food your dog is eating by looking at the list of ingredients . Read on to learn which ingredients you should avoid in dog food, and why they can be harmful to your pup.

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    Victor Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Review

    Victor is a popular brand among dog owners with multiple dogs, larger breed dogs, or for those owners on a tight budget. This popularity is because Victor recipes are sold in large volumes at very affordable prices.

    In addition to this, Victors lower-cost does not mean they sacrifice on quality or nutrition, and they maintain a reasonable level of quality and nutrition throughout their product range.

    Their Chicken Meal & Brown Rice formula is a prime example of this. While its nutrition might not be quite as impressive as some of the other recipes highlighted in this article, it is still satisfactory for most dogs that are not very active.

    Chicken and Chicken Meal feature as the primary ingredients and provide the bulk of the recipes protein and fat. They are joined by Brown Rice, Millet, and Sorghum. While we are very familiar with Brown Rice by now, Millet and Sorghum are less common ingredients.

    However, they shouldnt be frowned upon and very viable grain ingredients and preferred to others. Learn more about them in our articles Millet In Dog Food, and Sorghum In Dog Food.

    Alternative Meats To Use Instead Of Chicken

    BAKERS ADULT Chicken with Vegetables Dry Dog Food 14kg ...

    The key to resolving your dogs chicken allergy is to switch to a dog food that doesnt contain any chicken ingredients. This can be difficult because chicken is such a common ingredient in commercial dog food. Even if chicken or chicken meal arent one of the main proteins, many recipes include other chicken-based ingredients like chicken fat.

    If you suspect that your dog is allergic to chicken, you should consider switching to a limited ingredient diet to reduce the risk of triggering food allergies. Look for a recipe made with a novel source of protein one your dog hasnt had before to further reduce that risk. Here are 7 alternative meats to consider:


    When shopping for dog food, you are likely to see two different forms of various proteins meat and meat meals. If the protein ingredient is simply listed by name , it is likely the deboned meat. Meat meals are simple fresh meats that have been cooked and ground prior to their addition to the formula this makes them a more highly concentrated source of protein than fresh meat, considering that fresh meat contains up to 80% water by volume.

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    What Is Chicken Meal In Pet Food

    Attempting to understand the ingredients listed on your dog’s commercial pet food packaging can sometimes feel like trying to decipher a language from outer space — frustrating. Don’t guess and make assumptions, however, because the ingredient list can be misleading. Chicken meal, a common component in dog food, is not exactly the same as simple “chicken,” for example, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad for your dog.

    Disadvantages Of Chicken Meal In Dog Food

  • Digestibility: Pets BEST digest and absorb essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the natural state, not through chicken meal, pills or powder supplements.
  • Made from 4D Animals: 4D meats are UNFIT for human consumption. EVERYTHING is killed off in the rendering process, including inherent nutrients or vitamins.
  • Artificial Nutrients: Artificial nutrients are not easily digestible. While chicken meal is considered an approved protein source in pet food, what pets are able to actually digest and utilize is unknown.
  • Not a Whole Food Ingredient: It really all comes down to digestibility, which counts for proper nutrition, healthier bodies, shiny coats and good stool quality.
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    Royal Canin Poodle Puppy Breed Specific Dry Dog Food 25 Lb Bag

    Designed with nutrition made especially for Poodles between 8 weeks and 10 months old, Royal Canin Poodle Puppy is a perfect food for your Cavapoo. With an antioxidant complex that includes vitamin E, your Cavapoos immune system will be in peak condition.

    On top of this, Royal Canin Poodle Puppy also promotes skin and coat health and development, with EPA and DHA from fish oil. Your Cavapoos coat will be more stunning than ever!

    With an exclusive kibble design, your Cavapoo puppy will find it easy to pick up and chew Royal Canin Poodle Puppy and hold it in their mouth. So, an all-round perfect food for your Cavapoo!

    Nutritional Benefits Of Chicken Meal In Dog Food

    Nutrena Loyall Life All Life Stages Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

    Now that you know the truth about what chicken meal is, you may be wondering about its nutrient profile. Chicken meal generally contains about 10% moisture and about 12% fat the protein content is a whopping 65%. Compare that to fresh chicken and youre looking at something closer to 70% to 80% moisture with about 18% protein and about 5% fat.

    Dont be worried about the higher fat content in chicken meal, either. Chicken fat is one of the most nutritious sources of fat available to dogs not only is it a concentrated source of energy but it is loaded with linoleic acid, an important nutritional element for your dogs skin and coat health.

    Chicken meal also contains concentrated levels of selenium, phosphorus, choline, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. All in all, its a pretty great ingredient for your dog.

    Not only is chicken meal one of the most meat-rich and nutritious sources of protein for dogs, but it is also one of the less expensive proteins so you can find an affordable product that offers decent quality.

    If you are looking for a quality food made with chicken meal as the main protein, consider one of our top-rated brands reviewed above.

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    Stella & Chewys Duck Duck Goose Freeze

    For a high-quality diet made with no chicken ingredients, consider this Stella & Chewys Duck Duck Goose Freeze-Dried Raw Food. This recipe features duck, turkey, and goose as premium sources of animal protein as well as healthy fatty acids. This food consists of freeze-dried raw patties and it is loaded with natural ingredients including organic fruits and vegetables. It is positively packed with protein but free from fillers, grains, and artificial additives. It also contains probiotics for digestion.

    • Pros: Freeze-dried raw patties, several premium sources of protein, organic fruits and vegetables, no grains or fillers, probiotics for healthy digestion
    • Cons: Very expensive to feed as a staple diet, may need to be rehydrated prior to feeding

    Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice

    Formerly known as Purina Savor, Purina Pro Plan is a high-protein puppy food available in a range of delicious flavors your Cavapoo puppy will love. This crunchy kibble is combined with tender, shredded meaty pieces to create a delicious texture.

    Loaded with antioxidants, Purina Pro Plan puppy food is perfect for supporting your Cavapoo puppys developing immune system. On top of this, DHA from fish nourishes your Cavapoo puppys brain and promotes the development of their vision.

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    Wellness Core Ocean Whitefish Herring & Salmon Recipe

    First 5 Ingredients: Whitefish, Herring Meal, Salmon Meal, Menhaden Fish Meal, Peas

    Wellness Core Ocean Formula is of a high-quality dry pet food. Its nutrient profile is obviously above average and it provides high proportions of protein with low levels of carbohydrates.

    With real whitefish as the first ingredient alongside herring, salmon and menhaden fish meals, this nutrient-dense, grain-free recipe contains all the protein needed to help your adult dog maintain lean, powerful muscles.

    It is fortified with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, glucosamine and probiotics to make sure his immune system, skin and coat, joints and gastrointestinal systems stay healthy and strong throughout his life.

    Wellness Core Ocean Formula contains a large range of vegetables and a variety of fish ingredients, this means it may not be suitable for dogs that suffer from allergies or sensitivities.

    Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Puppy Food


    First 5 Ingredients: Salmon, Ocean Fish Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Peas

    Best Chicken-Free Puppy Food: If any pet food brand understands the nutritional needs of dogs, it is Taste of the Wild. This brand understands that dogs crave fresh meat and natural flavors which is exactly what they feature in each of their recipes.

    All of their products are grain-free and made with premium proteins, designed to mimic the natural ancestral diet of wild wolves. Taste of the Wild isnt your average pet food company they use a wide variety of premium roasted meats in their formulas as well as grain-free carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables, and beneficial supplements.

    Simply put, this brand creates formulas that represent the balanced diet that nature intended.

    Taste of the Wild offers both dry food and wet food formulas, most of which are formulated for adult dogs, though they do offer two puppy recipes. This brand has a limited selection of products, but you can rest assured that each one delivers premium-quality nutrition and plenty of natural flavor.

    Taste of the Wild use a variety of roasted meats including venison, bison, lamb, salmon, wild boar, and more to not just meet, but exceed your dogs needs for meat-rich protein. Every recipe is supplemented with probiotics for healthy digestion and chelated minerals for maximum nutrient absorption.

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