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Royal Canin Diet Dog Food

Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach Formula Adult Grain

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Dog Food

Diamond combines high-quality ingredients alongside easily digestible protein to create a mix perfect for a dog with a sensitive stomach. Furthermore, they do not compromise on taste with owners raving about how their dog loves this mix. This family-owned business ensures that this is a nutritious mix with added benefits. The included probiotics help digestion and allow your dog to feel healthy and new.

Furthermore, this is an affordable bag too which offers prices that many competitors cannot compete with. So you can buy this brand without worrying about your bank account. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive and show shock at how effective this brand is for all types of dogs. Old or young, large or small, any kind of dog with a sensitive stomach is aided from eating this mix.


This dry food mix by Hill offers two different flavors and a variety pack to keep your dog interested in the taste. You are also available to purchase four different sizes of this food bag to accompany any size of dog. The prebiotic fiber included helps to aid digestion and allows for the formation of solid stool. It also includes omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E, which are great additions for a dog suffering from allergies. This is because it aids your dogs skin and coat health.





1,707 Reviews



  • It is expensive

What Else Do I Need To Know About Dog Foods For Urinary Health

Firstly, these dog food varieties must only be taken under a qualified veterinarians prescription. So dont let Guru Google be your only source of information and DO NOT self-medicate! Many foods formulated to address specific health issues can have serious side effects if taken regularly by dogs that dont have those very health concerns. Other questions you need to ask your vet are how long a particular variety of dog food for urinary health must be taken, and in what proportion wet and dry foods are to be blended. Dont forget the course of antibiotics, especially if an initial check-up reveals non-sterile stones.

Secondly, do your research. Read labels, ingredients, and product reviews. Oh Scratch that out! Weve already compiled the best-rated prescription dog foods to keep Rover healthy and spunky!

Dog Food For Urinary Health Buying Guide

As a conscientious pet parent, you get your little tyke the best food that money can buy, based on its breed and age. Youve spent hours watching the best dog training videos, reading up on canine behavior, and researching the best dog products and more hours playing, socializing, and training your darling. Clean bowls? Check. Fresh water? Check. Long walks? Check. Cuddles? Checkmate!

You also keep a close eye on its urine and stools And thats why you were quick to notice the first signs of canine urinary disease and a weakening urinary health. Your carefully trained fur-baby started having frequent urinary accidents indoors .

Perhaps you noticed it straining hard, only to pass a tiny quantity of discolored, foul-smelling urine. Or maybe you saw traces of blood in its urine and panicked.

Here are some common conundrums that torment the unwary pet parent:

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Best Puppy Foods For French Bulldogs

The answer to what food you should feed your Frenchie puppy is a bit more complicated than you might think. Some of them are quite nutritious, but others are full of fillers and preservatives.

Puppy foods should be formulated to support healthy puppy growth and often include extra vitamins like DHA.

Choosing the correct food for your French Bulldog puppy helps ensure that they grow in tip-top condition. It also decreases the chance that they might develop health problems later on.

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Small Breed Chicken & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food

Our Rating: 5Top ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Oatmeal, Barley, Menhaden Fish MealType: Dry

This puppy food is specifically formulated for smaller breeds. It contains antioxidant-rich ingredients, as well as calcium, phosphorus, and other essential vitamins.

Plenty of DHA and ARA are included for eye and brain development. Minerals are chelated to improve absorption.


Best Dog Food For French Bulldog Seniors

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dry Dog Food

French Bulldogs become seniors at a sadly very young age. As a senior, they may need particular dietary needs, which some senior dog foods may provide.

Speak with your vet about when the best time to change your canine to senior dog food is.

12. Simply Nourish Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Small Breed Senior Dry Dog Food

Our Rating: 4.5Top Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Deboned Chicken, Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Chicken FatType: Dry

With carefully sourced ingredients, this dog food includes many of the extra nutrients our senior dogs might need.

This dog food is made for particularly smaller breeds, making it particularly suitable for French Bulldogs.


  • Includes real veggies and fruits
  • Flaxseeds and other added ingredients for extra nutritional value


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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Our Rating: 4.8Top Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown RiceType: Dry

This dog food features a smaller kibble size perfect for young pups while also promoting tartar control. This blend also features both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and a shiny coat.

In addition, enhanced nutrients and antioxidants specifically targeted for growing young puppies help support their immune systems.


  • Features no corn, soy, wheat, or chicken by-product meals of any kind
  • Has DHA for healthy brain development, ARA to support eye health, and calcium and essential vitamins for healthy bones and teeth


  • Blue Buffalo products can be a bit more expensive than some other brands, but they back it up with quality.

Best Dog Food For Dogs With Kidney Disease 2022

Any sort of kidney disease can be a debilitating diagnosis for a canine. Luckily, any pet owner can manage this illness through a change in diet.

Dogs with kidney problems need to have a low-protein diet to support their kidneys. These formulas can be hard to find. Fortunately, there are dog foods that fit your canines dietary needs.

Well be discussing these specialized diets for kidney disease in this article. Lets take a look at the most popular and effective kidney disease diets we found for your pup:

  • Supports a healthy nervous system

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How Can You Help Your Dog With Kidney Disease

During the first phase, provide your dog with plenty of fluids. This helps flush the kidneys, which may revive mildly damaged kidney cells.

The kidneys may start functioning better after this, though they will continue to decline afterward.

This also creates a healthier environment in the kidneys, which may stop some of the damage for a short time.

Its also possible that this method will not return any kidney function or that the returned kidney function will be short-lived.

Once the first stage of treatment is completed, nutrition becomes very important. A correct diet is essential for a dogs overall health and longevity.

Food that is lower in protein than the average adult maintenance diet will help reduce metabolic waste, which can make your pet feel better.

There are many therapeutic diets available for pets with kidney disease for this reason. As we discussed in this article, there are many options you can choose from.

Should Boxers Eat Grain

Royal Canin Prescription Urinary SO Dog Food

Theres no right or wrong answer to this question, but there are things to consider. To prevent bloat, a grain-free diet is recommended.

You can feed your Boxer grains like barley, oats, and quinoa. If your dog seems to have an upset stomach, try shifting to a grain-free food and see if his condition improves.

Grain-free dog foods exclude commonly used grains like wheat and corn, supplementing the lack of carbohydrates with grain-free ingredients like sweet potatoes and pea flour.

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Urinary So Dry Dog Food


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Best Puppy Food For Boxers

Boxer pups grow rapidly in the first year. So, they require foods formulated for large-breed dogs. These puppies also thrive off high-quality ingredients and need at least 28% protein and 15% fat in their diets.

Continue reading to find out more about the best dog food for Boxer puppies.

1. Taste of The Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 5Top ingredients: Water Buffalo, Lamb Meal, Sweet Potatoes Type: Dry

This recipe from Taste of the Wild provides a well-balanced diet and complete nutrition with its novel proteins, natural antioxidants, essential minerals, and amino acids.

It also offers prebiotic support for Boxers with a sensitive stomach.


  • Made of high-quality animal proteins for optimal growth
  • Grain-free diet with probiotic blend to help your dogs digestive health
  • Contains omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for healthier coat and skin


  • Some pet owners said that this recipe is a possible cause for thinning of fur and dark spots on dogs skin
  • One owner complained about the dog food getting moldy after 2 days from delivery

2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large-Breed Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Puppy Food

Our rating: 4.5Top ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, PeasType: Dry

This delicious kibble is for canines who arent allergic to poultry, but it has that classic chicken flavor that will give your dog the energy she needs. It also has Blue Buffalos LifeSource Bits!



3. Wellness Complete Health Large-Breed Puppy Recipe


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Top 5 Picks For Best Dog Food For Boston Terriers

  • Includes real vegetables and fruits for healthy digestion
  • Gluten-free and grain-free recipe
  • Contains antioxidants, pre, and probiotics for overall health and wellness
  • Contains omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Fortified with pre and probiotics to support your dogs digestive and immune health
  • Highly digestible with real salmon and rice as its top ingredients
  • Features a smaller kibble size that is perfect for young pups
  • Features no corn, soy, wheat, or chicken by-product meals of any kind
  • Contains essential vitamins for healthy bones and teeth
  • Formulated for all breed sizes as well as both puppy and adult dogs
  • Well-suited for sensitive stomachs
  • This blend also leaves out peas, legumes, lentils, and pea protein
  • Features a formula for aging dogs
  • Helps promote a healthy weight and metabolism
  • Features a unique blend of nutrients and antioxidants

Artemis Fresh Mix Adult Dog Food

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO Dry Dog Food, 6.6

This food from Artemis is a great choice for English Bulldogs because of its many sources of protein. While most brands stick with one or two sources, this formula uses much more.

The protein comes from chicken, chicken meal, turkey, duck, salmon, and fish meal.

This variety of sources is great for dogs. The inclusion of salmon also ensures that the dog is getting great fatty acids.

Also included in the formula is brown rice and oatmeal, which are ideal carbohydrates. They burn slowly and won’t lead to weight gain.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, a slew of fruits and vegetables are used. It even has blueberries and cranberries for the added benefit of antioxidants.

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What Causes Kidney Disease In Dogs

A huge variety of factors causes kidney disease. It occurs when at least one of the kidneys functions is reduced and can be diagnosed at any point during the kidneys decline.

However, its usually undetectable until the kidney function drops to 33% or 25% of its original capacity.

There are two main types of kidney disease: chronic and acute.

Acute kidney disease can be caused when the dog ingests a toxin or takes certain medications. It can happen very quickly and can be caused by some outside source, such as antifreeze, bad food, or a toxic plant.

Certain infections and diseases can also cause it. For instance, severe urinary tract infections can end up infecting the kidneys, which can cause them to start failing.

A decrease in blood and oxygen to the kidneys can also cause them to fail. Usually, this is caused by dehydration, physical injuries, or heat stroke.

Chronic kidney disease is different because it comes about slowly and may not have one main cause. Instead, chronic disease is simply the kidneys wearing out, though it can be spurred on by certain factors too.

Senior dogs are at a higher risk for kidney disease. Their kidneys have simply gone through more and are older, making them more likely to have diminished function.

Dental infections can also directly affect the kidneys, which can cause chronic kidney failure. When your dog has dental disease, the infection can easily access your pets bloodstream, which can spread around the body.

Whats Really In Dog Food

There are a LOT of different ingredients in dog food. From chicken meal and byproducts to the scarier animal digest.

Not to mention the more understanding ingredients such as fruits and veggies. But, there are also some odd ones that get mixed in every now and then, too.

For example, artificial color and flavor additives or Propylene Glycol. That doesnt really sound like food, does it?

So what does this all mean? One of the ingredients you may see is

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Best Dog Foods For Liver Diseases

When your dog has liver disease, nutritional management is crucial for their recovery. Your dog requires a diet low in protein, high in fat, and low in copper. The ingredients should be highly digestible to ease the workload on your dogs body.

Overall, be sure to follow your vets instructions. Do not switch your dog to an alternative diet without consulting with them first as this can negatively affect your pups recovery!

Product Name

204 Reviews

Prescription Diet Canine l/d is a veterinary-exclusive diet made especially for dogs with reduced liver function. It works by reducing the livers workload, offering moderate levels of high-quality protein and L-carnitine. It also offers antioxidant nutrients like vitamin E and C to control cell oxidation. This diet is also pea-free and comes in a wet pate form. Many dogs enjoy the flavor of this food as well.

The main issues with this diet are its lack of availability. Especially on Chewy, several customers report that it is not in stock often enough for their dogs needs. It also occasionally arrives dry rather than wet and can be difficult to moisten.


10 Reviews


174 Reviews


151 Reviews


369 Reviews


308 Reviews



7 Reviews


13 Reviews


  • Contains more copper than is suitable for dogs with liver diseases

Are Certain Breeds More Prone To Liver Disease

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dog Food | Chewy

Certain breeds are more predisposed to liver diseases than others. For example, chronic hepatitis is common in Bedlington Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Doberman Pinschers, Skye Terriers, Standard Poodles, Springer Spaniels, Chihuahuas, Maltese, and several others. While the cause can be found in some cases, not all cases of canine hepatitis are understood.

Other conditions that may lead to chronic hepatitis include viral infections, exposure to poisons, and drug toxicity. Another liver disease, glycogen storage disease, is more common in German Shepherds and Curly Coated Retrievers.

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The Best Dog Foods For Your Boston Terrier In 2022

The Boston Terrier, nicknamed the American Gentleman, is a cute small breed dog that often requires a special diet. They can be picky eaters, and some tend to have sensitive stomachs.

Were here to help you choose the perfect dog food for your pup. Weve picked the best dog foods in the market today that will suit your Boston Terrier.

The Best Dog Food Brands For Boxers By Life Stage

Healthy dog foods contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, and healthy fats. Your dogs diet should also include fatty acids, probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidants.

Our post covers quality food for Boxers at every life stage, whether theyre puppies, adults, or senior dogs.

If youre changing your Boxers diet because she suddenly lost her appetite, we recommend watching this video to understand why before feeding her new food:

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Use A Body Condition Score For Your Dog

Overweight dogs may live up to 2.5 years less than dogs with an ideal body weight.2 Using a body condition score for dogs can help you spot the signs of an underweight or overweight dog and understand what a healthy weight should look like. If you’re unsure about your dog’s weight, always seek the advice of your veterinarian.

Best Food For Yorkipoo: Faqs

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Ultamino Dry Dog Food, 8.8

How Much Should A Yorkiepoo Eat?

You can calculate how much you should feed your Yorkipoo based on its age and weight. The feeding charts we showed above help you figure out exactly how much you should feed your dog. Here you can learn more about how much you should feed your dog. Keep in mind that under or overfeeding can seriously damage your pups health.

What Does A Yorkiepoo Eat?

Like most dogs, Yorkipoos could eat almost anything. However, we recommend you feed your Yorkipoo a good quality dog food formula that has a balanced nutrient profile and uses high quality ingredients. Their diet should consist of quality proteins, carbs, fats, fruits and veggies, vitamins, and minerals.

What Health Problems Do Yorkiepoos Have?

Although usually theyre regarded as healthy dogs, Yorkipoos are at a risk of a number of health problems. Most commonly these are allergies, sensitivities, eye problems, joint problems, obesity, or sometimes endocrine problems. Luckily, many of them can be managed with the correct food and lifestyle choices. For example, if your Yorkipoo is suffering from joint issues, opt for formulas containing supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin, and lots of omega fatty acids. Or if your dog has a more sensitive digestion, look for targeted support with ingredients like fiber, probiotics, and prebiotics.

Can Yorkiepoo Eat Rice?

Learn How to Care for Your Doodle Puppy!

get $700

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