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How Much Dry Food Should I Feed My Dog

Dog Feeding Schedule: How Much And How Often

Nutrition 101: How Much Food Should I Feed My Adult Dog?

DogFeeding Schedule: How Much and How Often?

The best way to keep your dog in good healthis feeding them the right amount of dog food daily. But many owners are leftwondering How much should I feed my dog? Feeding your dog toolittle can lead to lack of nutrition while over feeding can lead to obesity. Sohow much is the right amount to feed your dog?

Feeding Guidelines

The basic guidelines are normally on the backof your dog food bag. The feeding guide looks something like this:

This is a general feeding guide that you willsee on most dog food bags. These feeding guides should not be the only thingthat you base your dogs food intake. Owners should take into consideration ontheir individual dog. There is no such thing as an universal feeding guide.Your dogs age, weight and his activity levels also influences how much and howoften you should feed your dog.

Daily Feeding Frequently and Amount

-Puppies are growing and need all the nutrientsthey can get to grow healthy and strong. Because of this, it is normallyrecommended for them to eat twice as much as the serving size for adult dogs.

Puppies should be fed three to five times aday. This is because puppies have an abundance amount of energythey will burnoff a lot of calories throughout the day requiring them to need more fuel.

-Adult dogs and senior dogs should be fed twotimes daily.

-Lactating dogs should be fed three equalmeals a day.

Best Way to Starting a Feeding Schedule

Tips and Tools

The Disadvantages Of Kibble

Kibble itself doesnt smell too bad. But what comes out of a kibble-fed dog smells very unpleasant. That is partly because kibble is full of fillers. These are additional bulking agents that are not fully digested and that pass through straight through the dog.

These fillers mean that kibble fed dogs produce much greater quantities of poop and much smellier poop, than dogs fed on raw meat and bones. Kibble fed dogs may also need their teeth cleaning on a daily basis. There may also be a small increased risk of bloat in susceptible dogs fed on a dry food diet. You can find out more about this in our article on bloat.

Kibble fed dogs may also be more likely to snack on their own poop than raw fed dogs. Well look at the best way to feed your dog on kibble in a moment. But first lets take a quick look at what is involved in raw feeding.

Dog Feeding Equipment And Storage

There is a huge choice of feeding bowls available. Youll probably want to make sure the bowls you choose are dishwasher safe and not easily breakable. You can get some very cheap and colorful plastic bowls. But they tend to scratch easily and look a bit sad when theyve been through the dishwasher a few times.

I like stainless steel. But I admit it is quite noisy to handle and use. And not as pretty as some of the ceramic products. Think carefully before you buy raised bowls as some studies have associated these with bloat.

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What Human Food Can Bulldogs Eat

Sometimes you want to share your food with your English Bulldog, but you do have to be careful as many foods we eat every day can prove harmful if not fatal to our furry companions.

Aside from meat, some other human foods that dogs can freely eat are:

  • White and brown rice: with many dog foods containing some form of rice as an ingredient.
  • Dairy products: in small quantities, this does not include lactose intolerant dogs, who should not eat dairy products at all.
  • Fish: like meat, salmon, tuna and shrimp are all great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in your dogs immune system and keep their coat glossy.
  • Peanut Butter: this is a favourite for many dogs, make sure that it is natural, unsalted peanut butter with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners such as xylitol, which can be toxic to dogs.
  • Fruit: such as blueberries, goji berries, bananas, cucumbers and watermelon are all suitable for dogs to eat. Make sure any watermelon has been deseeded before allowing your dog to eat it.
  • Vegetables: everyone needs their five a day, and English Bulldogs do too. Green beans, carrots, peas, sweetcorn, cauliflower and broccoli are all safe for your dog to eat, with many already included in dog food.

Should You Feed Cows Milk To Your Lab

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

One common mistake made by new Labrador puppy owners is to feed their puppy on cows milk. Unfortunately cows milk is not well suited to puppies and may give your puppy diarrhoea. You can buy replacement dog milk but an eight week old puppy is actually weaned and doesnt need milk at all.

If you have inadvertently bought a puppy that is too young to leave its mother , phone your vet for advice on proper care and feeding. And take the pup for a check up without delay. Adult animals dont need milk. With adult Labradors, as with adult humans, many do enjoy drinking milk as a treat, and some tolerate it well.

Others however, will feel uncomfortable or nauseous after drinking milk, or even suffer from diarrhea. Only you will know how milk affects your dog. If in doubt, go without.

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Balance A Healthy Diet With Exercise And Play

The best guide to how well your puppy is doing, both physically and mentally, is how interactive, sociable and happy they seem. Puppies want to play, they want love and affection, and they want to eat and sleep. So long as they are doing these things, you are doing a good job!

While it is up to you which puppy food you buy for your new family member, avoid the traps of home remedies or food meant for human consumption, just as you should avoid giving your puppy adult dog food. Puppies need to get the right amount of nutrients to ensure they have the energy to grow strong, and the best way to achieve this is to feed your dog puppy food that has been designed with their breed and health in mind.

Once youve established which food your puppy enjoys, a meal plan throughout the day, and a healthy exercise routine, your puppy will soon settle into the habits you set for them, including when to expect meal times. From then on, just keep an eye on their eating habits and behaviour and let your vet know if anything changes. Otherwise, focus on enjoying your time with your puppy training them, playing with them, and maybe slipping them the occasional puppy treat as a reward.

We wont tell if you wont.

When To Start Feeding Dachshund Puppies Food

At the age of around 4 weeks, your puppys calorie requirement is not fulfilled solely by its mothers milk. That is when you need to start feeding your Dachshund pooch solid puppy food.

Your pup is not used to eating dry food at this age, which is why you need to moisten it a little. You can prepare the perfect meal by soaking dry puppy food in water and mix it with a milk replacer.

Once your tiny friends tummy is habitual to dog food, decrease the moisture content every 3-4 days. At about 5-1/2 to 6 weeks of age, your Doxie pup will be fully prepared to feast on completely dry food.

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Supplements To Add To Homemade Dog Food

Most of the homemade dog foods dont fulfill the nutritionalrequirements of your canine. This problem has nothing to do with the selectionor quality of ingredients that you use in these recipes. Instead, its down tothe nutritional needs of dogs that cannot be reached without adding too manycalories. Therefore, you have to add supplements to these homemade diets tomake them balanced.

Unfortunately, it can be much harder than it seems to find a suitable dog supplement for homemade dog food. An ideal supplement that could ensure a balanced diet must have the following three characteristics.

  • Should have useful Vitamins and Minerals
  • Should have Digestive Enzymes
  • Must provide Skin, Coat, and Joint Support

Some of the supplements that you can safely add in yourhomemade dog foods are discussed below.

Want to know how to tell if a dog is healthy? Check out our post How to Tell If Your Dog is Healthy.

Wouldnt It Be Easier To Let My Dog Free Feed

Nutrition 101: How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

It would be easier, but it wouldnt be accurate. Your dog may end up overweight from overeating. Some breeds, like Labrador retrievers, will eat anything, Romine says. Their hunger does not turn off, even if theyve had more than enough calories for the day. Households with multiple dogs run into trouble with free-feeding because its hard to track each dogs intake.

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Wet Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs

If your dog has sensitive stomach, one protein we always turn to is lamb. Earthborn Holistics Director of Nutritional Services, Dr. Anne Huss, explains that lamb tends to be a less commonly used animal protein in many diets, so most dogs dont have a chance to develop an allergy to it. Our K95 Lamb and Lilys Gourmet Buffet recipes are both lamb-based recipes that will be easier on their sensitive stomach. Our tub recipes are even resealable, so you can make sure your pets stomach is happy on the go, too.

Choosing The Right Method Of Feeding

When learning how to feed a Labrador, youll realise there is more to feeding a dog than just the contents of his food bowl. Your family needs to be considered as a whole. The feeding method you choose needs to fit in to your lifestyle and current circumstances.

I fed raw to my dogs for many years. But I did not do this and could not have done this, when my kids were little. Nowadays, I sometimes feed kibble, if circumstances demand it. But prefer to feed raw whenever I can. Remember, many dogs thrive on kibble, and many dogs thrive on raw. Choosing the best dog food for Labs may also depend on your own circumstances.

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What To Do When You Need To Change Things Up

Its important to regularly monitor your pets weight and body condition. If your dogs weight becomes a concern, then dont hesitate to book a weight management consultation at your local Greencross Vets where they will provide you with an achievable weight management program tailored to your dogs unique needs. If you want to change your dogs diet, be sure that you transition them slowly to avoid stomach upsets.

How Much Canned Food Should You Feed A Dog Per Day

How Much Food Should I Feed My Puppy?

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Whether you are a rookie pet parent or a seasoned one, deciding how much food to give your pup can be confusing.

Since dogs cant communicate with words, it is hard to tell whether they are underfed, appropriately fed, or overfed.

Most pet owners just wing it hoping they are giving their furry friends proper nutrition for their bodies.

If you are among the long list of pet parents who are confused about how much canned food to feed a dog per day, keep readingwe have discussed the topic in detail including how canned food compares with dry food.

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What Should I Feed My Dog

There are so many pet foods on offer, it can be difficult to pick one. Here’s our top tips for selecting the right pet food for your dog:

  • Buy a commercially available dog food rather than making one at home, as its really difficult to give your pet everything they need in a homemade diet.
  • Look for a food that is labelled complete, which means it has all the recommended nutrients that your dog will need.
  • Make sure the food is designed for your pets life stage for example a puppy food, adult food or senior food. If your pet has any extra requirements make sure the food is suitable for this, too.
  • Look for a manufacturer who is part of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association . They voluntarily meet extra requirements.
  • Veterinary staff will have a good idea of which brands are well established, high-quality and do the right checks, so ask your vet or vet nurse for a recommendation if youre not sure.

There are some things that can just come down to personal choice when it comes to pet food.

You can stock up on a variety of food, including specialist diets and age-appropriate dog food, from our online store. Any purchases you make will also be supporting the work we do to help poorly pets in need!

Your Dog Eats His Food Too Quickly

Another common problem is how do you control how fast your French bulldog puppy eats.

French bulldogs love to eat their food and eat it fast, which is one of the primary causes of GDV. If your dog eats way too fast, there are a couple of cheap and easy ways to slow them down:

  • Use a puzzle feeder
  • Use a muffin tin
  • Use a cookie sheet

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How Much Should I Feed Puppies

Feeding puppies is quickly changing as they grow. Up to 8 weeks, puppies should only rely on their mothers milk. Afterward, you can start introducing specially-formulated food for puppies to them. Some puppies take a bit longer to accommodate the new food so make you eat enough in this essential growth stage.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog

Vet Verified: Should I feed my dog Wet Food or Dry Food?
  • Not a substitute for professional veterinary help.

Whether you have a pup whose mantra is live to eat or eat to live, one of the most important thing you can do for your dogs lifelong health is to help her maintain a healthy weightthat starts with a combination of feeding the right amount of food and giving the right amount of exercise.

But just what is the right amount? And how do we account for a dogs changing nutritional needs as they grow?

Lots of factors will play into how much food your dog needs. Consider her age, breed, activity level, and how much time she spends outdoors. According to the American Kennel Club , larger breeds and more active dogs will require more calories per day, as will dogs who spend lots of time outdoors, particularly in colder weather.

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How Much Should I Be Feeding My Dog

Check the recommended feeding guidelines

Each pet food product has individual feeding guides based on the weight of your dog as well as the calories provided by the food. This should be used as the starting point for estimating how much food to offer your dog. These feeding guides have been carefully calculated, but as the name suggests, they are simply a guide and the exact amount fed must be tailored to your pets individual exercise requirements.

Different dietary formats have different energy densities, so it is important to weigh food and not estimate the quantity. Also remember that these feeding guides are determined based on daily servings so if youre feeding your dog multiple times a day, remember to divide the amount of food you feed them each time accordingly.

Consider your dogs unique characteristics

Factors including your dogs size, breed, age and weight will determine how much your dog should be fed. Certain breeds, such as Kelpies and Australian Cattle Dogs have higher energy levels than Bansenjis and Chow Chows. This will impact the amount of food and calories these breeds should eat every day. Similarly, a toy breed, such as a Yorkshire Terrier will eat much less than a giant breed, such as a Saint Bernard. These factors should be taken into account when you select the type of dog food, but also when you work out the right amount for your dog.

Homemade Dog Food Serving Size


How much homemade food should I feed to my dog? That isthe very first question that comes to our mind when we think about switching toa homemade diet. Although there are some general guidelines for the startingquantity, you must acknowledge that each dog is different. Consequently, theamount of food needed by each canine can vary considerably.

As a rule of thumb, a dog should eat about 2-3% of his/her bodyweight in fresh food. Having said that, toy breeds can eat up to 5% of their bodyweight whereas large breeds may consume as little as 1.5%. The key is to keep track of your dogs weight and adjust the quantity of food accordingly. The following table mentions the safe amount of homemade dog food for canines of different sizes.

Dogs Bodyweight Amount of Homemade Dog Food
About 3/5

NOTE: For cookedfoods, you will weigh the quantity after cooking.

If you feed your dog multiple times, you should divide thetotal quantity for each meal. For instance, if you feed your 100-pound dog 2times a day, you will serve him 1 pound of homemade dog food in each meal.

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Planning Your Labs Diet

There are so many different brands of Labrador food available! And so many different opinions on dog food generally. Not to mention the alternatives to commercial food. But weve put together this Labrador feeding guide to help you out. Feeding your dog is a big topic so youll find links to more information in the green box below.

Jump straight to the section that interests you most from here:

Im going to help you choose the right diet for your dog and answer your feeding questions and concerns about how to feed a Labrador. If your Lab is under six months old, youll probably want to visit our puppy feeding page for detailed information on feeding your Labrador puppy. This includes how much to feed a Lab puppy.

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