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Is Wet Food Better Than Dry For Dogs

What About Raw Meat

Is wet food or dry food better for your pet? – Ask A Vet

Supplementing raw meat into your dog’s diet is fine, but only if it is very fresh. The reasoning behind feeding raw meat is usually to mirror your dog’s natural diet, but remember that meat from the shops is not the same as freshly hunted meat. Meat from the butcher has been processed in an abbatoir, and often transported for days before being sold.

If you really want to feed raw meat, best to go for a freeze-dried option, such as K9 Natural or Ziwi.

Bpa In Canned Dog Food

There is one exception when it comes to canned food preservatives – BPA and BPS. These chemicals line most pet food cans, preventing the acidic contents from leaching metals from the can itself into the food over time.

In itself, this is a good thing. But BPA and BPS are known hormone disruptors and can have damaging effects on reproductive systems and the brain, also contributing to related side effects such as weight gain, and even major diseases and cancer.

Not all dog food cans contain BPA. Choose smaller cans. Some of these don’t require BPA in their lining. Or, choose those canned foods that are BPA-free. Make sure those cans don’t include BPS instead.

Always Check The Ingredient List

However, it’s always important to check your dog food ingredient list rather than rely on a general assumption about food types. There can be a huge difference in quality between dog food brands and formulas within the dry food or canned food categories alone.

The best way to judge a food’s quality is to check the ingredient list. Meat should always be the first ingredient.

Also, check your dog food label to see how much meat the food actually contains .

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There Are So Many Food Type Choices: Dry Canned And Semi

While feeding dogs does not need to be a mysterious process, it is easy to be overwhelmed with choices. It is logical to wonder which approach is best. Your veterinarian is the best source for a specific recommendation for a nutrient profile that best fits your dog’s needs. Beyond that, however, it is good to think about the advantages and disadvantages of the various formulations that are available.

What Is Wet Dog Food

Wet or Dry Dog Food

Contrary to dry food, wet dog food contains around 60-90% moisture which is why it has a shorter shelf life.

The calorie content in wet dog food is relatively low, which means that dogs must have at least twice the amount of wet food to restore enough calories for all their daily requirements.

However, even after consuming twice the amount of wet dog food, it does not contain enough proteins. If you plan to give your dog wet dog food, please do your research. Youd have to pick nutritious and wholesome wet dog food which might prove expensive in the long run.

Wet food caters to your dogs olfactory senses which is why some prefer it over dry dog food.

The protein and fat sources provide energy and resources for better metabolism, stronger muscles and healthy skin, and hair. Wet dog food usually contains gelatin and sugar to preserve the product better.

Wet foods contain fewer preservatives as they are intended to be used quickly. Please store wet dog food in the fridge after opening it.

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Wet Food Feeding Chart

Each dog is going to be different based on the stage of life and type of breed. You should always keep your veterinarians advice in mind as youre feeding your dog, but here are a few pieces of advice as you make decisions about feeding your dog wet food.

  • Puppy: A puppy will change rapidly throughout maturation, so its particularly important that you follow your veterinarians advice. Most puppies will switch to a type of wet food just after weaning and may continue to dry food. If your dog is a large breed, its vital that you control its rate of growth so that you dont cause issues with joints and bones later.
  • Adults: Adults frequently receive a mix of wet and dry foods to help with a variety of issues. Be sure youre portioning carefully so that you dont accidentally overfeed your dog. If youre using exclusively wet food, be sure youre having your dogs teeth cleaned regularly.
  • Seniors: Not too much changes when your dog becomes a senior, but check with your vet if your dog is experiencing weight issues because this is the most common issue with senior dogs. If your older dog has become picky, whether because of changing preferences or dental problems, wet food can help your senior maintain proper calorie count.

Which Is Better For Puppies Wet Or Dry Dog Food

Puppies need a diet that has double the amount of protein and fat that adult dog food. Their developing muscles and bodies have higher energy requirements.

Due to the higher protein content of wet food, young, energetic puppies can benefit from this diet type.

That said, dry dog foods also have a place where puppies are concerned, and kibble can be a great way to entertain young dogs when alone through food puzzles.

If you feed your puppy dry dog food, always opt for one with a smaller kibble size that your puppy can chew properly.

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Wet Food Vs Dry Food For Dogs: A Guide

  • Fact Checked

Ever given any thought to the food you purchase for your four-legged friend? As a society, weve become increasingly aware of the importance of food in regard to our overall health and well-being. Factors such as quality and quantity of ingredients and an increased focus on a balanced diet have led us to make more informed decisions when it comes to food. When it comes to dogs, we typically choose between dry and wet foods, but what are the differences between the two? Is one better than the other? It depends. Every dog is different, so if you havent looked further into whats best for yours, its not too late to start! Both dry and wet foods have their advantages, so which should you choose?

Cost And Convenience Of Wet Versus Dry Dog Food

Nutrition 101: Wet or Dry Food — Which is Better For My Dog?

If youre trying to feed your dog the best you can on a limited budget, then dry Kibble will be your best option. Kibble typically only contains 10% moisture which makes it more calorie-dense. In simple terms, you can feed your dog less when compared to the wet dog food your dog will be full and youre going to spend less.

Another benefit of dry food is it has a longer shelf life once opened, you dont have to worry about Kibble spoiling within a day. Plus, its easier to store just keep the Kibble in a dry dark cupboard and theres no reason it wont still be fresh for a few weeks.

Unlike wet canned food that can spoil within a few hours if left in your dogs bowl, with dry Kibble you dont have to worry. You can fill your dogs food bowl up in the morning and it will still be edible by the evening, this makes it the perfect option for those of you who work during the day and leave your dog alone. Also, if you travel often, dry dog food will be a more convenient option since theres no real need to pack a lot and you have the added advantage of it not spoiling.

Wet dog food, on the other hand, contains roughly 75% of water which is a lot compared to the dryer Kibble. Due to the higher water content, you must feed your dog more to fulfill their nutritional requirements.

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How Much Should I Feed My Dog

Dog obesity is a growing concern in the veterinary community and has been linked to many health problems in dogs. Luckily for our pets, we are usually more disciplined about controlling their diets than we are about controlling our own. Knowing how much to feed your dog and what healthy dog weight looks like can be tricky. Many owners accidentally overfeed their pets, which is why it is important to take your dog in for regular checkups and to talk with your vet about appropriate portions. The guidelines on the back of the bag are just that guidelines. Some dogs may require more than the recommended amount, whereas others require much less. Activity level, time of year, nursing, illness, and more factors can all impact how much a dog needs to eat. Dog people will often advise that you should feed the dog thats in front of you instead of strictly adhering to dog food serving size guidelines that may or may not be exactly what your dog needs.

We Arent The Only People That Have Converted To Making Homemade Dog Food And Are Loving The Results Check Out The Links Below For More Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Pup Will Love

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DIY Homemade Dog Food from Damn Delicious||Chungahs dog Butters battle with stomach issues led her to start making dog food at home. This recipe is easy to make and super good for your pups too! It combines a delicious blend of 50% protein, 25% veggies and 25% grains and is made of ingredients like ground chicken, brown rice, shredded zucchini, spinach, carrots, and peas.

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Canned Dog Food Or Dry Dog Food

Both canned dog food and kibble can provide adequate nutrition.

Canned diets contain more moisture and may benefit dogs with urinary problems or dogs that dont tend to drink a lot of water. They are also more flavorful. However, feeding a 70-pound dog an all-canned diet will require lots of storage space.

Cons Of Feeding Wet Food To Dogs

Is Wet Dog Food Better Than Dry Dog Food?

Dry foods have been generally favored by dog owners for two main reasons: cost and convenience. Wet food is generally more expensive than dry, especially if this is what you are exclusively feeding. Plus, it’s messier and more time consuming to prepare. Many owners prefer to just scoop some dry food into a bowl than to open a can or package and spoon out the food.

Another reason dog owners tend to prefer dry food is the odor of it. Dogs may be attracted to the smell of wet food, but most dog owners find it quite unappealing.

Wet food spoils quickly if left out too long, so it’s not ideal for dogs that like to graze on their food for several hours. Plus, open containers of leftover wet food must be refrigerated so they don’t go bad.

Waste is another concern about wet food. A large bag of dry food creates much less trash than dozens of cans, pouches, or plastic containers.

Finally, there are some potential health concerns associated with wet food diets:

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It Contains Lots Of Moisture

Unlike dry or dehydrated food, canned food hasnt had the moisture sucked out of it during processing. The meat in the can is moist, and typically extra water is added during the canning process. This makes canned food a great option for dogs who avoid their water bowl. If youre worried your pup isnt getting enough water, canned food provides a liquid boost.

Wet food can contain up to 85 percent moisture, while dry food often contains around 10 percent moisture. Most moisture is removed from dry food during the kibble manufacturing process.

What To Look For In A Quality Wet Dog Food

An excellent wet dog food can help keep your dogs proper fiber content up because the moisture required to process the food helps in digestion. It should have an adequate protein and fat balance to give your dog energy all day and help build muscle.

Omega fatty acids, especially those from natural sources like fish, can help keep the skin and coat healthy and shiny. Things like glucosamine promote healthy joints and bones. Whole fruits or veggies can provide valuable prebiotic materials and vitamins for immune system support and proper digestion.

For sensitive dogs, single sources of protein are better than multiple sources. Make sure the protein source is a whole, animal source and not a by-product meal or from legume sources, which can impede the production of taurine and cause issues.

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How Long Should I Soak Kibble

The hotter the water, the faster it will soften the kibble. Itll slow down her eating, but it wont do much for her digestion. Soaking the food for at least ten minutes will likely be enough to soften it without turning it into mush, depending on the temperature of the water and the size of the kibble.

Dry Matter Basis Protein Calculator

Petcurean Go! Solutions Wet Dog Food Review

Find these values on your pet food bag’s Guaranteed Analysis. Looking for another macronutrient? You can substitute ash, fat, or fibre in this equation to find these other actual values.

Crude Protein :

Wild Salmon Formula Wet Dog FoodListed Protein Content: 9.5%ACTUAL Protein Content: 45.24%

When compared using Dry Matter Basis, there is a difference of over 10% in protein content between the wet and dry food formulas of a single high-protein brand! THAT’s a big difference.

If you’re concerned about the protein content of your pet’s food, always calculate your dog food’s guaranteed analysis on a dry matter basis.

To learn more about the different types of dog food, check out Types of Dog food: A Helpful Breakdown.

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Puppy Feeding Schedule: How Often To Feed Your Pup

Your puppys nutritional requirements not only mean that he should be given a different type of food than adult dogs, they also mean that your pup should be fed on a different schedule than adult dogs should.

For example, weaned puppies should typically be fed four times per day until they reach 12 weeks of age. It may be necessary to moisten the food of young puppies with a bit of water, but they should be able to handle crunchy kibble by about 9 to 13 weeks of age larger breeds are capable of making the switch more quickly than small breeds are.

Sometime between 3 and 6 months of age, youll want to provide the same amount of food each day, but youll want to split it up into three meals, rather than four. After another 6 months, you can further reduce the number of daily feedings to two.

Once your dog is about 12 months old, hell probably be ready for adult food. However, you should always consult with your vet before making the switch and stick with puppy food if you have any doubt.

Additionally, as when making any food change, try to do so gradually, by mixing increasingly large portions of the new food in with your dogs current food over a period of a week or so.

Wet Dog Food Safety Tips

Keep in mind that wet dog food requires a bit more care than a simple dry kibble. Make sure you take the time to practice these food safety tips in order to ensure your pups health:

Keep a clean food bowl: Most dogs will gobble down their entire serving of wet food in one gobut if your dog is more of a picky eater, be sure to keep track of how much food is left in their bowl and for how long. Wet food shouldnt sit at room temperature for more than four hours and a wet food bowl should be washed between every feeding.

Use within three days: Due to the general lack of preservatives and additives,wet dog food is made to be eaten in three to five days or less. Be sure to cover it up and store it in the fridge.

Check the expiration date: Canned dog food will typically last unopened for up to five yearsbut if youre buying in bulk or planning to store food in your pantry for a while, consider double checking the date on the bottom before grabbing the can opener.

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What Is The Best Dog Food Type: Canned Dog Food Or Dry Dog Food

Many dog owners believe that canned or wet dog food is superior to kibble because it contains more meat protein and fewer carbs.

Canned dog food also has more moisture and can help make your dog feel fuller faster and longer.

However, dry kibble also has its advantages. From the ease of convenience and affordability to assisting with your dogs dental health.

Lets take a closer look at the pros and cons of each type of dog food.

Prevents Kidney Disease And Organ Stress

$4 in New Purina Beneful Wet &  Dry Dog Food Coupons ...

Dogs, and particularly cats, just don’t like to drink water. For anyone that’s tried, it’s just not that easy to make them drink it! Feeding canned food increases your pet’s water intake easily, putting less stress on vital organs, such as the kidneys.

Cats, especially, are prone to urinary tract issues and will benefit from a canned food diet. It may prevent a debilitating disease later in life.

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