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Healthiest Dog Food For Small Dogs

Merrick Classic Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food


Best Premium Pick


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Chicken, 2. Brown Rice, 3. Barley, 4. Chicken Fat, 5. Sunflower Oil

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Extra Small & Toy, Small Breeds
  • Caloric content : 3,711 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein 27% | Fat 16% | Fiber 3.5% | Moisture 11%

Meat, quinoa, fruits, and vegetables. What more could you want from a recipe for small breed dogs? Small portions pack all the goodness your little canine friend needs in this high-protein recipe.

This recipe is unique because it has a high value of nutrients and proteins without being too high on the glycemic index. So you can cater to your little pups nutrition without worrying about increased levels of carbs or fats.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat, while small kibble makes it easy on the tongue and tummy.

How Much And How Often To Feed Your Dog

The amount of food your dog needs primarily depends on the brand and the ingredients. Look for details on your chosen top-rated dry dog food website or check the packaging.

However, dont forget to monitor your dogs weight and adjust the amount accordingly. Your dog might simply need less or more food than suggested. And to help your dog keep its optimal weight, feeding it twice a day would be optimal.

Wet Versus Dry Food: Whats The Difference

The main difference between dry food and canned dog food is its water content. Kibble is 10% water, canned food is upwards of 70% water, Roberts said. If both products have the same ingredients and only the water content differs, he noted its okay to mix the wet food with your dogs dry kibble, especially if they often get picky about their food or need an extra boost of hydration. You can also add fresh dog-safe vegetables and fruits to their meals to add nutritional value without adding the calories , Wakshlag said.

Dry food is also more economical and typically much more stable if its stored in its original container in a dry location compared to wet food, which perishes at room temperature after opening, according to Shepherd.

Shepherd added that a sole wet food diet can be helpful for dogs who can no longer chew kibble due to dental disease or dogs who may benefit from a higher moisture diet due to health conditions, like chronic recurrent urinary issues.

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We All Want A Dog Food Brand We Can Trust

With confusing labeling, misleading marketing, and a lack of transparency so common in the world of dog food, a brands integrity can sometimes be more telling than the ingredient list.

Finding the best dog food is a process that requires attention to all details. Its a delicate balance of being conscious of the brand while not allowing what looks like a great brand history, reputation, and production process to supersede awareness of ingredients and the foods appropriateness for your dogs unique needs.

Read on as we list what are the healthiest dog food brands in the market today.

American Journey Landmark Delta Blend Dry Food

Top 14 Healthiest &  Best Dog Food for Small Dogs in 2022

Most Affordable Small Breed Dog Food: A high-quality dog food doesnt have to break the bank. American Journey is Chewys in-house brand and not only is every recipe made with premium natural ingredients, but every recipe is highly affordable. Weve chosen this American Journey Landmark Delta Blend Dry Food because, while the brand doesnt offer any small-breed recipes, this formula offers a high concentration of protein, fat, and calories. It features rainbow trout as the main ingredient with supplemental protein from herring and turkey meal. It is a rich source of essential fatty acids, including a blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Youll also be glad to know that it is highly digestible and supplemented with chelated minerals and probiotics for healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption.

  • Pros: Rainbow trout first ingredient, rich in animal protein , digestible grain-free carbohydrates, concentrated source of fat and calories, chelated minerals, probiotics
  • Cons: Not specifically for small-breed dogs, could be higher in fat

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What Is The Best Food I Can Feed My Dog

Choice of the best food for a dog depends on the owner and the condition of the dog. Some dog owners prefer fresh pet food while some consider packaged food the best choice. It is important to choose dog food and then stick to it because frequent changes in diet can result in gastrointestinal problems.

In the light of the above-mentioned information, kibble is considered a whole food containing all the nutritional elements that your pooch needs, so here, we will recommend some best dog food brands providing the healthiest dry dog food.

  • Spot & Tango Unkibble
  • Natures Logic Sardine Meal Feast All Life Stages Dog Food

Final Thoughts On 20 Best Dog Foods For Chihuahuas In 2022

There are a lot of different dog foods on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is best for your chihuahua. We hope that our list of best dog foods for chihuahuas has helped open your eyes to the variety of options available out there.

Start looking at each of the options we’ve featured here today and choose one that seems like the best fit for your little canine friend.

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Is My Dog Overweight

Pet obesity is the top welfare concern for vets, according to the annual PAW report. Another 2021 study from the Royal Veterinary College found that one in 14 dogs were recorded by their vets as overweight. The study also found that some breeds were more prone to gaining weight.

The PAW report also estimated that around half of the overweight and obese dogs had health issues which could be related to their weight.

Weight-related problems can range from musculoskeletal conditions to breathing issues and diabetes, among others.

In order to know whether your pet is overweight, it’s key to recognise its ideal weight and shape. A good rule of thumb is being able to see your dog’s ribs.

If you’re planning to take your dog out for a walk, check our guide to the best dog harnesses

Best Wet Dog Food For Weight Loss

HOMEMADE DOG FOOD | healthy dog food recipe

If your dog prefers wet food, the Hills Science Diet Perfect Weight Dog Food is a top choice for weight loss. This food comes in 12.5-ounce cans, and it has a tasty chicken and vegetable flavor that dogs will lovethere are even real chunks of chicken for them to devour. During research, the brand found that more than 70 percent of dogs had visible weight loss results within 10 weeks of eating this food, and Hills also offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back if youre not happy with the product.


  • Over 70 percent of dogs lost weight within 10 weeks while eating this food
  • High protein levels support lean muscle maintenance
  • Dog-approved chicken flavor

The Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Adult Dry Dog Food is a top-rated choice if you want to feed your dog a dry food for weight loss. The formula contains 15 percent less fat than the standard Pro Plan Essentials Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula, and it has a protein-to-fat ratio thats designed to help your dog lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. The food contains a mixture of crunchy kibble and softer shredded pieces, and its fortified with live probiotics to support your dogs digestive and immune health.


What to Consider

  • Some buyers report an inconsistent amount of the shredded kibble pieces between bags

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What Size Kibble Can My Chihuahua Eat

Chihuahuas are notorious for having small mouths and teeth. This can make it difficult to find a kibble that they can eat comfortably. Small breeds like chihuahuas typically do best with a small kibble size.

You may need to experiment with a few different brands and sizes before finding the perfect fit for your chihuahua.

Instinct Original Small Breed Dog Food


Original Small Breed is one of 5 dry recipes included in our review of the Instinct Original product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, chickpeas, tapioca, chicken fat
  • Type: Grain-free
  • Best for:Small breed adults and puppies

This Instinct Original formula derives the greatest part of its animal protein from fresh chicken and chicken meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 39% protein, 22% fat and 31% estimated carbs which creates a fat-to-protein ratio of about 56%.

Instinct Original Small Breed provides an optimal balance of protein, fat and calories to ensure a balanced nutrition for your small dog. Highly recommended.

Sample buyer reviewI love this dog food, and so does my dog. I like all of the ingredients and trust the company. My dog begs for it and devours it. Hes doing very well on it. His coat is shiny, his muscles are defined, and his stools are firm. I rotate this brand with a few other brands so he has some variety, but Im very picky with which foods I include in the rotation, and only choose brands and formulas of the highest quality.

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Best Small Breed Dog Food for Seniors: As your small dog gets older, his metabolism may slow down a little bit, but his basic nutritional needs wont change. You may need to reduce the fat and calorie content of his diet to prevent him from gaining weight, but he still needs a protein-rich diet that is highly digestible. This Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe is an excellent choice because it is uniquely formulated to provide for your small-breed seniors changing nutritional needs. It features deboned chicken as a lean source of protein with chicken meal to provide a natural source of joint-supporting glucosamine and chondroitin. This recipe contains digestible whole-grain carbohydrates, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, provide key nutrients. Overall, it is complete and nutritionally balanced with beneficial supplements, including chelated minerals and probiotics.

  • Pros: Formulated for small-breed seniors, real deboned chicken first ingredient, digestible whole-grain carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables, rich in omega fatty acids, controlled calories and fat
  • Cons: Could be higher in protein, not a grain-free recipe

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Senior

Freshpet Healthy &  Natural Food for Small Dogs/Breeds, Grain Free ...

Image courtesy Blue Buffalo

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Breed Senior Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe is designed to meet the nutritional needs of senior dogs. It includes chicken, fresh produce, and whole grains.

This recipe is designed for all life stages and provides your chihuahua with the energy they need to live a long and healthy life.

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Freshpet Vital Complete Meals Grain

Made with wholesome chicken, carrots, and sweet peas, this blend is both tasty and potent when it comes to vitamins and minerals. The blend is completely grain-free, so you can give your dog only the best ingredients to keep him healthy and prevent conditions like obesity. The blend contains plenty of Omega-3s and 6s to promote healthy skin and coat, and youll love the low prices that FreshPet has to offer. This food is available directly from PetCo, and comes in a one-pound package. This isnt meant to be a daily dog food, but rather a single-serve meal pouch.

Hills Science Diet Adult Small & Mini Perfect Weight Dog Food

Best for Weight Loss


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Cracked Pearled Barley, 3. Brown Rice, 4. Oat Fiber, 5. Flaxseed,

  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable for: Extra Small & Toy, Small Breeds
  • Caloric content : 291 kcal
  • Analysis: Protein 24% | Fat 9% | Fiber 13% | Moisture 10%

If theres one weight loss formula we recommend for all small and toy breeds, it would be Hills Science Diet Perfect Weight Dog Food. The high-fiber recipe is designed with fewer calories to trigger weight loss while ensuring a full stomach after each meal.

At the same time, the food promotes muscle mass with real chicken meat and keeps your dog energized with coconut oil. Your dog will also receive a range of micronutrients, including amino acids and minerals, crucial for bone, vision, and digestive health.

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Wellness Complete Health Small Breed Adult

Image courtesy Wellness

This small breed adult dog food from Wellness Complete Health is one of the best dog foods for chihuahuas in 2022. It is made with whole ingredients and provides your chihuahua with the nutrients they need to live a long and healthy life.

The ingredients used are free range chicken, fresh produce, and whole grains. This food is designed for all life stages and provides your chihuahua with the energy they need to live a long and healthy life.

Wellness Complete Health’s small breed adult recipe is one of the best dog foods for chihuahuas in 2022 because it is made with whole ingredients and provides your chihuahua with the nutrients they need to live a long and healthy life.

How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight: Tips And Advice

Homemade and Healthy Dog Food Recipe | Vet Approved

In addition to switching your dogs food, you can also help them shed a few pounds by increasing their exercise levels appropriatelygoing for walks, encouraging them to go swimming, and even just playing fetch in the yard. Remember to start slow and increase the intensity and length based on your pets ability to do so without long recovery periods post-workout, recommends Dr. Hurley. Simply put, dont overdo it, which is our tendency when we begin working out. If youre not sure how much exercise is appropriate, talk to your veterinarian for recommendations on where to start with your dog.

There are other small changes you can make to help your dog lose weight, too. Treat balls or puzzle feeders are another great way to slow down eating, thereby helping them to feel full before ingesting a complete meal, says Dr. Hurley. Finally, youll want to ensure your dog isnt getting too many treats throughout the day. Dr. Markovich says a good rule of thumb is that no more than 10 percent of your dogs daily calories should come from treats, whether theyre dog treats or table scraps.

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Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Small Adult Formula Dog Dry Food

Royal Canin offers some of the most diverse dog food options on the market the brand makes both dry and wet food for a variety of dog sizes, breeds and dietary restrictions, including food sensitivities and gastrointestinal issues. I feed my 4-year-old Havachon, Bella, this small breed kibble from the brand which is formulated for small dogs from 10 months old to 8 years old that weigh 9 pounds to 22 pounds after it was recommended by my veterinarian. Bella tends to eat this brand faster than others, some of which she would leave half-eaten. Selects manager of editorial operations Shari Uyehara said she also feeds her dog Loki, an 11-month-old cavalier King Charles spaniel, the brands puppy formula, which was recommended by Lokis breeder. The brand also offers its dry food formula for medium and largebreeds.

The Most Important Section On The Label Is The Nutritional Adequacy Statement Dont Buy A Product If This Statement Is Missing

Often titled the AAFCO statement on the back of the label, this section confirms that the food contains the complete and balanced nutrition appropriate for your dogs life stage. If a product is missing this section, do not feed it to your dog as the main source of their diet.

If a product doesnt have this section, it might say somewhere on the label that the dog food is only intended for supplemental feeding. That might mean that the food should be used only as a treat or an add-on to your dogs main source of food.

Another case in which a food might not have the AAFCO statement is if its by prescription only. For example, a vet may recommend a vegetarian diet to help your dog manage a medical condition, and prescribe a specialty food that might not be considered complete and balanced by the AAFCO. But any product you buy over the counter as a dogs main source of food should always have this section.

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Nutro Wholesome Essentials Healthy Weight Small Breed Dog Food

This healthy weight formula is designed to keep your doggo happy and healthy by preventing obesity and still getting him the nutrients , he needs to stay active. Made with chicken, rice bran, and plenty of nutrient-dense veggies and fruits, this proprietary blend will leave your pup feeling healthier than ever. Youll love the low cost, too, and its available from PetCo for in-store pickup or shipping right to your door! Get your bag today and learn why so many pet owners trust Nutro for their pets health and dietary needs.

How Is A Small Breed Dogs Diet Different

Best Wet Dog Food For Small Breeds

Finding the best small breed dog food can be a bit of a task. The fact is, these petite canines require higher calories per pound, compared to their larger sized mates, due to their higher metabolic rates and energy levels. If these needs are not properly met, they could lead to gut problems in puppyhood as well as immunity problems as they grow older. Aside from that, here are some more ways a smaller dogs diet differs from a larger one:

1. More calories per pound

Because smaller breeds convert food into energy quicker, they need more calories per pound than larger dogs. Toy-sized dogs are particularly at a risk of hypoglycemia, which is why they need more calories. You need to feed them a dog food thats filled with good-quality calories. This will allow your dogs body to stay fuelled and will make them more active and alert.

2. Smaller kibble size

Just like babies cant eat a whole apple, small dogs also have difficulty chewing large kibbles. To help them eat comfortably, choose a small breed-specific dog food as their kibble size is reduced to the size of your dogs mouth.

3. More frequent meals

Small and toy breeds need more calories, but their tiny stomach can only fit in so much food. The solution to this is to feed them smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. A rule of thumb is to feed smaller breeds 3-4 meals a day but discuss this routine with your vet beforehand.

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