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Gentle Giants Chicken Dog Food

Is Gentle Giants Dog Food Worth It

Gentle Giants Dog Food

Yes, Gentle Giants Dog Food is worth it.

Gentle Giant Dog Food provides dogs with all the nutrients they need to live an active, healthy life. It also helps keep them stay lean and trim, reducing the risk of health problems like arthritis and heart disease later in life.

The company has been operating since 2008, and theyve been making dog food for a long time. First, they started makingcat food but addeddog food to their lineup.

Meet Gentle Giants Dog Food

Gentle Giants is an independent company created by a man named Burt Ward who was seeking a better way to feed dogs and mainly a way to increase the lifespan of large breed dogs. Large breeds often have a heart-breakingly short life span, which can often reach just six to eight years.

Gentle Giant uses formulas created by veterinarians and nutritionists developed for years before the food was widely available for commercial distribution.

Its lower fat and better balanced with carbohydrates to help control weight and improve your dogs overall health.

Can Gentle Giants improve your dogs health that much? Lets break down the formula and the philosophy of Gentle Giants to see if its your next dog food.

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What Is Gentle Giants Dog Food

Gentle Giants Dog Food is a pet food company founded in 2000 by Burt Ward and his wife, Tracy. Burt Ward played Robin on Batmans 1960s television show. The company manufactures dry and canned dog foods for large breed dogs.

Gentle Giants products have been designed to meet the nutritional needs of giant breed dogs over 100 pounds. The food is formulated to promote healthy skin and coat, joint health, muscle growth, and lean body mass with each bite your dog takes.

Gentle Giants Dog Food consists of three main categories: protein, fiber, and fat. Each category helps to support optimal health by meeting different needs.

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Gentle Giants Chicken World Class Dry Dog Food: Recalls Pros And Cons And More

  • Gentle Giants Chicken World Class Dry Dog Food: Recalls, Pros and Cons, and More
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    Best for
    GENTLE GIANTS Canine Nutrition Chicken

    Dogs who try the Gentle Giants World Class Dry Dog Food never want to try anything else. This non-GMO food brand owned by a celebrity is popular among dog parents. This review takes a deep dive to find out why and checks what the Gentle Giants World Class Dry Dog Food offers.

    Gentle Giants is a great company, and so is their dog food brand. They are known for making dog food that dogs of all ages and breeds love.

    One thing that Gentle Giants boldly states is that their food is certified as non-GMO. GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms cause environmental issues, allergies, and even cancer. So not including GMO content in their food is a great thing.

    Gentle Giants Chicken World Class Dry Dog Food is one of the dry food options that Gentle Giants offers. This dog food meets the nutrient profile specifications needed to keep your dog healthy. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Heres a breakdown of this dog food, its pros, cons, and more.

    Is Gentle Giants Dog Food Good

    Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Grain Free 90% Chicken Canned Wet Dog ...

    We dont stand behind any dry dog food that doesnt stand with science. Its that simple. The people behind Gentle Giants dog food do not participate in research, studies, or food trials.The only proof they have of the efficacy and safety of their food is the claims made that their pack of rescue dogs are all over the age of 10.A cursory glance at dog food reviews of this product indicates that some people have had no trouble feeding this food and swear by it while others experienced blood in the urine, inflammation, loose stools, and itching.

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    Gentle Giants Dog Food And Care Program

    Everything that you need to know about our life’s cause to help all dogs live the longest, healthiest, happiest lives possible. Gentle Giants Dog Food is excellent for all dogs of all ages, sizes, and stages of life – from 2 pounds to 300 pounds – from the youngest 3 1/2 week old puppies to the oldest seniors that are 27 years old. This video shows all of our products and ingredients, and explains how we intentionally made Gentle Giants Dog Food affordable, so that all dogs can benefit. Gentle Giants Dog Food retails for half the price of what natural dog foods sell in Pet stores. We love animals! Our pets are our family members!Emmy nominated On-air Host for CBS News, Erica Olsen, interviews Burt Ward about All Natural Gentle Giants Dog Food..

    Gentle Giants Chicken World Class Dry Dog Food: Recalls Pros And Cons And More Faqs

    Is Gentle Giants dog food made in the U.S.A?

    Yes, all Gentle Giants dog food is made in the USA. With this brand, youll be feeding your dog food that is sourced with quality and longevity in mind. Your dog will love this food.

    Who owns Gentle Giants dog food?

    Burt and Tracy Ward own gentle Giants Dog Food. Burt is famous for playing Robin the Boy Wonder in the 60s version of the Batman Show. He has since gone from a caped crusader to a trusted canine crusader with a brand that offers dogs the very best diets.

    What ingredients are in Gentle Giants dog food?

    Gentle Giants contains real meat, fruits, and vegetables. It also contains chelated vitamins, prebiotics, and probiotics to keep your dog healthy at all stages of life.

    Does Gentle Giants dog food have glucosamine?

    Yes, Gentle Giants Chicken World Class Dry Dog Food contains New Zealand green mussels, which are a powerful source of glucosamine. Glucosamine is great for your dogs bones and joints.

    How long has gentle giant dog food been in business?

    Gentle Giant Dog Food has been in business for over a decade. With a dedicated feeding program that has helped over 15,000 dogs, this brand has used its experience to create amazing dog food. It is delicious, healthy, and all-natural.

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    Is Gentle Giants Food Good For Dogs

    Yes, Gentle Giants Dog Food is good.

    The ingredients are top quality, and the food is formulated to meet your dogs nutritional needs throughout his life.

    Gentle Giants Dog Food is a complete and balanced diet for growing and maintaining large breeds of puppies and adults like the Great Dane.

    Their dog food formula features high-quality protein sources such as deboned chicken with added vitamins and minerals to help support proper bone development in large breed puppies.

    Boutique Dog Foods Vs Science

    All About Gentle Giants Dog Food

    Boutique feel good dog foods, including Gentle Giants, rely on careful marketing to sell the brand.They tend to use buzzwords such as human grade, all-natural, no recalls, super-premium, or holistic. This can lead consumers to feel that they are purchasing something healthier for their pet .

    Even the word farm raised chicken is meant to evoke a certain feeling or emotion about the food. All chickens are raised on farms!

    Common boutique companies that you may have heard of or seen include Fromm, Orijen, 4Health, Halo, Solid Gold, Nulo, Nutro, Zignature, The Farmers Dog, Muenster, and Lifes Abundance.

    Arthritis in Great Danes? Read here.

    Whats interesting about boutique dog food is that, despite the health claims they make, there is actually very little science going into the food itself.

    Many people are shocked to learn that very few boutique food companies have an actual board-certified Veterinary nutritionist formulating their foods.

    For example, Fromm is formulated by a chemical engineer. Not even a veterinarian.

    Let alone a veterinarian with years of schooling and experience in micro-nutrients, amino acids, food rendering, sourcing, bioavailability, processing, minerals, physiology, growth, and animal health .

    So when a brand is telling you they are super-premium and holistic, ask yourself if you are being sold to, or if that food actually has legitimate science backing its claims of being healthier.


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    Gentle Giant Dog Food Ingredient Analysis

    Below is a list of dog food ingredients in Gentle Giants formula. We are NOT veterinary nutritionists so outside of a cursory look, we cannot make a sound judgment regarding commercial dog food recipes or the ingredients here.

    Gentle Giants considers this food to be a natural formula with balanced nutrition for dogs of all ages and sizes. It is free of artificial ingredients and includes things such as green-lipped mussels.

    There are no artificial flavors, and some whole fruits are included to beef up the ingredients list.

    It does appear to be fairly high in carbs, especially compared to many other dog foods and dry food recipes. Brown rice, however, is an excellent example of a healthy grain in Gentle Giant Dog food.

    Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Chicken Dry Dog Food

    First 5 ingredients:
    • Added prebiotics and probiotics for digestive health
    • High in omega fatty acids

    The first thing youll notice about the Gentle Giants dry food is their packaging, think: The Beatles Sgt. Peppers album cover. It grabs your attention, and rightfully so. This dry good has received rave reviews. Made with natural ingredients this recipe includes farm-raised chicken , a great source of protein and fat. It has brown rice and barley as its main sources of carbs. We do like the addition of superfoods like sweet potatoes, beets, spinach, cranberries, pumpkin, blueberries, and more! These provide valuable antioxidants. If your pup has some joint issues, or your want to ward them off, this recipe is packed with glucosamine and chondroitin sourced from New Zealand green mussels.

    While this recipe isnt as high in protein as we would have liked , it has adequate fats at 9%. However, the quality of the ingredients makes up for the lack of protein %. It is also a nice recipe for digestion, with added prebiotics and probiotics that aid digestion and increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals

    Customer reviews:

    We have fed our GS the chicken dry formula mixed with a third of a can of the canned beef from day one. His coat is shiny and thick. He is very muscular and strong boned. The vet says he is in perfect health. This is a wonderful food.

    Guaranteed analysis:

    • Moisture : 10.0%

    Caloric Content

    Customer reviews:

    Guaranteed analysis:

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    How To Make Thanksgiving Dog Biscuits

    One great thing about these are that they are really easy to make. I had a lot of fun making them to be honest. First thing you need to do, get all of your ingredients together

    Good and good for them!

    All you need to do is brown the ground turkey and the sweet potato and carrots can easily be cooked in the microwave. The remaining ingredients are pantry items. Sounds super simple right? Thats because it is!

    Once you have all of your ingredients together just mix it all up in a bowl, form it into a ball and place on a rice flour dusted surface and roll out like so

    Ready to be made into biscuits

    Then using your favorite cookie cutter cut out the dog biscuits and place them on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Bake for about 25 minutes or until the edges start to become a light golden brown. Cool on wire racks. The amount of biscuits you will get will depend on the size of your cookie cutter I used a medium-sized bone shape and got around 25 biscuits. Just remember to let them cool completely before you give them to Fido

    Ready to go to a good doggie

    You will need to store these in the refrigerator. Once they are completely cooled, place in an airtight container and keep in the fridge for up to a week. You can also freeze them and just take out a few at a time defrost in the fridge.

    Mine did not make it right to the fridge, Buddy could not wait that long!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Buddy!!!!

    The Gentle Giants Rescue

    Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Chicken Dry Dog Food, 33

    Burt Ward has been rescuing dogs with his wife in California for decades.This unusual rescue makes wild claims about the longevity of the dogs living on their all-natural dog food, and says they have rescued over 14,000 pets.Meanwhile, as of this writing, they have no animals available for adoption.Many of the available breeds they offer via this rescue are unusual and rare, including Staghounds, Xolo, woodles, and Saluki. They have had many, many litters of puppies, too.

    Many people, including us, believe that this rescue operation is nothing more than a glorified puppy mill.

    They claim that 30-40 dogs live with them in peace and harmony on their property and that all are seniors exceeding their normal lifespan because of their world-classfood and training program.

    There are many verifiable reports of neglect, poor living conditions, and uncontrolled dogs breeding at will in the unsupervised Gentle Giants pack.

    For more information on the controversy surrounding Burt Wards dog rescue, read here:

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    Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition Canine Nutrition 90% Beef

    First 5 Ingredients: Beef, Beef Broth, Chickpeas, Natural Flavor, Sweet Potatoes

    A hearty and tender pate of beef combined with numerous vegetables and fruits make for a tasty meal. The recipe is crafted for adults of all sizes and breeds and those who are sensitive to grains, corn, soy, wheat, and gluten.

    As the first ingredient, beef comprises a major part of the dish 90%. Like humans, most dogs enjoy the flavorful taste of red meat. Beef is not just tasty, its also packed with protein and essential amino acids. Unless your dog does not tolerate beef, its an extremely good meat choice for them and one you should include on a flavor rotation.

    30% Off at

    Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition 90% Chicken

    First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chickpeas, Natural Flavor, Sweet Potatoes

    This canned food offers plenty of meat and protein for chicken-loving canines. The first ingredient is chicken, and as the name of the recipe indicates, it makes up 90% of the meal.

    Chicken is a popular bet with dogs, and its a lean meat that provides many benefits. For example, its high in protein so it gives dogs a big boost in energy but wont give them too much calories.

    Poultry is excellent at building lean mass in dogs and a great source for glucosamine and amino acids that promote bone health.

    As the second ingredient, the chicken broth adds moisture to the pate and a little more flavor. The chickpeas, meanwhile, supplement the animal protein with its own protein contribution. And because it is full of vitamins and minerals, including fiber, it can help tackle many health problems.

    Dog foods that are grain-free usually rely on whole foods like sweet potatoes to provide the carbs needed to create energy. Like regular potatoes, sweet potatoes are high in fiber, which is good for the digestive system. Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes are low in fat and lower in the glycemic ingredients but full of essential vitamins.

    The rest of the ingredients are mostly made up of fruits and vegetables such as apples and pumpkins. These are all certified GMO-free to make it as safe as possible for your pets.

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    Ellen’s January Pick: Natural Gentle Giants Dog Food

    “Burt Ward, who played Robin on Batman, and his wife Tracy created this line of all-natural dog food. They’ve also saved over 15,000 dogs through Burt’s Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions. For that, I love them.”Burt on Fox Business News talks with Maria Bartiromo about dogs eating Gentle Giants Dog Food and following Gentle Giants Special Dog Food and Care Program. He also talks about where viewers can purchase Gentle Giants Dog Food locally where they live. This video gives a good overview and understanding of our Gentle Giants Dog Food, our Gentle Giants Philosophy, and our Gentle Giants Special Dog Food and Care Program.

    Is Gentle Giants Dog Food Holistic

    Pet Age Talks with Gentle Giants Dog Food

    The term holistic is a marketing term that is not regulated in any way.Anybody can claim that the food they make and sell is holistic. Holistic should imply that a food is formulated to treat the whole body.Any good science-backed food would thus, also be holistic. The best dog foods include things such as probiotics and joint supplements, which would indicate support for digestive health, hips, and joints.Gentle Giants dog food does claim to be holistic. Take that with a grain of salt. It doesnt actually mean anything.Here is a great article that outlines common food marketing terms:

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    The Great Grain Free Debate

    So what is inherently wrong with a super-premium, natural dog food from a boutique company, anyways? Lets talk for a moment about the great grain-free pet food debate.Secondary DCM is a devastating condition of the heart that often presents with no symptoms and can result in sudden death.Many otherwise healthy shiny dogs with good poop who randomly die while playing or after going for a walk have been diagnosed with, or even passed from DCM, and the owners never knew something was wrong.No official pre-death diagnosis means that very little data is collected on the dogs who die this way. The devastated owners move on with their lives, assuming that their dog had a genetic problem. Veterinarians around the country are seeing it happen over and over again.

    While genetics do play a role in primary DCM, secondary DCM is believed to be caused by unbalanced nutrition. These dogs are essentially starved for certain amino acids and micro-nutrients: the heart enlarges and eventually gives out.

    This brings us back to the fact that a sound majority of boutique dog food brands do not employ a board-certified veterinary nutritionist to formulate their food. This includes Gentle Giants.

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