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Wild Earth Dog Food Recall

Wild Earth Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Mark Cuban invests in vegan dog food company Wild Earth

So, what do customers think about the vegan kibble? This Wild Earth dog food review scoured the internet for testimonials, coming up with some on the company website and Amazon.

Evidently, there are some criticisms of the plant-based dog food, but well discuss those later. Wild Earth has a 4.5/5 star rating on the main website from over 3,000 reviews. Its supplements get similar reception with a 4.4/5 rating from 66 reviews.

Dogs seem to love the food. As one pet parent writes, I received the dog food free sample while house and dog sitting for my daughters family! Their dog loved the food and ate it quickly! I am having it delivered to their address as I live in Southern California, and they live in the northern part of the state!

Another customer claims that Wild Earth helped extend her dogs lives, saying, My dogs were really showing signs of age, and I felt I had nothing to lose by starting them on a plant-based diet like my own. One of my dogs, who was in terrible condition, perked up and lived another two years. The other one is still going and jumping around like a puppy two and half years later.

Another Amazon customer is happy with their choice, stating, Pleased with this food so far. It doesnt stink like most dog food does, and my dogs really seem to like it. Its definitely pricey, especially with a multiple dog household, but you cant put a price on your pets health!

Lab Grown Vegan Pet Food: Wild Earth Closes Us$11 Million Series A Funding Round

23 May 2019 â Wild Earth, Inc., a start-up reinventing pet food with biotech, has closed its Series A with an investment of US$11 million led by VegInvest, a venture capital firm supporting early-stage companies striving to replace the use of animals in the food system and other industries. This is VegInvestâs second investment in Wild Earth. Other current investors include Mark Cubanâs Radical Investments, Felicis Ventures, Peter Thielâs Founders Fund, and Mars Petcare, bringing total funding to $16 million.

The investment is being used to accelerate Wild Earthâs development of its no-meat food for dogs made from an eco-friendly and renewably sourced fungi, a complete protein containing all ten essential amino acids. The company expects the dry kibble formula to be available in the second half of 2019.

Wild Earth also announced it has moved into its new headquarters in Southwest Berkeley at Outermost House, significantly expanding its R& D and business facilities. Outermost House, located in a historic space of a former chocolate factory, was envisioned by VegInvest in 2017 as a global innovation hub for vegan food tech companies.

Wild Earth also welcomed global investors in its funding round. Shanghai-based Bits x Bites is Chinaâs first future-of-food fund. VECTR is a leading private equity group based in Hong Kong. Berlin-based P.O.V. is one of Germanyâs leading food funds.

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Wild Earth Healthy High

Specifically designed for adult dogs, this dog food contains no fillers. It has a higher amount of protein content than dogs need the most.

It is a vegan pet food recipe for dogs. Even if your pooch is allergic to meats, you can be sure he consumes all the nutrients he needs to be happy and healthy with this dog food.

Ingredient Breakdown

Dried Yeast: Dried yeast is a rich source of protein. With it as the main ingredient, you can be sure your dogs protein requirements are met. It also contains 10 amino acids that improve all the metabolic activities of your pooch.

Chickpeas: Added in appropriate proportion, chickpeas have a lot of fibers, proteins, and fats. They also contain energy-boosting carbohydrates to keep your pooch active throughout the day.

Oats: Oats are healthy alternatives to wheat or rice. It contains vitamin B that will maintain healthy skin and coat. It has a lower glycemic index so your pooch has a normal heart rate too. Apart from that, it has some amazing nutrients like healthy fats, vitamin E, iron, and selenium.

Peas, Pea protein: Peas are a plant-based source ofenergy that is good for dogs. They provide carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and essential vitamins that are extremely necessary for dogs. It helps support the immune system and promotes muscle growth.

Flaxseed Meal: A healthy source of dietary fibers and abundant omega-3 your pooch will surely have healthy skin and coat. It also contains the needed amount of carbohydrates.

Nutritional Analysis:

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Is Royal Canin A Reputable Company

Protein is on the lower end of the scale. Fat content that is close to average. In addition, as compared to a regular dry dog food, it has near-average carbohydrate content. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition is manufactured by Royal Canin. This dry dog food has a modest proportion of specified by-product meal as its primary source of animal protein, giving it a three-star rating for this particular brand.

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Tips For Making The Transition

Wild Earth Meat

When changing your dogs diet, its important to do it slowly over a period of days to prevent digestive upset. If your dog is already eating a dry food diet, transitioning onto Wild Earth shouldnt be an issue. Youll simply need to mix it in with some of his current diet to give his body time to adjust.

Heres what we suggest for transitioning your dog:

  • Days 1 thru 3: Serve 25% Wild Earth with 75% your dogs current diet
  • Days 4 and 5: Serve 50% Wild Earth with 50% your dogs current diet
  • Days 6 and 7: Serve 75% Wild Earth with 50% your dogs current diet
  • Days 8: Serve 100% Wild Earth dog food

Every dog is different, so yours might the transition more quickly. On the other hand, he might need to spend an extra day or two adjusting. If your dog develops loose stools, go back to the previous step for another day or two before moving on to the next one.

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Discussion Of The Primary Ingredients

Wild Earth proudly sources its ingredients from farmers and companies with cruelty-free practices. Here are some of the main ingredients in its dog food recipe.

Dried Yeast

Dried Yeast is the first ingredient in Wild Earths dog food. Its a popular ingredient for vegan cooking because its a great source of protein1, B vitamins, and trace minerals, including zinc, selenium, and manganese. Dried yeast is also known for adding umami flavor to food, so dogs will appreciate the savory taste that it adds to Wild Earths kibble.


As weve mentioned before, legumes are a controversial ingredient due to FDA investigations2 on the link between legumes in dog food and the rise of cases of DCM in dogs. While small amounts of properly cooked legumes are safe for dogs, eating a significant amount may be linked to increasing the risk of developing heart issues.

While more research has to be done, owners of dog breeds that are susceptible to developing heart disease may want to be wary of dog food that contains a significant amount of legumes.


Wild Earth dog food contains a good variety of superfoods, including blueberries, cranberries, and spinach. These foods are low in calories but are packed with vital nutrients. Theyre natural ingredients that contain antioxidants, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer3.

How Much Does Wild Earth Dog Food Cost

Lets look at the cost of feeding your pet Wild Earth vegan kibble.

You have two options when buying this food:

  • 4-pound bag priced at $29
  • 18-pound bag priced at $70

Our readers can save 20% when they subscribe to a large or small bag. This brings the price down to $23.20 for the 4-pound bag and $56 for the 18-pound bag. Shipping is free, and you cancel anytime. Additionally, any repeat delivery after your first will be Just use this linkto get this offer.

Our pup, Bandit, a two-year-old Miniature Schnauzer, weighs in at 14 pounds and is an active pup. He eats about one bag of small dog food every four weeks. A subscription that takes 10% off of each order costs 93 cents a day to feed Bandit.

Now, lets say you have a German Shepherd that weighs 65 pounds and is relatively active. According to the size and frequency chart on the Wild Earth Website, he needs 1 large bag every 3 weeks. It will cost $3 a day to feed a German Shepherd at the subscription rate.

The rates are better when you are a subscribed customer, with 20% off your first order and 10% off on subsequent orders. They also offer treats. All the packs of dog treats cost $10 per bag of treats.

Despite being seemingly high priced, Wild Earths price has similar pricing to most high-end kibbles. We explain below.

You can get 50% off on your first order if you take the 30-day challenge.

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Whole Earth Recalls 202:

This brand of food is currently produced and manufactured by the Merrick Pet Care Company. This company is based in Amarillo, Texas and they have been producing pet foods since 1988. All of their products are manufactured in state-of-the-art, U.S.-based facilities. Although the company states that they do not source any of their ingredients from China, they do not provide specific information about where their ingredients DO come from. Still, the company has not been affected by a single recall to date, so all of these things combined point toward a quality brand.

Primal Pet Foods Recalls Dog Food Due To Listeria

Cruelty Free Dog Food | Wild Earth Vegan & Plant Based Dog Food

FAIRFIELD, CALIF. On July 6, Primal Pet Foods issued a voluntary recall in cooperation with the US Food and Drug Administration involving a select lot of its Raw Frozen Primal Patties for Dogs Beef Formula due to potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.

The impacted product is sold in 6-lb packs with a best by date of 5/22/23 and a lot code of W100068709, located on the back of the packaging. Primal is urging those with the impacted products to dispose of them immediately. No other products or lot codes have been impacted by the recall.

About 396 units of the product were distributed to Maryland, Georgia, Texas and British Columbia in late April of this year.

Primal was prompted to issue the recall after routine sampling by the FDA revealed a positive result of Listeria, though the company confirmed several negative Listeria monocytogenes tests of its Raw Frozen Primal Patties before the product left its facilities. The company uses a test and hold method to help prevent contaminated food and harmful bacteria from making its way into the market.

According to Primal, it has not received any reports of illness to pets or humans as a result of the recall.

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Where To Buy Wild Earth Dog Food

Wild Earth Dog Food is not available at PetSmart or Petco. Wild Earth does sell on Amazon and Chewy, but the best place to buy Wild Earth dog products is on their website. Why?

Buying from their website allows you to discounts and offers otherwise unavailable through other retailers. If you choose to purchase through other online pet stores, you wont have access to discounted prices. Plus, their website offers treats, merchandise, and other goodies not listed on other platforms.

The Meat In Pet Food: Whats Your Dog Really Eating

There are 9 ingredient terms for meat in pet food. Learn what each one means, where it comes from, and why it matters.

On average there are 38 ingredients in dog food and 34 ingredients in cat food, according to data from Petnet. For anyone who has read ingredients on processed food in general, that number probably isnt too shocking. Pet food labels list ingredients in order of weight, so that generally whole ingredients start off the list, then you get into the tongue-twisters like enterococcus faecium yum!

Even if you can decipher all of the ingredients on a pet food label, its still often a mystery where each ingredient comes from. In a previous article we talked about how the FDA and the AAFCO provide guidelines for pet food ingredients, but dont have regulatory oversight. They also dont require ingredient sources to be listed on pet food labels .

This means that if youre feeding your dog conventional pet food, the ingredients within it can come from a wide array of sources. That main conventional ingredient meat certainly comes from many different places. We scoured the websites of the Federal Drug Administration and Association of American Feed Control Official to bring you the information you should know about meat in pet food.

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Taking Slaughtered Animals Out Of Dog And Cat Food

Luckily, Wild Earth is not alone in tackling this issue. Another startup, Because, Animals, unveiled its first cell-based product: a mouse meat cookie treat for cats at this years SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas. The startup has been working to perfect the cell-based product since 2016 and was able to eliminate fetal bovine serum as a growth medium for its mouse meat to create an appropriate source of protein for cats, who are obligate carnivores, without hurting other animals.

Because, Animals

The company aims to get its Harmless Harvest Cultured Mouse Cookies for Catswhich have already been tasted and approved by catson the market in 2022 and is taking pre-sale orders, including from wholesalers, now. If it is able to overcome regulatory hurdles and approvals, Because, Animals mouse meat cookies will be the first consumer packaged product made with cell-based meat to be sold in the United States. That is unless Wild Earth beats Because, Animals to market.


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Do You Know What Your Dog Eats A Look At Wild Earths Meat

A Wild Way to Avoid Pet Food Recalls (and Save Money Doing It ...

An interview with Ryan Bethencourt, Wild Earth CEO

While all dog owners will agree that their furry companion is part of the family, many of us dont know what exactly were feeding them. Sure, the label says chicken and rice, but what else is in there and where did the meat come from?

Ryan Bethencourt, CEO of Wild Earth, started asking these kinds of questions and was shocked by what he found in the pet food industry. In response, Wild Earth was founded as a sustainable, meat-free alternative using yeast and fungi-based sources of protein to keep dogs healthy and happy. Arent dogs carnivores? Whats the environmental impact of kibble? We put our questions to Ryan Bethencourt, Wild Earth CEO, to learn more about the companys vision for sustainable pet food.

Why did you found Wild Earth?

As a long-time animal lover, with a background in biotechnology, I one day became curious as to what our pets were actually eating and began to investigate the pet food industry. What I found was quite shocking not only was the meat that was being sourced for most pet foods non-human-grade, but there had been serious accounts of industry recalls and even euthanasia drugs being found in pet food! I knew there had to be a better way, so I partnered with a team of expert scientists and veterinarians to develop a high-protein, meat-free dog food, not only to better serve our pets, but also our planet.

Koji Development in Bioreactor

Koji strains in the lab

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Wild Earth Dog Treats

Wild Earth offers a year of carefully crafted dog treats made with sustainable koji protein, an ancient fungi superfood. While their nutritious and delicious snacks will delight your dog, you can delight in making a sustainably-minded purchase. You wont find any fillers or artificial ingredients in their treat recipes.

They come in three flavors:

  • Banana and cinnamon

All treats are priced at $10 per bag

There are also added levels of omega fatty acids, and each treat is only about 15 calories.

Discussion Of Primary Ingredients

The primary ingredient of this dog food is dried yeast. While this is much different from the usual meat ingredients most dog foods use, dried yeast has many nutritional benefits for dogs. It is high in a range of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. In fact, youll commonly find dried yeast as a supplement in other dog foods.

Yeast is a somewhat controversial product . However, it is up to 45% protein, allowing Wild Earths foods to reach a high level of protein without using meat. While there is no evidence for it , some people claim that it can support the immune system and even repeal fleas.

Peas, chickpeas, potatoes, and lentils are also commonly used by the company. We can look at all these ingredients together, as they have very similar benefits and potential downsides.

All of these ingredients are primarily carbohydrates. However, some Wild Earth foods pull out the protein from these ingredients and use it as a concentrate. Therefore, youll find high amounts of pea and potato protein in their foods. As whole products, these ingredients are also high in fiber, making Wild Earth a high-fiber food.

Even whole foods like chickpeas contain as much as 27% protein.

With that said, pea protein has come under scrutiny in the last few years. The FDA is currently studying pea protein for its effect on DCM, which is a serious heart condition in dogs. For this reason, many pet owners are now cautious of pea protein.

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Who Makes Wild Earth And Where Is It Produced

Wild Earth was founded in 2017 by Ryan Bethencourt. The company started due to concerns about unethical and unsustainable practices in the pet food industry, particularly with meat-based pet foods.

Wild Earth sources its ingredients globally and selects high-quality, plant-based foods from European, Latin American, and Asian countries.

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