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What Is The Best Senior Dog Food

Runner Up: Nutro Ultra Senior Dry Dog Food

Senior Dog Food

Packed with superfoods and with combined protein sources, this senior dog food is chock-full of body-nourishing nutrients. The trio of proteins includes chicken, lamb, and salmon, and is fortified with a blend of 15 potent superfoods such as kale, coconut, blueberries, and chia seeds. Made with high-quality ingredients, the formula contains no chicken by-product meal, corn, soy, or wheat, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. This formula is formulated to support your pets overall health and make their skin and coat soft and glossy again. Clean and tasty what more could a pooch want?


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Choosing The Right Food For Your Senior Dog

To help you choose the best food for your senior dog, take into account the following factors:

1. Your dog’s lifestage – choose food made specifically for senior dogs.

Unless your vet suggests otherwise, we recommend changing your dog onto Superior Nutrition diet that’s designed specifically for senior dogs. Feeding an age-specific diet, will ensure your pet is getting the right level of nutrients in their senior years.

  • Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Senior Vitality Senior Dog Food 1.58kgRegular Price$36.99Special Price$29.59
  • Superior Nutrition senior dog foods provide high-quality protein and many also contain added vitamin E to strengthen your pet’s natural defences. Additionally, they contain fewer calories, helping your senior dog to maintain their optimum body weight as their activity levels drop. This means your canine friend can continue to enjoy their mealtimes without compromising on the essentials.

    2. Your dog’s size – choose food matching your dog’s size .

    When it’s time to switch your dog to a senior diet, it’s important to select a senior dog food that is targeted towards your dog’s size – as large, medium, and small dogs have different nutritional requirements.

    Large senior dogs

  • Regular Price$49.99Special Price$39.99
  • 3. Your dogs’ breed – different breeds have unique needs.

    If your senior dog is pedigree breed, or a cross-breed that strongly resembles a purebred, you may want to consider feeding your pooch a breed-specific diet.

    4. Health requirements.

    Does Breed Matter In Adjusting The Nutrition For Senior Dogs

    Some of the best senior dog foods in the market are suitable for small, medium, and large breeds, making it an easier choice, especially if you have several dogs of different breeds. You can also adjust the nutrition based on the portion size by adjusting it to the size of their breed and feeding the recommended amount of calories to maintain a healthy weight.

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    Purina Pro Plan Senior 7+

    Nourish your senior pups body and mind with Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind formula. With chicken as its main ingredient, this senior dog food offers a quality source of protein. The inclusion of Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A promotes healthy skin and coat, while glucosamine and EPA support joint health and mobility. Lastly, probiotics help to boost the number of beneficial bacteria in your pups gut. This kibble contains 29% crude protein, 14% crude fat, and 3% crude fiber. Because this diet has a dry, crunchy texture, it may not be suitable for senior dogs with dental problems. The majority of pet parents commend this food for its effectiveness and tastiness! Many dogs seem to become more alert when on this diet. However, this diet doesnt go down a treat with every dog, and some cannot be convinced to eat it.

    Blue Buffalo Blue Wilderness Senior

    Top 45 Best Senior Dog Food Brands for Health and Longevity

    Blue Buffalo offers several dry dog foods that are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of senior dogs. The Blue Wilderness Chicken Recipe for Senior Dogs is designed to imitate the diet of wolves it is grain-free and protein-rich, made with high-quality ingredients. This Blue Wilderness formula is made with deboned chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal to provide high levels of protein as well as sweet potatoes and peas for complex, digestible carbohydrates. This senior dog food formula includes a variety of essential amino acids to support heart health as well as chelated minerals, vitamins, and various antioxidants to support a healthy immune system. High-quality animal-based proteins like chicken and turkey help your senior dog to maintain healthy muscle mass while chondroitin and glucosamine supplements support joint and hip function as well as overall mobility for your aging dog.

    Check Out Reviews Of This Product From Other Dog Owners

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    The Top Picks For Senior Dog Food: Ranked

    While we recommend all of the senior foods on this list, the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula for Seniors is our top recommendation. Real wholesome chicken is the first ingredient in this chicken and brown rice formula that seniors are sure to enjoy. The high-quality protein from the chicken will help seniors maintain their muscle mass while building new muscles.

    In addition to the chicken in the formula, some other healthy ingredients in this food include garden vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. There are no poultry by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives in this food it is made using all-natural ingredients along with added vitamins and minerals to help senior dogs stay healthy.

    This formula also includes glucosamine and chondroitin to help seniors maintain their joint health and mobility. The essential proteins and carbohydrates are also targeted to meet the specific needs of a senior dog. Additionally, Blue Buffalo added their signature Lifesource bits to this formula. These anti-oxidant-rich bits are designed to support a dogs immune system and promote a healthy oxidative balance.

    Choose from a 6-pound bag, 15-pound bag, or a 30-pound bag. Compared to many other more expensive brands, Blue Buffalo is a budget friendly option that doesnt skimp on quality.

    If your seniors coat has been looking dull, this is also good food for you to choose from. The omega-6 fatty acids in the formula help promote a healthier coat and skin.

    How We Assess And Sort Out Senior Dog Food Brands

    Looking at dog food brands available in the market and trying to decide whats best for your pooch can make your head spin. So, we took a more systematic approach. Yes, it has taken more time, but it has also delivered the desired resulta comprehensive guide to the best dog food for older pups.

    We figured that, before doing the actual research, we should base our findings on scientific facts. We first spoke to several vets to learn more about the dietary needs of older dogs to determine the right levels of macro- and micronutrients, as well as calorie, salt, and fiber intake.

    Pet store owners and workers were next in linewe asked them to share with us their best-selling brands and tell us what brands they usually recommend. Online reviews and our readers insights have also provided a solid basis for the research and helped us compile the definitive list of brands we tested later on.

    We ended up with a list of close to 40 top-rated senior dog food brands that we then researched and dissected before offering them to pooches in our community of dog lovers.

    You can guess who had the best time testing a bunch of different-flavored kibbles. Yup, it was elderly doggos owned by people close to us that got the most out of this research!

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    What Should An Owner Do When A Senior Dog Wont Eat

    Its common for older dogs to have reduced appetite, Nunez says. Causes vary. For example, some dogs have gastrointestinal problems that bring on nausea, while others lose their appetite because of cancer.

    When a dog wont eat, Metzger says, make sure your veterinarian rules out any underlying health problems, such as dental disease, diabetes, kidney disease, or cancer. He also says that when dogs lose interest in dry food, adding warm water, chicken broth, or a small amount of canned food can make it more appealing.

    Home-cooked meals can be enticing, too. That extra smell and that extra TLC can get the dog to eat, Nunez says. Some owners feed their dogs combinations of foods, such as cooked chicken and barley or cooked lamb and rice.

    Pet stores also sell bottles of flavor enhancers that owners can add to food. Also, as a last resort, there are medications — appetite stimulants — that can help dogs eat,” Nunez says.

    But these treatments should be used only after veterinarians have ruled out serious diseases, Metzger says.

    Fred Metzger, DVM, Diplomate ABVP, owner, Metzger Animal Hospital, StateCollege, Pa., and adjunct professor, Penn State University.


    What Is The Best Dog Food For Older Dogs

    Best foods for senior dogs

    After careful consideration and the analysis of quality ingredients, the nutritional value of chows, as well as dog owner reviews, we ended up with several premium-quality brands.

    Were proud to say that this was honest research as we dont profit from affiliate links, nor are we supported by any dog food producer or seller.

    Alpha Paw Picks

    Image source: Nutro

    Nutro Ultra Senior Dry Dog Food made its way to the top of our list of the best senior dog food you can offer to your best furry friend.

    This kibble is specially formulated to satisfy the needs of older dogs. Apart from featuring premium quality chicken, lamb, and salmon proteins, it also contains a combo of 15 superfoods, including chia seeds, kale, coconut, and blueberries that help to maintain the health of senior dogs nervous systems.

    By offering this kibble to your doggo, you can rest assured they wont clog their digestive system with chicken by-product meal or artificial preservatives or colors commonly found in the worst dry dog food.

    Dogs of all sizes love the taste of this food, while owners say that it is one of the rare brands that doesnt have that specific dog food smell.

    Guaranteed analysis
    2.80% min

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    Everything You Need To Know About Buying Senior Canned Dog Food For Your Pets

    Should senior dogs eat wet food?

    Canned foods are a good choice for a senior diet. It solves many of the issues presented with a kibble diet and is a great way to encourage picky eaters to eat more. Wet foods are generally more digestible than kibble, depending on the ingredients of course, and many options have very little carbohydrates or fillers.

    Subsequently, what wet food is best for senior dogs?

    The Best Wet Dog Foods October 2021. Canidae All Life Stages Canned Dog Food.Merrick Classic Canned Dog Food.Ollie Fresh Dog Food.Halo Wet Dog Food.Weruva Wet Dog Food.Wellness Stews Canned Dog Food.The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food.Instinct Original Wet Dog Food.

    Simply so, is canned food better for senior dogs?

    Senior dogs prefer a softer diet because of the higher likelihood of tooth decay and sensitive gums. Canned food is easier to chew and digest, so its often the best option for senior dogs.

    Victor Senior Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

    Its natural for your older dogs activity level to fall as they show signs of aging. However, maintaining the ideal weight for your four-legged friends in his senior years shouldnt be a problem if you have Victor Senior Healthy Weight dry dog food on hand. Rich in chondroitin and glucosamine, this diet supports great bone and joint health to encourage your big buddy to stay active and adventurous. It is an excellent choice for pet parents with less active adult dogs as it helps maintain weight without compromising on high-quality nutrients.

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    Best For Joints: Wellness Natural Pet Food Complete Health Natural Dry Senior Dog Food

    Flavor: Chicken and barley | Estimated Calories: 416 kcal/cup ME | Crude protein : 22 percent | Crude fat : 10 percent

    • Has glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health

    • Chicken is the main ingredient

    • No byproducts, fillers, or artificial preservatives

    • Only one flavor

    • No formulas for small dogs

    Dogs often have arthritis and joint issues as they age, which is why so many senior foods add glucosamine and chondroitin to help with joint health. This food has high levels of both supplements which may protect the cartilage in the joints.

    Deboned chicken is the main ingredient and the formula also includes barley, brown rice, peas, and oatmeal. It has the senior essentials like fiber for digestion, omega fatty acids for skin and coat, and calcium for teeth. There are no meat byproducts, fillers, or artificial preservatives and the food is made in the United States.

    Whats The Healthiest Food For My Senior Dog

    Arden Grange Senior Dog Food 12kg

    We have listed the 17 best senior dog foods in this article that you can pick from. Also, the healthiest diet for your senior dog can be anything that matches their specific nutritional requirements. Any food that contains the appropriate balance of protein, fats, carbs, minerals, and vitamins is considered healthy for older tail-waggers.

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    Why Are Senior Dog Foods Important

    Not all dogs need senior dog food. In fact, feeding your dog a senior diet, and perhaps paying a premium for it, could do more harm than good for your furry friend. For example, a senior dog with a heart condition should not eat a diet that is higher in sodium yet, some senior diets will contain more sodium. Similarly, an older pup with kidney disease should not eat a diet that is higher in phosphorus and protein but some senior diets contain more of both. As such, the needs of each and every senior dog vary a lot, and no one bag of food will be right for every senior dog. So, as always, its best to talk to your vet about your dogs changing nutritional needs. Your vet can recommend a food thats just right for your dogs health, and wont worsen any conditions that they have.

    So, what are the benefits of senior dog foods? When lower in calories, as many senior dog foods are, you can help to stave off obesity in your older dog as they become less active. This is particularly a concern for dogs with joint problems, whose additional weight may put a strain on their bodies. Some senior dogs also benefit from the gentler, highly-digestible ingredients in senior dog foods. As they age, many dogs develop food sensitivities and become more prone to digestive upsets. Providing your pooch with food thats easy for them to digest puts less strain on their tummy and allows them to get the most out of their meals.

    Avoderm Joint Health Chicken Meal Formula

    If youre looking for a recipe that is uniquely formulated for joint health, try this Avoderm Joint Health Chicken Meal Formula Dry Food. This recipe features chicken meal as the first ingredient which, in addition to being a concentrated source of animal protein, is also a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

    This recipe also contains chicken cartilage to boost the level of joint-supporting nutrients for maximum benefit. This formula is grain-free, featuring digestible carbohydrates like peas, pea flour, and garbanzo beans.

    It also contains plenty of healthy fats from chicken fat, avocado, and flaxseed this combination delivers a rich blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Overall, this recipe provides 30% crude protein and 12% fat with 368 calories per cup.

    • Pros: Natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, rich in premium animal protein, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, prebiotics and probiotics for digestion
    • Cons: Not all dogs require a grain-free diet

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    What Is The Best Senior Dog Food

    Senior dogs have different nutritional needs to puppies and adult dogs. Heres why an age-specific diet is the best senior dog food and how it can help your senior pet stay happy and healthy for longer.

    As your dog starts to get older, their nutritional needs begin to change. This means that you will have to adjust your senior dogs diet to better suit their life stage and keep them at their best. Heres how you can optimise your senior dogs diet so they stay at their best health for longer.

    Choosing The Right Food For Your Adult Dog

    Best Canned Dog Food For Senior Dog

    To help you choose the best food for your adult dog, take into account the following factors:

    1. Your dog’s lifestage – choose a food made specifically for adult dogs.

    Because adult dogs don’t need the same nutrients to help them grow as puppies, their diet contains fewer calories to help them maintain a healthy weight during adulthood.

  • Regular Price$155.99Special Price$124.79
  • 2. Your dog’s size – choose food matching your dog’s size .

    Size also plays a big role in meeting a dog’s nutritional needs. For example, smaller dogs have a higher metabolism, which means they need more calories in their diet than larger dogs. Since large, medium and small dogs have different nutritional requirements, choosing a dog food that matches your dog’s size will be the best way to keep your pooch healthy.

    Large adult dog food

  • Regular Price$149.99Special Price$119.99
  • Medium adult dog food

  • Regular Price$58.99Special Price$47.19
  • Small adult dog food

  • Regular Price$84.99Special Price$67.99
  • 3. Your dog’s breed – different breeds have unique needs.

    If your dog is a pedigree breed, or a cross-breed that strongly resembles a purebred dog, there are breed-specific diets available. Certain Superior Nutrition brands like Royal Canin, offer formulas designed to meet the nutritional needs of specific dog breeds. To learn more about these special diets, visit our article ‘The benefits of breed-specific dog food’.

  • Regular Price$104.99Special Price$83.99
  • 4. Health requirements.

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    Best Dog Foods For Senior Dogs

    By Mel Lee-Smith

    Save on pet insurance for your pet

    You don’t have to choose between your pet and your wallet when it comes to expensive vet visits. Prepare ahead of time for unexpected vet bills by finding the pawfect pet insurance.

    Aging dogs have a higher risk of health concerns like arthritis and heart disease. But should you really switch your senior dog to a different food? And if so, whats the best food for senior dogs? That all depends on your dogs needs as well as your budget. Lets explore.

    Before changing your dog’s food, consult your vet or live chat with a vet now. Healthy senior dogs eating a balanced diet may not need to switch foods. If your senior dog suffers from or is at risk for arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and other major health concerns, dietary changes can help prevent or manage the condition.

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