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Food For Great Dane Puppy

Great Dane Diet And Nutrition

Should Great Danes Eat Puppy Food?

Breed standards for the Great Dane typically call for females to weigh a minimum of 100 pounds and males to weigh a minimum of 120 pounds. It is not unusual for males and females to weigh more than these weights. However, just as small breeds use up more energy per pound than other dogs, giant breeds like the Great Dane tend to have a slower metabolism and use less energy per pound than the average dog. While the Great Dane does eat plenty of food, they probably dont eat as much as you might expect. The breed is laid back and calm in temperament as adults. They are dignified, friendly, and gentle. Great Danes do require exercise, but it needs to be moderate in nature.

A Quick Guide About Great Dane Puppy Food

The first thing that arises in your mind when you buy a Great Dane puppy is what do great Danes eat? The Great Dane puppy feeding chart is a bit different from the ordinary dogs breed because they are quite similar to the wild wolf, and so do their feeding habits.

Great Dane burns calories less than ordinary dogs, but still, they need a high number of calories because of their greater weight. On Average, a dog needs about 30 calories each pound of its weight, so as an average, a Great Dane puppy needs about 1500 to 2000 calories according to its body weight.

Now, it is significant to choose an appropriate diet for your Great Dane puppy to keep him healthy and fit. A protein-rich diet is key to the healthy life and survival of your dog. You must choose a diet that is rich in proteins and contains a moderate amount of fats and calories. Make sure that you do not feed large meals to your dogs because they usually cause bloating in their stomach that is quite painful. The amount of calories ensures that your dogs tummy gets fuller quickly, and he does not eat too much.

Calcium & Phosphorus Ratios In Great Dane Puppy Food

The ratio of calcium to phosphorus is a key consideration when choosing food for your puppy.

Calcium must be at or below 1.4% and the Phosphorus should be CLOSE behind it.

However, even foods with correct calcium and phosphorus ratios may not be appropriate! There is a lot more to nutrition than just that. Amino acids, the source of those nutrients , and ultimate bioavailability of the finished product are incredibly important. A typical CA/PH analysis might look like this below, or similar. Do feed foods that dont have this information: Calcium 1.2%

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What You Should Know About Canine Nutrition

Though there are thousands of years between them, your Great Dane is technically related to the wild wolf. In fact, his evolutionary nutritional requirements remain very similar.

Dogs have been described as scavenging carnivores, which means they do best on a meat-based diet but have the ability to digest plant material. This separates them from obligate carnivores like cats, who are biologically and anatomically designed to eat only meat.

Protein is the foundation of a healthy diet for dogs. It supports growth and development in puppies and helps adult dogs maintain lean muscle mass. Fat is a concentrated source of calories and helps your dog absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Your dog has no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates , and a pup needs a collection of vitamins and minerals as well.

Most commercial dog foods provide for the minimum nutritional requirements of dogs, but not all dog foods are created equal. The Association of American Feed Control Officials has created dog food nutrient profiles to establish minimums for nutritional adequacybut its important to keep in mind that these are bare minimums. The best thing you can do as a pet parent is check the guaranteed analysis and ingredients list for yourself to evaluate a products quality.

Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Adult Health Chicken Meal & Oatmeal Recipe

karumidesigns: Best Food For Great Dane Puppy

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Rice, Oatmeal, Oats, Chicken Fat, Pork Meal

Holistic Select has been making high-quality pet foods for over a decade and they are known for their healthy, natural recipes made with premium ingredients.

Not only is each recipe designed to deliver complete and balanced nutrition, but they are supplemented with their Unique Digestive Health Support System to ensure healthy and regular digestion.

This is a combination of prebiotics and probiotics as well as digestive enzymes and natural fibers to keep your Great Danes digestive tract working as it should. This brand guarantees the quality and safety of their products, offering a money-back guarantee.

The Holistic Select Large Breed Health Chicken Recipe is a good choice for your Great Dane because it hits on all the major nutritional hallmarks it is made with high-quality animal protein, supplemented with whole grains, and contains a blend of omega fatty acids.

The high protein content will help your dog maintain his lean muscle mass while the dried fermentation products support his digestion. It also contains supplementary glucosamine and chondroitin for bone and joint health.

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Great Dane Puppy Exercise

A growing Dane puppy can be fragile, ironic as this sounds. Exercise is acceptable but should be postponed with Danes for an hour or two after they’ve fed. While playing, take caution and calm your puppy if she gets too rambunctious. Young Great Danes are prone to bone and joint injuries during their rapid growth phase. Great Dane puppies are also a bit clumsy and aloof, so supervising playtime in a safe outdoor area on soft grass or dirt is always good advice to follow.

Don’t forget to check out our Dry Kibble articles which really focus on selecting a quality kibble for your Great Dane. If there’s a different large breed dog in your family, Feeding Large Breed Dogs offers specific guides written on diet and nutrition for your awesome giants.

As always and with any puppy, be sure to socialize your Dane pup with other dogs and people. Remember, your Great Dane puppy will be a massive dog in about a year, conditioning calm during early social and physical development will result in a easy to handle giant.

How Much Should I Feed My Great Dane Dog

It is essential to calculate this based on your dogs weight and activity level. Instead of focusing on the amount of food, it is best to calculate the calories you must feed your Great Dane and feed accordingly. Typically, an active adult dog would consume between 2500 and 3000 calories in a day. Further discussion on calculating the calories are discussed in detail later in this article.

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Tips To Choose Great Dane Dog Food

In addition to being a large breed food the following are specifications of Great Dane food

  • The food must be holistic or super premium quality dog food.
  • The food must include probiotics.
  • Level of calories per cup of the food should be moderate.

The ingredients must be listed in descending order by amount. Which means the first ingredient is also the largest ingredient. For instance, if first ingredient is meat, it would also be present in the product in greater amount than any other ingredient.

The ingredients must be mentioned with their names rather than their kind or type. For example, if the ingredient is meat, the product ought to mention name of the meat. Such as chicken, lamb, or beef.

The whole meat dog foods are not bad but meat meals are better for the Great Danes. As the prior one has some moisture in it while the later one is concentrated meat.

The food must have additional amount of meat protein than grain protein. Grain protein is present in various grains including wheat meal, wheat flour, wheat middling, and others of the like.

The ingredients high quality dairy products , one or more kinds of meat, ought to be mentioned among the top ingredients of the product.

As suggested by Great Dane breeders and veterinarians, the Great Dane food must contain,

  • At least 23% of protein
  • fat levels between 12-14%

These are some indispensable rules which must be considered when its time to choose a proper food for your Great Dane.

Complete & Balanced Raw Food

Great Dane asking for food

A properly formulated raw food diet should be fully balanced and complete. You must choose a professionally formulated option or provide the following in a specific ratio when pursuing this option for your Great Dane.

A Great Dane will do best on a raw diet that is made up of:

-Organ meat

-Meaty bones, tendons and cartilage

-Muscle meat, tissue, fat + skin

An unbalanced raw diet is unsafe and unhealthy!

Raw feeding is not for everyone! It requires dedication, education, and research. There are also risks associated with raw feeding, including exposure to salmonella and e.coli, which must be considered.

We recommend learning a lot about raw feeding before attempting it, especially with a puppy!

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Natural Balance Lid Lamb & Brown Rice Puppy

Many dogs have food allergies and it can be difficult when your puppy is already allergic to common puppy food ingredients. If youre looking for a high-quality puppy recipe that will meet your Great Dane puppys needs but is free from ingredients that will trigger his allergies, a limited ingredient formula like this Natural Balance LID Lamb & Brown Rice Puppy Recipe might work well. It features deboned lamb and lamb meal as the primary proteins with digestible carbohydrates like brown rice. It is made with a limited number of main ingredients and contains beneficial supplements like chelated minerals and probiotics for digestive support.

  • Pros: Single source of animal protein, blend of healthy fats, limited number of main ingredients, 22.5% protein and 11% fat, beneficial supplements, probiotics for healthy digestions
  • Cons: Not grain-free, contains plant protein , first source of fat is plant-based

Great Danes Are One Of The Largest Breeds Of Dog Around Weighing In At Around 120lbs It Is Imoortant To Make Sure Your Dog Gets All The Nutrients It Need’s To Prevent Muscular

Great Danes are one of the largest breed of dogs in the world. But despite their massive size, they are actually affectionate, gentle and loving dogs. They can be a great companion if you are looking for one. They were once used for hunting deer, bear and wild boar during the Middle Ages in Europe. Now, Great Danes are a popular family pet. Great Danes weigh more than 100 pounds, so knowing how to feed them properly is a very important issue for this breed.

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Taste Of The Wild Grain

This is the best no-grain dog food for your great Dan pups in our list of best Dane puppy foods. The formula contains buffalo meat and bison as a source of proteins and nutrients. The meat is taken from high-quality farm-raised animals to improve the growth and development of your giant pet. It is a great blend of fruits and vegetables that are a sustainable source of anti-oxidants in the body. These antioxidants improve the skin coat, eyes, and overall health of the dog.

This natural grainless food is free of all unnecessary ingredients like filler, preservatives, and artificial flavours. It also contains prebiotics that supports easy digestion and metabolism. The recipe includes vegetables like peace and potatoes while the meat of buffalo and Bison. It helps in improving the growth of muscles.

The amino acids included in this grain-free dietary supplement ensure the absorption of the food appropriately. Some puppies do not like grainy food so this dry grain-less puppy food ensures that your giant pup enjoys eating the delicious food.


Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy Food

9 Best Foods for Great Dane Puppies (Review &  Recall)

If your Great Dane puppy has a sensitive stomach, you may need to be careful about what you feed him youll need to make sure he only eats high-quality sources of animal protein and easy-to-digest carbohydrates. This Holistic Select Large& Giant Breed Puppy food is made with lamb meal as the first ingredient with ground brown and white rice for digestible carbohydrates. This recipe also features healthy animal-based fats like chicken fat and menhaden fish oil with beneficial supplements like dried fermentation products for probiotic support. This recipe is also nutritionally balanced with the help of chelated minerals, not to mention plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Pros: Novel protein sources, free from many common allergens, carbohydrates, beneficial supplements, probiotics for healthy digestion, chelated minerals, 23% protein and 12% fat, fresh fruits and veggies
  • Cons: Some dogs are sensitive to chicken ingredients, not grain-free, some plant protein

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Feeding A Great Dane Puppy Wet Food

Wet food designed for puppies can be found in trays, pouches, and tins.

Theres a whole host of flavors to choose from, in a range of textures such as pate, or meaty chunks in gravy.

Wet food is not normally supposed to be fed on its own. It doesnt contain all the nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy.

It can also increase plaque deposits, and the possibility of periodontal disease. This is because its too soft to help remove plaque from your dogs teeth.

Instead, it should be used as a topping for kibble. This can help fussy eaters to eat their full ration.

Can Great Danes Eat Puppy Food: A Comprehensive Guide

For many dog breeds, puppy food is commonly used to support the accelerated rate of growth that they experience as puppies. However, if youre been reading about Great Danes then youve likely heard that many recommend to not use puppy food!

Great Danes can safely eat puppy food given that it meets specific requirements around micro and macro nutrient levels, calories, and contains quality ingredients.This ensures that they receive the proper nutrition to support proper growth while minimizing the risks of growth-related diseases.

A list of Great Dane-friendly puppy foods that meet this criteria are listed below.

With that in mind, its worth digging into more of the specifics around feeding your Great Dane puppy food so that you can make a fully informed decision!

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How Much Should A Great Dane Puppy Eat

Although all dogs are different, here are some general rules of how much a Great Dane puppy should be eating. If you are curious about more details regarding your dogs growth milestones, you can consult our Great Dane growth chart.

Week 1

Although most pet owners will not receive a puppy when it is one week old, there may be some situations where you will have to care for a pup this young, so weve included the first few weeks for reference.

The first week is crucial for a puppys development. During this week, he will primarily drink his mothers milk which is full of nutrients. Mothers milk is full of colostrum, which provides the pups with the infection and germ-fighting protection their immune system needs. Receiving these antibodies in the first few days is essential for your pups health. Let the puppies nurse for long as they like and need. If the mother is not producing enough milk, please get in touch with your vet immediately.

Week 2

At two weeks old, the little pup will still be feeding on his mothers milk. By this point, the more feisty and aggressive pups will feed more while the smaller, more docile ones may stay behind. Try to get the slighter puppies to feed first if you notice this happening consistently. You can even supplement their feedings with puppy formula. Check with your vet for a brand that will work well with Great Danes.

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14

Adult Great Dane Nutrient Needs

Raw Food Diet- Great Dane Puppy

Between the ages of 15 to 18 months the Great Dane will need to be switched to adult food. The average adult Great Dane will need around 2,500 calories a day, and a particularly active one will thrive on 3,000 a day, so again, a high-quality and nutritious diet is key here. Even Great Dane mixes are known to have appetites as adults. They can also be gassy pups, so its recommended to buy a food for gassy dogs if your pup starts making a stink around the house.

Similar to the Great Dane puppy, he will still need a food that is focused on large or giant breeds, as their bodies need much more energy compared to smaller breeds. His energy needs will be dependent on his weight and activity levels, but a lower protein content compared to his puppy life-stages is advised here, and most adult Great Dane products are significantly lower in protein.

The Great Dane is known to have a relatively slow metabolism, so it is important to ensure that he is not given too many Scooby snacks, like the famous Great Dane Scooby Doo. His bones and joints are already supporting a lot of weight, so dont add to the pressure by overfeeding him.

What needs to be remembered here is that the number one killer of adult Great Danes is bloat, so be sure to clue yourself up on the causes and symptoms of this life-threatening condition, but multiple smaller meals per day and avoiding exercise around mealtimes are the best way to avoid this.

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Iams Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Besides, Science diets mentioned above Grain free dry dog foods are also helpful. Particularly this grain free Iams diet. If your Great Dane puppy is already on Iams puppy large breed diet. And appears to be in good condition. You just need to switch to this large breed after 14-16 months.

If your large breed canine is continuously vomiting or has loose stools. This might be due to the dogs sensitive stomach. Consider switching to this grain free diet by Iams. The food is easy to digest grain free dry dog food for large breed dogs. But make sure the transition must be smooth.

The grain free diet carries premium quality animal protein. All the featuring ingredients are wholesome and real. So the dry dog food acts as a source of a complete balanced diet.

Lastly, the taste of this dry dog food brand is also usually loved by Great Danes.

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