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What Is The Best Dog Food For Rottweilers

When People Find Out We Make Our Own Dog Food At Home They Always Ask Us What About A Raw Diet So Lets Get That Out Of The Way First


There are LOTS of thoughts and theories on feeding your dog a raw diet especially a dog that is living with kidney disease. Our vet however, was personally opposed to feeding a raw diet due to the fact that dogs, just like us, are very susceptible to food poisoning. Besides that, a raw diet can be tricky to get just right! You run the risk of giving your dog a horrible belly ache by mixing a raw diet with cooked treats, so if you decided to go raw it is important to have both raw meals and raw treats planned for your pup at all times. NO MIXING the two! Since raw and cooked foods digest at different rates any combination of the two can wreak serious havoc on your pups gut which can lead to some pretty unpleasant situations for you if you get my drift.

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain

Merrick is also a good, high-quality dog food that is the priciest of all four, but worth it if you can afford it.

The recipe’s protein content is fairly high, at 30%, and the fat content is just over, at 16%. This makes this food unsuitable for overweight Rottweilers.

This is, however, a good food for active Rottweilers and Rottweilers with allergies, as it is a limited ingredient food. The only protein source is derived from chicken, plus it is grain-free. The carbs come in the form of garbanzo beans and tapioca starch.

This recipe also contains glucosamine and chondroitin for bone and joint health, and a dose of omegas on top .

The downside with this recipe is that it doesn’t contain any fruit or vegetables, which means there are no whole food vitamin and mineral sources. It does, however, include lots of vitamins and mineral supplements, so your Rottweiler still gets those essential antioxidants to support her immune system and ward off cancer.

Look For Dog Foods With Probiotics

Some of the best dog foods contain probiotics that keep your dogs gut healthy and limits stomach upset. Probiotics help with your Rottweilers healthy digestion and maintain regular elimination. Most of the high-quality dog foods will include some type of probiotics. Some brands will consist of multiple probiotic strains, while others may not have as many.

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Inactive Dogs And Seniors

As dogs get older, they typically start to slow down a bit. They may spend less time exercising and more time lounging around the house. When this happens, you need to adjust their diet to avoid any unnecessary weight gain.

Most senior dogs will need about 1,800 calories a day. This may also be the case for adult dogs that lose their energy after being fixed.

Victor Performance Formula With Glucosamine

Best Dog Food For Rottweilers (Best of 2020)

We’ve always been impressed by this dog food.

Not only did our dog absolutely love this stuff, but its chock-full of great ingredients, and it has strong nutritional profile.

Most of the protein comes from beef and poultry, and that accounts for around 39% of the total dry matter in the dog food, which is really great. This recipe also includes pork, another good, concentrated source of protein.

What we really like, though, is that it’s grain-free. You won’t find any wheat or corn here. It also has glucosamine and Omega-3, which keep joints healthy and coats shiny.

One of the few downsides of this food is that it doesnt really have the crazy, variety of produce as some of the others on this list. The lack of leafy greens and berries is pretty conspicuous.

Still, theres a lot of protein here, and the quality is really high.

Its good for Rottweilers because:

The quality of ingredients is really high, its got lots of protein, and it tastes great.

You may not like:

Theres not a lot of veggies here, and there are no leafy greens. It also contains some ingredients people tend to avoid.

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Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd Adult Loaf In Sauce Canned Dog Food 135 Oz Can

Royal Canin is the leading veterinary food manufacturer in Europe and has fed more than 200 million animals since 1974. Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Loafs are perfect for owners who have a Simplex or Twin-Simplex pouching machine to feed their dogs like you would human eaters.

We take all the guesswork out of choosing raw meats, vegetables, carrots, yeast, and other filling ingredients. All you need to provide is enough water for cooking which can be poured straight into the side of each dish through an opening before popping it in the microwave for 6 minutes, 45 seconds to enjoy a hot meal everyday with your dog!

Our Top Pick For The Best Dog Food For Rottweilers: Horizon Legacy Adult Grain

Image source: Horizon Pet Food

From kibble size to protein-to-fat ratio Horizon Legacy Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, this chow beat all of the other contenders across the board!

Over the course of three months, muscle mass in some of our more active pooches increased, while their owners reported that dogs showed higher energy levels and increased stamina when exercising. No wonder, given that the amount of protein in this food is higher than the industry average and is sourced from one of the leanest and most protein-packed meatschicken, turkey, and salmon.

This food has a near-perfect protein-to-fat ratio, with just the right amount of linoleic acid that after a couple of weeks made a visible change to Rottweilers coattheir fur became shinier and silkier.

Aware of the importance of micronutrients, the producer adds fresh veggieslike broccoli, bok choy, and carrotsas well as fruitssuch as blueberries and applesto meet the nutritional needs of a big doggo.

This food is bursting with minerals in chelated form for easier absorption into the tissues for stronger bones and teeth.

Knowing that the joints of large breed dogs are under more pressure due to their bigger bodies, the producer enhances the food with Yucca schidigera, a plant known to promote the health of joints and alleviate inflammation.

Guaranteed Analysis
600,000,000 CFU/lb

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Special Dietary And Nutritional Considerations Of Rottweilers

Rottweilers dietary requirements are specific because of their large, muscular bodies and their health issues. These dogs are huge, and because of their size, they require lots of protein and plenty of micronutrients to help their muscles and bones stay strong. They are also prone to stomach and GI issues, heart defects, and bloat, which all require special dietary considerations.

Nutro Wholesome Large Breed Senior

What to feed your Rottweiler pup for weight gain & muscles (Orijen dog food)
  • Contains one 30 lb. bag of NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Large Breed…
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients* no chicken by-product meal, corn,…
  • High quality protein source is the #1 ingredient in the delicious…
  • Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin formulated to…

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The first protein ingredient on this list is Chicken, and with Chicken meal listed as the third it provides your Rottie with glucosamine for his joints and oils for his skin. Nutro also states that this recipe is crafted to help maintain cognitive health. Dried apples, blueberries and carrots also provide him with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, and sweet potato and dried beet pulp will assist in the regularity of his aging digestive system.

We love that this recipe has the lowest calorie count per cup so if you have an elderly Rottweiler that isnt as active anymore this would make a great option.

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Merrick Large Breed Formula

  • The Merrick Grain Free dog food story is one of superior…
  • HEALTHY SKIN AND COAT, HIPS AND JOINTS: These grain free dog food…
  • A VARIETY FOR EVERY BREED AND NEED: Merrick Grain Free dog food…

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This kibble has the highest fat content, which is great if he is active and will keep his beautiful black and tan coat soft and shiny, and it was this that reviewers noticed. With a high protein content from deboned Chicken, Chicken meal and Salmon meal comes plenty of glucosamine for his joints, especially as he nears his senior years. This grain free recipe is made with wholesome vegetables, and it is these that provide healthy carbohydrates and antioxidants, such as sweet potatoes, peas, apples and blueberries. DHA and ARA are found in the egg products, and Salmon oil supports hips and joints.

We love that this recipe is made with leading levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, and with the highest levels on this list it makes this kibble a great option for those larger Rottweilers whose joints need that extra bit of support.

Wellness Core Original Turkey & Chicken

The first ingredients listed for this Rottweiler food is deboned turkey, turkey meal and chicken meal, which guarantees a high protein content and also a nutritious diet for a large dog. It contains flaxseed, omega-3, omega-6, and other fatty acids, along with everything you will want to find in premium dog foods.

All meat used is high-quality, with no animal by-products or replacement products, and no soy, wheat or corn. There are numerous benefits associated with giving Rottweilers a food they will both enjoy and thrive on, and the fresh ingredients that go into the production of each Wellness bag have so much flavor that your big pup wont be able to say no.


+ For adult Rottweilers

+ Deboned turkey and turkey meal

Why We Like It This high protein recipe will have your Rottweilers begging for more, and the quality meat used is just what such a large breed needs to stay healthy until it is time to switch over to a senior recipe.

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Are There Certain Foods I Should Always Avoid Giving To My Rottie

You should never give your dog sugar, grapes, raisins, garlic, or onions. You should also avoid giving your Rottweiler table scraps, especially if youre not sure of all the ingredients because Rotties are so susceptible to allergens. Finally, never give your dog uncooked eggs. Cooked eggs are fine as extra protein.

How should I measure my dogs food?

Although most people refer to the amount of food they give their dogs in volume, using calories as your measuring device is much better for Rottweilers. These are big dogs that need lots of calories a day to remain strong, so use the information on the bag to help feed them based on calories and not volume.

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food For Rottweilers (Best of 2020)

The large breed puppy food from Diamond Naturals is a great option for Rottie puppies. Not only does it have unique protein sources, but there are no artificial ingredients or fillers included.

The protein ingredients include lamb pasture-raised lamb and lamb meal. In total, 27 percent of the formula is protein. Real fruits and vegetables like coconut, papaya, pumpkin, and blueberries are added for vitamins.

When it comes to calcium and phosphorus, this food has the perfect ratio. There’s also plenty of omega fatty acids thrown into the mix to keep your dog’s coat looking great.

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Why The Foods Are Different For Breeds

Before we can talk about the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix, we need to have a clear understanding of what breed and mix are.

The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is a crossbreed between the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler. The dog is a working breed, as it is used in police work and hunting.

This type of dog suffers from several health issues, which makes them unsuitable for most households. In regards to its coat color, this hybrid has russet fur on both sides of its body the dark side being on the back and the light side being on top, making them look like an Alaskan Malamute or Husky. These dogs are intelligent animals that thrive better with their owners around than with strangers.

Earthborn Holistic Weight Control

  • Grain, gluten, potato-free, this unique low-fat, low calorie…
  • Premium chicken meal provides a high-quality protein source to…
  • Fibers from vegetables and fruits, like peas, apples,…
  • L-Carnitine helps burn fat and maintain lean muscle mass to…

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With a protein content of 25%, a fat content of 7% and 325 calories per cup, this weight management kibble ensures that your big boy will still get all he needs, but with far fewer calories. This is a grain free formula that also lists L-carnitine to boost his metabolism.

We love that Earthborn holistic provides a grain free option for Rottweilers that have a more sensitive stomach, while still supporting weight control and lower calories. They also have bison flavored formulas, which are popular with many dog owners.

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Best Dog Food For Rottweilers: 5 Vet Recommended Brands

Rottweilers are amazing, beautiful dogs with personalities to match. These dogs are smart and easy to train, which is what makes them an excellent working breed. The best dog food for Rottweilers will provide your pet with the nutrition required to build strong muscles, keep his energy up and give his body the nutrients that it needs to thrive.

Before becoming a favorite in the US, the Rottweiler also known today as Rottie was beloved in Europe as a guard dog as early as 1900. Over the past century, the Rottweiler has fallen in and out of favor. They have appeared on banned breed lists, but thankfully they are making a well-deserved comeback.

The author must show her bias, as I have had several wonderful Rottweilers in my life- both in and out of the veterinary clinic. At the age of 8, my favorite playmate at the babysitters was a Rottie named Honda. Rottweiler owners are dedicated and, more often than not, have the best-behaved dog in my waiting room.

The Rottweiler is a medium to large-breed dog with a compact, muscular body, floppy ears and large expressive eyes. They are one of the most recognizable breeds, showing off three color combinations a shiny black coat with either tan, rust or mahogany points.

As they age, these dogs will begin to slow down. Their calorie intake needs to be adjusted so they do not begin to gain excessive weight. Your veterinarian may also suggest adding supplements to your pooch’s diet depending on his unique dietary needs.

Lets Look At Everything You Need To Know About Rottweiler Nutrition

Perfect Dog Food for Rottweiler (Review) in 2020

When choosing dog food for your Rottie, choose a meal that is wholesome and nutritionally balanced. The main component of its diet should be meat, which is essential in keeping your dog healthy and good weight.

Before buying Rottweiler food, look at the ingredients first if the food does not contain meat as the first ingredient, avoid feeding your dog with this meal.

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Use A Measuring Cup When Feeding

Getting the right dog food for your Rottweiler is the most effective way to help them lose weight. However, its not going to work as well if you dont measure out their meals.

Many people eyeball their dogs food. This is generally fine, but when your Rottweiler is overweight, guessing how much food youre offering could cause you to overfeed them without even realizing.

Instead, you should get a measuring cup out and use it to serve your Rotties food. You might be surprised to realize that youve been overfeeding them for a long time!

Can Rottweilers Be Kept With Children

If raised along with children with proper training, Rottweilers will always be loyal to kids and the whole family. The owners should also need to be firm with these dogs for thwarting all kinds of unnecessary behaviour. Any dog can exhibit aggressiveness if we are caging or ill-treating them. Give your Rotties all the love and affection in the world and see how they love you back unconditionally.

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How Often Should I Feed My Rottweiler Puppy

Rottweiler puppies need lots more mealtimes than their parents or grown-up counterparts. 3-5 meals a day is a recommended amount of dry puppy food to give your little one if hes under 4-5 months old. Once they reach this point, your Rottweiler puppy will need less frequent meals, 2 will be enough. By the time your puppy is 16 months young, hes getting to be a whole lot bigger and fully used to his new two mealtime routine.

Its super critical to keep in mind that every dog is different, and while most vets we spoke to agreed on these figures, a general guideline for a Rottweiler puppys daily intake is 2-3% of its desired body weight. If your puppy seems to be ignoring a meal or two but eating the others, its possible he simply doesnt need to be fed so often. As his best friend, youll be able to keep an eye on this and switch up his mealtimes as you both see fit.

What Are The Best Dog Foods For German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Dog Breed In 2021

What is the Best Dog Food for Rottweilers?

Good dog food makes a good pet. But there are many varieties of dog food. A German shepherd mix is one of them. How can you find the best dog food for your pet?

No matter if you are searching for a portion of new puppy food, an active working dog food, or an all-natural diet, there will be a lot of information to choose from.

This article aims to make it easier for you to buy the best dog food for your German shepherd mix Rottweiler Mix. It looks at the different types of dog foods that you can buy and compares some of them to provide insights into how they differ from one another and help you pick the right one for your pet.

With this article, I hope that you have a better understanding about how to choose the best diet for your German Shepherd Mix Rottweiler Mix including the benefits of adding more and more ingredients to a product with each additional ingredient increasing the cost of production.

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