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What Foods Can My Dog Eat

Can Dogs Eat Blueberries

Can My Dog Eat Human Foods and Making Kibble Better – Can My Dog…? Show – Ep 1

Yes, blueberries are a brilliant human superfood for your dog! Full of antioxidants, fibre, and Vitamin C and K, blueberries help to keep your pets immune system healthy.

While both strawberries and blueberries are safe for your dog to eat, this is not true of all berries. Your dog can safely eat raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries, but you should avoid berries such as juniper berries as these are poisonous to your pet.

What Foods Can Pomeranians Eat That Is Human Food

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You know that feeling when you sit down for a meal, either alone or with your family, and you have extra eyes watching your every move, licking their lips, perhaps trying to get on your lap or an empty chair. A Pomeranian begging for any scraps is almost irresistible.

His cute face staring at you with that innocent smile is enough to persuade the novice Pomeranian owner to give in and offer some of what youre holding, cooking or eating. However, before giving in, you must do your research and ask what foods can Pomeranians eat?

The bad news is that there are lots of human foods that are unhealthy for Pomeranians to consume.

The term unhealthy, in this case covers numerous problems ranging from mild into the more serious issues such as an arterial obstruction, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. and right through to being poisoned, experiencing cardiovascular problems and, if untreated, may be losing their lives prematurely.

Most foods that are eaten by people are not made for canine consumption. The best thing you can do is to thoroughly check all human foods before giving them to your 4-legged best friend. Create a list and call it What can Pomeranians eat that is human food. Then you create a second list called what cant Pomeranians eat?

After a while, youll have a comprehensive list of the foods you safely can feed your pet Pom, along with a list of foods never to give your Pomeranian to eat.

Keep Your Dog On A Healthy Diet

Choosing to raise a dog is a big responsibility. Just as with a child, youve welcomed another living being into your household and family. We probably dont have to tell you to take care of your dog, but your dog will have very different needs from your child regarding food.

Ask your veterinarian what kind of food would be best for your dog, given your dogs size, age, and any special health needs. That way, you know what your dog can eat, and youre less likely to have any food-related issues.

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Onions Are Bad For Dogs & So Are Other Human Foods

Many seasonings, spices and other ingredients we add to dishes to add flavor arent good for dogs. Onions are bad for dogs, and so is garlic, salt and pepper.

If you plan to share any of the below dog-safe holiday ingredients, make sure theyre plain and unseasoned. It may sound boring to you, but it will be just as tasty for your pooch.

There are a couple other holiday foods to avoid besides seasonings and spices. One of the most popular is the honey baked ham. If youve wondered Can dogs eat ham?, the answer is no. Deli hams contain a lot of salt and most baked hams are full of sugar, neither of which is good for dogs.

You also want to keep raisins and any baked goods containing them out of reach. Items containing xylitol, an artificial sweetener, are toxic. Read all your food and medication labels and keep those items put away.

What Should I Consider When Buying Cat Food

Kas koer võib süüa õuna ja teisi inimese toite ...

High-quality food has such a positive effect on the health and well-being and thus also on the life of the cat that it is very advisable to attach great importance to high-quality cat food. The food should contain the ingredients that are necessary for the optimal health of the cat and, of course, do not contain any substances that could be harmful to the cats health.

You can recognize high-quality cat food by the accuracy of the information on the label. On the other hand, great caution is required with unspecific information such as products. Terms such as animal by-products, fish by-products, dairy products and bakery products are euphemisms for waste products that arise in the production of food for humans. In the worst case, cat food with such a label can contain slaughterhouse waste including blood, urine, and claws from animals. As critically as consumers question the origin of food in their own diet, it is also advisable to check which unsavory components of cat and dog food can be hidden behind certain names especially since these can also harm the pet. This applies, among other things, if they contain hidden sugar. So if you love your sweet velvet paws, look carefully at the information on the label.

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Can I Feed My Dog Raspberries With Caution

For humans, the benefits of berries are well known, and those benefits can extend to our pups as well. Raspberries are lower in sugar and calories and high in fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that are good for aging joints in older dogs or those with arthritis. However, raspberries do have a small amount of naturally occurring xylitol which would be dangerous to your dog in larger quantities. So, the key to sharing raspberries safely is to do it in small amounts.

What To Do When Your Dog Wont Eat

If your dog is lethargic, vomiting, or having diarrhea in addition to not eating, see your veterinarian right away. If you dont see any of these, here are some ways to try to entice your dog to eat:

  • Add water or no-sodium chicken broth to the dog food and let it soak for several minutes to soften it.

  • Heat canned food for a few seconds in the microwave . Canned food can become scorching hot quickly, so feel the food first to avoid any burned tongues.

  • Try mixing some plain, boneless, skinless boiled chicken and rice with their kibble to encourage them to eat.

  • Add a probiotic such as Purina Fortiflora or Advita on top of the food. Not only can this make the food more palatable, but it can also help any inflamed or irritated intestine heal by rebalancing a healthy gastrointestinal flora.

If you have tried these tricks and your dog continues to refuse his food, he should be seen by his veterinarian to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Unless explicitly prescribed by your veterinarian, your dog should not be given any over-the-counter gastrointestinal medications like Imodium or Pepto Bismol, as these could cause serious side effects or even interact with medications that your veterinarian may want to give. It is best to consult with your veterinarian before attempting to treat symptoms at home.

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What Other Foods Can My Dog Eat

For the most part, it is safe for your dog to eat natural whole foods.

This includes most proteins such as meat, poultry, seafood, fish, and eggs as well as whole grains, fruits, and veggies. There are exceptions to the rule, however, so maintain an attitude of being safe rather than sorry if in doubt, look it up or dont feed it to your dog!

To keep things rolling, here is a quick list of some of the other foods you might consider feeding your dog from time to time:

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

There are certainly other foods that could be included on this list foods you might see listed on the back of a dog food package but there are too many to name here.

For the most part, the best things for your dog to eat are high-quality animal proteins, healthy animal fats, fresh fruits, and wholesome vegetables. Youll learn more about the ingredients to look for in your dogs food on another page.

Now that you know which foods you can and cant feed your dog, you can make smart decisions on your dogs behalf. If you arent sure whether a food is safe, dont take the risk! Only feed your dog foods that you are absolutely sure are safe.

Before you go, I want to hit on one more important subject:

Ingredients in dog food.

Youll find more information about evaluating the quality of dog food and shopping for a healthy dog food recipe elsewhere on this site, but Id like to take a few minutes to give you some background information on ingredients to avoid in your dogs food.

Is Your Dog Not Eating Dry Food

Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat! Safe and Unsafe Foods for Dogs to Eat or Avoid!

Does your dog turn up their nose at dry food, only to wolf down canned food the minute you set it down? This is a common complaint from pet parents, and it can mean a few different things.

It may be that your dog has dental or oral pain. Many pet parents believe that if their pet is eating, they must not have oral pain, but thats not the case. They have to eat, so many dog struggle silently with oral pain for months or years until a dental procedure is done to extract any rotten or infected teeth.

While some dogs will still eat dry food even with severe oral pain, many prefer canned food, as its easier to chew. If your dog is no longer wanting to eat dry food but will eat canned, they should be seen by their veterinarian for an oral examination.

It may also be that your dog prefers canned food to dry food, as it often smells stronger and may be seen as more of a treat. Try mixing canned food with the dry kibble to encourage your dog to eat, and gradually transitioning to a higher ratio of dry food, until your dog is back to eating dry kibble.

Some dogs simply refuse to eat kibble in favor of canned food. While this can have some negative consequences, such as worse dental disease or a higher food bill, it may not be a problem to have your dog on canned food long-term. Talk to your veterinarian to see if feeding your dog an all-canned diet may be the best option for them.

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Can Dogs Eat Green Beans

Occasionally, Ill cook some green beans because theyre ideal as part of a meal and also as a snack for my human and canine family members. Pomeranians can easily eat them they have very few calories and they can quickly fill him up.

Sometimes I will mash them up with normal dog food which has the added benefit of changing the flavor of his dog food and so I dont have to feed him as much canine food as I would need to if beans werent included.

Overweight Pomeranians will benefit from having cooked and pureed green beans added to their diet to replace more calorie dense food.

Theres an important fact to remember. Never cook or boil the beans in salt as its an ingredient NOT good for your Pomeranian.

Should My Dog Eat A Raw Diet

A raw diet for dogs can consist of organ meats, muscle meat, whole or ground bone, raw eggs, fruits and vegetables, and yogurt. This type of raw diet can be of the homemade variety, while the other way to feed your dog a raw diet is through commercially available dog food that includes raw ingredients.

Proponents of a raw diet claim that eating raw food promotes cleaner teeth, a shinier coat, healthier skin, higher energy levels and smaller stool. The raw diet is sometimes referred to by the acronym BARF, which stands for Bones and Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Sled dogs and racing greyhounds were some of the earliest adopters of the hilariously titled BARF diet, and these days the diet has become much more popular with food manufacturers.

Some will say that the only reason for your dog to eat a raw diet is to eliminate ingredients in commercial foods that cause allergies. If your dog seems to have a food allergy and youve tried grain free, but the irritation has continued, a raw diet could an option. If you do decide to try a raw diet, do as much research as possible beforehand and consult with your vet or a nutritionist.

If youd like to safely feed your dog a bone, there are many quality commercial options to consider. One option is whole, naturally shed deer and elk antlers. Pick an appropriate sized antler for your dog in order to avoid choking. Your dog will love to chew it, they do not splinter, and they promote healthy gums and teeth.

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What Nutritional Requirements Exist For Dogs

When choosing which food to buy, youll want to understand the nutritional needs of your dog and how they may differ from other dogs. If you have a new puppy youll need food specifically formulated for young, growing pups. Or if you have a dog on the small or large end of the spectrum there will be a specific formula more suited to your dogs needs.

To ensure that youre buying food that contains all of the vitamins and nutrients your dog needs, look on the label for the words complete and balanced. This is a term the FDA uses to regulate dog and cat food nutrient profiles established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials . The ability to feed your dog one food that contains all the vitamins and nutrients they need is an advantage over feeding your dog a raw diet, which may then require additional vitamin supplements.

One supplement you might want to include in your dogs daily diet regardless of the dog food you choose is omega-3 fatty acids. Just like in humans, your dog needs a balance of omega-3 and omega-6. The imbalance comes from a high amount of omega-6 which is found in most manufactured dog foods. If youre feeding your dog commercial food, you should consider adding an omega-3 supplement to correct the imbalance.

Your dog needs omega-3 for a variety of reasons including:

When Cat Food Is Harmful For Dogs

Inspired by those " Can My Dog Eat This?"  posters ...

For other dogs, consuming cat food, even as an occasional treat, could become problematic if there are underlying reasons for why excess protein or fat is not ideal.


  • A dog with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract may vomit or have diarrhea after eating cat food because the food is simply too rich.

  • A dog with kidney or liver disease needs to consume moderate amounts of protein, not excess, to promote optimal functioning of those organs.

  • An obese dog, or one with a predisposition for developing pancreatitis , must consume a lower-fat diet to promote weight loss or limit pancreatic inflammation.

For all of these dogs, feeding any amount of commercial cat food, whether its infrequent or on a long-term basis, could exacerbate health issues.

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Can Dogs Eat Marijuana

Marijuana contains THC, a psychoactive chemical that causes a high in people. Just a small amount of marijuana can be toxic to dogs. Here are the common symptoms of marijuana toxicity in dogs: slow response times, dribbling urine, heart rate change, neurological stimulation, hyperactivity, coma, and even death. Read more about dogs and marijuana.

What Dogs Are At Risk

Dogs of any breed, shape, or size are at risk for ingesting something harmful. However, some dogs may be more prone to eating things they shouldnt based on their personalities. While all dogs need to be protected from bad foods and toxic substances, dogs who are super curious or love to put things in their mouths may need closer supervision.

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Which Vegetables Can My Dog Eat

There are a few different vegetables our dogs are fine eating . Any veg you give to your dog should be raw or boiled/steamed with no extra oils, butter or flavourings. Always cut it into bite-sized pieces to avoid choking and feed in moderation, especially if your dog isn’t used to eating fresh veg.

Dog-safe vegetables include:

  • Broccoli in small amounts, raw or steamed
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Carrots many dogs enjoy them raw, but they can be given steamed or boiled
  • Celery
  • Strawberries very sugary so only very small amounts
  • Watermelon remove rind and seeds

Can I Feed My Dog Watermelon Yes

45 People Foods Your Dog Can Eat

Watermelon is 92% water so its a great treat to help keep your pet hydrated. It also has low calories, no fat or cholesterol, and is high in potassium and vitamins A, B6, and C. To make sure its a safe treat for your pup, be sure to remove the seeds and rind and only share the fleshy fruit. The rind and seeds can cause intestinal blockages if ingested. You can also freeze small chunks of watermelon to make an extra special treat for a hot day.

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Additional Human Foods That Are Not Harmful But Should Be Consumed Moderately Or With Caution

Salmon: just cooked avoid raw salmonShrimp: avoid raw shrimp.Milk: very limited amount since most of the dogs have problems digesting lactose any kind of food containing milk could be risky to your dog. If it causes diarrhea or digestive upset, stop giving any kind of milk product to your dog.Cheese: in moderate amounts if it causes diarrhea or digestive upset, stop giving it to your dog entirely.Cottage Cheese: limited consumption if it causes diarrhea or digestive upset, stop giving it to your dog entirely.Yogurt: in a moderate amount and make sure to avoid sweetened ones. If it causes diarrhea or digestive upset, stop giving it to your dog entirely.Cashews: limit consumption.Chicken: preferred cooked to prevent salmonella.Honey: limited amount.Salad: without the dangerous veggies such as garlic or onion.Beef jerky: avoid too spicy ones and also those with onion or garlic flavour.Ham: ham bought in the super markets is high in sodium which isn’t great for dogs. It’s fine as a small treat but not as a regular part of your dog’s diet.Walnut: fresh walnuts arent dangerous in small amounts, but moldy ones are. Sausage: not recommended because sausages are too spicy and salty for your dog.Prawn: make sure to cook it and remove shell.Pancakes: you can give plain pancakes to your dog but only in moderation.

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