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Dog Sniffing Food But Not Eating

When Your Pup Snubs The Food Bowl That’s A Sign Something Is Amiss Here’s How To Figure Out Whatand Fix The Problem

Dog is sniffing a Panera bread bowl he knows he cant eat!

You see that your normally voracious pup seems to be picking at his food bowl and immediately start wondering: Why is my dog not eating? There could be a million causes of a dog not eating, but the most common one is that your pet is sick, says Lori M. Teller, DVM, clinical associate professor at the Texas A& M Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, in College Station, Texas. Of course, the illness can literally be anything from a mild upset stomach to something grave, like cancer. Plus, there may be behavioral reasons behind your pets hunger strike. That means you have to play detective, so you can help your pup regain an appetiteand start gobbling up these vet-approved dog food brands.

Medical Causes For Anorexia In Dogs

Medical causes of anorexia include any condition or illness that causes a dog to not want to eat. They can include hundreds, maybe even thousands, of potential issues. The medical disorders that can cause anorexia include diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas, kidneys, airway, lung or blood, and anything that can cause pain. Information about some of the most common causes include:

  • Gastrointestinal Diseases â The gastrointestinal tract includes the system that takes food in, processes it, and eliminates it. This includes everything from the mouth, esophagus , the stomach, the small intestine, and finally the large intestine. A disease of any of these areas can cause a dog to not want to eat and are commonly associated with vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract include infections of the bacterial, viral, or parasitic variety. Examples of infections are hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and viruses, such as coronavirus or parvovirus. Additional diseases of the GI tract include tumors, such as cancer, ulcerations, inflammatory diseases, food allergies, ingestion of indigestible objects that cause a âforeign bodyâ, ingestion of spoiled food or trash, or even changes in food. Diseases of the mouth, such as bad teeth or ulcerations, can also cause pain and lack of appetite.
  • Diseases of the liver include hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, toxic reactions from drug therapies, and congenital problems, such as a Portosystemic Shunt.
  • Why Does My Dog Walk Around While Eating

    When a dog walks around while eating, it may be a sign that it wants to eat its food someplace else. If your dog takes a bite of food, then follows you while chewing, it may simply be that your dog does not want to be separated from you.

    Dogs can become very attached to their owners and may exhibit some separation anxiety. This type of behavior can cause unnecessary stress for the dog. Limiting the amount of anxiety your dog feels can help decrease its stress level and fix its abnormal feeding behavior.

    Improving or eliminating separation anxiety can be done using a few simple techniques.

    • Each time you leave, give your dog a special treat that it only gets when you leave. An interactive toy where the dog has to work hard to get the treat would work well.
    • Dont make a big deal out of leaving or returning. If your dog recognizes your leaving cues, such as putting on shoes and picking up keys, start doing those things at random times throughout the day without leaving.
    • Place clothing that smells like you on your dogs bed while you are gone.
    • Talk to your vet about administering supplements that might induce calming and reduce stress or anxiety.

    Excessive amounts of stress can lead to physical and psychological health issues that can manifest in your dog over time. Decreasing stress can help your dog maintain a healthy life.

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    Coming Into Season Or About To Whelp

    It is usual for females to stop eating 12 to 24 hours before giving birth. Those in season will be feeling off colour. Try not to fuss, its not a problem. Just lift the food away as they will eat when they want to. Males dogs will also go off their food at this time with the distracting scent that reaches their nostrils from miles away.

    Do Dogs Eat By Smell Or Taste

    Dog Not Eating? Maybe Your Pet Food Smells or Tastes Bad

    Dogs have a great sense of smell. They have been known to detect the scent of a Tennis ball in a football stadium. Where humans might use eyes or speech to get more information, dogs use their nose to get an idea about the food and its composition. Your pet smells in her food that which you cannot. Therefore, Azestfor has a flavor palatant added to stimulate your dogs appetite available in Chicken or Veggie flavor otherwise vitamins and minerals are bland.Smell is the most important sense for a dog, so its not surprising that the smell of a food is key to its appeal. Some owners add aromas to make their food more appetizing, but warm fresh foods are strong-smelling and attract pets to eat. Thats why we advocate a homemade, fresh diet for your pet. The aromas while you make the food and when you prepare the meal will serve your dog well, because it will waft toward her and whet the appetite. Just like a human who smells fresh bread or a sizzling steak, your dogs will be hungrier if they catch the smell of delicious homemade food. Dogs prefer warm, moist foods over dry, cold ones. This is thought to be a trait passed down from their hunting ancestors who had been eating fresh kills, or possibly their close relationship and food-sharing with humans since their domestication.Warm foods release more chemical compounds into the air and give more aroma. All the recipes that you can find from Azestfor are pre-balanced in terms of macro and micro nutrients.

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    The ‘natural Feeding’ Method

    The natural feeding method should be your starting point and ultimate goal for every meal time.

    This method is simple. It works for all healthy dogs, young and old. It takes into account your dogs natural canine language and allows them to eat as nature intended. Say goodbye to fussy dogs forever!

    • Take a moment to breathe, get into a calm mental state
    • Take your dogs food from the fridge
    • Prepare the food on a flat board
    • Place the food down
    • No need to ask your dog to sit first, this can stress your dog and make them fussy
    • If your dog moves their food to another location, consider popping their food there next time, they are telling you they feel safer eating there
    • Step away and sit down with your back towards your dog, read a book.
    • Remove the food when your dog appears in front of you.

    You may find that your dog, especially an anxious dog, eats better in the evening. You are calm, the day is done, everyone is home and more relaxed. Feeding your dog once a day is perfectly fine.

    Why Does My Dog Sniff Around His Food

    There are also other reasons to like these books. Your dog will stop swishing the food until something is said to them. Perhaps there are those who are skeptic about how a dog tastes food or the location of its food bowl. a puppy likes attention, that he likes hunting, or that hes bored or hoping to capture the owners attention.

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    Potential Causes Of Anorexia

    There are many different possible causes! They include:


    A decline in appetite could be a sign of a significant illness such as kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, infection , fever, cancer, pyometra , pain , gastroenteritis etc. As you can imagine, all of these diseases are treated in different ways so its important we identify the cause to be able to give the correct treatment. If your vet suspects one of these diseases could be the cause then they will need to run some diagnostic tests. Often starting with a blood test.

    Dental disease

    If your dog has oral pain due to decay, gingivitis , a broken tooth, abscess or an oral tumour then this can cause them not to eat. During their clinical examination your vet will be able to check your dogs mouth to assess for any problems here.


    Sometimes dogs can be quite sensitive to a change in their routine or environment. Particularly if they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Causes of stress could include moving house, taking your dog on a trip or a stay at the kennels. If they are uncomfortable with a situation they are in they may not feel like eating. For example, hot weather, being around another dog, a different food bowl, or being fed at an uncomfortable height.


    Some medications may cause a reduced appetite or nausea. If your dog is taking a new course of medication and this occurs, you should let your vet know.


    Why Does My Dog Not Like Kibble

    “Help Cesar My Dog Won’t Eat!”

    A diet heavy in kibble and processed food is convenient, but it isnt always best. For example, some kibbles contain high levels of salt that can contribute to kidney problems. In addition, dogs may dislike the texture of a dry diet and eat less than they should.

    Canned wet food is an alternative, but it is also not the highest quality choice. Some dogs may experience stomach discomfort if they eat canned food heavy with preservatives, and just like humans, dogs are not at their healthiest eating processed foods.

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    Illness: What To Do If Your Pets Feeling Under The Weather

    If your pet isnt eating because theyre unwell, youll probably notice some other symptoms too:

    • Behaving differently
    • Being very tired or sleeping a lot
    • Not wanting to drink
    • Throwing up or doing runny poos.

    Going off their food can be a sign of lots of different illnesses. Some are minor and others are more serious. Whether your pet has been off their food for a while or it happens suddenly, speak to your vet for advice.

    Being sick and having runny poo are both a sign that your pet has an upset stomach, but they could also be caused by a more serious infection. If your pet seems to have an upset stomach, it can help to feed them little and often instead of one big meal. Call your vet if your pet isnt feeling better in 24 hours or if you notice any blood in their sick or poo.

    Turn Feeding Time Into A Game

    Picky eaters often play with their food instead of eating it. With the help of a good feeding toy, you can get your dog to do both.

    Feeding toys combine play with eating. And for toy-obsessed pups, they are a great way to convince a dog to eat his food

    Jessica, the owner of a dainty poodle, says her dog refuses to eat dry food. However, the moment she places it inside a treat dispensing dog toy, her poodle cant get enough.

    Another owner, Jack, uses a snuffle mat to get his fussy English Springer Spaniel to eat. When this super-sniffing dog finds kibble using his nose, he will promptly eat it without a second thought even though he refuses to eat the same kibble when offered it in a bowl

    Unfortunately, feeding toys only hold a limited amount of food. While this may not be a problem for a small dog like a Boston terrier, it presents an issue for bigger dogs

    You see, large breeds like Rottweilers or Mastiffs may need as much as 10 cups of kibble per day. Constantly refilling a feeding toy with this amount of food would be a full-time job it just isnt practical.

    But for small/medium breeds, a feeding toy could be the very thing you need to get your dog to eat his meal.

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    My Dog Is Getting Older And Eats Less

    As your dog gets older, you may notice that they begin to lose their appetite. Sometimes a dogs senses start failing as they get older, which means that food doesnt taste or smell as good as it once did.

    Try heating your dogs food up! Heating food makes it smell stronger and better and may make it more appealing to your pet.

    Are You Feeding Your Dog Too Much Too Little

    Dog Sniffing Out Dog Food Stock Photo

    If your dog feeding schedule has you filling a bowl even once a day, chances are your dog is not, by any definition of the word, hungry. According to veterinarian Dr. Lou Budik, as long as they have ready access to fresh water, dogs that are relatively healthy can go three, four, five days without food, many even longer than that. A truly hungry dog, at least in a comfortable domestic setting, is a rarity.

    This doesnt mean you should put an overweight dog on a starvation diet. But since over half of American dogs are overweight, it does mean that one out of every two people reading this is probably over-feeding their dog on a regular basis. The differences between dog sizes, breeds and ages mean that the amount and frequency of feeding is spread between a number of factors. If youre wondering, How often should I feed my dog? here are some very basic guidelines:

    • Puppies: Three small meals per day.
    • Small adult dogs: Two small meals per day.
    • Medium to large adult dogs: Two well-portioned meals per day.
    • Large to giant adult dogs: One well-portioned meal per day.
    • Senior dogs: One to two smaller meals per day.

    These are sweeping generalizations. There is no universal dog feeding guide calculator. Much depends on the health and activity level of your individual dog lets look at those factors next.

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    Wants The Food Youre Eating

    Picture this:

    Its dinner time. You gave your dog their meal.

    After that, you sat on the couch and started eating cookies. But your pooch suddenly leaps up to you.

    They started sniffing your face. Then they went to their feeding bowl again. And they begin to push their food with their nose.

    Fido looks back at you as if saying:

    This doesnt smell like your food, Mom/Dad.

    Yes, your pooch could be wanting to have a taste of your food.

    A study suggests that dogs will seek the same food as their humans.

    And some dogs may bark at you to convey that they want some of your meal.

    How We Influence Our Dog’s Eating Habits

    Whether you feed in the morning or evening or both, use a relaxed approach. Meals need to be a relaxed affair. Avoid feed time as being just a thing you do. Take your time, be with your dog.

  • Give yourself ample time to calm your dog down before feeding If youre stressed, your dog will wonder whats up.
  • Concentrate on beginning in the moment as opposed to thinking about the tasks ahead Approaching feeding time without any bother or stress
  • Zero expectations for your dog to eat. Expectation creates a stressed environment.
  • Pop the radio on and sit down, relax and have a cuppa
  • Say nothing and avert eye contact to allow your dog to reflect and settle down.
  • Direct your face away. Dogs like us feel intimidated or fussed over when watched
  • No fuss, relaxed approach makes the impossible possible.
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    Can I Switch My Dogs Food Cold Turkey

    No. Switching to a new food must not be abrupt. A sudden change in diet may cause gastrointestinal upset. When introducing a new food to your pet, you should do so gradually. If you want to make healthier choices for my pet and decide that fresh, homemade meals are the best for your dog, you should move forward with transitioning your dogs food to the new diet in a slow and deliberate fashion.

    When Should I Worry About My Dog Not Eating

    How To Train Your Dog To Wait Before Eating – Professional Dog Training Tips

    If your dog is not eating, there are two questions you should answer before worrying.

    • Is someone else in my household feeding the dog outside of regular meal times?
    • Does my dog have another food source of which I am unaware ?

    If the answer to at least one of these questions is yes, then it is time to limit your dogs ability to find food outside of mealtimes. Eating too many treats or eating food scraps is very unhealthy for your dog.

    If the answers to these questions are no, then it is important to narrow down the potential reasons why your dog may not be eating. A visit to the vet could help to set your mind at ease, especially if you have already tried adding things to its food to encourage eating.

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    Dogs Who Tip Their Food Bowl Over

    Some dog owners can be quite annoyed by their dog’s behavior of tipping over the food bowl. Why would dogs tip over their food bowl? Again, we must be reminded that dogs are not humans, so they have reason to not adhere to our standards of keeping the house tidy by keeping food enclosed in bowls.

    Some dogs seem to do it just for the fun of it. The food scatters everywhere and they get to go on a treasure hunt, which may satisfy their need to forage. Think of it as a fun doggy buffet!

    Some other dogs might not like their food bowl for several reasons, as explained above such as its smell, size, material or the noise produced when the collar tags clash against it when eating.

    Some dogs may also find it annoying if their whiskers repeatedly touch the bowl while they’re eating.

    What to do: if your dog tips his food bowl over, you are not alone. Indeed, marketers have astutely invented heavy food bowls and non-tip food bowls for frustrated dog owners. Some dog owners have success using a food dish stand.

    For dogs who seem to have fun with their “doggy buffets,” you may instead want to try one of those food bowls that offer an interactive food puzzle. Win win!

    Consider Medical Problems

    If your dog has always been eating from the food bowl with no problems, and now he’s suddenly scared of it or acting weird, consider that at times there may be an underlying medical problem.

    Vision problems may also be a culprit for weird dog behaviors around food bowls.

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