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Where Can I Buy Orijen Dog Food

How To Make Homemade Dog Food

ORIJEN DOG FOOD REVIEW (Holy Grail of dry food)

Published: March 8, 2020· Updated: March 29, 2020 by Kari · · This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

Homemade dog food is such an easy way to spoil your dog and feel great about doing it. All you need is a stove and a large pot to make a yummy and healthy meal for your dog.

This recipe is the stovetop directions to make my Instant Pot Dog Food Recipe. I know not everyone has an Instant Pot so I decided to make directions that everyone can use.

Orijen Dog Food And Cat Food

Inspired by a natural diet of whole prey animals, Orijen pet food features unmatched and unique inclusions of meat, naturally providing everything your dog or cat needs to thrive. Unmatched by other dog food and cat food, Orijen pet food is packed with 85% of meat content and it’s three times more than conventional pet food. Orijen dog food and cat food uses fresh regional ingredients supplied by people they know and trust.Loaded up to 8 different quality animal fresh or raw meats, providing a complete balanced intake of different animal protein and fat! Your dog and cat will definitely indulge in Orijen pet foods, for it’s most natural and nourishing form of dry dog food and dry cat food.With a reputation of trust spanning more than 30 years and have won number of prestigious industrial awards, you can buy Orijen dog food or Orijen cat food with peace of mind and keep your cherished companion happy, healthy, and strong.

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Lets Talk Dog Nutrition Six Essential Nutrients Dogs Need

Here is a link to an article regarding Dog nutrition, originally published in Dogster Magazine in 2017. You can also link to the article by clicking on the picture below.

Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, M.S., is a canine nutritionist and co-author, with M. Jean Dodds, D.V.M., of two books including Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health. Their online course, Complete Canine Nutrition can be found at

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My Final Verdict About Acana Vs Orijen

In this comparative article, I have tried to review both brands from as many perspectives as possible.

First of all, I note that whichever one you choose, you will not go wrong. Both are made up of high-quality ingredients. It is clear that the manufacturers have put a lot of energy into making the best possible dog food.

However, there are differences. Orijen products contain more meat and other useful animal-based ingredients. Of course, this has its advantages, but also its disadvantages.

The downside is that Orijen dog food is much more expensive. Acana products are more affordable and offer a wider selection, including deservedly popular limited ingredient recipes.

So my final suggestion is that no matter which one you choose, both brands are excellent. If your dog needs high protein content and impeccable quality ingredients and your budget allow, Orijen will be your brand. If you want to spend a little less but insist on the right quality, choose Acana.

Acana And Orijen Recall History


When I review one or more brands, I always look at current and past recalls. These are initiated by the FDA, usually because of some potential source of danger. Fortunately, the FDA has a detailed list from which you can easily search your chosen brands recall history.

Neither Acana nor Orijen has an active or previous recall.

Orijen cat food once had a recall in Australia due to irradiation. This is a special preservation process that can be used to remove microorganisms from food. However, this procedure can be detrimental to the health of your pets.

It is also worth knowing that there has already been a lawsuit against the parent company, i.e., Champion pet foods. According to the lawsuit, the company did not properly disclose heavy metals in pet foods.

Of course, I still recommend Acana and Orijen in the same way. On the one hand, it was just a lawsuit, not a proven fact. On the other hand, the parent companys case cannot be closely linked to either Acana or Orijen.

My suggestion is that whatever brand you choose for your dog, keep track of your recall history and current status.

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Why You Should Trust Me

Whether youre experienced in dog and other pet topics or not, Im sure youre in the right place. I do my best to provide the best and most reliable information possible to my readers.My name is Peter Laskay, and I have been a pet lover since I was a child. One of the most important places in my life is to gain as much knowledge as possible about pet care. And I want to pass this knowledge on to my blog visitors.Should you have any questions at any time, feel free to contact me using the contact information on the website.

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Acana Vs Orijen Puppy Formulas

  • The first 5 ingredients are Deboned Chicken, Deboned Turkey, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Whole Green Peas
  • Features EPA, DHA, and taurine
  • Supports your pups healthy skin and coat
  • Coated with freeze-dried turkey liver
  • Made in the USA

Growing puppies need plenty of protein and other useful nutrients. Because of this, this recipe is a perfect choice for them.

Four of the first five ingredients are high-quality protein sources. Deboned chicken and turkey are well digestible meats and provide all the necessary amino acids for growth.

Turkey meal and chicken meal further increase the protein content. Besides, they have very good glucosamine and chondroitin content.

Other animal sources are included in this recipe. Examples include Flounder, Cage-Free Eggs, and various chicken organs. The latter provides plenty of useful vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for puppies.

Seeing these protein sources, it is no wonder that the products total protein content is 31%.

The recipe is also ideal for gluten- and grain-free, i.e., sensitive dogs. It includes carbohydrate sources such as Whole Green Peas, Whole Red Lentils, Whole Yellow Peas. They have a good effect on the intestinal tract due to their digestibility and fiber content.

There are other fiber sources among the ingredients, such as lens fiber. Together, they increase the amount of this nutrient in the recipe to 5%. This is just ideal, neither little nor many.

  • Developed for puppies
  • Coated with freeze-dried liver

Acana And Orijen Nutrition Comparison

BEST Protein Dry Dog Food – Orijen Pet Food Review

I have previously compared two dog foods developed for similar purposes. Now, however, I would like to write about Acana and Orijen products in general.

All recipes can be said to provide a healthy and balanced diet for dogs. However, the differences between the quantity and quality of the ingredients are worth examining.

This way, we can get closer to choosing the best formula for our pooch. Remember that you should consult your veterinarian before making any dietary changes.

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More About Acana And Orijen

It is no coincidence that the packaging of Acana and Orijen dog food is similar. Champion Petfoods manufactures both brands. This is an excellent and popular company.

When it comes to quality, there are few better companies than Champion. The ingredients are natural, healthy, and the way they are sourced is not hidden for a moment.

Every protein, fats, carbohydrates, and other ingredients are sourced by the company with local suppliers help. This guarantees the maximum quality that makes customers stick to Acana and Orijen products.

Foods from both brands meet the AAFCO recommended nutrient profile for dogs.

Acana is a mixture of the words Alberta and Canada. This brand is Champion Petfoods first branded product, which means it has been around for 30 years. It has been considered a premium dog food since its first introduction, and its success among pet owners is unbroken.

Orijen was introduced in 2005 by the company. This dish got its name from the word origin. The manufacturers goal was to develop a product that is as close as possible to a natural and ancient diet.

The One And Only Orijen Dog Food Range

Orijen is built on a strong philosophy, that dog food should be made up of what dogs would typically consume in the wild. They created a range of biologically appropriate dog and cat food which only contains natural ingredients. Orijen is a premium dog food brand and definitely one of the pricier foods you can get, but you get so much more for your money in return. As its such high quality food, you dont need to feed your dog as much. It doesnt contain any filler bulking ingredients, just highly nutritious foods that will benefit your pooch.

Orijen diets contain an average of 70% meat and 30% fruit and vegetables. Its a completely grain soya, and cereal free brand, because the makers of Orijen feel that dogs and cats arent evolved to eat grains and cereals, and filler ingredients such as these can have a negative impact on their health.

It is made with the finest Canadian ingredients, and comes in a range of irresistible flavours. Its no surprise that they have been called the worlds best dry Dog Food. You will quickly notice differences in your dogs health, skin and coat after feeding them Orijen. Their philosophy is to use only the freshest, premium ingredients which dogs have evolved to eat. If you believe in evolutionary based pet diets, then Orijen is the brand for you.

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How To Selectthe Dog Food Orijen

If you want to purchase electronics like dog food orijen, market place is the undefeated champion.

Nonetheless, choosing the dog food orijen might prove to be a hassle for a newbie. Even for early users, it can pose a challenge to select the best product.

Below are some factors to take into account when selecting the dog food orijen on market place:

Why Homemade Instead Of Purchased Dog Food

45 Best Images Orijen Puppy Large High Protein : Orijen ...

Myths and misconceptions abound on the Internet regarding homemade dog food. Also, there are a myriad of conflicting nutritional recommendations ranging from the 30-70% carbs found in commercial dog food to raw frozen foods that contains no carbs. Some owners feed raw meat and bones and say their dogs thrive.

However, many raw materials that are unfit for humans are legal for dog food. These may include spoiled supermarket food, slaughter house waste such as organs, heads, hooves, beaks, feet and other appalling ingredients. Ingredients often have vague names such as animal by-product meal and meat by-product meal. Read the article, The Shocking Truth About Commercial Dog Food by Dog Food Advisor. It will convince you that making homemade food is a safer alternative to much of the commercial food.

Before commercial dog food, dogs ate table scraps real food. During the Great Depression dog food companies marketed their products as an economical alternative. To boost their market, dog food companies advertised that their food was required for good health. Table scraps and real food suddenly became harmful. Pet food companies stepped up the onslaught and began using veterinarians to endorse their products.

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What Do Customers Think Of Orijen Dog Food

Many customers are in love with Orijen and believe its the best dog food available. Other customers have doubts. Some customers have been disgruntled since Champion built their second kitchen in Kentucky and began selling foods made there to American customers.

There is some belief that the Kentucky-made foods are not as good as the foods made in Canada. They can have different ingredients, in order to use regionally-fresh foods. Some customers just dont like the American-made dog foods.

Some other customers have been unhappy since Champion pulled their products from when was sold to PetSmart in 2017.As for Orijen and the foods connection to dietary dilated cardiomyopathy, few customers seem to be aware of the issue.

What Does Biologically Appropriate Means

Reinhard Muhlenfeld founded champion Petfood in 1985. Muhlenfelds goal was to produce a biologically appropriate diet. This means that these foods should be as close to natural as possible.

According to experts, the body and digestive system of dogs have not changed significantly since domestication. Therefore, it is worth striving to provide them with a diet similar to that of wolves. Acana and Orijen foods have a protein content of 30-40% for this reason.

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Orijen Dog Food Flavours And Varieties Including Cat Food

As a compnay, they source superior quality meat in order to create their world class pet food. Their dog food usually contains around 75% to 80% meat, and you can choose from tasty flavours including boar, chicken, bison, lamb, turkey and locally caught fish. The remainder of the ingredients is made up of fresh fruit and veg.

We sell Orijen food in different sizes, including 6.8kg, 13kg and 56.7 kg, so you can choose the size thats right for you.

Buy Orijen Dog Food Treats & Cat Food Online In India

Small breed dog food review kibbles size compare / Orijen/ Carna4/ Farmina/ Stella and chewys/ Acana

About Orijen

Orijen was founded on a steadfast commitment to providing biologically appropriate food that your dogs and cats need to thrive. The word Orijen from the Latin origin means beginning and each recipe contains ingredients that your pets have naturally evolved to need.

Biologically Appropriate

Our goofy, adorable pets have biological systems that are carnivorous, just as their wild ancestors had. This means their diet needs to have a wide variety and a high content of quality meat protein. In order to nourish them as nature intended, Orjien diets include Raw or Fresh meat in WholePrey Ratios. This means that they include not just meat but also organs, cartilage and bones in appropriate ratios to nutritionally benefit your pet.

Never Outsourced

Orijen was started by Champion PetFoods over 30 years ago in Canada. Acana is another brand of the same parent company with similar values. They are very particular about what goes into each bag of Orijen dog food so no part of their production is ever outsourced. Each bag of Orijen Dog food in India is made abroad in their own award-winning kitchens.

Fresh Regional Ingredients

Ingredients that go into Orijen dog foods are responsibly fished, ranched or farmed. Local producers bring fresh ingredients to their kitchens and these go into Orijen cat food, dog food and Orijen puppy food. Their poultry are free run and antibiotic-free.

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Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Online Price $28.98Regular Price $31.67

This variant is currently sold out

Just like their ancestor, the grey wolf, all dogs are meant to eat a diet rich and varied in whole animal ingredients. ORIJEN Original is made with meat, organs, cartilage, and bone from free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs that are delivered to our kitchen. Two-thirds of our animal ingredients are FRESH or RAW, for a concentrated source of protein. With richly nourishing protein and infusions of freeze-dried liver, this recipe nourishes your dog as nature intended while offering them a flavour that theyll love.

  • Biologically Appropriate: The Protein-Powered Diet Your Dog is Meant to Eat
  • Top 10 Animal Ingredients Fresh or Raw: Providing Nutrients in Their Most Natural & Nourishing Form
  • WholePrey Diet: Poultry, Fish, Organs, Cartilage & Bone – Mirroring the Diet Your Dog Would Eat in Nature
  • Freeze-Dried Liver: Infused Kibble for a Taste Your Dog Will Love


Metabolizable Energy is 3900 kcal/kg with calories distributed to support peak conditioning 39% from protein, 19% from vegetables and fruit, and 42% from fat.

ORIJEN Original Dog is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by FEDIAF for All Life Stages, except for growth of Great Dane puppies prior to 14 weeks.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Healthy Homemade Dog Food

Our Tasty Low Carb family not only consists of Joanie and Chris, but also two Havanese Sisters Lulu and Kiki! If you have pets you know how they become part of the family and an integral part of your life. Our dogs are dependent upon us for virtually everything in return they offer unconditional love and lots of fun. For that reason, we only make them Healthy Homemade Dog Food! We use only the best ingredients with no fillers or added sugars or spices. We also make all of their dog treats at home. Their food is very low carb!

Our furry family members are Chocolate Havanese. Often called silk dogs, most in this breed are white with brown or black markings. Some are brindle in color. Lulu and Kiki are each about 9 1/2 pounds in weight, although they look heavier with all their fur. They do require frequent brushing, but they are hypoallergenic and they do not shed. As you can tell, they are very much a part of our low-carb family you do get attached to your pets!

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