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Dog Food Low In Protein

Homemade Low Protein Dog Food

How To Make Low Protein Dog Treats

Commercially prepared low protein dog food recipes have been very carefully formulated by experts in animal health and nutrition. As well as balancing the content of the major nutrition groups , they have very carefully controlled levels of phosphorous which can play a crucial role in kidney function.

The decision to make your own low protein dog food is a big one. It will take a lot of planning, research and commitment on your part and should only ever be attempted under the close supervision of your vet.

How Low In Protein Can A Low

If you look, you will find several low-protein dog food brands available for purchase. However, not every low-protein dog food brand will fit your pets requirements.

To understand the vets recommendation, you need to know how much protein your dog consumes daily.

Look at the dog food label. The protein content is expressed in percentages on a dry matter basis.

Recommended protein intake for an adult dog should be 18%, and for a puppy, this number is 28%.

Working and athletic dogs should consume about 25% of protein while lactating dogs will need 28%.

Regular dog foods which you normally buy will contain around 20-25% of protein. Low protein dog foods will vary in percentage, but you will usually halve the amount.

Type/Growth Stage

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Q: Does A High Protein Diet Cause Kidney Disease

The issue of protein in a healthy dogs diet is a contentious one. There has been a body of opinion that claimed that a high protein diet could damage the kidneys. It was thought that the canine kidneys became overloaded with toxins as the body struggled to break down all of the protein in the diet. However, that opinion was based on research carried out on laboratory rats and not on dogs. Over time, experts have questioned the validity of the research.

In nature, wild dogs live on a diet that is rich in protein so you would expect a dogs body to be able to cope with this nutrient with no problems. It is now thought that a healthy adult dog can cope with diets that contain up to 30% protein.

It is important to remember that every dog is different. Speak to your vet about the best diet for your own dog given their breed, age, lifestyle and any chronic health conditions that they may have.

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Talk To Your Vet Once Youve Chosen The Best Low

Low-protein diets arent suitable for every dog. Theyre usually advised by veterinarians if dogs suffer from kidney problems, liver disease, have allergies, or are overweight.

Always talk to your vet before introducing any new food to your pet, particularly in the case of a low-protein diet which can be detrimental to your dog if not necessary.

Theyll be able to advise you on the best food options for your dogs health ailments, weight, age, and dietary requirements.

In some instances, particularly if your pets disease has reached end stages, your vet may also opt to put your dog on a prescription diet rather than a store-bought kibble.

Does your dog suffer from any of the diseases mentioned above and is on a low-protein diet as a result? Let us know what youre feeding them in the comments below.

Holistic Select Low Protein Dog Foods

JustFoodForDogs Pantry Fresh Renal Support Low Protein Rx Support Dog ...

Holistic Select low proteins dog food is best for those with digestive issues and a sensitive immune system. It has no proteins. Also, it does not contain gluten, so this dog food is best for your furry friend.

Top ingredients include chicken meal, peas, and potatoes. It also contains fatty acids, carnitine, and glucosamine.

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What Should You Feed Your Pet On A Low

You have three options to agree with your veterinarian on in terms of the new diet:

  • Buy prescription dog food brand for a specific health condition
  • Make low protein homemade dog food meals
  • Buy regular dog food brands that are lower in protein
  • The first option can be the easiest and most appropriate. Your veterinarian prescribes a particular dog food brand designed for the exact health issue that your dog has.

    You’ll need that prescription to buy the food, which you can sometimes purchase at the vet’s clinic.

    Prescription foods are the most expensive on the market, and they’re also harder to find.

    The second option is less expensive than prescription foods, but it’s time-consuming. You need to design each meal with specific ingredients your dog requires while at the same time avoiding protein-rich foods.

    You need to be extremely precise and follow instructions for a tee. Every homemade low protein dog food recipe needs to be approved by your vet.

    The third option is simply buying dog food from pet stores or online the way you normally do, except you’ll need to pick from foods labeled Low Protein.

    While this is the least expensive and time-consuming option among the three, it’s not always possible to find the kind of low-protein dog food that fits your pet’s current requirements.

    Ask your vet which regular dog food brands they believe can be a good fit for your pooch.

    Types Of Bladder Stones In Dogs

    Each stone type develops under certain conditions from a mix of minerals. Some of the most common are struvite and calcium oxalate, urate, cystine, and silica.


    Struvite is the most common type of urinary crystal. It accounts for about 50% of all cases. Typically, the formation of these crystals starts with a urinary tract infectionthat increases the urines pH.

    Often struvite stones can dissolve entirely with a special diet. That includes increased water consumption and reduced amounts of protein and minerals like phosphorus and magnesium. Bigger stones that cannot be dissolved require lithotripsy, which breaks them up with sound waves. Surgery is a last resort.

    Its important to remember that a urinary diet for dogs for dissolving stones isnt the same as a preventative diet. For the latter, we recommend hydration. But diet isnt the only factor, and you should focus on preventing infections and testing.


    Urate or uric acid stones constitute about 5% of all bladder stones. Due to genetic abnormalities, the breed most likely to suffer from them is the Dalmatian. For predisposed breeds, you should do genetic dog testing. In most other cases, uric acid stones develop in dogs with liver shunts. They may form with the help of the biochemical purine if the urine becomes highly concentrated or acidic. Some purines include:


    Calcium Oxalate

    • Plain turkey and chicken

    Calcium Phosphate


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    The Benefits Of Low Protein Food For Dogs

    Even if your dog doesnt have kidney or liver problems, feeding him a low protein diet can be beneficial. Some of the advantages of offering your furry pal a low protein food include:

    • Improved kidney and liver health. Since these are the organs that are primarily responsible for processing and eliminating this vital nutrient, if his protein content is reduced, these organs will get a much-needed break, and can thereby improve their health.
    • Reduced levels of toxins, such as nitrogen, in the blood. As protein is processed, it releases byproducts, and if the liver and kidneys arent functioning properly or are overworked, these byproducts can accumulate in the bloodstream and potentially cause a number of serious health issues.
    • Reduced risk of urinary tract infections. As protein is synthesizes, crystals or stones can form, which can get trapped in the urinary tract, causing blockages that are painful and could possibly require surgery to correct.

    Are There Any Side Effects From Switching To Low

    Low Protein Homemade Dog Food Recipe (Cheap and Healthy)

    Yes, there are, because protein is one of the essential macronutrients in a dog’s diet. Hence, decreasing the amount of protein in the foods that they eat can cause health complications. It would be best not to use such a diet unless recommended by your veterinarian.

    Choosing the cheapest low-protein pet food is a personal decision based on your dog and his specific needs, which are evaluated by your vet. Low protein diets have been shown to weaken the immune system, cause muscle loss, and weight loss. However, there are low-protein dog foods that are also packed with nutrients that help compensate for the effects of reduced protein.

    Unfortunately, for dogs with kidney and liver disease, staying on low-protein dog food is necessary to prevent further damage to the affected organ, and ultimately prolong one’s life.

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    Why Do Dogs Need A Low Protein Diet

    To build tissues and cells, dogs require protein in their diet. Although several organs take part in the breakdown of proteins so that they can be utilized by your dog, they play a key role as well as other nutrients in your dogs diet.

    Proteins are broken down into amino acids in the small intestine. After this breakdown, byproducts are transported to the liver for processing. Following this, the kidneys eliminate any remaining nitrogenous waste.

    Are Certain Breeds More Prone To Liver Disease

    Certain breeds are more predisposed to liver diseases than others. For example, chronic hepatitis is common in Bedlington Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Doberman Pinschers, Skye Terriers, Standard Poodles, Springer Spaniels, Chihuahuas, Maltese, and several others. While the cause can be found in some cases, not all cases of canine hepatitis are understood.

    Other conditions that may lead to chronic hepatitis include viral infections, exposure to poisons, and drug toxicity. Another liver disease, glycogen storage disease, is more common in German Shepherds and Curly Coated Retrievers.

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    Hills Prescription Diet Heart Care

    This chicken flavor dry food by Hills Prescription Diet is specially formulated by nutritionists and vets to support canine heart health in adult dogs of all sizes. The low sodium content helps to maintain normal blood pressure and minimize fluid retention.

    It also has clinically proven nutrients and antioxidants like taurine and L-carnitine that support heart health and a strong immune system. It also has appropriate protein and phosphorus levels to help protect vital kidney function.

    The product is available to buy in 8 kg and 12 kg bags and reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Although, some buyers say its not great for fussy eaters. It also contains soy, which some dogs are allergic to.


    Another prescription item, Royal Canins early cardiac dry food is designed for adult dogs of all sizes in the early stages of heart disease or failure. It is nutritionally complete and balanced as well as low in sodium and contains key Omega-3 fatty acids from DHA and EPA, plus taurine and L-carnitine.

    The food is chicken flavor and highly palatable and digestible, which is great for fussy eaters and sensitive stomachs. The preservation process is done naturally using tocopherols to preserve taste, and nutrients, and boost the immune system.

    It comes in 7.7 lb and 17.6 lb bags and has almost no negative reviews. The brand has over 50 years of experience in making outstanding pet health products, and this food is no exception.


    • It is expensive

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food

    Best Low Protein Dog Food

    Enriched with LifeSource Bits technology, the said dog food is specially made for the dogs having special dietary and health needs. The food is considerably low in protein, calorie, and fat, which is great for the dogs who are on a low-protein diet. It has the same nutritional value as other Blue Buffalo pet food products.

    It also has a healthy dose of probiotics, nutraceuticals, carnitine, and macronutrients. It is also great for dog owners who are careful about giving grains to their dogs.

    Key Features:

    • Contains real meat like chicken and other healthy grains, vegetables and fruits
    • Made with a lower concentration of fat and help in your dogs weight management
    • Enriched with LifeSource Bits a blend of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins
    • Mabe with all-natural ingredients and high-quality ingredients
    • Free from all kinds of preservatives, poultry by-product meals, wheat, soy, and corn

    Though low protein food is not recommended for dogs, since they are highly active, there are some dogs that do need a low protein diet. Usually, good dog food has all the nutrients and a sufficient amount of proteins to keep the dog healthy and happy.

    However, if your dog is healthy then finding the best dog food for your canine that contains all the essential minerals and nutrients is the only way to keep him healthy and living for long.

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    Do Dogs Also Need Grain

    Grain-free dog foods often contain a higher protein content than grain-inclusive diets, so these may not be the best choice for dogs that need low-protein food.

    They often contain more meat protein to simulate what dogs would naturally eat in the wild while including additional plant-based protein options such as legumes and potatoes.

    In this case, it would be better to go for a grain-based diet with whole grains and a low-protein, low-calorie content.

    Myth: Dont Feed Dogs Pork

    But then I started to wonder why so few commercial foods contained pork. Some rumors include suggestions that porks high fat content will cause pancreatitis in dogs , that it contains something toxic to dogs livers , that pigs eat disgusting things including bugs , and that pig meat is hard to come by .

    A few dog food companies do offer pork-based foods. Its scarcity may simply be because so many parts of a pig are used for human consumption that snouts and feet and such dont make it to the dog food plant. And because of the possibility of trichinosis in uncooked pork, nobody is going to suggest it as a great raw-food ingredient.

    According to Eagle Pack staff veterinarian Al Townshend, DVM, Pork is a highly digestible animal protein, an excellent source of amino acids, and a unique protein source that not all pets are typically exposed to. Its less likely to cause an allergic reaction that some pets may have to other proteins. We recommend pork as a protein because it contains more calories per pound.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Low

    For dogs with kidney, liver, or digestive system problems, low-protein diets can improve metabolism by giving these ailing vital organs a rest.

    These diets can help alleviate some of the symptoms caused by these diseases.

    Low-protein diets also help prevent the accumulation of toxins and nitrogenous waste in the blood while also eliminating kidney stones that can block the urinary system.

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    How To Make Lowprotein Dog Food

    Low Protein Dog Food – An Easy Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes

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    Making basic, low protein food for a dog with early stage kidney disease.XResearch source It is important to restrict protein in your dogâs diet when kidney disease is present.

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    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

    First up on our list of premium quality low protein dog foods is Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food. Like all products made by Blue Buffalo, the manufacturer took great care to consider the health needs of canines that not only need a low protein diet, but also those who need to manage their weight. With that said, this formula is not only offers low protein ingredients, but it also has a reduced calorie content, making it a great dog food for weight loss, too.


    This dog food features real deboned chicken as the first ingredient, which is a natural source of protein. It also features wholesome grains, garden veggies, and fresh fruit, such as brown rice, peas, potatoes, blueberries, and cranberries. The reduced protein can calorie content will help to keep your pooch in the best health possible, as will the addition of essential vitamins and minerals.

    Like all other dry dog food formulas made by Blue, this product is enhanced with their exclusive Life Source Bits, which contain a premier blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Its completely free of corn, wheat, and soy, as well as byproduct meals, as well as artificial flavors and preservatives. In other words, youll have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend will be eating the highest quality ingredients to meet his nutritional needs.

    What We Like About It

    Reasons to Complain


    What We Like About It

    Reasons to Complain

    Your Dogs Size Age & Stage Of Life

    Older dogs are more prone to the conditions for which low-protein diets are recommended, but canine kidney disease can happen at any stage of life. All the foods on this list are meant for adults or senior dogs, and a low-protein diet is not recommended for puppies. If your puppy has chronic kidney or liver disease, your vet will make a dietary recommendation that will ensure your pup receives the nutrients he needs to ensure good brain development.

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    What Should I Do If My Dog Has An Allergy

    Whether it turns out that your four-legged good friend has a food allergy or food intolerance, the dog should will no longer eat the allergy-causing chemicals. The selected family pet food must therefore not contain any substances that your canine cannot tolerate. The same applies to treats and everything dog snacks between meals.

    If nothing changes, patience is necesary: sometimes it calls for a while until the symptoms of an intolerance or allergy or intolerance no longer occur. Sometimes they only disappear completely weeks after the change in food.

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