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Taste Of The Wild Puppy Food Reviews

Which Types Of Dogs Is Taste Of The Wild Best Suited For

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review

If you know that your dog thrives on wholesome, hearty nutrition, then Taste of the Wild may be a great brand to check out. While this company doesnt offer the widest variety in the dog food world, its limited product range still includes specialized formulas for puppies and small breeds.

Because Taste of the Wild is owned by a relatively small parent company, especially when compared to pet food heavyweights like Purina or Pedigree, many owners prefer supporting the brand with their hard-earned money.

Of course, your dog likely doesnt care who makes their food, as long as it tastes good!

Dog Food Products Offered By Taste Of Wild

In this section of the blog post, we will briefly go through each and every dog food product offered by Taste of the Wild.

If you are interested in any of the products that we have mentioned, you can read their full and in-depth review by simply clicking on the product name link.

Lets get started

1. Taste of the Wild, Prey Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Formula Dog Food

The Prey Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Formula from Taste of Wild is a simplified limited ingredient dog food which mimics the diet intended by nature for your doggy friend.

So, the food is easier to digest for your dog and provides optimum nutrition.

The Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Formula contains pasture-raised Angus beef as its main ingredient and is excellent in taste as well. The dog food contains probiotics that help support your furry friends digestion.

The food also contains vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, omega fatty acids as well as DHA ensure your furry friend gets complete nutrition.

The good about Prey Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Formula from Taste of Wild is that it contains only four main ingredients which is excellent for dogs that have grain sensitivities and allergies.

All the ingredients used in this kibble are of excellent quality and ensure that your dog gets the best of the best.

2. Taste of the Wild, Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula with Venison and Garbanzo Beans

It contains added vitamins and minerals to ensure your furry friend has a healthy system.

Taste Of The Wild Information

Taste of the Wild is a relative newcomer to the pet food market, having launched back in 2007. While this might seem like a long time, some of Taste of the Wilds main competitors have been in business for over 30 years or longer.

Their products are produced by Diamond Pet Foods Inc, which is owned by Schell & Kampeter Inc. Diamond Pet Foods Inc also produces other dog and cat food ranges such as NutraGold and Diamond Naturals.

If you would like to learn more about Diamond, take a read of our Diamond Pet Food Review.

Taste of the Wild Pet Food is produced solely in the United States, in five separate facilities. These facilities include two in California, one in Missouri, one in South Carolina, and the final one in Arkansas.

All of Taste of the Wilds traditional recipes are based on the natural diet of a region and ecosystem of the United States. Examples include Pacific Stream Formula, which is based on the ecosystem of the North-Western United States.

Another example could be the Southwest Canyon Formula, which closely resembles the natural diet of the Canyons of Arizona, New Mexico, and California.

Taste of the Wild is wildly available for purchase in the United States, Canada, and around the world at thousands of retail pet food stores. You can also purchase Taste of the Wild from almost all of the major pet food websites like Chewy, Petflow, and Amazon.

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Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Formula

The Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Pacific Stream Canine Formula offers dogs the yummy goodness of the oceans bounty.

Salmon is listed as the first ingredient and the main animal protein source, helping bring up the crude protein of the meal to 8% minimum.

Turkey and fish broth provide a more complex flavor along with plenty of moisture content . Theres also turkey meat and turkey liver in the mix.

Salmon offers less fat than other types of meat, which is why the crude fat content is only at 4% minimum. Crude fiber is at 1% maximum.

The caloric content for each can is 364 kcal.

Taste Of The Wild Wet Food Review

Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Small Breed Grain

Wet dog foods follow the same principles as dry Taste of the Wild formulas. They feature highly-digestible proteins, K9 specific probiotics, and a mix of real fruits and vegetables. These recipes provide everything your dog needs for muscle growth, healthy skin, a shiny coat, and a strong immune system. This pet food can be used as a complement to the dry dog food or as a meal on their own.

Wet dog food recipes include:

  • Southwest Canyon Canine Recipe with Beef in Gravy. Wild boar offers a unique protein source that makes this a delicious feast for your dog. It also contains peas, which are a highly digestible form of protein-energy, as well as chickpeas, sweet potatoes, raspberries, and blueberries for well-rounded nutrition.

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Wetlands Canine Formula With Roasted Fowl

The Wetlands Canine Formula with Roasted Fowl is another premium dry dog food for adult dogs of any breed.

The first three ingredients consist of duck, duck meal, and chicken meal, all easily digestible lean proteins. Other meat sources include smoked salmon and ocean fish meal.

The protein content for the Wetlands Formula is 32% and the fat content is 18%.

The ingredient list is rounded out with sweet potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, and eggs for flavor, plus a myriad of added vitamins and minerals. No preservatives are added.

As mentioned in the review above, chicken is a known allergen, causing reactions in some dogs. This is a great choice for all other adult dogs.


  • The third ingredient is pea protein instead of meat
  • Manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods, which has a recall history

Cat Food Products Offered By Taste Of Wild

In this section of the blog post, we will briefly go through each and every cat food product offered by Taste of the Wild.

If you are interested in any of the products that we have mentioned, you can read their full and in-depth review by simply clicking on the product name link.

Lets get started

1. Taste of the Wild, Prey Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Formula for Cats

The Taste of the Wild, Prey Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Formula for Cats is one of the best cat foods to buy in the market. This food is an excellent pick if your cat has food sensitivities.

The food simple and wholesome limited ingredient diet and is beneficial for your cats health.

The recipe uses only three ingredients and provides your kitty with complete nutrition. The food also comes with added probiotics which ensure that your kitty has a healthy digestive system and added vitamins and minerals to support the immune system.

The good thing about this cat food is that 98% of the protein in this formula comes from pasture-raised Angus beef and lentils which are also rich in micronutrients. The sunflower oil contained in this cat food enhances flavor and delivers omega fatty acids.

Another good thing about this cat food is that the formula is doesnt contain any grains, GMO ingredients, or artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors.

2. Taste of the Wild, Canyon River Feline Formula

Taste of the Wild, Canyon River Feline Formula with Trout and Smoked Salmon

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Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Reviewed

Taste of the Wild sure knows how to appeal to doting pet owners. With a romantic brand name and product labels featuring wild canines hunting their prey, its easy to imagine Fido living their best life after switching over to this dog food.

But as we all know, branding isnt everything. Does Taste of the Wilds dog food line actually live up to first impressions?

Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild: Ancient Grains Dog food review

There are a variety of meats in every formula of Taste of the Wild dog food. This includes roasted venison, roasted bison, smoked salmon, roasted lamb, wild boar, and roasted fowl, and because Taste of the Wild dog food is grain-free, the carbohydrates in their formulas are sourced from Peas and Potatoes.


Taste of the Wild Limited Ingredient Formula

Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Recipe

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Recipe

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Recipe

Taste of the Wild Pine Forest Recipe

Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Recipe

Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Recipe

Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine Recipe

*average rating based on the following criteria: price, ingredients, availability, company history and overall nutritional value

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Taste Of The Wild Dry Food Reviews

Taste of the Wild has two lines of dry dog food. Each type of food uses high-quality, affordable ingredients in recipes that are based on your dogs natural ancestral diet. The first ingredient in every recipe is real protein. While most dry dog food use chicken or chicken meal, Taste of the Wild uses unique protein sources, like bison, smoked salmon, Angus beef, and roasted duck, not buffalo lamb meal. Not only does this make each recipe even more delicious for your pet, but they are also more likely to satisfy picky eaters.

Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Dry Dog Food


Your dog will surely appreciate this recipe with a tasty mix of fowls, made up of smoked turkey, roasted quail and duck, joined by chicken and fish broth.

If we look into the nutrition information for this food, well find out that it is similar to the previous recipes in terms of protein and fat content, as well as in fiber and moisture percentages. Theres a slight difference in Omega fatty acids, but its nothing to be concerned about. They are there to provide additional benefits for your poochs health, thats what matters.

The recipe will be perfect for adult dogs, as its designed to provide them with complete nutrition and support them in their healthy condition. Probiotics are, as usual, added to help digestion and enhance the immune system.

Theres also an option of Taste of the Wild canned dog food that offers the same fowl mix along with all the nutritional elements but brings the moisture content up to 82%.


  • Crude protein: no less than 32%
  • Crude fat: no less than 18%
  • Moisture: no more than 10%
  • Fiber: no more than 4%


  • Also available with fowl in gravy in 13.02 oz. cans
  • Comes in sizes: 28/14/5 pounds


  • A roasted fowl mix for the best taste
  • Dried chicory root provides extra fiber and probiotic bacteria


  • Cans are only available in one size
  • The bag size was reduced from 30 to 28 lb.

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How Is Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Made

Taste of the Wild Dog Food is a family-owned company owned by pet parents. They aim to provide pet owners with a medium to provide their pets with the best food possible.

The company always considers the breed and life-stage differences. Depending on the breed and the life stages, the brand varies its kibble shapes to make eating comfortable.

Taste Of The Wild Puppy Large Breed Recalls

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain

Taste of the Wild has had several recalls over the last few years. However, they have had significantly fewer recalls than other foods out there. These recalls may have affected some of these puppy foods, as it was across many different formulas.

The biggest of these recalls was in 2012. Due to salmonella, thousands of Taste of the Wild foods were recalled. Diamond Pet Foods made all of these dog foods. Several dogs got sick due to the poisoning, as well as a number of people.

The recall affected many different states.

However, Taste of the Wild has not had any similar recalls since then. For a big dog food company, this lack of recalls is quite surprising.

While not a recall, the FDA mentioned this company in their investigation involving heart disease in dogs and cats. As of now, FDAâs investigation will continue.

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Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Overview

The Taste of the Wild brand is owned by Diamond Pet Foods, established in 1970 and headquartered in Meta, Missouri. Diamond Pet Foods is a privately-held, family-owned company, and a recognizable name in the premium pet food industry.

Over their long existence, Diamond Pet Foods has recalled their dog food once. Overall, the companys safety record is excellent, evidenced by a comprehensive food safety program, a dedicated team of nutritionists and veterinarians, and continual monitoring of ingredients.

Taste of the Wild maintains five manufacturing facilities in the United States. Most ingredients in the brands dog foods are sourced locally, while some are sourced from Europe, such as chicory from Belgium and potato protein from Germany. As part of its safety protocol, Taste of the Wild conducts over 1,300 microbiological test/week and 45,000+ nutritional tests on finished products/month.

Taste Of The Wild Animal Testing

Testing of pet food on animals is a controversial subject and rightly so. Taste of the Wild states that it does conduct feeding trials. However, they argue that these tests are observational and non-invasive.

They allow the animals to choose between two foods to find out their preference. We do not believe such testing is anything to be concerned about and will not harm or distress the animals involved.

We strongly believe that invasive or laboratory testing of animals is a cruel and outdated practice and one which we hope will see a significant decline.

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What Others Are Saying

When trying to find the perfect dog food for your favorite companion, its important to do your research. Taste of the Wild is highly recommended by most reviewers. Heres what others have to say.

  • Dog Food Advisor Taste of the Wild is a plant-based dry dog food using a moderate amount of named meats as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 4.5 out of 5 stars highly recommended.
  • Dog Food Guru If youre looking for a good grain free dog food at a moderate price, Taste of the Wild is one to consider. Dog Food Guru gives Taste of the Wild 8.8 out of 10 stars.
  • Amazon Full of useful reviews and ratings from current buyers and users of the products which you can read by clicking here.

Ancient Grains Adult Formula

#tasteofthewild #dogfood #review TASTE OF THE WILD (DOG FOOD REVIEW)

Taste of the Wild is their flagship line. In total, there are 13 dry foods available. 9 of these are part of their grain-free line. Their adult formulas are designed for all dogs, in all life-stages. Unfortunately, there are no senior kibbles designed with the specific needs of seniors in mind. Glucosamine and chondroitin levels are not listed on their packaging or their website, so we cannot say whether it meets the needs of senior pooches.

The kibble pieces are small enough for most dog breeds, and this includes toy dog breeds. However, if for some reason your pup is a picky eater, it might be better to select a dog food with a smaller Kibble size. American Journey has several formulas with a smaller sized kibble when compared to Taste of the Wild. But most dogs will do well with Taste of the Wilds kibble, regardless of their size. Their grain-free foods happen to be one of the top food options for Labradors, who are known to have sensitive stomachs.

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Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Ingredients

The most important ingredient in the Pacific Stream formula is smoked salmon because it supplies all the protein content. This dog food gets its protein from the fish because it does not contain eggs. It also contains vital antioxidants that keep your dog healthy and well-nourished.

This formula features 25.0% minimum protein , 15.0% minimum Fat, 10.0% maximum moisture, 3.0% maximum Fiber, and 408 kcal per cup.

The main ingredients are

  • Sustainably Sourced Salmon: Smoked salmon makes this recipe highly proteinous. It provides omega fatty acids that keep your dogs coat shiny and healthy. It also offers an alternative protein solution for dogs with meat allergies.
  • Species-Specific K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics: These probiotics are developed specifically for your dog to help maintain the health of its digestive and immune systems by preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.
  • Omega Fatty Acid: The balanced levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids give your dog a sleek coat and healthy skin.
  • Dried Chicory Root: Contains prebiotic fiber inulin, which aids bowel movement. The fiber also provides probiotic bacteria that support healthy digestion.
  • Antioxidants: The formulas vegetables, legumes, and fruits provide the necessary nutrients for your dogs overall well-being. These include sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peas, lentils, blueberries, raspberries, etc.

It also contains guaranteed zinc, selenium, and vitamin E levels which supports dogs immune systems.

Top 5 Best Taste Of The Wild Dog Food: Reviews

  • Contains a prebiotic blend
  • Rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids

In consumer reviews, most users love that the meal contains additional meats such as roasted venison, lamb, and bison to strengthen its protein profile. Sensitive pups can benefit from this formula as well, because its grain free. Also, it is laden with omega fatty acids for better immunity and for promotion of a healthier fur and skin.


  • High protein content to maintain and build the extra muscle active breeds require
  • Good for sensitive stomachs, as its grain-free
  • Prebiotic blend helps with digestion and to maintain healthy bacteria in the gut
  • Contains lamb meal, an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin for stronger bones, mobile joints, and proper skeletal development


  • Some pooches may be allergic to beef or fish

As a puppy formula, the Taste of the Wild High Prairie recipe lives up to the requirements of dogs in this life stage. From the high protein content to supporting better digestive health, bone and joint health, and healthier skin, together with the other features it boasts, this formula stands out as the best recipe overall.

From the Taste of the Wild Wetlands line of dog foods, you have up to nine different dry foods to choose from. For strong muscular dogs, like pitbulls, the Taste of the Wild Wetlands Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, which mimics the ancestral diet of canines in the wild, is the ideal option.

Key Features

  • Includes probiotics
  • No artificial additives



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