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Best Puppy Food For Pitbulls

Acana Best Affordable Dog Food

Best Dog Food For Pit bulls Puppies | How to feed Your PIT BULL Puppies.

We previously recommended Acana as a great option for pit bulls with allergies problems but now we want to mention the Grasslands, Pacifica, and Wild Prairie Formulas which are one of the best affordable dog food for pitbulls.

Acana and Orijen are both made by Champion Pet Foods, a family owned and operated boutique pet food manufacturer in Alberta, Canada.

Everything you read above about the quality of the ingredients in Orijen foods also applies to Acana. So whats the difference between these two brands?

Acanas Grasslands, Pacifica, and Wild Prairie formulas are also grain-free, but theyre slightly higher in carbohydrate and lower in protein than the Orijen foods.

They contain three fresh meat/fish sources as opposed to Orijens five or six and two high quality meat/fish meals instead of Orijens four. The idea behind the Acana line is to make biologically appropriate canine nutrition more affordable.

Despite the slightly lower price point, these three Acana foods are superb.

1. Grasslands features boneless lamb, lamb meal, salmon meal, herring meal, russet potato, peas, and chicken fat as the main ingredients. The minor ingredients are sweet potato, deboned walleye, sun-cured alfalfa, natural lamb flavor, deboned duck, whole eggs, and lots of different veggies, fruits, herbs, probiotics, and vitamin/mineral supplements.

We also like the use of sweet potato as the main carbohydrate source.

Ingredients In A Pitbull Dog Food

Dog food with high quality is imperative with the distinct build of Pitbulls.

Low-cost foods with unnecessary ingredients will just hinder their athletic performance. In addition, this results in weight gain which may lead to possible health issues.

This breed needs various macronutrients in their diet. Look for these nutrients in the food that you will be buying.

Choose A Dry Puppy Food That Is High In Protein

For humans, protein is the building block of the body. It is the same for dogs, too. Protein is essential for everything. In addition to that, it helps build stronger bones and muscle. If you want to get your pitbull puppy get bigger, do not make him fat by overfeeding him. This will make him big but not healthy. Instead, give him high-protein foods while engaging him in strength or endurance training and a bit of cardio exercise.

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Minerals And Vitamin Requirements

Contrary to popular belief, vitamins and minerals are not found exclusively in fruits and vegetables. The idea is that meat only contains fats and proteins, while these are also packed with minerals and vitamins. However, certain micronutrients are naturally richer or more abundant in fruits and vegetables.

Some of the minerals essential for your developing pitbull are calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Iron is essential because it provides the backbone for the synthesis of hemoglobin, the oxygen transport molecule in red blood cells. Calcium and phosphorus are crucial in the continuous development of the skeleton.

Pitbull terriers also need a lot of vitamins for optimal metabolism and general health. Vitamins A, C, and E are powerful antioxidants, while B vitamins are crucial for optimal metabolism.

Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Best Affordable Dog Food For Pitbull Puppies

IAMS Proactive offers the great health benefits of premium dog food at a significantly lower price. Formulated with a touch less meat and more greens, fruits, and grains than Bullys, it still packs quite a punch with its premium chicken and egg-based formula.

IAMS is formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates, both of which are compounds that aid enormously in proper bone and joint health, and the amino acids from the protein sources aid in muscle development. As well as that, it contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids to give your furry friends coat the shiny gloss it deserves.

IAMS ingredients are naturally sourced and easily digestible, thus boosting your dogs metabolism, and immune system, keeping your Pitbull strong, stealthy, and healthy.

As its main ingredient is chicken, IAMS gives your Pit Bull the protein content it needs to be and stays in tip-top shape. The specially formulated kibble with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate is designed to aid bone and joint development, all at a reasonable price point.

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Nomnomnow Fresh Food Delivery

Overall Best Food for Pitbulls: A high-quality diet is the best way to ensure your dogs long-term health and wellness. When it comes to quality nutrition, experts agree that fresh food is best. NomNomNow is a fresh pet food delivery service that sends monthly shipments of fresh pet food right to your door. It is made with wholesome, natural ingredients and prepared in small batches to preserve the nutritional quality. You simply log on to the website, provide some information about your Pitbull, and start receiving monthly shipments. NomNomNow will take your dogs information and determine the right number of calories he needs per day, then will portion out his food so you dont have to bother with any guesswork. Choose from three recipes with different protein and fat ratios according to your Pitbulls size and energy level. Nothing could be easier, and your dog is sure to love it!

  • Pros: Fresh food delivered to your door, made with wholesome natural ingredients, prepared in small batches, pre-portioned for your dogs needs, no artificial additives, complete and balanced
  • Cons: Expensive compared to traditional kibble, not breed size-specific

Our Quest For The Best Pit Bull Dog Food

Credit: pit bullmagazine

Pitties are classified as medium-sized dogs, but they are so bulky and muscular that they can eat a horse. When choosing the best dog food for a Pit Bull, you need to look at the big dog formulas to keep them as strong and vigorous as they were bred to be.

To learn about what constitutes the top dog food for Pit Bulls, we consulted:

Veterinarians know their stuff. They told us how to distinguish the best dog food from the worst dog food, and they revealed which dog food ingredients we should avoid when checking the label.

Pit Bull owners have first-hand experience when it comes to keeping their doggies happy and healthy. They shared what their furballs favorite brands were so that we could get to testing them out ourselves.

We wanted to be sure that the chow we serve to our Pitties will make them burst with energy. So we looked for those formulas that comply with the nutritional standards set by AAFCO, the leading animal feed organization. Dogs of different sizes and ages have different dietary needs, so we wanted to hit the nail on the head and find the right kind for puppies, adult dogs, and senior pooches, as well as for Bullies, which are particularly high-performance dogs.

We were left with a list of 20 brands that fared the best, but we only reviewed those that we considered top-notch in every regard. We also followed a particular set of criteria ingredient-wise, including:



Guaranteed Analysis

3,669 kcal/kg

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Nutro Puppy Wet Dog Food

Another good dog food for Pitbull puppies is the Nutro Puppy Wet Dog Food. This food comes in multiple different flavors, such as lamb and potatoes. Meat is always the first ingredient in these wet foods, and they are always grain-free to help encourage rapid growth.

These wet dog foods are made with non-GMO ingredients and have the perfect amount of protein to help your puppy develop healthy muscles, bones, and joints. You can get it as a chunk formula or pate formula depending on which style your puppy prefers.

Dr Tims Athletic Blend Glacier Formula Dry Food

Best dog food for pitbulls and Tips to choose dog foods

When an average dog food wont due, this Dr. Tims Athletic Blend Glacier Formula Dry Food might provide the high protein and fat content your active Pitbull needs. This recipe features chicken meal as the main ingredient and a concentrated source of animal protein. It also contains ocean herring meal, chicken liver meal, catfish meal, and salmon meal as supplemental sources of protein. This recipe delivers an optimal balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, plus DHA for brain function and healthy immunity. It is balanced with vitamins and chelated mineral supplements, plus plenty of fiber for healthy digestion. Overall, it provides 32% protein and 22% fat with 480 calories per cup, making it a good option for highly active and working Pitbulls.

  • Pros: Several sources of premium animal protein, digestible whole grains, blend of omega fatty acids, chelated minerals, fiber for healthy digestion, contains 32% protein and 22% fat
  • Cons: Some dogs may be sensitive to grains

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Why Do Pit Bulls Need Special Food

Pit bulls are made with a lot of muscle, and in order to support her strong body, shell need food thats packed with protein and all the right nutrients.

But not only that pitties are also susceptible to allergies, so it can be difficult to find dog food that she isn’t allergic to .

Hip dysplasia is another concern with pit bulls, and foods that have too much calcium and vitamin D can hinder the development of bone and cartilage, Dr. Sievert told The Dodo.

Hip dysplasia is especially concerning for pittie puppies, so its important they eat high-quality food thats appropriate for their life stage.

Because of all of these factors, finding just the right food for your pittie can pose a bit of a challenge, but luckily you dont have to do all the heavy lifting.

Pedigree Complete Nutrition Puppy Dry Food For Pitbulls

Product description:

Pedigree is one of the most trusted brand of pet foods in the market. If you are are not fond of trying different brands that are not widely used, you can stick with the popular and widely-used brands. The dry puppy food by Pedigree has whole nutrition and tasty flavors. It helps your pitbull reach his maximum potential as it is 100% complete and balanced.

Aside from that, it has no fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and no added sugar. It is only made with the highest quality ingredients and enriched with omega-6 fatty acids and zinc to promote the development of healthy skin and coat. Furthermore, this puppy dry food is manufactured in the USA using the worlds most superior quality ingredients.

We would love our puppies to keep with the large dogs which is why this dog food is formulated with chicken and vegetable flavor. Furthermore, it contains DHA for healthy development of the brain. Aside from the DHA, there are also calcium and phosphorus to promote strong bones and healthy teeth. With this Pedigree dry puppy food, feeding your dog a complete and balanced food is now made easier.

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Best Soft Food For Pit Bulls: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Natural Senior Wet Dog Food

If you have a senior dog thats in need of switching from kibbles to soft food, Blue Buffalos Wilderness High Protein, Natural Senior Wet Dog Food is a wonderful choice for older pups. Wet food is much easier for dogs with dental problems to eat and it tastes delicious!

Its packed with a ton of ingredients that will keep your old pooch healthy. Some of the main ingredients are chicken liver, carrots, potatoes, fish oil, and flaxseed! Blue Buffalo focuses on creating whole food by skipping all soy, wheat, and corn ingredients. You wont find any artificial flavors, preservatives, or by-products in their food.

Best Treats For A Pit Bull: Purevita Beef Jerky Dog Treats

These Are Top 5 Best Dog Food for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Weight and ...

Credit: NutriSource Pet Foods

PureVita Beef Jerky wowed us with its simplicity. Regardless of the Pit Bull breed you have, if you feed your pup with quality dog food, they will get what they need from it. Treats and snacks are not there to feed your Pittie, but rather to help you train them and reward them for their efforts and obedience. That is why we loved that this kind is based on beef and pumpkin only.

Apart from wanting them to be tasty and mouth-watering, we look for healthy and natural dog treats. This jerky is preserved with healthy tocopherols, and its taste is enhanced with beef broth in which the beef itself was cooked. No additional flavor enhancers are present, and no artificial, harmful ones certainly found their way into this recipe. That holds true for all formulas made by this brand you can read more about them in our detailed PureVita dog food review.

This beef jerky dog treat contains beef heart as its first ingredient. Beef hearts are jam-packed with high-quality protein and fat and also provide a good amount of vitamins and minerals. In addition to that are beef liver, beef lung, and beef kidney. Organ meats like beef liver are an exceptional source of protein, fat, and essential vitamins and minerals. Though it doesnt sound like an appealing ingredient, organ meats are important components in an animals diet.

Guaranteed Analysis

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Dr Tims Kinesis Formula Dog Food


Dr. Tims Kinesis formula is one of 8 recipes included in our review of Dr. Tims dog food.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken meal, brown rice, pearled barley, whole oat groats, chicken fat
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Profile: All life stages
  • Best For:Adult pitbulls and all puppies

Dr. Tims Kinesis formula derives most of its animal protein from chicken meal and fat. Label analysis reveals the recipe contains 29% protein, 18% fat and 45% estimated carbs with a fat-to-protein ratio of 62%.

Why We Like This Brand
Abundant meat content for ideal amino acid balance
Budget-friendly recipe to offer more affordable value
Iron proteinate and other chelated minerals for optimal absorption
Contains grain. No plant-based meat replacements
Spinach and other antioxidants to prevent cell damage

Food Allergies Sensitivities And Preferences

Pay attention to how your dog reacts to certain dog food. Do they like it? Does it cause any allergies or stomach issues? Incorporate more of the foods your dog likes and eliminate those it doesnt like or those that cause allergies and sensitivities.

Aside from grains, pitbulls can be allergic to other ingredients commonly used in making their food, including top protein sources such as soy, chicken, and beef.

Remember that some allergies can be fatal or cause permanent immunological damage. Therefore, if you notice an adverse reaction from your dog after eating, call or visit the vet immediately.

The best way to prevent accidental allergic reactions is to have your vet run allergy tests on your dog. Also, check the dog foods package for any indication of allergens.

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Best For Senior Pit Bulls: Halo Holistic Beef Recipe For Senior Dogs

Credit: Halo Pets

Halo Holistic Beef Recipe for Senior Dogs ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the nutrition of elderly Pitties. Here is what makes it fantastic:

  • Beef meat and liver are the main ingredients. This recipe does not contain any rendered meat meal, like chicken or fish meal.
  • It abounds in wholesome veggies, such as peas and carrots, that are light on an aged doggos tummy. In addition to being easily digestible, it also provides essential antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and vital minerals that an aging dog needs.
  • It has plenty of fiber-rich ingredients that facilitate the digestion of our seasoned pooches
  • A wet formula is easier for senior dogs gnashers, and it is more aromatic and appetizing, which is essential for older dogs that have weak appetites
  • It provides pups with comprehensively balanced nutrition, including DHA for boosted brain function as well as glucosamine and chondroitin for strong joints.

What we love about this recipe is the sustainably-farmed, pasture-raised beef and beef liver. Also mentioned above are a wholesome variety of non-GMO vegetables that are digestible. This dog food is highly digestible and has a meaty flavor that is designed to help preserve lean muscles.

If you need further convincing, make sure you check out our Halo dog food review. In case you think a different formula would suit your grandpa-dog better, take a peek at the best senior dog food in our book.

Guaranteed Analysis


Finding The Best Food For Puppy Pitbulls: A Buyers Guide

Best Dry Dog Food for Pitbulls – Watch Before You Buy.

So, what is the finest puppy chow for a Pitbull?

A canned food? Or not?

Even when youve located the high-quality puppy food options that would be best for your Pitbull puppy, deciding which one to purchase that will provide you peace of mind and give your dog more flavor as they grow older and be a senior dog can be difficult.

The first thing to think about is what your puppys mother ate while she was breastfeeding and what the puppy has been consuming since they were weaned from their parent.

Has your Pitbull consumed milk from a mother that consumes a high-protein or high-grain diet?

Until now, what kind of puppy food have they been eating?

If theyve been on a high-grain diet, switching to a puppy chow that includes brown rice, quinoa, or even barley is an excellent choice.

If possible, a puppy who has been eating a high-protein, primarily meat diet should be given a grain-free meal.

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