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Who Makes Nature’s Logic Dog Food

Does Nature Logic Have Listed Sources Of Ingredients

Natures Logic

Natures Logic is the best dog food brands that you can find in dog food market. The brand mentions each and every ingredient used in its meal in details behind its product.

For more details on how that ingredient would be nutritionally beneficial to your fido, you can check brands website.

The companys website full listing and source of each ingredients used in their dog food recipe.

Top Natures Logic Dog Food Reviews

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Getting the right dog food is tough. You have to meet all your dogs nutritional needs. Exclude artificial and low-quality ingredients. Natures Logic Dog Food is a great choice.

With the rise of dog food brands using artificial ingredients, grains, and cheap ingredients, the FDA has increased dog food recalls.

So, whats Natures Logic dog food? Are they good dog food?

Natures Logic is one of the dog food brands that has steered away from using low-quality ingredients and opted for 100 % natural ingredients that rarely cause health issues in dogs. Natures Logic Dog Food has never been recalled.

You can check out the pros and cons of the different types of dog food. If you know what you need you can get directly to products from here.

Where To Buy Natures Logic Dog Food

Chewy is one of the best places you can buy Natures Logic dog food. You can also check at your favorite pet food store for this range of dog foods.

Natures Logic dog food is a premium recipe ranked as one of the fastest-growing dog food brands. And all this is attributed to strict manufacturing guidelines and the inclusion of 100 % natural ingredients which cover all dogs nutritional requirements. Dogs who are on this diet develop a healthy and shiny coat, clean teeth, and well-formed stool.

With this grain-free range, your dog will wag its tail anytime you pick its bowl, and visits to a veterinary clinic will be hard to come. Depending on your dogs preferences, start your dog on Natures Logic dog food and savor what other dog owners have been enjoying after they started their dogs on this dog food. Sometimes your dog wants to eat what you do. Check out can dogs eat watermelon and other human foods.

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Natures Logic Canine Rabbit Feast Grain

Natures Logic rabbit recipe is an all-natural canned dog food balanced in nutrients and suitable for all life stages. This grain-free dog food is suitable for dogs who become gassy or develop diarrhea after eating grains.

With its smooth texture and packaging, this dog food is always easy to prepare at any time of the day. Like how most dog owners do, you can fill this dog food in a Kong ball and let your lovely pup lick it the whole day.

Besides having the first ingredient as meat, this canned dog food is packed with 100% natural vegetables, fruits, which contain lots of multivitamins that will help your dog develop a healthy and glowing coat. Start your dog in this dog food, and you will love the reception the dog food will get as it has an irresistible liver flavor.


  • The first ingredients are protein-based
  • Contains 10-15 % of taurine- helpful in your dogs cardiac health


Natures Logic Wet Dog Food

Free Natures Logic Dog Food

Some dogs are naturally picky eaters, while some like more moisture in their food. Wet dog foods are ideal for pets like these. And not only do wet dog foods have a higher palatability than dry ones, theyre also less processed and closely resemble proteins in their natural state.

2. Nature’s Logic Canine Chicken Feast

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

First Five Ingredients:

There are only a few key ingredients in this recipe, and thats a good thing. It means the brand is focusing on ingredients that matter instead of fillers and preservatives. The entire recipe is made up of 90% animal protein. There are no grains , plus its low on carbohydrates.

The fresh chicken provides the protein while the chicken liver and heart are healthy sources of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, iron, folate, niacin, and more. Chicken broth not only gives the meal much-needed moisture, but it also adds flavor and palatability for the recipe.

Natures Logic made the meal more balanced by adding in nutritious superfood veggies and fruits like apple, blueberry, broccoli, apricot, and a whole lot more. To help pooches maintain strong bones, a highly-digestible eggshell calcium was also included into the mixture.

We like that there are no problematic ingredients in the recipe so you can be sure youre feeding only the safest meals for your dogs. No carrageenan, no by-products, or chemically synthesized vitamins.

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Natures Logic: Treat Your Pet To Whole Food Nutrition

What makes Natures Logic such an exciting product? Their founder, Scott Freeman, wanted to make a unique pet food that provides essential nutrients through 100% natural ingredients. This means that unlike other pet foods there are no synthetic supplements. Natures Logic has undergone the Association of American Feed Control Officials testing, and is substantiated for all life stages. This food is formulated to feed to both baby and adult animals. In addition, Natures Logic pet foods uses certified non GMO ingredients and does not contain corn, soy and unidentified by-products.


Natures Logic comes in different protein sources including common proteins such as chicken, beef and lamb, and novel proteins like duck & salmon, venison, rabbit and the new turkey and sardine formulas. This makes it ideal for animals that are sensitive to certain protein sources. Natures Logic also includes millet to help with binding the kibble. Millet is a grass seed that is species appropriate and similar to what a wild carnivore would find in the stomach contents of a prey animal. Their dry dog food contains over 55% animal ingredients , an important number for our pet carnivores. They also contain an impressive 35%-40% crude protein in their canine and feline formulas.


Natures Logic Dehydrated Dog Food

Supplements make eating time a bit more exciting for dogs. Usually, pet owners add dry toppers or broths to their pets usual dog food diet to add variety in the flavor and texture. Natures Logics Dehydrated Broths are crafted not only to add moisture and more palatability, but also to give additional nourishment and nutrients.

3. Nature’s Logic Dehydrated Beef Bone Broth

Rating: 5 out 5 stars

Only Ingredient:

Made from all-natural beef bone, this broth will provide your pet with a tasty liquid treat. Because its made from real beef bone, this dehydrated broth recipe also contains glucosamine and chondroitin , amino acids , and trace minerals for boosting the immune system.

Theres only one ingredient in the broth, but its really powerful in terms of nutrition. Your pet can get 90% minimum crude protein and 1% max fiber in each serving.

It can be used as a treat, a drink, or served to hydrate your pets kibbles. Whats more, these are not only good for canines but felines as well so multi-pet households will benefit a lot.

The Dehydrated Bone Broth line is also available in these flavors: Chicken, Turkey, and Pork.

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The Two Will Still Operate As Separate Businesses

  • Pet Business Staff

Mid America Pet Food, LLC has acquired Natures Logic. Offering premium quality pet products focused on the benefits of natural whole food nutrition, Natures Logic joins the Mid America Pet Food portfolio of brands.

Mid America Pet Food has experienced significant growth, and the acquisition of Natures Logic is an exciting opportunity for us as we share a united passion for pet nutrition, said Greg Cyr, CEO of Mid America Pet Food. Welcoming Natures Logic to the MAPF family of brands fulfills an exciting expansion to our approach in offering nutritious formulas as Natures Logic strongly aligns with MAPFs mission. We look forward to serving a new set of pet parents and loyal companions as we continue to offer super premium nutrition within each brand while maintaining the integrity of what has made them each successful thus far.

Recognizing the unique nutritional benefits each brand brings to their approach in providing super premium pet nutrition, Mid America Pet Food and Natures Logic will continue to operate as separate businesses.

Its Free Of Grains And Contains Enzymes And Probiotics So Its Easy To Digest

A Dog Food Brand WITHOUT Synthetics! – Natures Logic Dog Food Review

Is nature’s logic dry dog food grain free. Start with 25% natures recipe grain free and 75% of your dogs current food. Natures recipe grain freedog food review. Natures logic canine beef meal feast dry dog food

They have a better nutrition ratio, better quality ingredients, and contains a decent amount of meat compared to the average. Nature’s logic canine grain free lamb feast canned dog food. They also poop much much more than they ever did on acana.

I dont think i will use the food again once the last bag is gone. Natures logics dry dog food recipes make use of the grain millet. Here is a breakdown of the product line.

The company makes dry, wet and raw frozen dog food. This will take you to However, the existing dry food products from natures logic were also legume free.

They have a great nutrition ratio , named animal products as main ingredients, and contains a. C ontaining no wheat, corn, rice, soy, potato or chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals or trace nutrients, natures logic canine duck & salmon meal feast is ideal for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Natures logic canine chicken meal feast dry dog food

The packaging and branding for this new range appear to appeal to consumers concerned about the effect of legumes in dog food. Its ideal for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Natures logic® is committed to providing the highest quality and safest nutrition for the furry members of your family.

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Natures Recipe Canned Products

Many of the same recipes that are available in dry food form also come in canned food. Natures Recipe offers an assortment of life stages, special needs, and grain-free options for wet food including several limited-ingredient recipes. Here is a list of Natures Recipe canned dog food recipes:

Life Stages Dry Food Recipes:

  • Chicken Recipe in Broth
  • Chicken & Wild Salmon Recipe in Broth
  • Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Broth
  • Adult Lamb & Rice Recipe Cuts in Gravy
  • Senior Lamb & Rice Recipe Cuts in Gravy

Special Needs Dry Food Recipes:

  • Easy to Digest Chicken, Rice & Barley Cuts in Gravy
  • Easy to Digest Chicken, Rice & Barley Homestyle Ground
  • Easy to Digest Lamb, Rice & Barley Cuts in Gravy
  • Easy to Digest Lamb, Rice & Barley Homestyle Ground
  • Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken & Duck Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken & Venison Recipe in Broth
  • Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe Cuts in Gravy

Grain-Free Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Chicken Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Ocean Fish & Tuna Recipe in Broth

Pure Essentials Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Lamb Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Salmon Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Chicken Recipe in Broth
  • Venison Recipe in Broth
  • Duck Recipe in Broth

Duck And Salmon Kibble

The duck and salmon formula uses multiple sources of protein to provide a complete measure of protein to encourage healthy muscles. A balanced blend of carbohydrates and vitamins from natural sources give your dog energy all day.

It doesnt use any cheap fillers, artificial ingredients, peas, or white potatoes. All the ingredients in the recipe list are easily recognizable. Omega fatty acids help cut down on inflammation and improve the texture of the skin.

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In Response To High Calcium/phosphorous Ratio From A Consulting Vet Of Natures Logic

Nutrition problems in large breed dogs, especially growing puppies, started when breeders added isolate calcium to the diet. This upset many different mineral ratios in the body, resulting in severe changes in bone structure and growth, early onset of arthritis, and other skeletal problems. This is what happens when single nutrients are fed, separated from their food source.

Calcium from whole foods, like hoof stock and bone meal have minerals in physiologic balance, meaning how these nutrients occur in the body. Experience has shown that when animals get nutrients from whole foods , their bodies handle it well. Whole foods have nutrients the body needs, as well as nutrients and ingredients that help them excrete excess nutrients that are not needed. It is extremely difficult to see nutrient toxicities when eating real foods. The other benefit of using NL foods is the low net sugars/low carb levels, since excess energy is a big part of overly fast growth in large breed dogs.

With the global epidemic of cranial cruciate ligament tears, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and other conditions, I firmly believe that dogs eating typical dry dog foods are not absorbing and processing minerals effectively, especially as growing puppies. NLs hoof stock foods address all of these issues.

No Msg Or Artificial Flavors

Why We Switched Our Dog To Nature

Most dog food brands state that they have used real liver as their main flavor. But thats not true as they use soy flour and monosodium glutamate, which gives this dog food the liver flavor.

To be different and genuine to their clients, Natures Logic dog food has no hydrolyzed liver. Instead, they use real dried liver and spray-dried plasma to make it more appealing.

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Natures Logic Dog Food Overview

Information from interview with Natures Logic was very helpful with this overview. We recommend that you read it if you are interested in feeding Natures Logic dog food.

Natures Logic uses meat meals in their foods instead of whole meats. As we have noted in other reviews, meat meals are generally recognized as equal to whole meats from a nutritional viewpoint. Since the moisture has already been removed from these meals, they are a concentrated form of protein. When a meat meal is listed as the first ingredient in a dog food it usually means the food contains more of that meat protein than when a whole meat protein is listed. For example, when you see chicken meal as the first ingredient, there is usually more chicken protein in a food than when you see whole chicken as the first ingredient because of the moisture in the chicken that will cook away during the manufacturing process. We have no problem with companies such as Natures Logic that use named meat meals.

Natures Logic also uses foods that are GMO-free. Grains are more likely to be genetically-modified than most other foods but they report that they do not use any GMO ingredients in any of their dog foods. They also dont use ingredients that have been exposed to herbicides or pesticides, and they dont use chemical preservatives.

At this time Natures Logic makes the following products for dogs:

Natures Logic Dry Recipes

Natures Logic Canine Dry Kibble Chicken

Who Makes Natures Recipe Dog Food

The Natures Recipe brand of dog food is produced and manufactured by Big Heart Pet Brands. Natures Recipe was founded 35 years ago by Jeff Bennet who was also the founder of Earth Elements, another pet food brand.

There isnt a great deal of information available regarding the history of Natures Recipe, however. Big Heart Pet Brands is part of the J.M. Smucker Company which produces a variety of other pet food brands including Milk-Bone, Natural Balance, Kibbles n Bits, Pup-Peroni, Gravy Train, and Milos Kitchen.

The recipe is crafted to be easy on the tummy, making it ideal for every dog especially those who may be ill or are recovering from illness. The gentle formula focuses on a dogs digestive health and delivering his every energy need.

The first ingredient is water, surprisingly. Ordinarily, this would cause some concern for pet owners who would prefer a meat-first recipe. However, since its crafted to support sensitive stomachs, the water is actually there to aid in processing the food.

Next to water is chicken. Chicken is an excellent source of protein and lean meat. It can be a problematic ingredient for food-sensitive dogs, but a welcome treat for those without allergies to poultry. Adding more nutrients into the mixture is soybean meal, which comes at third.

Its also an ideal feed for super energetic canines who may blast through a lot of calories due to their active lifestyle.

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Natures Recipe Dog Food Large Breed

Nourish your dog with all-natural protein-rich Nature’s Logic Dog Kibble! Shop varieties & more natural dog food at The Pet Beastro! Free Shipping over $49!

May 20, 2018.

Large breed dogs have unique nutritional needs. If you do not provide them with proper nutrition, large dogs can suffer from nutrient.

May 2, 2021.

Learn what to look for in a Best Giant Breed Dog Foods.

With a healthy recipe including ingredients such as real meat, meat by-products.

Natures Variety Instinct Dog Food Petsmart On July 24, 2015, Natures Variety was affected by an FDA-issued recall for two raw dog food products due to potential salmonella contamination. The products affected by this recall were 4-pound and 7-pound packages of Instinct Raw Chicken Formula Bites and 6-pound bags of Instinct Raw Chicken Formula Patties. Dog Food. Finding the right dog

Sensitivities, picky dogs.

food she had been eating for years! Her blood and stool samples came back normal so I switched her to Canidae Pure Senior Recipe Limited Ingredient Grain Free dog.

When it comes to large breeds, its particularly important to take certain health issues into consideration. Dr. Robinson is a fan of this natural dog food because it has a tailored recipe.

Royal Canin Pet Foods Royal Canin sells breed and life stage tailored nutritional dog and cat.

This food requires a veterinarians prescription. Royal Canin makes each recipe with natural antioxidants, vitamins.

The Farmers Dog turkey recipe includes chickpeas.

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