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What Is The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

Carbs And Other Nutrients

10 Best Dog Foods For Pit Bulls 2019

Oftentimes, carbs make the food more filling. Looking for good carb sources is significant more than ever. Sweet potatoes and other high-quality carbs are excellent sources. They contain added nutrients other than just making the food filling.

Nutrients from natural balance fruits and vegetables and fruits keep a balanced diet in dogs. Dog food formulas rich in natural ingredients provide dogs with everything they need. Distinct ingredients such as carrots offer beta-carotene improves eye health while blueberries boost antioxidants.

Precise Holistic Complete Large & Giant Breed Puppy Food

If you have a very large Pitbull puppy or you have reason to believe that your puppy will grow to be more than 50 pounds as an adult, we recommend that you consider feeding her a food formulated for large breed puppies.

Precise is known for making very good foods for large and giant breeds adults and puppies. Large breed puppies need slightly fewer calories and other, different nutrients while they grow to encourage slow growth. This formula contains chicken, lamb, and salmon as animal protein. And with 23% crude protein, 12% crude fat, and 400 kcal/cup, this is a great dog food for a Pitbull puppy who will grow to be large.

What Human Food Can Pitbulls Eat

The first thing you want to do is make sure your Pitbull is healthy.

The next thing you want to do is make sure the food you provide for your dog agrees with their stomach.

You should not give your Pitbull an excessive amount of human food because it will cause them to become overweight.

Some safe human foods for your Pitbull are eggs, rice, yogurt, chicken, carrots, apples, sweet potatoes, bacon, cheese, pasta, and bananas.

Make sure to keep in mind that even these things can still be dangerous if they are eaten too much or too often.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy

  • No corn, wheat, soy or by-products.
  • 423 Calories per cup.

This is also 100% grain-free which means it is suited for puppies with a sensitive stomach. They guarantee that probiotics are added to every bite which supports a healthy digestive system and immune system. It is also full of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from fish and flaxseed. Each of these ingredients promotes healthy skin and coat. It also includes leading levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin which supports healthy joints.

We love that it only uses 9 simple ingredients. Shorter ingredient lists usually mean higher nutrient densities and less likelihood of food allergies.

Taste Of The Wild Southwest Canyon Grain

Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

Most Popular Food for Pitbulls: When there are so many options to choose from, picking a dog food can be tough. When in doubt, you can always go with a popular brand like Taste of the Wild. We like this Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Grain-Free Dry Food for your Pitbull because it is loaded with animal protein with moderate fat and calorie content. It features real beef as the main ingredient with lamb meal, wild boar, and ocean fish meal as supplemental proteins, providing a total of 29%. This recipe contains fresh fruits and vegetables for antioxidant-rich nutrition, supporting the use of vitamin and mineral supplements for balanced nutrition. It is loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, plus supplemented with probiotics for healthy digestion. If this recipe doesnt work for your Pitbull, there are several other high-quality options to choose from as well.

  • Pros: Rich in animal protein , digestible grain-free carbohydrates, blend of omega fatty acids, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fermentation products for digestion, chelated minerals
  • Cons: Some dogs may be sensitive to beef, main source of fat is plant-based

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Earthborn Holistic Adult Formula

Bison meal is the first ingredient in this recipe. This means that it is full of rich protein meat for the Pitbulls high energy levels and muscular body. It also includes dried eggs which are another great source of protein. It is 100% grain-free and is full of antioxidants such as Apples, Blueberries, Carrots, Spinach and Cranberries for a healthy oxidative balance.

We love that this is a chicken and poultry free recipe. Its great for Pitbulls who are either allergic or intolerant of these commonly used meats.

Purina Beneful Real Chicken Dry Dog Food

Your pooch deserves a bowlful of tasty Purina Beneful Real Chicken Dry Dog Food.

This chicken meal features real meat of farm-raised chicken. It has accents of pumpkin, spinach, and blueberries. The grain-free recipe is rich in nutrition while being tasty.

This healthy and appetizing kibble formula does not contain ingredients like wheat, gluten, or corn. For this, serving it every day to your best friend is a good idea.

He will love its delicious flavor while receiving balanced and complete nutrition. Its wholesome formula guarantees a delightful meal. No fillers can be found denoting a good food with high-quality protein. The minerals and vitamins of this grain-free dry dog formula provide support to the health of his whole body.

Specific Features:

  • It may not be suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies

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Ingredients In A Pitbull Dog Food

Dog food with high quality is imperative with the distinct build of pitbulls. Low-cost foods with unnecessary ingredients will just hinder their athletic performance. In addition, this results in weight gain which may lead to possible health issues. This breed needs various macronutrients in their diet. Look for these nutrients in the food that you will be buying.

At The End Of 2019 During Our Yearly Vet Check We Received The Devastating News That Our 11 Year Old Dog’s Blood Work Showed That He Was In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Best Dog Food for Pitbulls – What’s The Best Dog Food for Pitbulls to Gain Weight?

Honestly, I was a basket case, how on earth did we miss this? He seemed like he was just dealing with some symptoms of getting older – frequent urination, sometimes excessive water drinking. It definitely didn’t feel like life threatening symptoms. As much as the diagnosis was a shock, the price tag of the prescription diet he would need to eat for the remainder of his life was pretty horrifying too!

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Firstmate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal Large Breed Formula

Best Pitbull Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach: Your Pitbull requires a healthy diet rich in protein and highly digestible. If he suffers from food allergies or sensitive stomach, he may need a diet made with a single source of novel protein and limited ingredients to reduce the risk for triggering a negative reaction. Our pick for the best dog food for Pitbulls with allergies is FirstMate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal Large Breed Formula. This formula features Pacific Ocean fish meal as a single source of novel protein with potato for grain-free, digestible carbohydrates. The list of ingredients is very small, containing little more than ocean fish meal, potatoes, chicken fat, and supplements. It contains chelated minerals which ensure optimal nutrient absorption as well as glucosamine for joint support.

  • Pros: Single source of novel protein, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, chelated minerals, blend of omega fatty acids, larger kibble size, glucosamine for joint support
  • Cons: Expensive compared to most dry foods

The Bottom Line Which Is The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

It is hard to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best dog food for you pit-bull. This is because there is such a large variety out there. However, the more you buy dog food, the easier it will become to spot a quality product from one that is generic or poor quality.

Store bought dog food is usually not the best quality. It will make your dog full, but will not give him the nutritional value that he needs. This is mainly because it contains too much filler. Fillers are ingredients such grains, which are wheat, corn and soy to name a few. It fills your dog up, but does little for him in terms of nutrition.

If you looking for a great dog food for your pitbull, you should start looking at specialty stores and online dog food sites. The first thing you should do when you find a product that looks promising looks at the ingredient list. It should contain animal protein or meat protein as one of the first five ingredients. If it says meat by-product or protein by-product then you immediately know that this is not a high-quality dog food and you should move on.

The best dog food will have high ratings and good reviews from most of the customers. As a final act of reassurance you should discuss products you are interested with, with your vet and see if he recommends it. If your vet recommends a product then you know that it is good. Finding the best dog food for pit-bulls doesnt have to be a challenge if you have the right kind of help.

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American Journey Large Breed Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Salmon, 2. Turkey Meal, 3. Peas, 4. Chickpeas, 5. Sweet Potatoes

Dont compromise on a high-quality diet for your Pitbull and pick this excellent choice thats easy on your pocket. This grain-free diet is loaded with quality proteins and other nutrients to support your dogs optimum health and wellbeing. The added omega fatty acids, including DHA, support the cognitive development of your Pitbull.

Diamond Naturals Chicken & Rice Formula All Life Stages Dry Dog Food


Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Whole Grain Brown Rice, 4. Peas, 5. Cracked Pearled Barley

If your pibble is fond of chicken, hes surely going to fall in love with this blend by Diamond Naturals. This special formula promotes the health and wellbeing of your Pitbull through a power-pack diet in kibble form. The recipe is suitable for different breed dogs and can be fed at all life stages. Cage-free chicken provides the protein along with other healthy ingredients to give your pittie a balanced and holistic diet.

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Merrick Backcountry Freeze Dried Raw Great Plain Red Recipe

A unique high protein option for your pitbull is this dog food from Merrick.

It features high quality kibble mixed with pieces of raw freeze-dried real meat to make a protein content of 38%.

Thats enough to fuel even the most active dog and promote healthy and strong muscle maintenance.

Your dog will get the benefit of a raw diet without the hassle and worry of spoilage and bacterial contamination.

Not only is this food high in protein, its high in quality protein from whole beef.

Hills Science Diet Puppy

  • Additional calcium for bone development.
  • Made with natural ingredients.

This recipe is aimed at large breed puppies, so it has the optimal level of calcium for controlled bone growth which is important for his potential Hip Dysplasia issues. It also has fish oil that provides your pup with the nutrients he needs for brain and eye development, as well as a healthy coat. It is also made from lamb which offers an alternative to the most common chicken recipes.

We love that this recipe has been voted number 1 by Veterinarians in America. This is common with all their food lines, and means you can be sure your Pitbull puppys nutritional needs are being met.

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What Vegetables Are Good For Pit Bulls

There are a plethora of vegetables that are perfectly suitable for a pitbull to enjoy and benefit from at all life stages, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, celery, cucumber, bell pepper, broccoli, peas, spinach, cauliflower, and corn. In fact, cooking up some of this veg and adding it into your dogs dinner can help to add a bit of extra texture and flavor that might entice them to eat with more excitement, as well as helping with digestion.

Eloise is the owner of a Malamute/Akita cross, a first-time mum, and an animal enthusiast from England. She comes from a family which has never gone a day without a pet , and over the years has learned all the best tips and tricks to raising a difficult pet. A knowledge that she has put to good use, to help others navigate the limitless world of pet care.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Adult Dry Dog Food With Chicken

Best dog food for pitbulls and Tips to choose dog foods

Satisfy the inner wolf spirit of your furry pal with Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Adult Dry Dog Food with Chicken.

The kibble formulation primarily contains real chicken alongside peas. It is abundant in healthy and hearty protein and carbs giving him enough energy to accompany you in a distant walk.

The abundance of its protein content is crafted with real chicken to boost and maintain his lean muscle mass. It also has antioxidant-rich LifeSource Bits, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. Its complex carbohydrates come from vegetables and fruits providing him the necessary energy.

The healthy carb of this chicken meal is sourced from peas and sweet potatoes enough to fuel his hyperactivity. With its omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, rest assured that he will have a lustrous coat and healthy skin.

Meanwhile, the LifeSource Bits yields a precise amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support healthy oxidative balance and immune system as well as life stage requirements.

Specific Features:

  • It may not fit for puppies and those allergic to chicken

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Pit Bull Puppies Vs Adults: How To Feed Them

Pit bull puppies should be fed three times a day, but adults can be fed twice daily once in the morning and once at night. Additionally, because puppies have unique dietary needs that differ from those of adults, you should select a suitable puppy food for young dogs.

You can switch your puppy to adult food once he is about 80% 90% of his final size. Do so gradually, by mixing in an increasing amount of the adult food with the puppy food.

Make Sure Theyre Getting Important Nutrients

Protein is hands down the most important nutrient that you need to make sure is in your pitbulls diet. Young, growing Pitbulls need to have meals that contain at least 22% protein content. As they grow older, you can decrease their protein intake to about 18% protein. Youll want to feed your Pitbulls high-quality dog food to ensure that they are getting their necessary protein intake each day.

Fat content is also an important nutrient to keep tabs on in your pitbulls diet. For pitbull puppies, about 8% fat is recommended to help their little bodies grow as well as to fuel their daily puppy activities. Adult Pitbulls, on the other hand, need less fat content in their food to avoid excessive weight gain that could potentially damage their joints over time. A good dog food for Pitbulls will contain a good balance of all of these important nutrients.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Dog Food For Pitbull Lab Mix

  • First, our algorithms collected as much information available about these products from trusted sources.
  • We employed both Artificial Intelligence and large data volume to validate all collected information.
  • Then our AI ranked them on their quality-to-price ratio using industry-standard criteria that let us pick the best Dog Food For Pitbull Lab Mix currently on the market!
  • Brand Value: What happens when you go for a not-so-reputable brand just because the price seems cheap? Well, the chance of getting a short-lasting product goes higher. Thats because the renowned brands have a reputation to maintain, others dont.
  • Features: You dont need heaps of features, but useful ones. We look at the features that matter and choose the top Dog Food For Pitbull Lab Mix based on that.
  • Specifications: Numbers always help you measure the quality of a product in a quantitative way. We try to find products of higher specifications, but with the right balance.
  • Customer Ratings: The hundreds of customers using the Dog Food For Pitbull Lab Mix before you wont say wrong, would they? Better ratings mean better service experienced by a good number of people.
  • Customer Reviews: Like ratings, customer reviews give you actual and trustworthy information, coming from real-world consumers about the Dog Food For Pitbull Lab Mix they used.
  • Durability: Durability and reliability go hand to hand. A robust and durable Dog Food For Pitbull Lab Mix will serve you for months and years to come.
  • What Foods Should Pitbulls Avoid

    10 Healthiest &  Best Dog Food for Pitbulls in 2021

    You should avoid giving your Pitbull any dog food with artificial flavors or colors since these ingredients have been known to cause numerous health problems in dogs, such as cancer and allergies.

    Also, avoid dog foods containing preservatives like ethoxyquin and BHA/BHT since these ingredients may cause kidney and liver damage in your Pitbull.

    Another ingredient to avoid is added salt, sugar, plus any meat by-products which are not fit for human consumption.

    If possible, you should find a good, nutritious dog food made with whole meat instead of just plain muscle.

    And most importantly, any Pitbull Owner should avoid foods or snacks containing Xylitol.

    This is an artificial sweetener found in most candy and sugar-free products, and it can cause liver failure, seizures, and even death if eaten by a dog.

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    The Right Way To Feed Your Pitbull

    Dogs like Pitbulls may come off at times, as though they would be happy to eat any food that you put down in front of them. This is because they dont know what foods are best for them. In their minds, youre the one who knows what is best for them so they trust you to give them what they need when they need it.

    Pitbull owners need to understand what nutrients and other components in dog food are essential for your pup. Knowing how often they should eat and how much they should be eating at each meal are both vital.

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