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Best Puppy Food For French Bulldogs

Merrick Puppy Dry Dog Food With Real Meat For Puppy

Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy/French Bulldog Puppies

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Merrick Puppy Dry Dog Food is a top-quality puppy food with real meat as the first ingredient. It also contains natural, digestible carbs and is gluten-free for dogs with sensitivities to wheat or corn.

Best of all, its easy on your pups sensitive stomach, which means less time at the vet!

Merrick Puppy Dry Dog Food has been specially formulated to provide optimum nutrition for your growing pup from six months onwards.

And because it doesnt contain any artificial colors or flavors, you can rest assured that this dog food will only give your beloved pet the best possible start in life!

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Best Dog Foods For French Bulldog

As your French Bulldog tries new foods, youll start to notice whether or not the dog has allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients. Your veterinarian can help to identify the food triggers to avoid when you are shopping for new dog food. Below, well discuss quality dog food options with alternative meat proteins, limited ingredients, and healthy, nutrient-filled formulas that will best serve your French Bulldog.

The Buyers Guide: Food For French Bulldogs

Now, what are the things that you need to consider when food shopping for your French Bulldog? The most important thing to understand is that Frenchies are a relatively small breed, which means that their gut health can become delicate pretty fast. You should be conscious of both their weight and the number of calories you are giving them.

What to Consider?

I understand that many dog owners feel making food at home is a better option than commercially produced food. But unless you are extremely well informed, and ready to measure and properly prepare each ingredient carefully, commercially created formulas are better able to fulfill all the dogs dietary needs. They tend to be healthier and more nutritious. The great thing is that by just reading the labels, you can find out all that you need to know about the recipe.

Here are the things you need to keep an eye out for when reading the label:

You may not find too many products that are particularly for Frenchies only. That means you will have to read the labels carefully before making your decision to ensure that your loved furry friend stays healthy and happy.

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Wellness Complete Health Puppy

Image courtesy Wellness

Much of the meat protein in Complete Health Puppy comes from deboned chicken and chicken meal. Dry matter analysis demonstrates that the recipe has 32% protein, 20% fat, and 40% estimated carbohydrates creating a fat-to-protein ratio of approximately 62%.

This puppy formula has 3.8 percent omega-6 fatty acids and 1.0% omega-3s, providing a desirable fatty acid ratio of 4 to 1. This recipe is ideal for promoting eye and brain development in puppies.

Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs With Gas Top 10 Picks

Top 12 Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs in 2021: Puppy &  Adults

Does your Frenchie rip a fart after every meal? This breed is notorious for their gassiness, so you have to be very picky with their food. This deep-chested canine requires more understanding when it comes to their diet. With that being said, the best dog food for French bulldogs with gas will make a big difference.

The right dog food will help ease the flatulence of your dog and aid with their digestion. And to help you find the best formula, Ive handpicked these 10 grain-free options just for your pooch:


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Victor Senior Healthy Weight

Image courtesy Victor

Victor Senior Healthy Weight’s animal protein comes from beef meal, with the rest coming from chicken. The recipe has 30% protein, 13% fat, and 50% estimated carbohydrates yielding a fat-to-protein ratio of about 43 percent.

This nutritious dish is complemented with glucosamine and chondroitin for long-term joint health. L-carnitine also makes an appearance … an amino acid that can aid fat metabolism and promote lean muscle growth.

Instinct Puppy Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Instinct Raw Boost is a better way to feed your French Bulldog puppy, because it combines grain-free, high-protein kibble plus freeze-dried raw in one bag. Each recipe starts with real meat like cage-free chicken, USA-raised beef, or grass-fed lamb.. Instinct is made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world.

  • Made with calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones plus natural DHA for brain & eye development.
  • Raw Boost mixes natural, high protein, grain free dog food with our freeze dried raw dog food toppers in one bag.
  • Cage free chicken is the #1 ingredient in this recipe.

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Canidae Grain Free Pure Foundations Puppy Formula

It is a limited ingredient food with probiotics in it which help improve the digestion in dogs. To help dogs boost their immune system, it has got the necessary antioxidants. It is prepared for the puppies, especially for those with a sensitive digestive system. Because of its nutrient-rich features, smaller amounts of the food will be enough to go. Check current prices here!

Pick The Right Lifestage

Making French Bulldog, Rockys Food. French Bull Dog Homemade Food!

Luckily, manufacturers make dog food for every stage of a dogs life. If you have a puppy, go with high-quality puppy food, and in this case, for small breeds. Make sure to check the label it will tell you what stage the food is formulated for and if its suitable for all breeds, large breeds, or small breeds. Always go with a small breed formula for your Frenchie for easier digestion. Its important to pick the correct stage because dogs need certain nutrients depending on where they are in life, and it can make a huge impact on your dogs overall health.

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Instinct Raw Boost Small Breed Adult

  • Made with raw food ingredients.
  • Boosted nutrition for small breed dogs.
  • Cage-free chicken is first ingredient.
  • Natural probiotics for digestion.

This recipe has the highest protein content thanks to real Duck and Duck meal, and it uses an alternative to the most common source of protein, so it is a great choice for those fussier Frenchies who are not a fan of Chicken based recipes. It still lists Chicken meal as it is a lean and healthy protein, as well as Herring meal and a long list of specified organs and bones, which are full of glucosamine and other nutrients. Super tasty, this recipe is a big hit with fussy pooches according to the reviews!

This recipe is also grain free, and with a precise blend of added vitamins, you can be sure that his immune system is in good hands. Eggs provide him with DHA and ARA which help to support brain and eye function too.

We love that this premium kibble is boosted with raw meal toppers, which not only is a first for the dog food market, but it also ensures that your French Bulldog will eat nutritious and tasty freeze-dried raw pieces of Duck.

The Best Food For A French Bulldog Puppy

The early stages of a dogs life are very important for building their health for their future. Choosing the best food for a French Bulldog puppy is a very important decision!

Your French Bulldog puppy is biologically adapted for a diet rich in meat. Thats why we loaded ACANA Puppy & Junior with 70% meat, including cage-free chicken, wild-caught flounder and whole cage-free eggs sourced from regional farms.

World Famous Recipe

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French Bulldog Puppy Feeding Schedule

Puppies typically need to eat more frequently than adult dogs. Three to four times per day is normal for younger puppies.

You can follow the portion guide on the food brand package, which usually offers guidance based on your dogs age and weight.

If they seem to be a little skinny, offer them a small amount more. Likewise if they seem a little too round, then reduce the portions slightly.

Dish out their meal portions for the day into bowls each morning.

Then dip into these bowls for kibble to use as training treats throughout the day.

This means you wont accidentally over feed them, while still rewarding their good behavior.

Do Adult French Bulldog Need More Protein Or Less

Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy Dogs

French Bulldogs are a small breed of dog with an average weight of 30 pounds. They are known for their broad, short muzzles and wrinkly faces.

French bulldogs have shorter coats than other breeds, making them more sensitive to temperature changes and prone to skin problems such as hot spots and infections.

You should know about this breed because they can be picky eaters, so it is essential to feed them quality food that meets their nutritional needs.

There has been some controversy over whether or not adult French bulldogs need more protein in their diet than the regular amount recommended for most dogs .

Some people believe that because these dogs have short hair, they dont need as much protein as those with long hair. However, this is not the case.

What is the Best Dog Foods For French Bulldogs?

The Best Dog Foods For French Bulldogs are ones that have been carefully formulated to meet the needs of your dog. They should be made with high quality ingredients, contain no fillers or preservatives, and provide a balanced diet for all stages in life.

If youve found one that meets these requirements but doesnt make it on our list, let us know!

We want to keep this resource as up-to-date as possible so you can find what works best for your pup.

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Taste Of The Wild Pine Forest Grain

Image courtesy Taste of the Wild

If you’re looking for a grain-free option, the Taste of the Wild Pine Forest Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is a great choice. This meal is made with real venison and roasted lamb which makes it a great source of protein for your French Bulldog.

It also contains sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots which are all excellent sources of fiber and nutrients. This recipe is also free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Puppy Food For Brachycephalic Puppy Breeds

Here are some important criteria when selecting the best dog food for French bulldog puppies:

  • Food allergies. French bulldogs can be prone to allergies. Grain-free whole foods free from artificial ingredients or fillers can lower the risk of feeding allergies.
  • Wheat ingredients in particular can cause more gas. Avoiding gluten can make your home and pup smell much better.
  • Corn and high protein. Corn ingredients or higher protein foods can sometimes cause skin rashes or hives, causing your puppy discomfort and you a high vet bill.
  • Fat. Because of their breathing issues, French bulldogs are low energy dogs in general, so avoid foods overly high in fat and be sure to control portion size.
  • Combination of dry and wet food. Frenchies will have an easier time eating soft wet foods but they also need the hard, dry kibble to help keep their crowded teeth clean.
  • Meal length and food availability. For puppies, it is not uncommon for your Frenchie to eat a bit, go wander around and then come back to finish eating. This may be just to have time to breathe. So be sure to leave the food out for at least 30 minutes before removing it.
  • Kibble size and shape. Bigger kibble and odd-shaped kibble can be easier for the Frenchie to grasp and chew.

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Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult

  • Breed-specific food formula.

This recipe, following on from their puppy formula, is created by canine nutritionists who have studied the exact needs of the adult French Bulldog. With dried plain beet pulp and a precise blend of highly digestible fibers, his digestive tract is well-cared for and his flatulence is decreased, which is what most of the reviews praised.

Precise protein and fat content levels supports muscle tone and repair. With fish oil and folic acid his skin is well-nourished too, which is important for his skin and skin folds, which in turn promotes a healthy coat.

We love that this recipe is made with the French Bulldog adult in mind, so you can be sure that all of his nutritional needs are met and the kibble pieces are tailored to his unique muzzle and bite.

Fresh Food For French Bulldogs

French Bulldog Puppy And English bulldog Raw Food Diet

Frisky, bat-eared French bulldogs are as charming as they are determined. They were bred by 19th century English lacemakers living in Normandy by crossing toy bulldogs with ratting terriers, and became a favorite of French ladies. Companion dogs through and through, Frenchies still love spending time with their people, playing, or simply lazing about. Their adaptability, compact size, knack for comedyand, lets be honest, that facehave made Frenchies one of todays most popular breeds among singles and families alike.

A diet of fresh dog food for your French bulldog is the best way to support their health and happinessalong with daily exercise, regular vet care, and plenty of love and affection.

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Common Dog Food Preservatives

For a healthy and allergy-free French bulldog, watch for these common dog food preservatives:

  • Ethoxyquin
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene

These ingredients are VERY common in mass-produced dry kibble. Additionally, common supermarket or grocery store brands contain not only French bulldog-unfriendly preservatives but also often contain wheat and corn!

Senior French Bulldog Nutrient Needs

Between the ages of 7 and 8 years old your Frenchie will soon be considered a senior dog. As such, you should look to slowly transition him to a specific senior kibble. As with all of the other life stages, you should feed him a senior kibble that is specifically designed with a small dogs in mind. It is important to find a recipe that is full of vitamins and minerals as this will help strengthen his weakening immune system too.

While protein is still the focus of his diet, his new kibble should provide far fewer calories and energy. Otherwise, hell soon start piling on the pounds as he is much less active than he used to be. The fat content also needs to be much lower as his slowing metabolism cannot digest it as well as it used to.

His new diet should also have food with higher glucosamine and chondroitin levels. These help to support his bones and weakening joints. Be sure to look for these added supplements or ingredients such as meat and fish meals.

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French Bulldog Puppy Feeding Chart

Before discussing the French Bulldog feeding guidelines, you might want the quick answer to how many cups of food to feed your French Bulldog. As a general rule of thumb, you should feed a French Bulldog puppy aged 8 to 12 weeks around 1 and a half cups of food a day, in 3 separate meals.

It can usually take about 2 to 3 weeks for a French Bulldog puppy to be weaned off of their mothers milk and adjust to dry and/or wet food. Its important to keep in mind that your puppy may be a little stubborn about eating dry and wet food if they were only just recently weaned.

Things To Consider Before Buying Dog Food For French Bulldogs

8 Best Foods for a French Bulldog Puppy with Our Most Affordable Pick

Frenchies are muscular yet tiny, bundles of joy. They also have exceptional nutritional requirements, which are quite different from other breeds. For that reason, you should keep the following in mind.

Weight Control

As stated earlier, Frenchie owners might not even realize when they are overfeeding their pups. These adorable little creatures look even cuter when they have well-rounded bodies. But the breed standards for Frenchies require that these dogs have an average weight of 28 pounds. If your adult Frenchie weighs more than this, you should look for a weight loss formula.

Calorie Content

Considering this dogs tendency to become obese, watching the calorie content of the food you give your pup is vital. If youre not sure of the number of calories you should be feeding your pup, you should consult your vet. The average amount of calories to incorporate in his food is about 780 calories per day, split into two or three meals. However, puppies and senior French bulldogs require fewer calories than this.

Level of Activity

Developmental Age

For pet owners with puppy French bulldogs, the best diet is one made up of specialty puppy formulas. Do not buy adult dog food for your young pup as this wont be suitable for his nutritional needs. The same holds senior dogs, pregnant pups or lactating ones. If youre not sure of the best food to feed your mutt, however, you should always consult your vet.

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A Quick Look At Our Favorites In 2022

Flavor: Beef, chicken, pork, turkey

Nom Nom is a company that prides itself on making high-quality dog food. The company uses human-grade, sustainably sourced ingredients in all its recipes. There are beef, chicken, pork, and turkey recipes to choose from so if your dog doesnt like one, you can easily try another.

What we love most about Nom Nom dog food is that the food is created by two veterinary nutritionists. Nom Nom takes time to ensure that only simple, clean proteins and veggies go into each package. Every meal is pre-portioned and packed full of protein and fiber. While it is expensive, you can take comfort knowing that your dog is eating food that even you would feel comfortable consuming. Better yet, Nom Nom makes and packages the food right here in the United States.

Flavor: Chicken

Iams Adult MiniChunks Small Kibble High Protein Dry Dog Food includes farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient, giving your Frenchie the necessary protein it needs. It contains prebiotics for a healthy digestive system and antioxidants for immune health. Iams is vet-trusted and has been in the industry for 60 years. They use real, wholesome ingredients in every formula for 100% complete and balanced nutrition. The omega-6 fatty acids promote a healthy coat and skin, and even picky eaters love the kibble.

It comes in various bag sizes at a reasonable price, making it our pick for the best overall dog food for French Bulldogs for the money.

Flavor: Wild-caught fish

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