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Where To Buy Raw Dog Food

My Recent Ground Rabbit Order From J And A Farms 30 Lb For $16536

RAW Dog Food Cheap – Where I Buy It

Update 2021: They seem to currently be out of business/rabbit.

Like I mentioned briefly in the introduction, I recently got a great deal on 30 lb of rabbit grinds from J and A Farms.

I came across their 30 lb offer of rabbit grinds onwait for itEbay! Until then, I wasnt aware that some pet food retailers and farms who specialize in meat production for raw pet food sell their products on the online trading marketplace.

Either way, they listed their 30 lb of rabbit grinds for $135 and added the option of receiving best offers from interested buyers. I went ahead and offered $120. It felt like a reasonable offer that wasnt insulting or low-balling, and sure enough, it was accepted.

Shipping was an additional $35, so all in all I paid $165.36 for the 30 lb of rabbit grinds. That translates into $5.50 per lb, which is a great deal for rabbit meat. Even if I had paid the original listing price of $135, the price per lb of $6.00 would have been quite reasonable.

The order arrived in ten 3 lb pouches. I love how flat they are because that makes storing them in the freezer a piece of cake. The best part is that Wally LOVES the rabbit, so Ill be sure to order again in the future!

Welcome We Specialize In Keeping It Simple

Our famous blend that cannot be beat for quality and price!

Hands down it is the most easiest way to feed raw, and everything you need is in there already. A no brainer food for your dog, especially of you are new to feeding raw. Everything you need in a frozen sausage, ready to serve in convenient sizes for adults or puppies. Our blend is readily available for pickup or delivery at anytime. Free pick up in Kingston, Ottawa, or Napanee Ontario, delivery to all surrounding areas also. Deliver is charged accordingly by location and up to the supplier in or near that location.

**Other recipes are available through special order.

Benefits Of Raw Dog Food

Watch your dog get excited about their food again! They may be telling us what food they prefer or taking their food drive to a whole new level! We’ve seen raw dog food provide benefits like better digestion, more energy, allergy relief, leaner, stronger muscles and healthy teeth and gums. You know your dog and how your dog feels better than anybody! You are the only one who can actually notice the benefits of better nutrition and you should be able to feed your dog a complete and balanced meal that began with human grade meats and ingredients.

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Once Youve Decided To Make The Transition To Feeding Raw Dog Food You May Be Asking Yourself:

Most larger pet store franchises, like Petco and PetSmart, are beginning to carry commercial raw dog food brands or fresh cooked diets. Though, Ive found that the smaller, locally owned pet stores are better choices for finding a larger variety of premade raw dog food.If you feed commercial raw dog food, check with the local pet stores nearest you. If youre pet store has a freezer section, theres a good chance they stock it. Larger chain pet stores may carry raw pet food depending on the location as well.

Shop For Raw Dog Food At Local Independent Pet Stores

Freshpet Select Small Dog Bite Sized Chicken Recipe Wet ...

A local, independent pet store should be in every raw feeders tool box. These stores allow us to pick up food between orders, the employees are knowledgeable about healthier diets, and the owners bring in amazing cool foods and treats to try out.

But thats not the best thing about independent pet stores.

The store owners that Ive met over the years are very knowledgeable about the pet food industry, so not only can I count on the food in their stores being high quality, if a brand makes a change to their food the pet store owner is going to be in the know.

Although the big chain pet stores have raw, they dont sell brands that I feel comfortable feeding to my dogs.

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Experts In Pet Health

Helping pet parents give their dogs a longer, happier, healthier life is one of the most rewarding careers in the world. After 20 years of feeding a species-appropriate raw diet and working with thousands of dogs with allergies and digestive issues, the words Food is Medicine has literally become a living breathing truth. We are

DeDe Murcer Moffett

You really cant go wrong with a natural, whole-food, species-appropriate diet meat, organ bone-based diet for your dog. And remember you cant possibly go right with a processed, unnatural, grain, or even grain-free based diet. Regardless of the domestication argument, a dogs digestive system is still that of a wild canid carnivore. It will

Nealy Piazza

My recommendation, after several decades of recommending a variety of different diets to my patients, is to feed a fresh, whole food, and ideally raw diet. Why is this better? Whole food feeding provides nutrition in the form it was meant to be consumed. Nutrients from fresh, whole foods are not altered by processing and

Dr. Judy Jasek

A CHANGE-agent of magnitude for the animals of the world. Dr. Andi Harper is an animal chiropractor and an internationally acclaimed animal communicator and facilitator. Dr. Andi inspires her clients to create magic in their life and with their animals. She is the creator of Animals Done Different and Energetic Magic With Animals. Her straightforward facilitation invites

Dr. Andi Harper

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Rabbit For Raw Dog Food : Where To Buy It And More

It can be tricky to get your hands on rabbit for raw dog food, so today Im sharing where you can find it, along with tips of how to get a deal on it.

Thats crucial, because rabbit meat tends to be more on the expensive side, regardless of whether its whole or ground.

This article is a bit on the longer side, so please feel free to jump to the section that interests you most right below, or browse it all

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Whats The Best Raw Food For Dogs

How To Shop Cheaply for Raw Dog Food And Cure All Food Allergies!!
  • Complete Raw Dog Food, an excellent source of raw dog foods for dogs.
  • Naturals Menu provides raw dog food for you to freeze as well as to store in their containers.
  • It is the full version of the original Raw Dog Food, made by Barbe & Duke.
  • A recipe for a fresh, hot dry beef dog food from ZIWI.
  • Power Patties for Luna and Me puppies.
  • Chicken from Natural Instinct.
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    Do You Wonder Where You Can Find Raw Dog Food Suppliers

    I know youre busy and finding raw diet suppliers is tough, which is why I did the homework for you by creating this list to help you in your search.From here, you must do your own research to find the right brand for your dog. Its impossible for me to know the ins and outs of every raw dog food business in Canada, let alone three other countries. As a dog owner that responsibility falls on your shoulders.So, this is where I hand the reins over to you.Dont worry, I have faith in your ability to do vet the following companies per your needs! Should you have any questions, reach out to the brands directly for more information.

    Creating A Balanced Raw

    Maddie follows the 70:10:10:5:5 ratio. This ratio means a dogs bowl will be filled with 70% muscle meat, 10% bone, 10% vegetables, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organ.


    A majority of the meat is red meat. She suggests meats such as lamb, bison, emu and duck.

    Secreting Organs

    Liver is a main staple, but other secreting organs to add include kidney, spleen, brain, pancreas or testicles.

    Where to buy ingredients for raw diet for dogs

    Most of the ingredients Maddie purchases come from local farms, local hunters and oriental markets. However, some items can be hard to find. For example, its been extremely hard for her to find emu. She buys some items from online sources such as Raw Feeding Miami or My Pet Carnivore.

    Making the switch to a raw-fed diet

    Maddie feels strongly about the benefits of a raw diet. As she states, I 100 percent think Max is healthier because of the switch in his diet. His food allergies are finally under control and his weight is at a steady rate. He is also more stable when it comes to his energy levels.

    Maddies biggest take away is that raw feeding is not simply throwing food in a bowl and calling it good, as it takes time, space and math. However, the reward of feeding Max the raw diet correctly is worth it.

    Social media and raw fed groups have helped Maddie learn about the diet, they encourage me. Without them I wouldnt have the sources I have now to get proper ingredients for Maxs new raw fed diet.

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    What Is Raw Feeding

    Raw feeding otherwise known as Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding is an approach to animal nutrition which involves feeding dogs and cats according to how they would naturally eat. This means raw, natural and biologically appropriate ingredients, with not a grain or pellet in sight.

    At Nutriment, we wholeheartedly believe that raw feeding is the absolute best way to support your dogs health. By feeding your dog what they are naturally designed to consume, you are optimising their bodily functions which has a great impact on their wellbeing and vitality.

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    Can Dogs Eat Store Bought Beef

    RAW Dog Food: Chicken

    The following types of meat are safe to feed for dogs: Steak & Beef: Theres another good red meat option for dogs, too: sprouts. An alternative to chicken, red meat contains Omega-6 fatty acids, as do all fish. They keep muscle tone and joint mobility intact. One Lamb: Lamb is delicious on its own as a pet food, but is also suitable to people with a food allergy.

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    How To Find The Best Meat For Your Dog

    Now that you know your source, it is now time to assess if these sources can give your dogs raw food diet the best ingredients. Consider asking your local butcher or farmer these questions so that they can give you their best offering.

    • Is the animal pasture-raised? This is important to know the content of omega-3 and vitamins.
    • How much space will it consume?
    • Are the animals born on your farm or brought from somewhere else?
    • How old are they usually when slaughtered?
    • Are they organic? Do you use herbicides or fertilizers?
    • Do you give them genetically modified food?

    Can I Give My Dog Raw Chicken From The Supermarket

    You do not need to worry if you find your dog snacking on raw chicken. It wont harm their health if the chicken youve purchased is raw or if they have previously been processed into cooking products. But if it is unwashed or coming from the market freshly, then it should be handled at once with extreme caution.

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    The Butcher Shop: The Best Raw Food For Your Dog

    How To Feed Raw For Under $20.00 | How To Buy Raw Dog Food On A Budget

    My husband and I cant say the word chores without our dogs running to the door so they can help!

    Were lucky to be able to raise some of our own farm animals for food . But we count on butchers to process our ducks, chickens, goats and sheep.

    Beef is a large part of most raw feeding programs, including ours. Were not able to raise beef, just as most raw feeders probably cant raise their own pet food. But we have a wonderful farm near us for organic grass-fed beef and raw milk.

    Theyve used many different butchers over the years for their slaughtering. Farmers cant slaughter their own animals so they use custom processing services. This is when a butcher shop does the slaughtering and cutting for them.

    The farmer typically offers a quarter, half or whole animal. The customer pays the farmer the agreed price per pound of hanging weight. The farmer then pays the butcher for cutting and slaughter costs.

    If you can do this, youll likely find the total of these two payments is much less than other sources. Theyre cheaper per pound than retail cuts, commercial frozen raw or buying through raw pet food brokers.

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    Transitioning To Raw Feeding

    Kibble may be the only thing you have ever known. Which is exactly where I was and the vast majority of other people who began their dog food journey in the kibble aisle. Kibble should not be the only option for you or your dogs. If an all-raw diet is not an option, adding our raw treats and toppers can be a great way to introduce your canine companion to raw feeding and supplement their nutrition. Raw feeding takes more work but we think it is well worth it! The proof is in your dogs! We suggest that you research transitioning to a raw diet and speak to your veterinarian with any concerns you may have. You need to do what is best for you and your pack, at whatever level of raw feeding you feel comfortable with.

    Add Bones To Your Dogs Raw Food

    Beef bones fall into two categories: raw meaty bones and recreational bones.

    RMBs might be neck bones, oxtails, or ribs. These are softer, non-weight bearing parts of the animal. Your dog should chew up, swallow and digest RMBs. Your dogs size determines what RMBs she can handle.

    Recreational bones can be harder or larger bones that your dog can gnaw on, but not chew up and swallow.

    Recreational bones are important for your dogs mental and physical health. They can provide hours of entertainment. The chewing strengthens the jaw, neck, shoulder and even back and hip muscles.

    from the legs of ruminants are the most popular. Other bones that dogs relish are knee caps, pelvic bones, ribs and hip joints. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, watch her with recreational bones to avoid broken teeth!

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    Where Should You Buy Raw Dog Food

    Now that you know what ingredients you should get, its time to look for suppliers.

    If you choose to get premade raw dog food, go to a pet store. This type of raw dog food is easy to find since this is available from small local pet stores to big franchises like Petco or PetSmart. Just look for their frozen section.

    On the other hand, you can get ingredients for your do-it-yourself raw dog food in your local butcher shops. This is an excellent place to get meat since they carry a wide variety of meat.

    You can also buy in bulk which sometimes drives down the price. They also have raw meat scraps, bones, and other animal parts suitable for dogs to eat.

    If there are no butcher shops in your area. Going to an ethnic grocery or food market is also a good option since you can source exotic meat or organs there.

    You can also buy meat from local farmers. Its likely to be fresher than some other sources since it does not need to travel far to reach your dogs plate.

    It is also an excellent choice for high-quality meats like grass-fed, organic, free-range, and certified meats for humans. Some local farms offer bulk and small portion buying.

    Consider buying from hunters. They could offer deer, duck, quail, rabbit, and other wild animals. These animals eat a natural diet and may provide your dog superior nutrition, as they are free from antibiotics and hormones.

    For more information on buying groups. Search online for raw feeding network

    What Is A Raw Diet For Dogs

    PRODUCT REVIEW: Cali Raw Dog Food

    There is an overwhelming number of dog food options at the pet store. Whether you are considering switching to a homemade or a raw-fed diet, you probably have a lot of questions. Its important to keep in mind that a balanced diet is really important when feeding your dog any type of homemade dog food.

    If youve been curious about a raw diet for dogs, read on as we dig into the risks, benefits and rules. We will also provide you with a 5 day menu to get your dog started if you choose to go the raw route.

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