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What’s In The Farmer’s Dog Food

Enter Your Dogs Details

Farmer’s Dog | Delivery wet food | My first and only order | Akita

Next, you will have to provide some information about your dog, such as their breed, age, and weight. If you have multiple dogs, youll need to do this for each one. This is an important step, as some dogs metabolize foods faster than others. Theyll also ask you whether your dog has any health issues and how many treats or table scraps they get.

How To Sign Up For The Farmers Dog

For the benefit of my fellow pet parents, the Farmers Dog review gives you step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for The Farmers Dog.

  • Create an online profile for yourself and your dog on The Farmers Dog website
  • Fill in information about you and your pooch
  • Based on the information keyed in, The Farmers Dog will come up with recipe recommendations using an algorithm
  • Food for two weeks will be delivered at your door-step within a week of the order being placed
  • The subscription is automatically renewed at the end of two weeks and your plan will be billed and shipped every 8 weeks
  • Customers can also change the frequency of shipping based on their dogs preference, or cancel the service at any point. You can also ask for a change of recipe.

    Is Wet Food Unhealthy Too

    Most dogs will come running at the sound of an opening can, anxious for a large dollop of wet food to hit their bowl. Enticed by the smell of moist meats, wet dog food is usually packed with more protein, fewer carbs, and less preservatives than dry kibble.

    However, wet food is still made from similarly low-quality, mass-produced meat byproducts, without the full nutritional quality your dog could thrive from.

    The moisture applied to wet dog food does help to keep your dog hydrated , but on a minimal scale.

    The fact of the matter remains that wet dog food, like dry kibble, is missing the large variety of fruits, vegetables, and high-quality meats that your dog needs for optimum health.

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    Get 50% Off Your Farmers Dog Trial Order

    Ive been feeding The Farmers Dog for more than a year now and am still so proud to fill my dogs food bowls with it. Before posting this review, I reached out to the company to see if I could get you a discount! And, good news: Theyre offering Proud Dog Mom readers 50% off your first trial order.

    How Much Does The Farmers Dog Cost

    Grain Free Dog Food

    While fresh subscription-based dog food services, such as The Farmers Dog, are more expensive than traditional kibble, their cost is not outrageous.

    We priced up the cost of a plan for a high-activity Golden Retriever to give you a visual example.

    As you can see below, The Farmers Dog would cost $121.62 for two weeks worth of fresh dog food or $60.82 with The Farmers Dogs initial 50% discount offer.

    This works out to be a little under $9 per day at full price or just over $4 per day with the discount.

    This pricing from The Farmers Dog is very similar to their competitors and cheaper than some of these by a small margin.

    For smaller breed dogs, you can expect plans from the Farmers Dog to range from $3-$6 per day, and for larger breed dogs with high-calorie intake requirements, plans can vary between $10-$15 per day.

    However, an important trait to mention is that The Farmers Dog allows you to easily alter your recipe choice if your dog is not satisfied, as well as put your subscription on pause.

    We strongly recommend checking out The Farmers Dogs FAQ page, which can be found here, to learn more about their subscription model and deliveries.

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    How Do You Order The Farmers Dog

    The downside to The Farmers Dog is that you have to create a subscription to order it. You wont find this fresh food in stores and you may not even be able to view detailed recipe information without creating an account. That being said, creating a subscription is easy.

    Heres an overview of the process to order The Farmers Dog:

    Why Is Going Fresh Better For Your Dog

    According to the Farmers Dog website, 80% of dogs will get some form of dental disease in their lifetime. And although large kibble brands would have us think otherwise, even pups that eat dry food can be prone to it. Nearly 60% of dogs in the USA are overweight or obese and many suffer from allergies, digestive problems, and other illnesses.

    Just as with humans, many of these problems can dramatically reduce when you start to consider what youre feeding your dogs. With The Farmers Dog food, you know what youre getting. Fresh, nutritional, and tasty food that your dog will love. Not food that claims to be something it isnt. Just because other brands claim that dog food is made with delicious roast chicken, doesnt mean that youre getting roast chicken. Or chicken at all.

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    So Which Is The Winner

    When you compare Nom Nom vs Farmers Dog, youll find that both services meet the goal of delivering top-notch dog food right to your door. The decision as to which one is better comes down to the fine details.

    However, we really like how easily you can identify the ingredients in Nom Noms food, and the single portion food packs make for one less thing to worry about at mealtime. And the fact that Nom Nom offers weekly and biweekly shipping means you dont have to store as much in your freezer. The service goes beyond just dog food, too so if you are looking for supplements, cat food, or snacks, Nom Nom may be right for you.

    For many dog owners, though, price is the top priority. In this case, The Farmers Dog wins by a hair. However, because there are so many factors that determine cost, like the dogs calorie needs, the recipes chosen, and how often you need meals delivered, the best way to find out which service offers a better price for your dog, is to get a quote from each service.

    You can do so for free and without any commitments by clicking either of the buttons below.

    Why Youll Love The Farmers Dog:

    Healthy Dog Food Recipe | Farmers Dog Copycat | Cooking for your Dog

    The Farmers Dog offers smarter, healthier food for pets the kind of food youll be proud to feed your dog. Using wholesome, natural ingredients and real USDA meats, The Farmers Dog crafts delicious and nutritious meals for dogs then delivers them right to your door. If youve been thinking about upgrading your dogs diet, nows the time and The Farmers Dog is the fresh dog food delivery company to choose.

    Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about The Farmers Dog food.

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    Transitioning From Kibble To The Farmers Dog

    Vets and experts alike always recommend that when you put your dog on a new diet do it gradually and thoughtfully. The Farmers Dog makes this process easy. They include a Transition Guide in every box.

    Its a 6 days transition program that goes as follows:

    Day 1 & 2: 75% of current food, 25% The Farmers DogDay 3 & 4: 50% of current food, 50% The Farmers DogDay 5 & 6: 25% of current food, 75% The Farmers DogDay 7: 100% The Farmers Dog

    The Farmers Dog Cost How Much Is The Farmers Dog

    How much does The Farmers Dog cost?

    Plans start at $2 per day and include free shipping. But because each dog has unique requirements, The Farmers Dog price depends on factors such as your pets age, size, health, activity level, and more.

    For instance, we have two dogs, Hollywood and Charlie .

    Hollywood is a Havanese that weighs 15 lbs and is 3 years old, while Charlie is a lab-mixed weighing in at 75 lbs and is4 years old. We looked into plans to help them both lose weight.

    We ran some quotes for both dogs, and the cost for a 15-pound Hollywood is $42.84 for 2 weeks of food. Thats $3.06 per day. For Charlie, a 75-pound dog to feed him for 2 weeks of The Farmers Dog, the calculation ended up being $104.38, or $7.45 per day.

    Remember, you are simultaneously enrolling in an ongoing meal plan subscription when you place your first order. Subsequent orders typically will be charged every two weeks before your next scheduled delivery. Youll be notified via email about each order before billing and shipment. You can cancel at any time.

    A tip to make The Farmers Dog food last longer and stretch your dollars is to mix the food with rice or to use The Farmers Dog as a food topper.

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    The Farmers Dog Expertise

    While it isnt clear what involvement they have with The Farmers Dog, there are three veterinary professionals listed on their site who go on record to recommend The Farmers Dog. The professionals include Dr. Jonathan Block, Dr. Alex Schechter, and Dr. Catriona Love.

    However, it does not appear these vets are directly involved in the ingredient selection or nutritional make-up of The Farmers Dog products.

    However, in The Farmers Dogs FAQ Page, they mention that Our board-certified veterinary nutritionists carefully formulate each recipe to be 100% complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards.

    There has been a push within the industry to be more transparent about how their recipes are formulated and which qualified professionals are involved.

    Without a qualified professionals involvement, many believe that some dog food recipes are not properly formulated, and their nutritional make-up may not be adequate or suitable.

    Other Fresh Home Delivered dog food brands, such as Nom Nom, have a dedicated pet nutritionist who formulates their recipes. In contrast, huge pet food brands like Purina Pro Plan or Royal Canin have an army of researchers and professionals.

    Ollie Dog Food Ingredients List

    Earthborn Holistic® Small Breed Dog Food, 14 LB

    OIlie’s site is very similar to The Farmer’s Dog, but there were two differences that stood out. We answer all of the questions on one page rather than going from page to page. And The Farmer’s Dog allows us to share a lot more about our dogs’ health and the Ollie site didn’t ask these questions. While the Ollie site has options if you don’t want to fee 100% Ollie pet food.

    When I was asked if Rodrigo was allergic to anything, I said chicken, and this was the food that was recommended:

    Beef, beef heart, beef kidney, sweet potato, beef liver, peas, potato, carrot, spinach, chia seed, dicalcium phosphate, sunflower oil, blueberries, calcium carbonate, fish oil , iodized salt, zinc gluconate, basil, rosemary, vitamin E supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride , riboflavin .

    Looking at the ingredients, I think they’re great, however, the sweet potatoes, potatoes, and peas gave me pause. I wouldn’t add any of these to my dogs’ meals, however, I do understand that these ingredients were chosen for the nutrients they add to the food. It’s also a disappointment that they use corn-fed cattle .

    The chicken recipe is

    Chicken, chicken gizzard, carrot, green peas, chicken liver, chia seed, long grain rice, spinach, potato, egg, blueberries sunflower oil, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, fish oil, iodized salt, cod liver oil, zinc gluconate, basil, rosemary, vitamin E, pyridoxine hydrochloride , riboflavin .

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    Testing The Farmers Dog Food

    To write this review, I did some research on The Farmers Dog brand and tested the products on my dog, Archie. Overall, I was very impressed with the ordering process because it was quick, clear, and easy. I also received a great discount on the two-week trial order.

    When I received my order, I was glad to see that the meals were portioned out by the day with clear instructions printed on the label to indicate how many servings each bag contained. While larger dogs may only have two servings per bag, each of Archies bags contained four servings so I only had to thaw a package every two days.

    I also loved that my order was protected by biodegradable insulation. Many fresh pet food companies are making an effort to make their packaging biodegradable, but The Farmers Dog was my first experience with insulation made from plant fibers that dissolves in water.

    When it came time for feeding, I couldnt put down the bowl fast enough Archie was ready to eat. He started eating immediately and didnt stop until hed licked the bowl clean. He seemed to love the flavor and I liked that I could see the real ingredients in the food.

    Clearly, The Farmers Dog was a hit.

    I will note, however, that Ive now been feeding Archie The Farmers Dog almost exclusively for months now and he seems to be a little bored with it. Hes less eager to chow down, but I honestly think its because hes always more interested in what the cats are eating.


    Ollie Vs The Farmers Dog Price Comparison

    The following examples are based on a full plan option. Prices vary, depending on age, breed, weight, activity level, body type, recipes and shipping frequency. These are estimated ranges only and the actual cost may be higher or lower than these ranges depending on your dogs individual needs.

    The Farmers Dog does clarify that their smallest mixing plan starts around $2/day.

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    Best Dog Foods For Picky Eaters: Ratings & Reviews

    Product Disclaimer: This website contains reviews, opinions, and information regarding products and services manufactured or provided by third parties. We are not responsible in any way for such products and services, and nothing contained here should be construed as a guarantee of the functionality, utility, safety, or reliability of any product or services reviewed or discussed. Please follow the directions provided by the manufacturer or service provider when using any product or service reviewed or discussed on this website.

    The Farmers Dog Responds

    The Farmer’s Dog – Unboxing & Review – Petful.com

    Responding to the concern that the recipe is grain-free, the 32-year-old co-founder of The Farmers Dog Brett Podolsky said in a follow-up telephone interview:

    Theres absolutely no conclusive evidence whatsoever proving that boutique, grain-free, or exotic BEG is what theyre referring to it as has any connection to DCMAll or 99% of the cases were reported to the FDA about dogs getting DCM were dry food. Also, about 40% of dogs in the country are eating grain-free foods, so statistically, its going to work out like that every single time.

    Asked about the absence of AAFCO testing, Podolsky said:

    What a lot of vets dont realize is that the AAFCO feeding trialsis animal testing. They do it in colonies. And we do not support that. We dont support testing on animals. We are looking into doing something like this.The real reason, though, is that the blood tests that are required will have no indication to prove whether or not the food will cause DCM..AAFCO really needs to change what their requirements are in order to make their feeding trials worthwhile for brands to do. It also is extremely, extremely expensive and boxes out any entering competitors from getting into the business.

    Podolsky continued: If you speak to someone like the really reputable people in the formulation world, theyll say that the feeding trials really dont test for enough. Theyll also say that they really believe that this is a protein quality issue.

    Podolsky said that fundamentally,

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    What Meal Options Does The Farmers Dog Offer

    The Farmers Dog offers four meal options, each based on a different meat source: turkey, beef, chicken, and pork. The full ingredient list for each recipe is available on The Farmers Dogs website, but we list the key components below. Note that the number one ingredients are all whole meats and that you dont see any meat meals or fillers youd see at the top of the ingredients list for store-bought kibble.

    Is The Farmers Dog Worth It

    Yes. The Farmers Dog is worth the cost, in our opinion. You get personalized meal plans formulated by veterinary nutritionists to give your dog the ingredients they really need. The recipes are made from real food in human-grade kitchens before the food is frozen and delivered to your door.

    Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all solution, The Farmers Dog gives your pet customized nutrition.

    The Farmers Dog cost varies. You might spend $3 a day for a small dog or about $8 for an energetic Lab mix. Every animal is unique, and this high-quality dog foods ingredients and pricing reflect your pets distinctive needs.

    I love seeing comments like these from Facebook:

    Try out The Farmers Dog. Your dog will feel the difference and youll see it.

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    How The Farmer’s Dog Works

    The subscription-based service exclusively uses human-grade ingredients and prepares its recipes in USDA-inspected kitchens. It delivers throughout the United States, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. Everything is shipped automatically, from weekly to every two months depending on your dog’s portions. If you’ll be away, it’s easy to pause shipment.

    Delicious Nutritious And Rawring To Go Pure Raw Dog Food

    Pin on Canned Dog Food

    We love dogs and we are passionate about feeding dogs healthy food that we know they will love, but is also packed full of natural essential vitamins and minerals.

    Our frozen raw working dog food is full of natures goodness. We dont use fillers or vegetables to bulk up the food. At The Farmers Dog we understand simplicity is the key to feeding a successful raw diet. We keep it simple by measuring out a healthy balance of raw meat, offal and ground bone enabling you to give your dog a delicious and nutritious food tailored to their individual tastes and health needs.

    We also produce a selection of frozen raw meaty bones and treats to engage your dogs primal instincts while at the same time providing a fantastic source of nutrients in a healthy and tasty snack.

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