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Open Farm Dog Food Recall

What Are Open Farm Dog Food Reviews

Open Farm Dog Food Review

Open Farm dog food reviews are very positive. The food is highly rated on the company site and other third-party sites like Amazon. Customers say their dogs love it, and some even eat it exclusively without topping it with other alternatives.

Most pet parents had no trouble transitioning their dogs from their former diet to Open Farm. In fact, most dogs were happy to make the change. Some pet parents even report seeing some improvement in health after starting Open Farms food.

Does Your Dog Food Brand Keep Safety In Mind

You dont have to be feeding one of the above brands to keep your dog healthy, but researching your dogs food brand is a great way to ensure its safe. Consider the following questions

  • How much of the dog food production does the brand control? Do they outsource production? Do they own all of the factories?
  • Where does your dog food company source its ingredients? Are they importing them from overseas?
  • How often has the company had to recall products? You can search for recent recalls on this FDA page or you can try a regular Google search for a history of recalls.

There are more dog food options than ever, so it takes a bit of research to determine which food is safest and healthiest for your pup. Choosing a top dog food brand with no recalls is a great way to ensure your pup lives a long, healthy life.

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Open Farm Dog Food Review: Our Personal Experience

Every dog is an individual, and my specific experience with Remy and Open Farm probably dont mean a lot for your dog in the grand scheme of things.

However, anecdotally, I will note that Remy really enjoyed his Open Farm food. Previously I had been feeding him Taste of the Wild and he was notably not pleased with it.When I filled Remys Kong Wobbler with Taste of the Wild kibble, he would go over to the toy, sniff it, and then look back at me as if to say I dont like this. Hed even go back to his bed and wait a few minutes, hoping for an alternative, before finally begrudgingly eating the food .

After switching to Open Farm, Remy appeared a lot more interested in his food, running over to his Bob-A-Lot the moment I put it on the floor, as Id expect him to.

I was also happy to see that the foods small, round kibble size allows it to work really well with puzzle toys. The round kibble balls were easy to pour into our Bob-A-Lot and did not require a ton of shaking on my part.

This probably isnt a huge deal for most folks, but when you feed your dog via a puzzle feeder every meal, having a kibble that pairs with your chosen puzzle toy easily can be a pretty nice benefit.

On top of that, I did notice better formed, smaller poops from Remy on Open Farm compared to when he was eating Taste of the Wild. Your mileage may vary, but Remy seemed to do really well on Open Farm.

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Can Dog Treats Be Recalled

Just like dog food, the treats can also be recalled just like the Caledon Farms dog treats recall, for instance.

When this happens, you should stop giving your pooch those recalled dog treats and consider safer brands. The last thing you want is to get your pooch sick with recalled dog treat brands.

What Do Customers Think Of Open Farm Cat Food

Open Farm Reviews

Each of Open Farms cat food products has over 100 customer reviews on the brand website and most carry at least 4 stars out of a possible 5-star rating. Many customers comment that even their picky eaters seem to love the food, and some noticed an improvement in the quality of their cats coat.

Of the limited negative reviews, some customers simply found their cats didnt like the product, but few had issues with the product themselves.

Lets take a look at a few customer reviews from some of the most popular recipes from Open Farm.

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Which Types Of Dogs Is Open Farm Best Suited For

Open Farm is suitable for dogs of pretty much any breed and size, as they offer a wide range of recipes and flavors. If you decide to go with one of their dry dog foods, the kibbles are small enough for even puppies and small breed dogs to eat with ease. They also offer dry dog food specifically for puppies or senior dogs.

If your dog has trouble chewing or digesting dry food, they also offer wet food varieties which they call stew, as well as freeze-dried raw food that can be softened by adding water or broth to it. And by taking their quiz and answering questions about your dogs breed, age, weight, lifestyle, and dietary preferences, Open Farm will even suggest which recipes your dog might benefit most from if youre unsure which products to choose.

Guaranteed Analysis: Open Farm Vs Orijen

According to AAFCO, all pet food labels must provide a guaranteed analysis of nutrient content. The analysis must provide guaranteed minimum percentages of crude protein and crude fat, and maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture.

All percentages used in this comparison are averages reported on a dry matter basis.

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Open Farm Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food

Calorie Content: 3625 kcal/kg

The lamb and chickpea recipe is a good option for dogs who need a high-protein diet. It is made with lamb and chickpeas as the primary protein sources but also contains healthy fruits and vegetables for added vitamins and minerals. Its great for dogs who may need or want a different protein source other than turkey, chicken, or fish.

Open Farm Cat Food Explained

Open Farm | Dry Dog Food Recipes

As part of our review process, weve submitted samples to an independent lab. You can see the full report here, here, and here.

In addition to performing our own qualitative analysis of the brands reviewed here, we submitted samples for analysis at an ISO 17025 certified food testing and analysis lab.

We bought the products at full retail price, and the entire testing process was funded by All About Cats without direct input or influence from the companies involved.

Analytical testing in a food chemistry lab gives us the exact macronutrient and micronutrient content of each recipe. The tests also look at microbial content, yeast, mold, and heavy metals, helping you ensure that youre only putting the best in your cats bowl.

To access the lab reports for each food reviewed here, click the view lab report link in the product review.

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Which Types Of Cats Is Open Farm Best Suited For

Open Farm offers a variety of cat food, including dry food, wet food, broths, and other meal toppers. The ingredient lists for its recipes use one type of protein and all-natural produce. Theyre also relatively simple compared to other pet food companies that have much longer and more complex ingredient lists with artificial flavors and preservatives. So, theyre a great choice for cats with food allergies and sensitivities.

A lot of Open Farms cat food is suitable for cats of all ages. So, a kitten could enjoy the same food as it reaches adulthood, and you dont have to worry about the hassle of transitioning your kitten to a new type of food.

A Pet Food Company Built On Trust

What differentiates Open Farm from a lot of other pet food companies is its transparency and commitment to ethical practices. This company is very meticulous when it comes to partnering with farms, fisheries, and producers. It pays attention to the small details, so that cat owners dont have to spend so much time finding high-quality cat food. Therefore, loyalty to Open Farm relies on consumer trust and the brands positive image and practices.

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How Much Does Open Farm Cat Food Cost

Because it is made with high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients, Open Farm is a fairly expensive pet food. Their dry foods average around $0.35 per ounce and their wet foods are closer to $0.50 per ounce. For the average cat who eats about 2 to 2.5 ounces of food per day, the estimated daily cost for Open Farm cat food is between $0.70 and $1.00 per day.

Nom Nom Vs The Farmers Dog: Which Food Service Is Best

Open Farm Freeze

Both Nom Nom and The Farmers Dog deliver quality, human-grade food to your door, but they differ in a few key areas. Nom Nom is better for portioning, snacks and supplements, and frequent shipping. The Farmers Dog is better for price, sustainability, and labeling for multiple dogs. Learn more and get a discount below.

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Spot And Tango Vs Farmers Dog: Which Food Is Better

When comparing Spot and Tango vs Farmers Dog, each brand stands out in different areas. The Farmers Dog may be cheaper, offers more meal choices, flexible shipping, and rush orders. Spot and Tango offers a higher protein content in most recipes, treats, and a dry kibble alternative. Keep reading for discount links and more details.

Who Owns Open Farm Dog Food

Open Farm is a family-owned pet food company based in Toronto, Canada. Isaac Langleben, his wife, Jacqueline Prehogan, and brother-in-law, Derek Beigleman, launched Open Farm in 2013. Their manufacturing facility is a family-owned company in Minnesota called Barrett Ag Service, which has been in the pet industry for 30 years.

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About Stella And Chewys

Stella and Chewys origin is similar to that of Open Farm. The companys founder, Marie Moody, developed a passion for pet nutrition after recovering an ill rescue dog. The necessity of feeding this dog a raw diet led her to find an easier way for pet parents to feed their dogs highly nutritious, quality food without the excessive amount of time and effort required to make their own.

While Stella and Chewys started as an exclusively raw-food company, it has since expanded its pet food lines to include a variety of different options and recipes.

Stella and Chewys frozen and freeze-dried raw foods are made in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. They are made using a 100% natural antimicrobial process to inactivate any pathogens in fresh food. The source of the ingredients is unclear, however. The only information available regarding sourcing is that they are obtained from trusted partners. While this doesnt imply a lack of sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients, it does raise questions about where they come from.

  • Lack of information about ingredient sourcing
  • Lack of dry and wet food options

How We Review Cat Food

Open Farm | Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food Recipes

To review Open Farm, we spent hours researching the brand, learning about its history and product lineup. We studied the companys sourcing and manufacturing practices and scoured recall databases for reports related to safety issues. To understand how other customers feel about the brand, we read dozens of customer reviews, identifying any common patterns or trends.

Finally, our reviewer independently purchased several packages of Open Farm cat food and tried it out with their cats, taking notes on palatability, texture, smell, and more.

Based on this research and hands-on testing, weve rated the brand according to the All About Cats Standard. Learn more about the Standard here.

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Open Farm Dog Food Reviewed

Open Farm makes their dog food with several standards in mind, including premium nutrition, ethical sourcing, sustainability, and transparency. They only source their ingredients from family farms that use humane farming practices. They audit these farms to ensure that they meet strict animal welfare standards and that the animals have plenty of room to roam without being cooped or caged up.

If you want transparency in ingredients, then Open Farm provides that as well. Part of their mission is for every consumer to be able to trace where every ingredient of their food is sourced by using the lot number on the product packaging along with the product tracing feature on their website.

If those reasons arent convincing enough, Open Farm is sure to have a product for even the pickiest of dogs, as they offer eight different protein ingredients in their dog food. They have products for puppies and senior dogs as well as wet food, dry food, slow-cooked frozen food, and even freeze-dried food as well as treats, bone broth, and supplements for your dog.

Chicken & Salmon Rustic Stew Review

While Open Farms Rustic Stew range may come in a box, it is, in fact, wet dog food. Traditionally this is stored in cans, but Open Farm has chosen to use more sustainable and recyclable packaging, which is appealing to consumers.

Most Open Farm recipes do not mix different types of meat and fish ingredients, but the above recipe is one of a few exceptions. It combines Chicken and Salmon ingredients to provide a unique flavor.

As weve discussed extensively, Chicken and Salmon are excellent additions to dog food and can provide high-quality protein and fat, including high levels of the Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

The wet dog food recipes from Open Farm contain a minimal amount of plant-based material. This particular recipe uses small portions of vegetables like Pumpkin, Carrots, Green Beans, and Spinach.

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Which Type Of Pet Might Do Better With A Different Brand

Open Farm might not be the best choice for pets who are allergic to common protein sources found in dog food, such as chicken or beef. Also, grains are beneficial to the diet of most dogs, so it may not be suitable for dogs that dont have a grain allergy as far as providing them with all of their nutritional requirements. Talk to your vet first.

Is Open Farm Good For Dogs

Open Farm Reviews

Yes, Open Farm dog food is good. The food is made from the highest quality ingredients and superfoods that ensure premium nutrition quality for your dog. The food is also free of any potentially harmful ingredients like preservatives, by-products, GMOs, and fillers.

Pets currently eating Open Farm dog food are in good health, some in even better health than before they started on the food.

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Open Farm Summary & Rating

Overall, Open Farm is a solid dog food manufacturer who makes several attractive recipes for pooches.

While its quite pricey, it is a great choice for owners committed to humanely-sourced meat and sustainability. In fact, you wont find many other dog food companies that are so whole-heartedly committed to ethical farming and conservation.

The companys lot tracer is notably unique and illustrates Open Farms commitment to transparency. This makes them a dog food manufacturer you should feel fairly safe with.

Open Farm has a wide variety of food options, including grain-inclusive and grain-free varieties for owners who prefer either option.

While they do offer a few solid puppy and senior dog recipes, they dont cook up a ton of options for doggos of these life stages. At the time of this review, there is only a beef and fish option for senior dogs and puppies, and some owners might desire other protein sources for their elderly dogs or pups.

Open Farms may not be the best option for dogs who need a limited-ingredient dog food, either. The only single-protein options Open Farm offers are beef-based raw and beef-based wet foods.

We love that all Open Farm recipes feature meat as the first listed ingredient, along with a mix of other appropriately-sourced meats, properly identified meat meals, high-quality grains, along with a smattering of bonus ingredients.

How Do I Transition My Dog To A New Food

When transitioning your dog to a new food, it is important to do so slowly. Start by mixing the new food with the old food. Gradually increase the amount of new food while decreasing the amount of old food. It is also important to make sure that your dog has plenty of fresh water available at all times.

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Open Farm Dog Food Ingredients

Because Open Farm carries such a wide variety of products, its hard to detail all of their ingredients here. You can see all the types and formulas of the dog food they offer below.

All of their products are made with all-natural ingredients with no artificial fillers, preservatives, or flavors. Vegetables and fruits are sourced locally and regionally from carefully selected partner farms.

All of the meat hails from Certified Humane farms. Certified Humane sets high slaughter, cruelty-free standards and restricts the use of hormones and steroids. The seafood adheres to both Ocean Wise and Seafood Watch standards. They dont use any farmed fish in their recipes.

The company is founded on clear transparency of all ingredients used in their products. Their website has detailed descriptions of the ingredients in every bag, including the origin. And you can search for this information by each bags lot number.

Customer Ratings By Feature

Open Farm Cat Food Review (We Tested It)
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