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Is Vegan Food Good For Dogs

Wild Earth Clean Protein Formula Vegan Dry Adult Dog Food

Vegan Dog Food, Easy Peasy

Protein 31% | Fat 10.5% | Fiber 5% | Moisture 10%

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Dried Yeast, 2. Chickpeas, 3. Oats, 4. Peas, 5. Pea Protein

Provide your dog with the wholesome goodness of this high-quality vegan dog food by Wild Earth. This adult dog formula is excellent for all breeds and is nutritionally complete to help your dog stay healthy. The recipe contains prebiotic fibers that promote a healthy microbiome for stronger immunity and resistance against certain diseases.

Feed a rich diet to your furry friend, including chickpeas, spinach, sweet potato, oats, and pumpkin. It is a 100% vegan formula with irresistible umami flavor without any fillers, animal by-products, additives, and artificial preservatives. And if youre worried about your big fellas protein requirement, the recipe contains 31% complete protein to help fuel muscles and maintain overall health.

The Vegan Dog Food Industry Rejoices

The number of plant-based dog food companies is increasing exponentially. New research supporting their formulations will add further fuel to the industry and make it an even more attractive option for investors in the future.

Vet-backed U.K. vegan dog food brand Omni has welcomed the study findings. In particular, it celebrated the use of surveys for data, instead of laboratory conditions.

Survey based studies have their merits over kennel/lab orientated ones as they can better represent the natural living environment of dogs, Dr Guy Sandelowsky, co-founder of Omni and veterinarian said in a statement.

The company has announced plans to support the recent findings with controlled lcinical trials of its own, to add extra weight to the conclusions.

Elsewhere, fellow U.K. brands Hownd and The Pack have both released statements welcoming the latest findings and confirming that they have been founded on scientific research to the same effect.

The Pack and Omni both reiterated that vets do not recommend raw meat feeding, due to the increased risk of contamination.

Lead photo by Goochie Poochie at Pexels.

Halo Healthsome Vegan Biscuits With Peanut N Pumpkin Grain

Protein 13% | Fat 6% | Fiber 5% | Moisture 12%

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Ground Peas, 2. Ground Peanuts, 3. Chickpeas, 4. Potato Flour, 5. Pumpkin

This biscuit is another great dog treat if youre looking for more than one option to keep your beloved pooch happy and entertained. Healthfully prepared to offer additional nutrition to your dog the delicious snack is oven-baked to perfection. The recipe contains healthy vegetables and fruits to give the veg-biscuits the perfect crunchiness and the right flavors.

Provide your dog with these nutritious vegan treats made from natural, wholesome ingredients loaded with protein and fiber. Your dog will love these healthy rewards made without corn, fillers, artificial colors and flavors, and added sugar and molasses.

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What To Watch For With A Vegan Dog Diet

If you do put your dog on a vegan diet , there are several things to be aware of. For one, plant-based proteins tend to make urine more alkaline, says Dr. Weeth. If you switch completely to a vegan diet and its a kind of moderate-level protein and theyre not adding any urinary acidifiers, it can put the dog at risk for struvite stones.

Changes in your dogs coat may mean shes not getting sufficient essential fatty acids. Is the coat glossy or is it starting to get a little bit dull and scruffy looking? Are they getting skin flakes? Thats something that people dont always associate with a diet change because it can take two to three months to show up, says Dr. Weeth.

If you notice any changes, talk to your vet. At your dogs annual wellness exam, your vet will do blood work and a urinalysis to make sure the food is getting digested and absorbed the way it should, she says.

Bethencourt Was Inspired To Create An Animal Product

Omni: elevating vegan pet food with plant

“It is theoretically possible to feed a dog a vegetarian diet, but its much easier to get it wrong than to get it right, she says. You would have to do it under the supervision of a veterinary-trained nutritionist.

But there are certainly some who are rising to the meat-free dog food challenge.

Wild Earth is one of them. It was co-founded by Ryan Bethencourt, a scientist who had been heavily involved in future food start-ups such as Memphis Meats and Gelzen.

Bethencourt was inspired to create an animal product-free food partly because of a series of recalls, some of them because of high levels of contaminants, in the US. In 2018 we had 100 million units of pet food recalled, partly because some had very high levels of a euthanasia drug, pentobarbitol.

Bethencourt said further research showed him that a lot of pet food was made from animal byproducts that did not have to meet the same strict standards as those intended for human consumption. He was also worried about the growing carbon footprint of pet food as pet numbers rose, so more animals had to be bred to feed them. In San Francisco, theres thought to be more dogs than kids, says Bethencourt, who lives in California. No one took this idea seriously. There was no Impossible Burgers or Memphis Meats.

Chippin’s Haley Russell says crickets contain all 10 essential amino acids dogs need

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Your Dog Has Food Sensitivities To Certain Plants

BMC Veterinary Research compiled a research-based list of the top dog food allergens. Here they are below.

Rice 2%

The most common ones are animal products, which is why many dogs get healthier on vegan diets.

However, some dogs have issues with common ingredients in vegan dog foods like wheat, soy, corn, and rice.

These can cause stomach issues, and skin issues like rashes and itching.

If you suspect this is the problem, Id suggest returning to your dogs normal food, and then try a different vegan dog food with different ingredients. Of course, you should focus on the ones above.

Its not too hard to find grain-free, soy-free, or corn-free vegan dog foods if youre specifically looking for one.

Are There Any Benefits To Feeding Vegan Or Vegetarian Dog Food

Given all these concerns about vegan and vegetarian dog food, you may be wondering whether there are any advantages? There are a few reasons why vegan and vegetarian dog food diets can be beneficial:

  • Feeding this type of diet may be more environmentally friendly than feeding diets containing meat products
  • Sometimes, vets will recommend carefully formulated vegan or vegetarian diets for dogs with food allergies to various animal proteins

Currently, theres relatively little research published on vegetarian and vegan dog diets, and we dont yet know of any general health benefits. There have been a few studies carried out, but further research is needed to analyse the long-term health effects.

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Can You Feed Your Dog A Vegan Diet

You can feed your dog a vegan diet but it mustnt just be lentils and rice. For any dog to thrive, they must eat dog food formulated to fulfil their nutritional needs.

You can make the food yourself and add a supplement powder to enrich it but theres always the risk that youll get it wrong whether the food is vegan or not1.

Its best to rely on professionally formulated dog food.

Pet food is regulated and has to meet certain criteria to be approved. Vegan dog food brands offer complete nutrition for your dog and they are also often preferred by people whose dogs have allergies.

This is because plant-based dog foods are less likely to cause digestive or skin issues.

Vegan Diets Are Healthiest For Dogs New Study Concludes

Dr. Ben’s Vegan Dog Food Recipe

ProVeg International supported a large-scale study into the effects of different types of canine nutrition. Findings show that nutritionally complete vegan diets are the healthiest option and expose dogs to the least food-related hazards. Research was conducted by a team of scientists across the U.K. and Australia. The project was the largest of its kind to date.

More than 2,500 dogs were assessed in the study. Three forms of nutrition were compared: vegan, conventional processed meat, and raw meat dog diets. Results were published in the peer-reviewed science journal PLOS. the conclusion was that a properly balanced vegan diet offers the most health benefits to dogs.

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Is Vegan Dog Food Right For My Pup

A plant-based diet isnt necessarily a bad thing, even though plant-based dog food can get quite the backlash online. However, there are numerous risks associated with this type of diet that, when executed wrong, can do more harm to your dog than you anticipated. If youre thinking of switching them over to this diet and introducing them to these types of dog food brands, its best to speak with your vet to learn more about your dogs nutritional needs, current health risks, and the pros and cons of vegan dog food. It can also be a good idea to learn more about which ingredients offer the most benefits and how much of these ingredients your dog can have on a daily basis.

If your dog is missing some nutrients, your vet may even be able to point you to dog vitamins supplements that will fill in the missing gaps. No matter what the reason may be for switching your dog over to vegan dog food, do your research, ask the experts, and vet any diets or dog foods that you see to make sure that theyre a good fit for your pup!

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What Are The Best Vegan Dog Food Brands In The Uk

Theres a growing choice of vegan dog food brands on the UK market. Some of the best brands are Ami, Benevo, Yarrah, THE PACK, and V-Dog.

Other vegan dog food brands include Solo Vegetal, Omni, and Green Petfood. Greenwoods Veggie also offers plant-based dog food, but these contain vitamin D3 which may be of animal origin.

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Should I Feed My Dog Vegan Food Or Not

This question needs to be answered by every dog parent individually. Whether you go for a vegan diet for your dog or not, both diet choices have pros and cons. A veggie snack now and then will surely not harm your dog. Due to this belief, we have put together a tasty recipe for a meatless dog cookie:


  • 9 cups of wholemeal flour
  • 3 cups of water

Vegan Dog Food: Keep This In Mind

The Best Vegan Dog Food Brands

Vegan dog food was a taboo topic for years. But feeding your dog a vegan diet is relatively simple. The most important thing to keep in mind is to get your dog all necessary nutrients. Choices include buying special vegan dog food, or preparing it yourself for your pup. A balanced diet should always be the main priority when thinking about your dogs diet plan.

Vegan dog food is safe, as long as it contains enough nutrients for your dog.

Dog parents need to be aware that conventional dog food also contains other things, besides pure meat, such as skin, blood, bones, and other parts of the dead animal. Dog food may be made from sick animals a type of food that no human being would ever eat! No wonder that the current dog food industry contributes to more and more dogs suffering from obesity and cancer.

Dogs possess the denture of a carnivore and they dont have molar teeth. Therefore, dogs teeth are created to catch prey and rip off the meat. Furthermore, dogs have a different digestive tract. This means that their small and large intestine is much shorter and mostly designed for a meat-based diet. The more plant-based the diet of a dog is, the longer his digestive processes will last.

The digestive tract of a cow is ca.60 m, while a dogs digestive tract is only 2-7 m.

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Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Ha Hydrolyzed Formula Dry Dog Food

Protein 18% | Fat 8% | Fiber 4% | Moisture 10%

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Corn Starch, 2. Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Isolate, 3. Vegetable Oil, 4. Dicalcium Phosphate, 5. Partially Hydrogenated Canola Oil

Does your dog have a sensitive stomach? This veterinary diet by Purina Pro Plan is the solution for you. Eliminate all the possible allergens and all meat and dairy sources from your dogs diet and promote healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption in dogs by opting for vegan dog food. The special HA Hydrolyzed canine formula,created in collaboration with researchers, animal nutritionists, and veterinarians,ensures your dog gets only the best and single-sourced nutrition for great health.

This great-tasting kibble is perfect for dogs of all breeds and ages and offers complete nutrition without the risk of food reactions. This specialized dog food requires a prescription from your veterinarian before you can purchase it.

Building A Vegan Diet For Dogs

Second, correctly build your dogs vegan diet by ensuring every meal contains:

  • 50% cooked legumes. Split peas, lentils, black beans, chickpeas, black-eyed beans, pinto beans, kidney beans and more.
  • 25% cooked whole grains. Quinoa, barley, millet, buckwheat, sorghum, amaranth, oats, whole wheat gluten free pasta.
  • 12% raw or gently steamed red, orange or white vegetables. Carrots, sweet potato, squash, pumpkin, cauliflower, beets, parsnip and more.
  • 12% raw or gently steamed green vegetables.Asparagus, broccoli, green beans, kale, peas, spinach, celery, cucumber, cabbage, bok choy, green peppers and more.
  • 1% ground seeds, oils or nut butter. Flax, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, sesame, chia seeds, tahini, almond butter, flax oil, hemp oil, MCT oil, olive oil and more. If you use nut butter make sure there are no added preservatives, sugars, or other sweeteners like xylitol, which is deadly for dogs.

Note: if you can, feed organic and non-GMO foods. That way youll avoid toxins like glyphosate that are used on so many crops. Its better for the environment and your dog will get better quality nutrients too.

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Can A Dog Be Bipolar

The History of Bipolar Disorder

To date, no such disorder has been identified for dogs despite the fact that dogs can sometimes display what appear to be sudden mood changes. However, as veterinary experts have observed this is usually a reaction rather than a biochemical imbalance that can lead to these extremes.

Gather Endless Valley Vegan Dry Dog Food

Should Your Dog Become a Vegetarian? | This Morning

Protein 22% | Fat 11% | Fiber 4% | Moisture 10%

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Organic Peas, Organic Barley, Organic Oats, Lentils, Organic Sunflower Oil

Gathers vegan option is fortified with essential nutrients andincludes only hand-selected, high-quality ingredients to ensure your dog gets only the best. Whether you want to make your dog vegan by choice or whether a vegan diet results from certain health conditions, this dog food wont disappoint you. Provide the best possible nutrition to your dog with this blend of delicious and sustainably-grown vegetables and fruits, including organic lentils, blueberries, potatoes, kale, cranberries, and carrots. It also includes various wholesome grains such as quinoa, oats, and barley to ensure a highly-nutritious, complete and balanced food for your beloved pooch.

Feed your dog the wholesome goodness of this meat-free and organic recipe thats also free from common allergens and fillers. The formuladoes not contain corn, soy, wheat, preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors.

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Do Vegan Dogs Live Longer

There are reports of vegan dogs living to 20 years, possibly even more but frankly, we dont have enough data yet to know for sure.

What we do know is that vegan dog food is free from all the mysterious and possibly health-damaging meat derivatives and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to support your dogs health.

Crickets Are A Food Resource Well Worth Turning To

Those who hesitate to feed animals a completely plant-based diet but who still want to bring the carbon footprint down might have other options, however.

The pet food company Chippin was founded by Haley Russell and Laura Colagrande. While studying at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, the pair stumbled upon the extraordinary nutritional make-up of their pet foods most notable ingredient: crickets.

Crickets are a food resource well worth turning to. Already, millions of people mostly in east Asia eat crickets as part of the daily diet. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, insects such as crickets are a particularly good form of alternative protein.

Crickets are up to 65% protein by weight, and are also rich in unsaturated fat, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Wild Earth’s dog food includes fungi such as koji, which helps give it a meaty taste

Crickets have very real benefits when it comes to sustainability, too. It has been calculated that beef cattle need 8g of feed in order to grow 1g of protein whereas insects only need 2g to create 1g of protein. Crickets also require much less water, which is already an increasing concern to farmers in many regions.

It gives you all 10 of the essential amino acids your dog needs theyre the 10 building blocks your dog cant make itself without, says Russell. And dogs love the taste of crickets. We wanted to create a food that was healthy and delicious but also nutritious.

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What Makes One Vegan Dog Food Better Than Another

There are 2 main factors were looking for here.

Cost, which is a simple thing to compare.

And nutritional adequacy. Your dog is one of, if not the, most important part of your life. You dont want to take chances that he or she might get sick on a new food because its not good enough for them.

Technically, theres a third factor too, taste, but thats a bit tough to test. We can see how other peoples dogs have enjoyed or disliked the taste of foods however.

But the nutritional adequacy is the big factor that can be tricky.

This is where those studies I mentioned before come in.

According to most studies, its clear that a vegan diet can be good enough for dogs to thrive on. Dogs often get healthier after switching from traditional dog foods .

I wont go over every study, but a favorite of mine is when they tested putting husky sled dogs on vegan diets. After 16 weeks, the dogs were assessed as being in excellent physical condition, with no trace of anaemia or other possible worrying condition.

Several studies have shown that dogs can thrive and be healthy long-term on a well-planned vegan diet.

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