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Is Vegan Food Good For Dogs

What Vegetarian Or Vegan Diets Are Commercially Available


There are more and more options when looking for a vegan or vegetarian dog food. Be sure that the product is labeled complete if this is going to make up the majority of your dogs diet to meet its nutritional needs. Vegan or vegetarian options include: Vetruus Solo Vegetal, Yarrah, Benevo, Ami and Lilys Kitchen. These can be fed on their own or mixed into a meat based diet.

If youre looking to reduce the environmental impact of your pets’ food, Yora and Green Petfood sell insect protein-based complete pet foods. Entec nutrition also has an insect based pet food in the pipeline, launching in 2021.

Wysong Vegan Dry Dog & Cat Food

Protein 26% | Fat 10% | Fiber 5% | Moisture 10%

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Brown Rice, 2. Corn, 3. Extruded Soybeans, 4. Pea Protein, 5. Potato Protein

This dog food by Wysong is a very interesting pet food because not only its suitable for dogs, but you can also feed it to your vegan cats. The recipe is excellent for eliminating protocols associated with meat sources. It is a holistic vegan food for cats and dogs,inspiring the loyalty and trust of pet owners for over thirty years. Created by a veterinarian, this unique formula contains the best vegan ingredients and utilizes advanced processing methods to preserve its natural value.

Despite having no meat sources, the protein-rich recipe has 26% plant-based protein, high levels of fat, and a comprehensive spectrum of micronutrients to take care of your poochs overall health. The probiotics, prebiotics, essential omegas, enzymes, and antioxidants in the blend make it a reliable vegan dog food for your buddy.

What Do Vegans Feed Their Dogs

You feed your dog meat thats not vegan! Sound familiar? Whether this is your own internal dialogue or an all-too-familiar comeback when discussing your lifestyle with others, its a common problem vegan dog lovers face.

Vegans, by definition, strive to eliminate the use of animal products in every aspect of their lives, but our dogs rely on us for everything. So what should we vegans feed the dogs and other animal companions in our care?

As it turns out, dogs are not strict carnivores, and in fact, many scientists agree that they would be more accurately classified as omnivores. Regardless of the science, testimonies abound discussing the ethical and nutritional benefit of a vegan diet for your dog. They can and do thrive on a properly-developed vegan regimen, but the question remains how do vegans feed their dogs? One of the ways vegans do this is by feeding their dogs a ready-made vegan dog food. Its also possible to prepare a whole foods vegetable diet for them that includes all the veggies dogs love like carrots, lentils, and rice.

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Are Vegetarian And Vegan Diets Good For Dogs And Cats

Dr. Abby Huggins | Veterinarian & Triathlete

We may treat our pets like family, however its important to feed them based on their biological needs. To learn more, we asked our resident veterinarian Dr. Abby Hugginsabout plant based diets and our pets.

Are vegetarian and vegan diets healthy for my cat and dog?

For cats, it is an easy decision. Dogs, however, require a more nuanced answer.

Much of the response is based on the evolutionary biology and natural history of these species – in particular, their respective degree of domestication. It is theorized that dogs began their domestication journey from gray wolves as they ate the scraps of left-over human meals. Those that could digest the starches in those left-over scraps were thereby better able to survive in proximity to humans.

Food is an emotional choice, but, ultimately, it must be a scientific choice, especially when we are choosing that food for our beloved pets. Even though our pets are family, they are not little humans. Their dietary choices need to reflect their unique anatomy and physiology. A diet that contains high-quality animal source proteins most closely aligns with their nutritional requirements.

Does that mean my dog can eat a vegan or vegetarian diet?

Its very nuanced, but bottom line- just because they CAN doesnt mean they SHOULD.

High quality animal-source proteins contain all the essential amino acids a dog requires many plant-based proteins do not.

Should Pets Eat Like their Owners?

Do Vegan Dogs Need B12

Best Vegetarian Dog Food in 2019

Vitamin B12 is essential for effective digestion, red blood cell production, nerve function, and DNA-synthesis, however, it is only found in sufficient quantities in animal products. Therefore, supplementing with vitamin B12 is essential for all vegan animals. It can be obtained in a non-animal source constitution however, you should follow the advice of your veterinary nutritionist to ensure it hasnt come from a source or have additives which may be detrimental to your family friend.

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Can I Feed My Dog A Home Cooked Vegan Or Vegetarian Diet

No, dont be tempted to home cook for your dog unless you are under the guidance and supervision of a qualified veterinary nutritionist. It is extremely challenging to create a nutritionally balanced home cooked diet, let alone a vegan or vegetarian diet, which is part of the reason the commercial versions are relatively new on the market. In the short term, your dog may seem ok, but there are serious health consequences to feeding an unbalanced diet for a longer period of time and this is never recommended. Signs of inappropriate nutrition include poor coat quality, poor growth, weight loss, lack of energy and low litter size in whelping bitches.

Potential Problems For Vegan Dogs

Dogs can live on a vegan diet, but that doesnt necessarily mean they should. In an interview with WebMD, Dr. Cailin Heinze, VMD, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and assistant professor of nutrition at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, puts it this way:

For dogs, certainly vegetarian and vegan diets can be done, but they need to be done very, very carefully. There is a lot of room for error, and these diets probably are not as appropriate as diets that contain at least some animal protein.

According to WebMD, an improperly-balanced vegan diet can lead to a few serious deficiencies:

  • Inadequate protein intake
  • Amino acid imbalance
  • Vitamin and/or mineral deficiency

Protein levels can be adequately reached with plant-based diets, so long as your dog is able to digest high-protein meat alternatives like legumes and beans. However, the amino acids provide more of a challenge. Commercially-available vegan dog food will be formulated to make up for whats missing without meat, but if you make vegan dog food at home, youll need to include supplements.

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Why Dogs Should Not Be Vegan

Vegan diets are not naturally suitable for dogs. It is impossible to develop a balanced diet without the addition of synthetic amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, often defeating the point of feeding your family friend a healthy, natural, Earth-friendly meal. As a result, vegan pets are prone to becoming malnourished with dangerous mineral deficiencies, that can trigger life-threatening conditions.

In addition to poor health, diets deficient in taurine can lead to a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy. This is when the heart muscle becomes thin and weak and can no longer sufficiently pump the blood around the body. While it can cause sudden death, it is more common than pets with dilated cardiomyopathy suffer a long, protracted disease, which compromises their welfare.

Finally, the natural bacteria in the gut, known as the microbiome, play a large role in digestion and immune-defenses. The dogs natural microbiome is not set up to digest vegetable-based starches and protein alone, which can lead to excess gas production and uncomfortable bloating for your family friend. Over time, it can cause a change in the make-up of the microbiome and a decrease in your dogs immune defenses.

Vegetarian Dog And Cat Food Risks

Vegan Dog Food, Easy Peasy

Dogs and cats process certain nutrients differently than people do. Here are two examples:


Vitamins A and D: Dogs and cats cannot make vitamin D in their skin, so it needs to be in their diet. And the vitamin D needs to be D3, which comes from animal sources, not D2, which comes from plant-based sources. People and dogs can use D2 to some extent, but cats really need D3, Heinze says.

Taurine. Dogs can make taurine if provided the right building blocks through dietary protein. Cats cannot make their own taurine at all, so it is regarded as an essential amino acid in this species and must be present in adequate amounts in the diet. Both species can suffer taurine deficiencies.

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Crickets Are A Food Resource Well Worth Turning To

Those who hesitate to feed animals a completely plant-based diet but who still want to bring the carbon footprint down might have other options, however.

The pet food company Chippin was founded by Haley Russell and Laura Colagrande. While studying at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, the pair stumbled upon the extraordinary nutritional make-up of their pet foods most notable ingredient: crickets.

Crickets are a food resource well worth turning to. Already, millions of people mostly in east Asia eat crickets as part of the daily diet. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, insects such as crickets are a particularly good form of alternative protein.

Crickets are up to 65% protein by weight, and are also rich in unsaturated fat, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Wild Earth’s dog food includes fungi such as koji, which helps give it a meaty taste

Crickets have very real benefits when it comes to sustainability, too. It has been calculated that beef cattle need 8g of feed in order to grow 1g of protein whereas insects only need 2g to create 1g of protein. Crickets also require much less water, which is already an increasing concern to farmers in many regions.

It gives you all 10 of the essential amino acids your dog needs theyre the 10 building blocks your dog cant make itself without, says Russell. And dogs love the taste of crickets. We wanted to create a food that was healthy and delicious but also nutritious.

The Price Of Feeding Your Pup

Kibble: from 60p/kg to £10/kg

Wet trays, tins and pouches: from 80p/kg to £8/kg

Raw: from 50p/kg to £5/kg

Vegan: from £2/kg to £10/kg

Grain-free: from £2/kg to £15/kg

All prices indicative only

‘Thrive means enjoy full radiant health. Consistent energy, being free from unwanted and avoidable symptoms. It is virtually impossible to extract these essential amino acids from plant sources. Very few plant sources offer a full spectrum protein. When they do, they are inevitably loaded with two health challenging ingredients.

‘Number one of these is starch. Carnivores are ill-adapted to digest starch and produce little or no amylase. This creates huge swings in blood sugar as their insulin battles to maintain an even keel.

‘It is associated with pancreatitis, weight gain and obesity, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and accelerated ageing. This is especially so in breeds such as bulldogs and franchise which have shorter digestive tracts, making them more susceptible to bloat and digestive issues. They have been shown to suffer a kaleidoscope of ailments on more processed animal foods.

‘Number 2 is lectins, the little known trojan horse of animal sickness. A lectin is plant protein designed to protect the plant from unwanted invaders such as insects and mites.

‘Wheat, other grains, chick peas, peas, potatoes are loaded with lectins. Lectins are associated with leaky gut which is the doorway to autoimmune disease in our cats and dogs.

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Growing Numbers Of Vegan Dogs

Vegan dogs are a minority, but a growing one.

In 2019, researchers from U of Gs Ontario Veterinary College conducted a survey to examine what foods people are feeding their pets.

Just under six percent of participants were vegan. More than a quarter were feeding their dogs a plant-based diet, too. Among the rest of the vegan survey respondents, 78 percent were interested in adjusting their pets diet to be plant-based if it met their needs

Lead author Dr. Sarah Dodd commented: That percentage, 27 percent, might sound like a small number, but when you think of the actual numbers of pets involved, thats huge, and much higher than we expected.

All up, 1.6 percent of dogs from the survey were plant-based. A further 10.4 percent of dogs were intermittently fed vegetarian diets or plant-based foods.

Moreover, 35 percent of pet owners whose companion animals currently ate meat were interested in switching their pets diet to a plant-based one.

People have been hearing about how vegan diets are linked to lowered risks of cancer and other health benefits in humans. There is also growing concern about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, Dodd said.

Previous studies have also shown that pet owners tend to offer the same kind of diets to their dogs and cats that they adopt for themselves. So, while only a small proportion of pet owners are currently feeding plant-based diets to their pets, it is safe to say that interest in the diets is likely to grow.

Dietary Needs Of The Dog

7 Sensible Dog Chews for Serious Chewers

The dietary requirements of dogs differ based on a variety of aspects . Rather than specific ingredients, diets are formulated for their specific nutrients, so every diet prepared must have adequate levels of nutrients, including: protein, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids , vitamins , and minerals . Many commercially available plant-based pet food diets aim to meet the fundamental nutrient requirements of various dogs.

However, in a 2015 study of 26 commercial vegetarian dog diets available in the United States, 25% were found to not meet the minimum nutritional requirements as established by AAFCO.

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Bethencourt Was Inspired To Create An Animal Product

“It is theoretically possible to feed a dog a vegetarian diet, but its much easier to get it wrong than to get it right, she says. You would have to do it under the supervision of a veterinary-trained nutritionist.

But there are certainly some who are rising to the meat-free dog food challenge.

Wild Earth is one of them. It was co-founded by Ryan Bethencourt, a scientist who had been heavily involved in future food start-ups such as Memphis Meats and Gelzen.

Bethencourt was inspired to create an animal product-free food partly because of a series of recalls, some of them because of high levels of contaminants, in the US. In 2018 we had 100 million units of pet food recalled, partly because some had very high levels of a euthanasia drug, pentobarbitol.

Bethencourt said further research showed him that a lot of pet food was made from animal byproducts that did not have to meet the same strict standards as those intended for human consumption. He was also worried about the growing carbon footprint of pet food as pet numbers rose, so more animals had to be bred to feed them. In San Francisco, theres thought to be more dogs than kids, says Bethencourt, who lives in California. No one took this idea seriously. There was no Impossible Burgers or Memphis Meats.

Chippin’s Haley Russell says crickets contain all 10 essential amino acids dogs need

The Truth About Vegan Dog Food

More and more were treating our four-legged friends like our children. If not better. So, when we hear information about new ingredients or diets praised for improving our own health, its easy to think oh, this might make my dog healthier too.

Veganism is rapidly increasing in popularity right now credited with having both environmental and health benefits. According to the latest research by The Vegan Society 1.2% of the UKs population are now vegan, thats well over 600,000 individuals. Even more of us are choosing to cut back on our meat consumption and might be considering going vegan this Veganuary. Naturally vegan and environmentally conscious pet owners will reflect on what they are buying for their fur babies so its no surprise to see a growing interest in vegan dog food.

But can our pets go cold turkey and is this right by them? Can they really thrive off a plant-based diet alone?

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Nutrition Tips For Dogs: These Nutrients Are Important For Your Pup

Dogs need food types that contain protein, carbs, vegetables, fat and other important nutrients.

Without a mix of fats, dogs are not able to absorb enzymes.

The percentage of carbs is calculated at ca.40%, while protein comes in second with 30%, vegetables about 27% and oils at 3%. Meals such as a spaghetti or rice with tomato sauce and soy meat can also be served to your dog. Important here is to leave the salt, sugar and other spices out. In case you go for more vegan options, ingredients such as taurine, L-carnitine, iron, calcium, Vitamine E, B12 and D should not be left out of your dogs meal plan. A balanced, diversified meal plan is the best alternative for your four-legged best friend. Just make sure not to feed your dog any poisonous food.

Benefits Of A Dog Being Vegan

Homemade vegetarian dog food | Here’s the easy recipe!

We all know the benefits of a vegan diet in humans, but are there any benefits to your dog? There are some benefits, such as the knowledge that your dog is eating sustainably sourced and ethically produced food, whose production does not contribute to environmental destruction, but in reality, a vegan diet does not have any benefit to your pets health, and therefore should be avoided if possible.

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